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There's a local legend in my town about a ghost train. I found the recordings of a reporter who tried to investigate it. [Part 1]

2020.11.13 16:24 PeaceSim There's a local legend in my town about a ghost train. I found the recordings of a reporter who tried to investigate it. [Part 1]

Part 2
I was doing yardwork yesterday evening when I noticed a loose patch of dirt in the nearby woods behind my family’s house. I dug for a bit until I discovered a buried iPhone. Once I powered it up and connected it to WiFi, it downloaded several backup files of recordings from an iCloud account. I have begun transcribing those recordings below.
Recording 1 – May 25, 2019, at 10:31 a.m.
Young man [later identified as Ryan]: Well, my second year of college flew by. Once again, I overcommitted a bit and ended up having to back out of a few obligations.
But I’m glad I stuck it out with The Cavalier Daily. They needed the help, and the reporting I did for them led me to attend all sorts of interesting events. It’s remarkable how much goes on in an average week on campus that most of the university doesn’t pay any attention to.
Normally, only seniors get selected as editors. They get significant control over content, as well as a small salary. Melissa told me if I wanted to stand a chance at getting an editor position as a junior, I’d need to return from the summer with something to show for it. “Write something about Roanoke,” she’d said. “We get new students from your area every year, but most people here hardly know anything about it.”
So, what can I write about my small hometown that will interest people on a campus two hours away? I suppose I could churn out a multipage description of how it gets regularly mistaken for the other Roanoke, the one that colonists disappeared from in North Carolina. But I’m sure there’s a better subject out there.
I’ll have to come up with an idea soon if I’m going to have time to produce something good. Whatever I do, I’ll record my progress and any interviews on my phone like I’m doing now, and I can transcribe it all when I’ve gathered enough material.
Recording 2 – May 29, 2019, at 11:30 p.m.
Ryan: I have a lead! I went on a run by River’s Edge this evening. When I came upon the abandoned railroad tracks by the bridge over the Roanoke River, I remembered those stories I grew up hearing. The stories differed in the details, but they all involved a ghostly train traveling through the city on a derelict Norfolk-Southern line.
I did a little research. As it turns out, phantom train legends are quite common. Trains are still in regular use throughout the country, but they were obviously a much more common form of passenger transportation in the past than they are now, nowhere more so than in a formerly prominent rail hub like Roanoke. People who mourn a loved one may imagine their ghost rising out of a grave. It’s not too different from how, in the minds of those who miss the era they represent, long-retired steam locomotives pass over miles of abandoned, moss-covered tracks.
The legends differ, though, as to the trains’ destinations. Most of the time, the witnesses simply relate seeing a train pass mysteriously in the night in an area where the tracks are no longer in use, and that’ll be the end of the story.
On the rare occasion that one of these trains stops, some of the witnesses will go on board to investigate. It’s a common story for the witness to see a loved one, step off (or be ushered off for not having a ticket), and learn the next day that the person they saw had died during the night, the implication being that the train ride consisted of their soul passing on into the next life.
Other tales involve a train stuck in time reenacting a famous event, like the doomed souls heading into Nashville on every anniversary of the Great Train Wreck of 1918, or a mourning train forever bringing the body of the assassinated President Lincoln to grieving citizens between Washington D.C. and Springfield, Illinois.
What’s remarkable, though, is that, despite the dozens of renditions of the local legend I heard growing up in Roanoke, I can’t find any mention of our own phantom train story online today. I’ve gone through the obvious search engines as well as multiple social media pages dedicated to local history. Nowhere have I found even a murmur about the subject.
I sense that there’s a story here – a folk tale waiting to be gathered. These tales have existed orally throughout the region for decades, at least, and they are waiting for someone to write them up formally. That someone will be me, and this will make for a great article when I return – one that condenses rumors into a coherent piece while also touching on Roanoke’s past and present as a railroad town.
Unrelatedly, I met a sweet girl while working at the Grandin. Jennifer’s a year older than me and lives in Raleigh Court. When we finished our shifts, she joined me in the back of the theatre to catch the second half Brightburn. It wasn’t quite a date, but I did agree to hang out with her and a few of her friends next weekend. Something tells me it’s an audition for her friends’ approval. If I do well enough, maybe I’ll get a date with her after that. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.
Recording 3 – June 3, 2019, at 9:55 a.m.
Ryan: I am currently approaching the Roanoke City Historical Society to ask a few questions about local ghost train lore. Depending on the response I get, I may or may not bring up that I’m making an audio recording of all this, as I’m technically not obligated to mention it. Okay, here I am.
Excuse me, sir, do you mind if I ask you a few questions about local history?
Society Member: Of course. It’s nice to see a young person take an interest in the subject. What can I help you with?
Ryan: I have questions about trains, one train in particular. My name’s Ryan, by the way.
Society Member: You can call me Eric. And, that’s a subject I know plenty about. What do you want to know?
Ryan: Well, you see, I grew up hearing stories about a ghost train-
Eric: Let me stop you right there. Did you really come here to talk to me about ‘ghost trains’?
Ryan: It’s not that I think they’re real. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not crazy or anything. It’s just that, I’m trying to write about the stories themselves – what they consist of and how they evolved. You see, as a kid, I-
Eric: You heard a story that spooked you, right? The thing is, most people outgrow their childhood fears and move on with their lives. I suggest you do the same.
Ryan: So, you don’t know any stories about a ghost train in this area?
Eric: I know that there are no rumors, no legends, nothing. If anything like that existed, I’d know about it. Do yourself a favor by finding something else to write about. Now, if there’s nothing else I can do for you, I’d like to get on with my day, and I’d like you to leave.
Recording 4 – June 3, 2019 at 10:45 a.m.
Woman: Right this way!
Woman: Mr. Thompson, you have a visitor.
Mr. Thompson: Do come in! Take a seat. We don’t get too many reporters coming around the train museum these days. You with the Times?
Ryan: No, no, I’m just writing for a college paper. I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions about local history? That’s quite a model you’ve got on your desk.
Mr. Thompson: Yes, yes, I’m building an exact replica of one of the old trains – Class A number 1218. I’m painting the pilot right now.
Ryan: Pilot? I thought it was an engineer who operated the train, and a conductor who ran it and called the shots.
Mr. Thompson: [laughs] No, no, son, the pilot isn’t a person. It’s this v-shaped structure here, underneath the circular front of the smokebox. It’s for knocking away anything in the train’s path. Do you know what they called it in the old days?
Ryan: No.
Mr. Thompson: A cowcatcher! I assume you can guess why. Now, even the dumbest cow is bright enough to try to get out of the way of a moving train. But, sometimes they’d get stuck on the tracks. Now, what in particular are you wondering about?
Ryan: I’m looking into folk tales. Urban legends. That kind of thing.
[long pause]
Mr. Thompson: Urban legends involving trains, right?
Ryan: One train in particular. The ghost train I grew up hearing about.
Mr. Thompson: [yelling] Nancy! Escort this young man out of my office, now! Nancy!
Ryan: I just have a couple questions.
Mr. Thompson: Now listen to me, boy, and listen closely. Don’t go around asking about any ghost trains. Whatever you think you know, forget about it before the people you know forget about you.
Recording 5 – June 3, 2019, at 3:15 p.m.
Ryan: Excuse me, ma’am, do you mind if I ask your daughter something?
Woman: What about?
Ryan: Does your daughter attend the school down the street? I know she’d be on summer break now but I’m asking about during the school year.
Woman: Yes, she does.
Ryan: Well, you see, I graduated from there. Finished fifth grade in 2009. I’m doing a report on a subject I first learned about when I was a student there. I’m wondering if it’s still taught the same way. Do you mind if I ask your daughter a couple questions?
Woman: Samantha, will you answer a few questions for this young man?
Samantha: Yes!
Ryan: Thank you, Samantha. Can you tell me what grade you are in?
Samantha: I just finished the second grade, and in August, I’ll be a third grader!
Ryan: And how old are you?
Samantha: Eight!
Ryan: Wow, eight! That’s great. I remember being eight. That was a long time ago. I’m all grown up now. Samantha, have you learned anything about trains in your classes?
Samantha: Yes! Trains used to be everywhere here. I got to ride one at the zoo!
Ryan: Ah, yes, the ‘zoo-choo’. I remember riding that at your age! Now, let me ask you, have you learned anything about ghost trains?
Samantha: Huh?
Woman: Now, young man, what’s this about?
Ryan: Samantha, when I was your age, my teacher told us that there was a train from many, many years ago, that would still pass through town every now and then at night. It would appear long after bedtime, and nobody knew where it came from or where it was going. Have you learned about this?
Woman: That’s quite enough. Can’t you see that you’re scaring her?
Ryan: I’m just trying to do some research-
Woman: Next time you want to talk about ghosts with a nine-year-old, ask a parent’s permission in advance.
Ryan: I’m sorry, I just…
Samantha: Mom, I thought ghosts weren’t real.
Woman: They aren’t, dear.
Samantha: But he says his teachers told him that they were-
Woman: He’s wrong. No teacher would ever say that, because teachers don’t say things that aren’t true. Goodbye, sir!
Recording 6 – June 3, 2019, at 6:11 p.m.
Ryan: By the way, I’m going to record this, Ariel.
Ariel: Why would you do that?
Ryan: Because, we’re talking about the train legend, and I’m trying to record every conversation I have on that subject.
Ariel: Shouldn’t you be getting back to your yardwork?
Ryan: Shouldn’t you be offering to help? Dad always makes me do it alone. Just because I’m your older brother doesn’t mean I should have to do all the chores on my own.
Ariel: It’s not that you’re my older brother. It’s that mom and dad aren’t charging you any rent. It’s only fair for you to help out around here.
Ryan: It’s not like you pay rent either!
Ariel: I don’t have to! It doesn’t count because I’m still in high school.
Ryan: Oh, whatever Ariel. Look, I want you to tell me what you remember about the train legend like we talked about earlier. The whole thing.
Ariel: Well, Mrs. Pendleton talked about it a little bit in second grade history. According to her, it started with a different ghost train. Mrs. Pendleton said that her grandfather had worked on the line that heads east to Lynchburg. According to her grandfather, on one dark, rainy night, his own train’s engineer, John Kilpatrick, had to slam on the breaks to avoid hitting something-- another train that had appeared before them. It was older than any train in operation should be, and it moved at a slow speed.
Mrs. Pendleton said that her grandfather’s train managed to stop itself just in time to avoid hitting the other train. Kilpatrick and Mrs. Pendleton’s grandfather reported what they’d seen, but no one took them seriously, as no other train should have been on the line at that time.
Mrs. Pendleton’s grandfather only saw the vague outline of the second train. Kilpatrick, though, was much closer and claimed to have seen men and women onboard. They were dressed formally – the way people dressed when they travelled a long time ago. Kilpatrick remembered the blank looks on their faces. They were oblivious to all that was around them. Once Kilpatrick got his own train moving again, neither he nor Mrs. Pendleton’s grandfather saw any trace of the second train again.
Kilpatrick did some research after that. He learned that, in 1889, there’d been an accident near the exact location where they’d spotted the second train. A heavy storm had disrupted the tracks, causing a passenger train to crash. Nearly twenty people died and many more were hurt.
Mrs. Pendleton’s grandfather truly believed he’d seen a ghost train. It spooked him. But, he moved on with his life.
Kilpatrick, though, was never the same. He spent years obsessing over it – particularly the way he’d seen so many people unknowingly heading to their own deaths. On the locomotives Kilpatrick helped operate, the other crew members claimed that Kilpatrick constantly peered outside, as if he was wondering if he’d catch sight of the ill-fated train again. He told them that he wanted to warn its passengers about what was going to happen and somehow stop the disaster from occurring in the first place.
The legend we were taught was that this ghostly encounter made Kilpatrick go mad. He raved constantly of lost spirits wandering in the night. After three more instances of him bringing a train to a stop unnecessarily – allegedly to avoid hitting an obstacle that, upon further investigation, was found to not actually exist – he lost his job.
He didn’t take it well. Only a few days went by before he threw himself in front of the same train he’d spent his career operating.
Soon after, the sightings began. Every few months, someone would report seeing a train traveling in areas where one should not be present. Mrs. Pendleton’s grandfather saw it once, and he swears that John Kilpatrick was operating it from the locomotive cab. Kilpatrick searches for lost souls like the ghost passengers he saw during his own life, stopping when he sees any to let them onboard to join him in perpetual purgatory. Or, at least, that’s how the legend goes. How did I do?
Ryan: Great, you did just great. It’s a quality story, isn’t it?
Ariel: I suppose.
Ryan: It’s odd, you know. So far, nobody else I’ve talked to knows anything about it. I don’t think teachers bring it up anymore. It’s like the town has collective amnesia.
Ariel: I think we were one of the last classes to learn about it. The state probably just updated the curriculum and removed ‘wacky ghost stories’ from the list.
Ryan: I just don’t get why even the man I talked to at the historical society didn’t seem to know about it. The legend is a major part of our town history, and I can’t write about it if the only other source of information is my sister’s memory from grade school.
Ariel: Aren’t you hanging out with some friends this weekend? Maybe you can ask them what they know.
Ryan: I’ve got an even better idea.
Recording 7 – June 7, 2019, at 10:15 p.m.
Ryan: I’m present tonight with an esteemed group of local residents: Jennifer, Alice, and Trevor. The former is the star employee of the Grandin Theatre and the latter two…I just met tonight.
Alice: Hello, future Ryan! How’s transcribing all these recordings going? Let me guess: It’s lots of fun, and you’re having no doubts that your ghost train article was a great use of your summer.
Trevor: How much farther do we have to go?
Ryan: We’re practically there. Just follow me off the pavement to the tracks. They’ll lead us to where we need to go.
Jennifer: How long have these train tracks been out of use? Everything’s covered by grass.
Ryan: Thirty, forty years probably.
Alice: I can’t believe I let you talk us into this.
Ryan: It’s like we agreed. I brought a handle of vodka, and in return you guys agreed to come out with me to the site of Kilpatrick’s death so I can do another set of interviews on location. Heck, with all the recordings I’m making, maybe I’ll create a podcast instead of a written article.
Jennifer: Aren’t you the only one of us who isn’t 21? Funny how you’re the one contributing the liquor.
Ryan: [laughs] I suppose it is. Come along, just a little further. These tracks will lead us close to the outskirts of the cemetery.
Alice: That’s a convenient place for him to commit suicide. They probably didn’t have to take him far to bury him.
Jennifer: Is the cemetery that old?
Ryan: I think that it is. Anyway, we’ve made it.
Trevor: This is where he jumped in front of the train?
Ryan: Yep. If you look here, there’s a tiny historical marker by the side of the tracks.
Jennifer: ‘Here died John Kilpatrick of Salem, Virginia, following over 25 years of distinguished service as an engineer.’ It doesn’t even mention the suicide.
Alice: It’s an unpleasant subject.
Ryan: So, did any of you hear anything about this guy, or the legend surrounding him, growing up?
Alice: Yeah, I learned about it. My grandfather told me that he sold his soul to the devil, and that he travels around in a bright red train that transports the sinful to hell.
Ryan: What? I’d never heard that. Plus, everyone I talked to said it was a black train, just like the ones he operated during life.
Trevor: I heard the devil thing too, but not that the train was red. My uncle told me that the train is supposed to have a green glow. He never saw it, but he swears that he heard it whistle.
Ryan: How did your uncle know the whistle came from Kilpatrick’s train?
Trevor: He didn’t know for sure. But he was out late one night when he saw billowing smoke coming from the woods. He was worried it was a fire, so he ran over to it to investigate. When he got there, he found only overgrown tracks that had long been out of use, like where we’re standing now. But in the distance, he heard a steam train whistling pattern. Two long, one short, and one long blast. He had no doubt a train had just been there, and, given the poor condition of the tracks, it wasn’t a train from our reality. Any real train would have instantly derailed.
Jennifer: I learned a little about it in school. The teacher didn’t tell us anything about a deal with the devil, or about it being red or green. What she said more-or-less matches what Ryan’s been telling us. She did mention that people could sometimes hear it whistling in the night.
[light whistle sound repeats]
Ryan: Do you all hear that?
Jennifer: Hear what?
Trevor: Ryan’s just messing with us.
Ryan: [laughs] Yes, I gotcha. But what do you say we sit here for a moment and just listen?
Trevor: I don’t know about that. In school I was shown some PSA video about people being run over after lying down on a track they wrongly thought was out of use.
Ryan: I think we’re safe. I’ll turn this thing off, and we can enjoy the moment while looking out for any spooky ghost trains. And, for Trevor’s sake, I’ll watch out for any real trains as well.
Alice: Trevor, stop hogging the joint.
Recording 8 – June 7, 2019, at 11:01 p.m.
Old Man: If I see you here again after hours, I’m calling the authorities!
Trevor: Calm down, mister. We’re not causing any trouble.
Old Man: You’re trespassing on park grounds after dark. And I may be old but I haven’t lost my sense of smell. I know what you’re up to! Now scram!
Jennifer: Alright, alright, we’re going.
Ryan: Is that geezer holding a shotgun?
Alice: Can we walk faster? I want to get out of here fast.
Jennifer: I do think it was a shotgun. He came from the graveyard, of all places, just to shoo us away.
Ryan: The trail’s just ahead. We can get out of the park in no time.
Alice: Y’all didn’t leave the weed, did you?
Trevor: Of course not! I’ve got what’s left on me.
Ryan: I’ll edit out that part of the recording.
Jennifer: You’re still recording?
Ryan: I turned it back on a moment ago.
Trevor: I’m glad our potential deaths gave you some good material for your podcast debut.
Ryan: It’s not like that! I was just creating some evidence in case he shot at us.
Alice: There’s the parking lot up ahead. It’s only a short walk back to my place from here.

Trevor: What the hell?
Alice: It’s just like…
Jennifer: It can’t be.
Trevor: The sound…Two long, one short, one long…
Ryan: Maybe that’s a common pattern. There are real trains around here, you know.
Jennifer: At this time of night? I don’t think so. And no, there are no tracks that are currently in use that go through this area.
Alice: None that you know of.
Trevor: Let’s just get out of here.
Recording 9 – June 11, 2019, at 11:58 a.m.
Ryan: I’m currently driving towards the home of Mrs. Pendleton, who taught both me and my sister at Crystal Spring Elementary. A couple teachers mentioned the ghost train rumors, but she was the only one who really expanded on them. I sense that she knew more than she let on. There may be some details that were too scary to share with second graders. And, maybe she’ll even have an explanation regarding why the students aren’t taught about it anymore.
Oh, nice, I just got a text message from Jennifer. ‘Are you free tonight?’ This sounds like the one-on-one date I’ve been hoping for. Somehow, her friends seem to have vouched for me even after my plan resulted in an old man chasing us out of the park with a firearm. She held my hand when we returned from taking the trash out at the end of our shift at the theatre Monday night, and we kissed before driving home. I can’t wait to see her again this evening.
Well, here I am. Out of respect for Mrs. Pendleton, I’m going to turn this off until she agrees to let me record an interview.
Recording 10 – June 11, 2019, at 12:15 p.m.
Ryan: Alright, I just turned it on. Can you please state your name and how long you’ve lived in the area?
Mrs. Pendleton: Mary Pendleton. I’ve been here my whole life.
Ryan: And what’s your connection to me?
Mrs. Pendleton: I had the delightful experience of teaching you in second grade! And a few years later I taught your little sister as well.
Ryan: Which one of us was more trouble?
Mrs. Pendleton: [laughs] You both had your moments when you got on my nerves. But overall you were lovely children. I’m not about to pick favorites between you two. I never do that with my kids.
Ryan: I still remember a lot about what you taught me about local history. For example, Roanoke’s original name “Big Lick” and its early growth as a train hub.
Mrs. Pendleton: I’m glad my lessons stuck with you over all these years!
Ryan: They really did. There was one in particular I haven’t forgotten. You told me, and my sister’s class, about John Kilpatrick’s ghost train.
Ryan: Mrs. Pendleton, do you still teach that story today? And if not, why did you stop?
Mrs. Pendleton: Don’t do this.
Ryan: Don’t do what?
Mrs. Pendleton: Don’t bring it back.
Ryan: Bring what back?
Mrs. Pendleton: My classes kept getting smaller. I didn’t know why. I’d start the year with a layout to accommodate the students who I’d be teaching. I’d tell students about the legend. We’d arrange field trips to the site; Cub Scouts would do campouts nearby. At the end of the year, there’d be a whole table of empty seats. How is that possible? I kept asking myself. Why are there empty seats now, but not before?
Ryan: I don’t follow you. Did some students go missing?
Mrs. Pendleton: That’s just it. I figured, some students had gone away, transferred, or, like you said, gone missing. But I checked my files, and there was no record of additional students anywhere. The students still in my class – you, your sister, others – were the only ones listed. And it’s not like I remembered any other students, or anyone else did either.
Ryan: I don’t remember anyone disappearing from my class.
Mrs. Pendleton: No, you wouldn’t. No one does. Ryan, how many students were in your class?
Ryan: I dunno, I think there were just over forty in my whole grade.
Mrs. Pendleton: That’s what the records reflect. But every year, I arranged the room on the assumption that there were close to fifty in the grade; sixteen or seventeen in each class. But as the year went on, suddenly one student is sitting at an otherwise empty table.
Ryan: But how is that possible?
Mrs. Pendleton: We got a directive a few years after I taught your sister never to mention the Kilpatrick train again. I resisted at first, as I enjoyed sharing the story due to my own grandfather’s role in it. But, the school board was firm, so I changed my lessons accordingly. Suddenly, my classes started with the same number of students that they ended with.
Ryan: So, are you suggesting that knowledge of the train caused…people to disappear? But, how did nobody even remember them?
Mrs. Pendleton: I used to have nightmares, too. They were terrible, Ryan. They were so terrible. But when I stopped teaching the lessons, the nightmares stopped.
Ryan: Were the nightmares related to the train?
Mrs. Pendleton: Oh, Ryan, I haven’t thought about them in years. Why are you making me remember them?
Ryan: Mrs. Pendleton, I didn’t mean to upset you.
Mrs. Pendleton: [crying] I’ve seen it, Ryan. I’ve seen it in my dreams. I’ve woken up outside in the cold air. I didn’t know how I got there but I knew where I was going. I was going to it.
Ryan: To the train?
Mrs. Pendleton: It’s no train, Ryan. That’s the thing. It was a train, once. But now…now…
Ryan: Mrs. Pendleton, are you okay? Do you need me to call an ambulance?
Mrs. Pendleton: [stammering] It was once black iron. It was once black iron…
Man: What’s going on in here? What have you done with my wife?
Ryan: I don’t know! I was just asking her a few questions!
Man: Turn that thing off before I-
Recording 11 – June 12, 2019, at 8:45 a.m.
Ryan: Ryan here. It’s Wednesday morning. I’ve got the day off work. This recording may sound a bit like an audio diary at first. But it is relevant to the article.
I’m currently driving home from Jennifer’s apartment. Yes, you heard that right. It’s been an eventful last twenty-four hours with some downs but also some ups.
Let me recap. First, I managed, for the third time this summer, to start an interview that ended with me being thrown out of a building. If you add the old man with the shotgun, it’s the fourth time I’ve been driven away from somewhere by force lately. So, I don’t exactly feel like Mr. Popular these days.
On the bright side, my date with Jennifer was everything I’d hoped for. We only made it ten minutes into the rom-com we were watching together before we started making out, and then…I guess I’m the only one who’ll ever listen to this, but I’ll spare the details all the same.
Hopefully Ariel won’t be too awkward about things when I get home. Heck, maybe she’ll high-five me; she’s the one who keeps saying I need a girlfriend, after all.
Is that what Jennifer and I are now? I may have that conversation with her the next time we’re alone together. Or maybe I should wait a little longer? She knows I have to return to school at the end of the summer; maybe I shouldn’t even address that subject at all.
Anyway, now for the gloomier stuff. I think my conversation with Mrs. Pendleton got to me. It sure escalated quickly. One minute, she was as composed as ever; the next, she was sweating, crying, and bright red in the face. By the time I left, she had her head down and was yelling in anguish. I somehow feel responsible for what happened to her…but I can’t be, right? I’m concerned that she has some buried mental condition that I triggered. But how could I have known that bringing up the legend of the ghost train would do that?
Her emotional disintegration struck at my subconscious. That’s my working theory, at least, for the terrible dream I had last night. I was standing at the site of Kilpatrick’s suicide. But it wasn’t located amidst dense woods like it is now; instead, it was by a proper train platform. It was early morning and the sun had yet to rise. Several people stood with me, presumably waiting for the train to arrive.
In the distance, an eerie green glow approached through thick fog. A sickening feeling took hold of me. I knew that I didn’t want to be on the platform when the source of the glow arrived. I wanted to leave. But when I tried to go, the other people grabbed me and held me in place. So I waited, helplessly.
As the locomotive emerged from the gloom, it looked different from what I expected. It was a murky black-red hue, and its iron structure was deformed and misshapen. The upper-half of a face, its skin stretched and strained, covered the front of the engine’s smoke box. The screeching of the train’s breaks emerged as a scream from a gaping mouth that extended across the pilot. I felt weightless, and then slowly realized that I was in pain.
Jennifer woke me from where I’d fallen. I’d sleepwalked away from the couch where I’d drifted off with her, out the door, and to the staircase that led from her floor to her building’s lobby level. I’d stumbled down at least several stairs and landed on the hard floor. Luckily, I emerged from it with only a few minor bruises.
Jennifer gave me some weird looks. I don’t blame her. I told her that I’ve sleepwalked a few times before, and that it usually happened when I was in a new place. In truth, I’ve never done something like this before in my life. It freaked me out. But it was a good lie and did the trick. Jennifer calmed down.
I held her the rest of the night as she went back to sleep. I lay wide awake, however, as my mind fixated on the grotesque image from my dream. I couldn’t shake the sensation that the train wasn’t some figment of my imagination – that it was out there calling for me and drawing me nearer.
Recording 12 – June 12, 2019, at 11:12 a.m.
Ryan: Mrs. Trout, it’s me, Ryan. Do you remember me? I waited for the school bus in your front yard every morning for ten years.
Mrs. Trout: No.
Ryan: Well, Mrs. Trout, I live next door-
Mrs. Trout: Leave me alone. Can’t an old woman step outside without being harassed?
Ryan: Look, Mrs. Trout, I was just wondering if you could answer a question of mine. You knew a lot of people who worked on the old railroads, and I was wondering if you heard any stories from them about the Kilpatrick ghost train-
Mrs. Trout: You cut that out right now, you hear me!
Ryan: I was just wondering-
Mrs. Trout: No more of that crap. No more, I tell you! Next thing you know, you’re gonna rope me, or someone you care about, into what’s coming to you. Drop this, now, if you care about the people around you!
Recording 13 – June 12, 2019, at 1:08 p.m.
[baby cries in the background]
Woman: Isabel, dear, please quiet down!
Ryan: If you need to take care of your baby, I can wait, or I can come back later.
Woman: Oh, don’t worry. Isabel will get over it. What’d you want to ask me about?
Ryan: About some local legends. Am I correct that your grandfather worked on the railroads?
Woman: Yeah, that’s right. Granddad loved telling me stories about his decades as a conductor.
Ryan: Did he know John Kilpatrick?
[baby continues crying]
Woman: Hush already, Isabel! Dear Lord, what’s wrong with her?
Ryan: I really can wait if you need some time with Isabel.
[baby cries louder]
Woman: SHUT THE FUCK UP Isabel!
[baby continues crying]
Ryan: Maybe another time? I-I think I’ll be going.
Woman: Not so fast. I heard your question. I just needed a moment to process it. ISABEL SHUT UP ALREADY!
Ryan: Miss, I think Isabel-
Woman: You’re here about the ghost train aren’t you? You want to bring those nightmares back?
Ryan: No, I don’t know what you’re talking about-
Woman: You’re with him, aren’t you? Tryna’ fetch me to bring me to it? Well I’m not going. I’m not letting you invade my mind again either.
Ryan: Ma’am, what are you doing with that knife?
[Woman screams]
Ryan: Jesus! Oh god! Oh god!
[baby continues crying]
Recording 14 – June 12, 2019, at 4:50 p.m.
This is Ryan. The police have finally let me go. Early this afternoon, Margaret Potter killed herself. Twisted a long kitchen knife across her neck. I’m lucky the police believed my story. There was blood all over my face when they arrived. Poor Isabel is in the care of her uncle now.
I-I…I need to let this go. I was stubborn, and I ignored all the signs. Who needs a stupid journal position a year early anyway? Some things are best left buried.
Recording 15 – June 13, 2019, at 6:46 p.m.
I want to go back to night-before-last when I went to sleep next to Jennifer on the couch. Before the first nightmare. It’s hard to count how many nightmares there’ve been now. Two in dreams, and more in reality.
When I got home, I walked past my concerned sister and parents and went straight to the bathroom where I stripped and showered and scrubbed every drop of Margaret Potter’s blood off my body. I thought I was clean, but when I opened the shower curtain, the reflection in the mirror for a moment displayed the stretched face of detached skin that covered the front of the train in my dreams, and blood oozed down from its eyes. I grabbed a towel and hurried out of the room.
I locked the door to my room, dried myself off, and buried myself in sheets. I heard knocks and yelled that I would be fine in the morning but that I needed to rest.
I slept but I didn’t rest. I found myself back at the platform. In my hand were two tickets. The first said “Single Ride – 11:59 p.m. 6/13/2019”. It was still the 12th at the time; it meant I had until…tonight before it left. The second said “Round Trip – 11:59 p.m. 6/14/2019”.
A pale man waiting to my left saw me examining it. He had a top hat and a thick mustache. “I see you’ve got yourself a round trip in two nights,” he said. “The funny thing about a circle is that it never ends.”
The train approached through the thick fog. It whistled four times – long, long, short, long.
Its outline slowly moved closer. Its screech throbbed through my head.
To my right, images from my memories unfolded. I watched Jennifer take my hand behind the theatre. I watched our kiss and the smiles that followed. I watched us hike out with her friends; flee the man with the shotgun; cuddle up on her couch; and spend the night that followed together.
I tried to move, to ask them for help, but my feet were frozen in place as the train came to a stop. A thick layer of fog obscured all but the green glow that surrounded it and the demented face that covered the front of the locomotive.
“This ride’s not for you,” said the pale man. “Not all of you, at least.” He politely tipped his hat and approached the train. He disappeared into the mist.
I remained immobilized as I watched an image of myself and Jennifer, their hands clasped together, cross from my memories onto the platform, where they followed the pale man’s path until the dense grey vapor consumed them.
“All aboard!” yelled a voice. I heard the thuds of shutting doors, followed by the train starting up again.
I awoke at the edge of the park. It took me nearly an hour to make it back to my house. I found the window to my bedroom wide open. How could I have done all of this while asleep? It wasn’t possible. When I crawled back in bed, it was nearly 4 a.m.
I awoke only a few minutes before my shift began. I threw on some clothes and headed to the theatre. All I wanted was to be with Jennifer again. I could tell her about all I’d been through once the morning set of screenings began and the crowd died down. She’d hug me and support me and I’d feel better.
Instead, when I arrived, she gave me nothing more than a half-hearted smile as she ran the popcorn machine.
When business died down, I asked her if she was okay. She shrugged and said she thought she was fine.
“Jennifer,” I told her, “I don’t know what’s going on with me. I feel like I’m losing my mind. I just…it made me really happy to be with you the other night.”
A sour expression spread over her face. She told me she didn’t know what I was talking about. After a few minutes, I realized that she had no memory of us going on a date, me taking her out to the park with her friends, or even us holding hands and kissing behind the theatre. She told me to see a doctor and proceeded to avoid me.
Something tells me this isn’t simply ‘ghosting’ me, as it’s typically called. She seemed so serious, so genuine in her conviction that none of what I told her really happened. But I have proof. I have my recordings, including the recordings of her when we went out to the park.
I wish I’d thought of that at the time. But I suppose the terrifying dreams, the sleepwalking, and Ms. Potter’s suicide shook me up too much already to think rationally. Jennifer forgetting about the time we spent together was just too much. I abandoned my shift, stormed out of work, and went home.
My boss has called me three times, but I haven’t answered. I’m all out of ideas. Something terrible is happening to me, and I don’t know what to do. Should I go back to Jennifer? Should I leave town? I can't shake the feeling that if I don't find a way to stop what's happening to me, my disappearance will end up a part of the local folklore.
The phone contains several more recordings. My next post will contain transcriptions of the rest of
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2020.11.10 18:14 Erhard_Eckmann [Econ] Urban Renewal Megaproject

Urban Renewal Megaproject

An initiative begun by President Rubio and endorsed by the Republican Party, the Urban Renewal Projects designate a shift in focus in American cities from building out, to building up. After the refocusing of the Republican Party policy, a hard look was taken at city policies to help minority groups thrive economically, along with their businesses. It was determined that the best way to uplift minority groups across the United States would be to improve their quality of life and cities. Almost every major city in the United States has been neglected close to the city center almost since its inception, while new infrastructure expands the city limits. A mindset has formed that the wealthy keep moving out to newer infrastructure while the inner city is filled with minorities and public squalor, but that needs to change. If American cities can uplift their interior and overhaul their public image, the quality will improve, their property values will rise, and their wealth will grow as businesses thrive. The Republican Party is looking at making such economic growth possible, and has created the Urban Renewal Projects to give grants to municipalities to overhaul their jurisdiction by using Federal funding. President Rubio has set his priorities on Rust Belt Cities, Deep South Cities, Economic Hubs, and Aging Cultural Centers. The following cities have been designated as Urban Renewal targets:
  • Montgomery, Alabama
  • Mobile, Alabama
  • Jackson, Mississippi
  • New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Little Rock, Arkansas
  • Fayetteville, Arkansas
  • Memphis, Tennessee
  • Nashville, Tennessee
  • Savannah, Georgia
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Columbia, South Carolina
  • Charleston, South Carolina
  • Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Norfolk, Virginia
  • Richmond, Virginia
  • Alexandria-Fairfax, Virginia
  • Washington D.C
  • Baltimore, Maryland
  • Louisville, Kentucky
  • Charleston, West Virginia
  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • New York City, New York
  • Buffalo, New York
  • Boston, Massachusetts
  • Detroit, Michigan
  • Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • Cleveland, Ohio
  • Columbus, Ohio
  • Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Green Bay, Wisconsin
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Seattle, Washington
  • San Francisco, California


One of the most notable and most complained about issues facing urban America is the quality of roads. It goes without saying, Alabama and Mississippi are not famous for their excellent roadways. It is very easy for a road to be build and be completely forgotten about. In some cases, decades have gone by where potholes have not been filled, lines have not been repainted, and storm drains haven't been dug. The United States loves to build something, and completely forget about maintenance; the Projects are a perfect example of this. Roadways that haven't been paved in over 20 years will be slated for reconstructing. These roadways will be slated for storm drain installation to keep the road tops clear. For those large roadways that cut through residential areas, noise walls will be installed where possible. Roadway quality will have to be certified to ensure it meets regulations and safety needs. Traffic cameras will be installed where possible to monitor traffic and enforce traffic laws. Major roads will receive lane additions to hold more traffic, but downtown areas will be given a specific bus/bicycle lane if not present already. This will help keep slow bus traffic and distracting bicycles off to the side. Where possible, traffic lights will be gradually phased down for favor of roundabouts to keep cities moving.

Mass Transit

One area that the US is significantly lacking is in mass transit. Only a handful of cities have subway systems, but all of them could greatly benefit from having them. Firstly, the existing subway systems like the New York City Metro and the DC Metro will need extensive upgrading, they are significantly outdated because their cities have no interest in keeping them up. The existing metros will be upgraded and given an overhaul for cleanliness and aesthetic purposes. New rolling stock will be brought out as well. For the remaining cities, while most have some sort of overground tram, they will be given funding to set up their own subway service. They will actively service the downtown areas and spread out expansively into the suburbs, this will allow for connection from the inner city to the outskirts so that when the urban renewal builds the city up and people begin to move back downtown, there will be total coverage of the area. It will be up to the municipalities what they charge and what they spend on maintenance and upgrading, but the federal government will provide 20% of whatever the expense is to maintain after construction.

Commercial and Residential Development

In the downtown areas, old, rundown, and empty buildings will have the land auctioned off to land developers so that high-rise residential and commercial buildings can be built in their place. Citizens will be asked if they would be willing to relocate and sell their inner-city land to developers so the area can be uplifted. No one will be forced to move, and it will completely be a by choice decision. In areas where the roads are being extended, if it would cut through a building, only in that case will eminent domain be used. All historical structures will be protected and retained in their current place. If there are residents that would prefer to remain in their place, developers will be allowed to bargain with the homeowners for the development to take place. Out of the rubble of the old, skyscrapers will rise up across the downtown areas with large-scale residential buildings to bring life back to the downtown areas. Cities will be recommended to institute a "no additional suburban expansion" policy, so that high-rises will gradually begin populating the city areas, and land can be preserved. American cities will gradually begin to look like the rest of the world, as apartment buildings will replace large suburban projects, mixed-use buildings along the street will house residents on the higher floors, and have commercial space on the lower floors to keep the cities vibrant. Old telephone lines will be removed, and external cabling will be integrated into underground systems to clean up the streets. Internet service cabling will also be upgraded to fiber-optic or the equivalent latest standard so that the utilities in America's urban areas will be the most up-to-date, which will allow for an overall increase of American internet speeds. On the tops of large commercial buildings, companies like Verizon, AT&T, among others will be permitted to install their latest 5G services to keep Americans connected as the height of cities grow.

Waste & Recycling Management

One of the biggest complaints for American cities is the poor waste management system, and how it contributes to a perception of unclean cities. Take New York for example, it is notorious for being an unclean city, but there is no reason it has to be that way. Cities should prioritize keeping up a clean image, and the federal government is willing to provide funding and services to keep it that way. Cities have been recommended to create volunteer public service programs for students or seniors to help clean their city, whether it be cleaning graffiti, picking up trash, or crosswalk assistance prior to school hours, there are plenty of opportunities that can be made available for those who want to make a difference in their cities. Recycling services should become customary in every city that doesn't have it already. Bulk trash pick-up days should happen once a month, even in cities, and trash routines should take place at minimum twice a week. While trash trucks are excellent for handling the cans and large dumpsters, oftentimes bags are left at the street level out of pure laziness. Shortly after trucks make their rounds, a smaller pickup with a small crew should roll through and collect any remaining trash and debris to help eliminate the perception of dirty American cities. Public trashcans should be made abundant, and as frequently emptied as the trash service takes place. Restaurants, grocery stores, and food-service businesses will also have a food-waste bin, which will be specifically for these types of businesses that will rotate as a trash service. The waste will be taken to natural composts which can be processed into fertilizer and bought back for local farmers, which is an innovative way for municipal governments to make money. Recycling can also be cleaned, and then sold back to manufacturing companies looking for raw materials like plastic, metals, aluminum, and glass. Sure, it will cost a little bit of money to keep America's cities clean, but the investor appeal and public enjoyment of the cities is priceless. It could be maneuvers like this that revitalize old cultural cities like Montgomery.

Cleaning Waterways

The various harbors, ports, bays, lakes, and rivers of America's cities are often one of the primary appeals for the location and tourism in the first place. The residents of the DC area would love a cleaner Potomac, as would those of LA and the bay. While America has been very keen to allow industrial ports and companies to thrive, it has often been at the expense of the residents of the city. There is no reason why these municipalities cannot have both good environment and economical success. For ports and lakes, city governments will subsidize submersible drones to help clean the undercarriages of freighters and outgoing vessels, to prevent trash sticking to them or bio run-off from other areas of the globe. Port authorities will be connected with businesses like 4Ocean to help turn old retired vessels into skimmers for lakes, oceans, rivers, and bay areas to pick up remnants of storm damage and other trash. For more narrow areas, the 4Ocean patrol vessels can be purchased to help clean the waterways. The federal government will provide subsidies to help make these options affordable to the cities, which will allow them to focus on cleaning up their near waterways. Lakes, and rivers near cities are typically used for tourism, fishing, and sometimes drinking water. The EPA has been tasked with being more proactive about testing these waters to make sure they are safe for drinking, and recreational activities. If pollutants and chemicals are detected that should not be present, they will notify the local authorities to put out a notice and will begin an investigation that could end up in a lawsuit, or evicting the person or organization responsible.
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2020.09.14 18:35 CFB_Referee Hurricane Sally

Sally remains a hurricane and is moving slowly.

From the latest public advisory (as of 9/16 11:30 AM ET) Sally is likely to cause issues with rainfall, storm surge, surf, wind tornados, and flooding - including potential inland flooding.
Check your local weather or emergency management agency for more specific information where you are.
Please look to local news, local weather, and local and state emergency management agencies to find out more about how you may be affected, if you need to evacuate, and steps on getting prepared. Please everyone stay safe.
U Forecasts, Predictions, and Watches/Warnings
Tulsa Preparedness & Planning
College students should check out their university's emergency alert system - if you're not signed up to get notices, you should!
Useful links on: hurricane preparedness, emergency kits, emergency supplies for your car.
Louisburg Other things worth thinking about or getting:
  • General: A cooler. Fun/mental health stuff - books, games, etc. Cash. Weather radio and batteries. Flashlights > candles. Backup cell phone, laptop, or other batteries. Extra water. Hand sanitizer. Comfort items (a toddler's blankie, the puppy's favorite toy, your grandpa's watch you can't imagine losing).
  • Specialized: Transportation and assistive devices (think especially about children, pets, the elderly, people with disabilities).
  • Cars: Gas. Window breakeseatbelt cutter.
Gattaca Florida Safety:
  • Check your smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector batteries!
  • Watch out for downed power lines. Never assume it is dead. Avoid it.
  • Assume floodwaters are deeper than they look. Turn around, don't drown.
  • Learn your flood and evacuation zones!
  • Food safety from the FDA and USDA.
  • If your home floods and you need to go up, head for the roof. Keep an ax in your attic to get out that way if you need it.
  • Be aware of potential 911 delays.
  • Evacuate! If you can, check on people you know to see if they need help evacuating if you can offer it or put them in touch with someone who can.
Hertfordshire Documentation:
  • Bring it with you.
  • Store it in a plastic bag to they are together and stay dry.
  • House deed/rental agreement/lease.
  • Insurance information (home, car, renters, medical, flood).
  • Identification (ID card/driver's license, passport, Social Security card, marriage/birth certificates).
  • Take photographs of your home before you evacuate and when you return. Good documentation of the damage may help if you need to file an aid or insurance claim.
For long-term preparedness, check out CERT training information.
Holland Evacuation
College Information
We'll be updating this list as we get information.
/CFB Ball Alabama
University Update Sources
Bishop State Community College All remote learning on Monday and Tuesday. All events cancelled Monday and Tuesday. 7
Coastal Alabama Community College Closses at 2 PM on Monday. In person classes closed through Wendesday. Online classes continue to meet. 5
Spring Hill College Classes cancelled after 1:30 PM on Monday. Classes online on Tuesday. 5
University of Mobile Move to all online instruction as of 1:30 PM Monday. Normal classes resume Wendesday. 5
South Alabama University of South Alabama Classes, events, and activities canceled Tuesday and Wednesday. 16
/CFB Ball Florida
University Update Sources
Gulf Coast State College All campuses closed Tuesday. 11
Northwest Florida State College Closed through Tuesday. 13
Pensacola State College All campuses closed Monday and Tuesday. 7, 17
West Florida University of West Florida All classes - in person and online - cancelled through Thursday. 18
/CFB Ball Louisiana
University Update Sources
Delgado Community College Online classes only on Monday and Tuesday. 8, 19
Loyola Operating normally until 4 PM on Monday. Classes canceled Tuesday. Classes resume Wednesday. 2, 20
New Orleans Theological Seminary/Leavell College Closed Monday-Wednesday. 8
Nicholls Nicholls State All classes online Monday-Wednesday. 4
Northshore Technical Community College Online on Monday. Closed on Tuesday. Decision on Wednesday pending. 8, 21
Nunez College Online classes continue. In person classes cancelled Monday and Tuesday. 8
Southeastern Louisiana Southeastern University All classes online on Monday. All classes cancelled on Tuesday. 14
Southern Southern University Normal operations on Tuesday. 9, 22
Tulane Tulane In person and online classes canceled after noon on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday classes TBD. 1
Holy Cross University of Holy Cross Closed Monday and Tuesday. 8
University of New Orleans Classes all online on Monday. In person, online, and hybrid classes canceled on Tuesday. 3
Xavier University Classes online after 5 PM Monday. Classes cancelled Tuesday. 8
/CFB Ball Mississippi
University Update Sources
Jones County JC Jones College All classes online through Wednesday. 12
Mississippi Gulf Coast CC Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College All classes online starting Monday at noon and Tuesday. 10
Southern Miss University of Southern Mississippi - Gulf Coast Locations All classes and events moved online starting at noon on Monday. 15
/CFB Ball South Carolina
If you know of any of these, please let us know.
University Update Sources
/CFB Ball North Carolina
If you know of any of these, please let us know.
University Update Sources
/CFB Ball Virginia
If you know of any of these, please let us know.
University Update Sources
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22
Touchdown Game Information Penalty Flag
We'll be updating this list as we get information.
This list includes all games played with teams in affected states. Many may not be affected, but given the ripple effects of things like travel and the particular complications of scheduling this season, we've listed them all here for reference.
Date Time Home Team Away Team Game Location
9/18 7:30 PM ET Coastal Carolina Campbell Conway, SC
9/19 12:00 PM ET Georgia State Louisiana Atlanta, GA
9/19 12:00 PM ET Tulane Navy New Orleans, LA
9/19 12:00 PM ET Duke Boston College Durham, NC
9/19 2:30 PM ET Notre Dame USF South Bend, IN
9/19 3:30 PM ET Georgia Tech UCF Atlanta, GA
9/19 3:30 PM ET Georgia Southern FAU Statesboro, GA
9/19 3:30 PM ET UNC Charlotte Chapel Hill, NC
9/19 4:00 PM ET Middle Tennessee Troy Murfreesboro, TN
9/19 4:00 PM ET Clemson The Citadel Clemson, SC
9/19 7:30 PM ET ULM Texas State Monroe, LA
9/19 7:30 PM ET Louisville Miami (FL) Louisville, KY
9/19 7:30 PM ET Southern Miss Louisiana Tech Hattiesburg, MS
9/19 8:00 PM ET NC State Wake Forest Raleigh, NC
Learn More
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2020.08.30 15:59 powerfunk [Rolex] Every discontinued model name in Rolex history

This is my attempt to list every discontinued model name that has appeared on a Rolex watch. Often when old/random Rolex model names are brought up online, people mention watches released under the standalone Oyster brand (like Essex, Lincoln, Edison, Grenfell, Lipton, Lady Dudley, Junior Sport, Raleigh, Commander, Recorda, Chester, Regent, Shipmate, and Pioneer). Here I will focus strictly on proper Rolexes.
I don't really consider movement designations to be model names (like Chronometer, Observatory, Extra/Ultra Prima, Standard, Anti-Magnetique and Precision) so I won't include those. Rolex trademarked tons of names that they never used and I'm only including ones I could find pics of. If anyone knows of any others I'm forgetting, please let me know! Here's the list of 50+ discontinued Rolex model names that I could find. They're in alphabetical order except when it makes sense to mention models together:
Air-Tiger, Air-Giant, and Air-Lion - Rolex tried 4 "Air" names beginning in the late 1940's, but only "Air-King" stuck.
Air-King-Date and Explorer-Date - Ref. 5700 (smooth bezel) and 5701 (fluted bezel) were released under both the "Air-King-Date" and "Explorer-Date" names. These are some of the only Rolexes with dates that change over slowly from about 9pm-2am instead of clicking cleanly around midnight.
Athlete - The vast majority of Oyster cases have a similastandard sort of lug shape, but the Athlete has distinctive straight lugs.
Campbell - Named for one of Rolex's first official ambassadors, Sir Malcolm Campbell. Campbell once simultaneously held the land speed and water speed records.
Centregraph and Zerographe - The Zerographe/Centregraph was a monopusher chronograph made in 1937. It was quickly discontinued and never reached serial production, which is bizarre because Rolex clearly put a lot of effort into it as it had Rolex's first in-house (but still not manufacture) chronograph movement and Rolex's first rotating bezel. Perhaps patent infringement issues were involved, as the very similar (and very patented) Weems Watch by Longines debuted around the same time, and some later Centregraphs and Zerographs were made minus the rotating bezel. Rolex also put the name "Centregraph" on a few plain-Jane Oyster Perpetuals for some reason.
Commando - Supposedly this was originally only available at US military bases in 1969, and later some appeared for sale at Abercrombie & Fitch stores in 1972. The fat hands of the 6429 are pretty sweet.
Dustproof - I'm not entirely sure that "Dustproof" was meant as a model name rather than some sort of designation. Interestingly, the word "Oyster" never appears on a Dustproof even though most of them are Oyster models.
Everest - Rolex toyed with the "Everest" moniker before the more successful "Explorer" name took off.
GMT-Master - Obviously the GMT-Master II is still going strong, but technically GMT-Master was a different model name. Ref. 16700 was the final GMT-Master.
King Midas and Queen Midas - Gerald Genta designed the King Midas, and it had 3 firsts for Rolex: a sapphire crystal, a hidden clasp, and an integrated bracelet. Elvis wore one. There are some ladies' versions too, and the Queen Midas isn't just a cute nickname--it's written on the clasp. The later Midases were considered part of the Cellini collection.
Majestic and Seaforth - These watches were sometimes advertised together; they're the same thing except the Seaforth has a seconds subdial. The Majestic cost slightly more; having a center seconds hand was considered a feature back then. Many of these models are marked "Observatory."
Marconi - Marconi was mostly an early sub-brand of Rolex, and many Marconi watches had Rolex improperly painted on much later. However, at least some Rolex watches were legitimately released with Marconi as the model name.
Monometer - A short-lived alternative name for the first Turn-O-Graph.
Orchid - This name was used for decades on various small gold ladies' watches, often with wacky shapes.
Oyster - While the Oyster brand is obviously still hugely important to Rolex, they no longer use "Oyster" as a standalone model name like they used to.
Oysterquartz - "Oysterquartz" was more of a product line than a model name per se, but I feel like it's worth mentioning. The Oysterquartz Day-Date and Oysterquartz Datejust were in the Rolex catalog from the late 1970's until the early 2000's. Some of the first OQ Datejusts said "Datejust" at the top and "Oysterquartz" at the bottom, instead of the more common "Oysterquartz Datejust" at the top with chronometer text at the bottom.
Pall Mall
Prince - Prince may have been the first model name Wilsdorf ever put on a watch; in the beginning he was just focusing on getting the word "Rolex" out there. Prince wristwatches were made from the 1920's-1940's. Rolex revived the Prince model in the early 2000's and gave it a clear caseback; it remained an option on Rolex.com as late as 2015.
Princess - Princess never actually appeared on a dial without "Sporting" preceding it, but it was clearly used by Rolex as a distinct model, including variants like the 8 Facets, Trapeze, Glayola, Egyptian, Lotus, Rochettina, and Bouts Arrondis (Rounded Edge). Other model names from the 1930's that never appeared on a dial include Dauphine, Duchess, Marquis and Queen.
Prince Elegant, Prince Elegante, Prince Royal, and Prince Imperial - Rolex apparently tried several variants of the Prince name, sometimes even on pocket watches. The Prince was known as the "doctor's watch" because of its relatively easy-to-read, large seconds subdial. This was before center seconds hands were common, and the minute/hour hands did not overlap at all with the seconds area (except on the Prince Elegant/Elegante models). Prince Brancard, Prince Railway, and Prince Classic are other designations that Rolex sometimes used in advertising, though I don't believe those names ever appeared on a dial. The unique Prince watches with center seconds are sometimes referred to as "Prince Aerodynamic" but I don't think that name appeared on a dial, either.
Sporting Prince and Sporting Princess - A portable fold-up watch was called a "travel watch" when marketed to men and a "purse watch" when marketed to women. Rolex apparently made a few wristwatches with "Sporting Princess" on the dial, too.
Rite-Time - Ref. 6518 debuted at Baselworld 1954 but most of them don't even have the short-lived name "Rite-Time" on the dial.
Royal, Royalite, and Royal Giant - Rolex threw the word "Royal" on a lot of entry-level manual-wind references with seconds subdials in the 1930's and 1940's. Royalites, meanwhile, almost always had center seconds. By the 1950's Rolex had apparently dropped the Royalite moniker, and the Royal kept on trucking for another decade or so (with center seconds now). I believe most Royals and Royalites are between 30 and 32mm wide. Some later Royals were 34mm, including the rare Royal Giant. I suppose it's worth mentioning that Tudor released an Asia-only line of Royal watches in 2020.
Space-Dweller - Short-lived Explorer alternative.
Speedking and Speedking Elegant - The "Speedking" moniker appeared on several manual-wind 30mm references from the 1940's-1960's. The "Speedking Elegant" name only briefly appeared on the 33mm reference 4365, which was also the first reference to be named "Air-King." Air-King clearly won that marketing battle.
Sport and Sporting Model
Submarine and Aqua - The Rolex Oyster wasn't the first waterproof wristwatch, just the first commercially successful/viable one. The Submarine (a.k.a. "Aqua") is a hermetic watch; several other brands made similar waterproof watches in the early 1920's. It seems Wilsdorf was later considering using Aqua as a standalone alternative to the Oyster brand; there are even some "Aqua Patent" crowns. "Aqua" most frequently appears on dials co-branded by Solar, the watch brand of Eaton's (a Canadian department store). Indian retailer names like P. Orr & Sons and Lund & Blockley can be found on other Aquas.
Sub-Aqua Short-lived Submariner alternative.
Transcontinental - The Datejust Transcontinental (ref. 6602, circa 1957) is exceedingly rare; it's the only Rolex ever made with a 12-hour rotating bezel. It's basically a Turn-O-Graph with a different bezel. According to an old forum rumor, the founder of Delta Airlines owned one.
Turn-O-Graph - This iconic model lasted from the early 1950's until 2014 or so, but only the first and last generations of Turn-O-Graph have it written on the dial.
Tru-Beat This model was designed to only tick once per second so doctors could easily count pulses. Nowadays most of the ones left have a broken stop-seconds complication, in which case they "sweep" like a normal Rolex.
Unicorn This was mainly a standalone sub-brand of Rolex Watch Co. but a few watches exist with Unicorn apparently as a model name.
Verislim and Veriflat
If you see something else on a dial (like Asprey, Astrua, Verga, Beyer, etc.) it's possible it could be a retailer co-branding rather than a model name. Thanks for reading!
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2020.08.29 18:20 IdolA29Augl Fa-st G-ay Spe-ed Da-ting Minn-esota

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2020.08.28 18:09 HaulA28Augl Top Ten G-ay S-ex Da-ting New

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2020.08.10 20:38 Buck_Joffrey Wealth Formula Episode 224: Multifamily Macroeconomics in the Twilight Zone

Catch the full episode: https://www.wealthformula.com/podcast/224-multifamily-macroeconomics-in-the-twilight-zone/
Buck: Welcome back to the show everyone. Today my guest on Wealth Formula Podcast, he's been on the show before. He's economist Ryan Davis. He actually joined us at one of our last Wealth Formula meetups. Of course, the last one we had was canceled but Ryan was at the one before that. He serves as a chief operating officer at Witten Advisors and provides fact-based research analysis and discussion to help clients like us formulate their apartment strategies and these insights and for investment decisions for multi-family development and buy/sell opportunities which as you can imagine we're all looking for some of this advice these days. Ryan has a PhD in economics from the University of Texas. Ryan, welcome back to Wealth Formula Podcast.
Ryan: Thank you. Glad to be back.
Buck: Yeah it's been like a pandemic ago when we last talked right? Listen, you know I want to kind of jump into the whole you know what the heck is going on, I mean the overall, if you would, you know kind of give me your overall assessment of the economy. I mean obviously we know these huge drops in GDP etc which were expected last quarter. How is this all affecting real estate asset prices especially you know apartments which is you know is our interest and something that you specialize in?
Ryan: Sure so yeah the great unknown is the pace of the recovery. So we had that big drop through April in terms of employment and then we got a bounce back in May and June and the hope was that it was going to be a V-shaped recovery. But then we saw virus cases ramp back up in the second half of June into the early part of July and the local economy started rolling back some of their openings and so with that, we've kind of stalled out recently. So we'll get the July numbers this Friday for overall payroll gains and that could I think the consensus is anywhere between one, one and a half million jobs it could be negative so who knows but it looks like the hope for a v-shaped recovery in the economy has kind of stalled out after the first two months of optimism. And so we think that going forward we won't see any the worst is behind us really and so we won't see you know the big losses that we experienced in March and early into April so kind of what we're calling for right now is for the national economy to continue to add jobs for the remainder of the year and then beginning next year a recovery should emerge and that would sustain demand for housing and ultimately apartments going forward. In the near term as far as multi-family goes we expect some pain through the end of this year and then into the early part of next year. In terms of pricing power, if we had to boil it down to one number it's rent growth so year over year effective rent growth we think that declines to eight percent rent cuts this year and into the early part of 2021. That varies considerably on a local market basis I think our worst-performing market is Metro New York City probably no surprise there but then also many of the other gateway markets such as Boston, LA, the Bay Area, etc. We expect rent declines to be lower than that eight percent across the board, however many of the inner west, Texas, southeastern market should outperform still see rent declines but not closer to five/six percent range at the depth and so we expect near-term pain but then as we get out into 2021 and afterward and the economy begins to add a lot of jobs we would expect rent growth to return to multi-family. And then what that means for pricing in terms of apartment assets for right now in the second quarter hardly any deals trade at hand so it's really tough to get a sense of where pricing is and with the deals that have traded though the cap rates have remained relatively stable which is a good sign. We've heard from some of our merchant builder clients where they had assets they had constructed and were going out to the market to sell in the early part of April they were saying 10 discounts in terms of the compared to pre corona levels but that has since come back in the last 45-60 days and maybe it's only one to two percent in terms of the haircut that they're seeing out there right now. And there's a just a ton of capital that wants to get back into multifamily at the same time there's hardly any distress out there right now so there's a lack of available to you know supply to buy and so everyone is just kind of in this standstill there's a big ass gap because buyers aren't willing to pay yesterday's prices for assets but sellers aren't willing to give any you know deep discounts right now and so it's kind of a standstill and we’ll see how all this plays out.
Buck: Yeah you know it's really interesting we're obviously you know through, you work with Western Wealth Capital, one of my partners and you know it's funny because we were kind of thinking well maybe there'll be some real buying opportunities but you know we've seen a little bit maybe just you know from buyers who are sellers who just are just wanting to get out while they're ahead maybe they made some money you know maybe they and at this point you know they're just thinking let's just cash out and maybe they're willing to take a little bit less but for the most part you know if you look across our own portfolio and it might be because it's largely again Texas and Arizona, etc that and maybe it's because it's mostly working-class B and you know high C class apartment but our portfolio you know the numbers are just as good as they've ever been in terms of you know occupancy in terms of even our we're still raising rents. And so when you look at that you're like well I mean how do you expect there to be any you know smoking deals out there if the sellers really aren't feeling any distress. So is there a difference you know when you look at something like a B and C class apartment scenario versus A right now or have you been able to break that down a little bit because I think the people I know who are in the A-class and new build are you know they're certainly feeling things a little bit more than we are.
Ryan: Yeah so what we've heard from some of our clients in terms of early on so may June in terms of rent collections class A's were actually from a nationwide perspective actually exceeded the class B and C product. Now we don't think that will continue going forward and the main reason is that new deliveries that are coming online they will compete with the existing top of the market product and so we think that it will be short-lived in terms of the top of the market outperformance and another part is due to just the nature of this downturn where low-wage sectors were hit extremely hard in April, got some bounce back in May and June but the leisure and hospitality sectors lower-paying positions those have been the most impacted so far. But going forward we don't think that this downturn would be any different than prior recessions in terms of the class A leading the way down in terms of jobs and occupancy and also rent growth or rent cuts in the near term. So class A’s will lead the market down but then as we get out into the later part of next year and into early 2022 then class A's would outperform the broader market. So yeah we think through the end of this year until early next that B's and C's will hold up relatively better but that's mainly a function of just the competition that it takes to get these new projects they will get leased up it's just a matter of the market-clearing price and so those have to compete those could be mostly with the top end of the spectrum and so we see big rent declines and concessions in the class A space going forward.
Buck: You know there's this thesis that's going around in the multi-family space and you know I've been sort of you know looking at it this way too for a while though I'm starting to you know feel like it's maybe not gonna happen is this idea that there's going to be a potentially before we really rebound and start heading up again that there’ll potentially be a you know big tsunami of defaults and things like that. Right now at least what I'm you know seeing and hearing about in terms of the lending markets and in terms of these properties, there really isn't much indication of that right now is there I mean what do you think?
Ryan: No at least not in the short term I mean again there's it goes back to my earlier comment there's been no distress really and so that is due mainly to the huge stimulus packages that have been passed those from a fiscal standpoint and a monetary standpoint which is it's crazy to think that GDP declined at an annualized rate by 32 however incomes soared and so that's all due to the stimulus that we saw and so that's helped prop up renters incomes and allow them to pay rent. Now going forward I think some of these the number of defaults I don't think there will be a tsunami, at least that's how we view it right now, ask me again in a week and it could change, but I think that the defaults will be very market specific and so those geographies that have been hit harder we'll see a larger number but many of the Texas markets, Phoenix, Denver, southeast high growth markets where you've got this short-term tailwind in terms of folks at the margin more and the trends that have been in place for years of folks moving from gateway markets into these inner markets will be kind of you know given a stairway shot really in the near term and so that would help to prop up multi-family fundamentals and so yeah if you're expecting a tsunami of defaults in any of those markets that I've mentioned again it kind of gets a little bit granular in terms of you know potentially Orlando might have some problems just with the amount of supply and then the you know low-wage in tourism industries being impacted more dramatically and that would lead to some weakness in Orlando but out outside of that maybe Houston you could argue you know somewhat but outside of those two and those those areas of the inner west Texas, southeast Florida should be but hold up you know relatively well and I would think that the main stress points will be out you know on the coast in California potentially portland we do think seattle holds up relatively well and then northeast in terms of you know New York and Boston as well so I think it's very locally market driven.
Buck: Yeah it's interesting you know we did we were a little worried about Houston too but our you know Houston portfolio is actually doing awesome it's not having any problems at all which is which was you know again, knock on wood that’s what it's been so far. Let me ask you another question you mentioned the pent-up demand of you know money on the sidelines waiting to get back in and you know and in many situations, they have to get back in right they're mandated to deploy capital and that sort of thing do you the one thought that I've had through this is you know multi-family and well multi-family in general has held up so well during this period of time does that potentially create a situation where you know the big money that's coming in starts looking at this even harder as potentially a little bit of a hedge or a little bit of safe haven. What what do you guys think is going to be the effect of that you know the relatively stable performance and then ultimately you know having all of this money on the sidelines,? Do you see paradoxical even further compression of cap rates over the next couple years? What's your thought on that?
Ryan: Yeah and so kind of pre-corona our forecast was for cap rates to continue to decline and you know taking a step back it was mainly driven by global factors with the aging populations across the globe that have built wealth up and all that investment needed to be placed somewhere. And so those trends were driving returns lower for longer and so those are the demographic that have not been affected by the pandemic. And so just from a global standpoint, we're expecting returns across all assets whether stocks bonds you know all classes of real estate whether it's multi or industrial retail office, etc those returns would continue to head lower. Now we've had the pandemic and we've seen multi-family and industrial hold up exceedingly well and who knows what to make of retail office and lodging just lots of pain and in those sectors and so if you need to be allocated to real estate then multifamily and industrial or where you want to be at least in the short term and especially if you're looking for consistency of returns and you know risk-adjusted on a risk-adjusted basis you know multi-industrial or have outperformed other asset classes and so really to get into the lodging office retail space probably more opportunistic mindset in terms of those assets may need to be repositioned etc and so I think a lot of that money that's out there is not looking to get there's a lot that's looking for that type of asset turnaround story but there's also a lot of money out there that needs the stability. And so that should continue to compress cap rates or put a really put a cap on that cap rates and so it would be no surprise if cap rates on an aggregate basis hold steady and maybe even decline despite a deterioration in short-term fundamentals and part of that is due to the long-term belief in apartments going forward and so yes there's a short-term dislocation where we expect some move-outs that you know this year actually there are a lot of move-outs that we expect and so there's going to be a lot of doubling up folks moving back in with their families but then there's going to be pent up demand as we as that recovery takes hold next year and that will be released and so we see leasing to be through the roof next year and then out into 2022. Then at the same time as that demand story improves in the short term we see starts decelerating dramatically so we've we're going from a 400,000 unit run rate to about 200,000 units by the early part of next year. And so new production is going to get cut in half now that we don't get any benefit of that immediately so we have to wait till later part of 2022 and 2023 before we see that slowdown and production really lift fundamentals and so I think everyone is seeing that yes there's some short-term disruption in the multi-family market right now, but the long-term drivers are there and if you have the capital to wait out this very painful period in the short term then there will be major benefits after that we should see after next year.
Buck: Now one of the things you said I think earlier is that the worst is behind us do you believe that's the case in terms of rent growth and you know rent cuts and that sort of thing right now?
Ryan: I think the worst is behind us in terms of the economy. I think that going forward we should continue to produce job gains on a monthly basis, though this next report could see some layoffs we'll see the consensus is one million one and a half. In terms of multi-family we do not think the worst is behind us we think that fundamentals will continue to deteriorate into the early part of next year we think that you know kind of right now in terms of year over year rent growth in the early part of this year let's call it three, three and a half percent we've since gone down to zero percent in the second quarter. So on a quarterly basis we've seen some dramatic rent cuts, again this is on a national basis and then as we move forward we see occupancy dropping by about three percentage points into the early part of next year, rent declines of about eight percent through the remainder of this year into the first quarter of next year and so no we do think that there will be some deterioration and fundamentals going forward. On the flip side of that might present some opportunities and so any assets that were purchased specially in your space in terms of if they were bought at the top of the market at the end of last year in the early part of this year and now that value-add story isn't there where you might not be able to get the rent bumps that you were expecting so some of those assets will have to be recapitalized and so that might present some opportunity as the year progresses but again like you said we haven't seen that materialized so far.
Buck: Yeah that's the tricky part right I mean it's sort of like I think when you're on the buy side here you're saying well I mean these prices that we're seeing right now you know with prolonged you know low-interest rates which we can pretty much guarantee at this point for a period of time and then the pent-up demand. It's sort of like okay well I mean this actually might be one of the better times to buy if you consider what could potentially happen in the next you know 18 to 24 months in terms of you know explosive growth. When you look at those indicators that you're you know that you're talking about that may lead to some of the more explosive growth metrics what markets come to mind the most for you?
Buck: Now one of the things you said I think earlier is that the worst is behind us do you believe that's the case in terms of rent growth and you know rent cuts and that sort of thing right now?
Ryan: Yeah so our general geographic areas that we like we like the southeast, parts of Florida, Texas and the inner west. We really like Atlanta, we like South Florida though there's a little more pain in the short term some of our clients are saying it kind of in terms of you know rent collections you know northeast but also yeah LA but then South Florida is outperforming those two areas but still lagging some of these other markets. So we like the Texas markets long term the interwebs you have Phoenix, Denver, Salt Lake as well. We like Seattle that's an outlier on the west coast but then the other markets whereas in the Bay Area we expect those you know rent growth numbers to average four, four and a half percent which stack up really well across the nation but for those markets that's a recession pretty much and so compared to what's normal and the cap rates you have to pay the rent growth numbers there kind of you know lackluster. So the midwest the markets they won't be hit as hard but still they don't get that explosive growth going forward and so we really like the inner West Texas, southeast of Florida markets and you know part of that has been driven being driven by the migration flows. So domestic migration numbers have really helped out all of these markets we've seen outflows from the northeast boston new york the bay area Southern California we've seen migration outflows from those markets into the you know inner west you know Las Vegas the inland Phoenix, Denver you know people moving from the coast into those markets and then you know also parts of texas as well but then in terms of the northeast the flows that are coming in to the Nashvilles the Charlottes, Raleighs, Atlanta, Florida markets we and then also Texas as well and so those trends have been accelerated at least in the short term, but it's important to remember that those have been going on for a decade at least even more and then other markets and so it's not anything new but at the margin that will support many of these other markets.
Buck: Yeah on the west coast I mean there's that flight to Arizona as well right from California. One of the things that you know is worth talking about is what effect this has had you know the pandemic and the recession on the lending market, with Fannie and Freddie and you know how that might be playing into any of the growth or lack of growth.
Ryan: Yeah I think on the financing side you know debt for stabilized assets it's there and it's cheap you may have to you know have higher reserves than you've had typically but for the most part it's there and so that's part of the appeal of buying assets right now with these record low interest rates. So I think for stabilized assets yeah it's there for new construction it is dried up considerably and this is a change in the last 30 to 60 days and so the fed does a survey each quarter of banks and their tightening of multi-family construction lending standards and that the latest report shows 70 percent of banks tighten their multi-family construction loans last quarter which we haven't seen those levels since 2008/2009. And so I think part of it's the lenders are trying to make sense of what they have in terms of all these other asset types in terms of real estate or retail, lodging, office loans, they're trying to you know spend a lot of time working those out and so then you add on the uncertainty in terms of the economic recovery etc, they've pretty much put a halt on new construction loans. And so that's been a big change here in the last two months call it. Then on the equity side I think returns have been increased but still available and interested but you know a lot of you know equity and especially focusing in on the new starts pipeline if all the deals that have been started are continuing and it's kind of a mixed bag from our clients in terms of are you seeing delays or actually some other clients that reported these they were able to speed up the timing in terms of getting able to get trucks into sites very easily and then also the construction workers that were on you know working on hotels motels those have come into the apartment sector and so that's provided more manpower in terms of getting these deals done. And so those that were under construction are continuing to proceed, those that were capitalized I think that but haven't begun those have been they haven't pulled out completely they just said let's press pause to see let's say can we get any break in construction costs over the next several months and so the equity and banks they're still willing to do it move forward on those deals that have been capitalized but are you know slow playing it. And then you get to the others where there's land sites and they hadn't been entitled and haven't been capitalized those deals we think have been shelved for right now and so it kind of where some opportunity could be is on the land side of you know potentially purchasing some land sites that might be teed up for development as we get further along in this recovery.
Buck: Again one of the things that you're saying though in terms of construction loans not being there again it helps us for those of us who have apartment portfolios already that are already there that that again goes to the issue of a simple supply and demand issue which we can benefit from if there's not a whole lot of new builds. You know this is a major driving variable in in apartment buildings nationally can you give us a little bit of the idea of you know just not being able to keep up with you know population growth in various parts of the country, can you give us a little bit of you know sort of a thousand-foot view on the perspective on how big of an issue that actually is?
Ryan: I don't know if it's that big of an issue you know on on the whole and I think that you know some of these higher growth markets in terms of where we've you know call it the Atlantas and North Carolina markets, Central North Florida, Texas, the inner west regions where we've seen large population growth statistics you know high growth markets but they're also they also tend to be the highest in terms of supply for housing and so it's more easy to build in those markets especially you know out as you get away from the know central cities etc and so where we've seen the the biggest barriers to supply are out on the coast and so we've seen you know job growth be pretty good in those markets but the supply hasn't kept up at all and so that's why you're seeing you know these big you know rent affordability you know problems in the coastal markets and so we think that supply not keeping up with the population dynamics is more of a coastal problem but then you know as you get into the markets that are more accepting of new development then you know we've seen housing supply increase at a rapid clip in many of these other markets I think you know Austin you know even through the June of this year permit activity for multi-family continued to set it reached big big levels and so I think year to date in Austin it's already pulled permits on almost 10,000 units already which is you know huge numbers. And so I do think that while these population growth numbers and some of these markets are you know off the charts especially compared to you know some of the coastal markets, that supply has been able to keep up there and so yeah you see pockets of where you know rent growth you know bumps up to you know five, six percent levels, it's especially that was the case in Phoenix and Las Vegas over the past two to three years where those markets were leading in terms of rent increases but they tend to you know be markets that you know will accept more new supply and so that will tend to even out over the long term.
Buck: How's Vegas doing out of curiosity because that one was just crushing it. It seemed it seemed a little dangerous you know it seemed like one of those markets where it's like wow is it real or is it one of those things that's just gonna go back to Vegas.
Ryan: Yeah exactly and yeah kind of thinking that you know before kind of goes back to your comment earlier about people moving from the coast to getting in their car and driving to the riverside and then Las Vegas and Phoenix and so it was benefiting from a real out-migration from expensive coastal California. That said that just the nature of this pandemic crushing leisure and hospitality and the conference circuit that the job losses in Las Vegas I think you know through April into May led the nation. We've seen some a bit of a bounce back there but really the question is you know how fast does the the conference you know a circuit come back, how fast are people willing to travel to casinos, I know they have already, but I think that pre-corona the growth was real and yeah absolutely now it's a little bit different you know market in terms of the cost and you don't want to go in there and if you're a developer you don't you know want to build a high-rise there and so your strategy is a little bit different but so far it's held up relatively well, all things considered, but still a lot of weakness that is materializing in Vegas.
Buck: Interesting stuff. Well listen I don't want to keep you all day long, Ryan, but it's been great talking to you. Where can we learn more about your work?
Ryan: Sure. Probably the easiest is wittenadvisors.com you can go there, all our contact information is there, feel free to reach out with a phone call or send me an email anytime and I'll be happy to give you more details on the services that we provide and how we add value to many clients that are in either owner, operators, developers, equity or lender clients.
Buck: Fantastic thanks again and we'd love to have you again you know in a few months to reassess where we are at.
Ryan: All right. Sounds good. Looking forward to it.
Buck: We'll be right back
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2020.06.15 22:27 HelloLurkerHere Tinaja Girl

Hi everyone! This is another unsolved case from Spain. This one in particular has been ranked by various Spanish crime and mystery polls as one of the most intriguing cases of our country.
This is, as always, a long read. But I hope you can enjoy it. Here it goes;

"Luci 13-12-1962"

Madrid, Spain
Wednesday, August 13th, 1969

A 20-years old firefighter walked into an old abandoned farmstead colloquially referred to by locals as Casa de la Viuda (Widow's House), near the municipality of Hortaleza. He would later tell LE that he frequented that place on his spare time; the old house was spacious, and he liked to go there to exercise and keep himself in excellent shape -as his job required him to be. Since it had been abandoned, the farm was frequented by locals at night only, as at the time it was used as a lover's lane. However, the morning of that August 13 his routine would be shattered in the spookiest way possible.

There were lots of old tools, furniture and other agricultural paraphernalia there. Among these there were several large tinajas (a type of jar-like and big recipient typical of Mediterranean and North African cultures, often used to store water, oil, or grain). One of these was particularly big. That morning the firefighter, motivated by curiosity, decided to peek inside that big tinaja. And that's when he made the disturbing discovery.

There was a dead woman stuffed inside.

Knowing that the police would secure the area for preserving evidence, the firefighter exited the house avoiding touching anything. He got into his car and drove to the nearest police station, informing LE about the gruesome finding. A team of investigators drove to the scene.

The woman was naked. A black turtleneck sweater was wrapped tightly around her neck. Her blue jeans and her panties were later found down around her ankles. She was young, her age at the time estimated to be somewhere in her 20's. Her bleached hair was of a very pale shade of blonde which, along with her at the time fashionable late 1960's clothing and her silver shoes and purse, inspired a there present LE investigator to eloquently define her appearance as 'like a space doll'.

She stood 160 cm tall (or 5'3''). Slender complexion.

He face had been battered, but later on it would be ruled that the cause of dead had been mechanical asphyxiation. More specifically, her killer had squeezed her throat hard with one hand, as the finger-shaped bruises on her neck attested. She had numerous defensive wounds in the form of bruises. Death had taken place less than 48 hours earlier, and her body was barely entering into the first stages of decomposition. The swelling in her face wasn't due to the decaying process, but due to the blunt trauma-induced inflammation. This detail would make the identification process much harder than expected. There was some dry blood on her cheeks and her clothing, but no traces of blood were found on the tinaja nor around; she had been murdered somewhere else and then dropped there later.

The contents of her purse, as well as the pockets in her jeans, were examined. This didn't produce any evidence that would point at the woman's identity. A strange piece of evidence was found trapped between her clenched teeth though; a small golden medallion with the following inscription embedded on it;

LUCI 13-12-1962

Could her name be Lucía? And what was that date referring to? Obviously, it couldn't be her birth date, since the body belonged clearly to an adult woman. Investigators at the scene pondered that maybe it could be the name and birth date of her daughter. This clue was used in the investigation.

The soil at the abandoned house showed that her killer had dragged her all the way to the tinaja where she was found in. It also showed that a car had been there. Based on the tire's pattern and the approximate wheelbase of the vehicle, investigators concluded that the car used to take the woman to there was a Renault 4L, a very popular car back then in Spain. What is more; they could also find a dent on the metal frame of the property's narrow gate. It was likely caused by a car speeding through it. Although the gate was narrow, anyone who could drive a car could easily go through it slowly. However, it seemed that someone -likely the killer- had rushed through with their car, hitting the frame in their way out, and probably full of anxiety about being seen dropping a body there.

The investigators managed to retrieve samples of red colored car paint from the dent, which gave them more information about where to look. A red Renault 4L.

It seemed that the tinaja, which was made of clay, had created conditions on its interior that had slowed down the decaying process in spite of the summer temperatures -tinajas make a rather cool storage space by keeping the heat out. Because of that, LE investigators managed to produce an excellent fingerprint profile from the murdered woman. It took the team just twelve hours since sampling her fingerprints to find a match. Keep in mind this was back in 1969, before fingerprint registries were in electronic form; the team had to split into several groups to compare (visually) the fingerprints with the registries of different public agencies. Twelve hours was a really quick time for a fingerprint match back then.

The fingerprint match came with a strange surprise. It was found by the team that had been assigned to compare the sample with the fingerprints from the Registry of Foreign Passports.

According to the match, it belonged to Kerry Payne, an American citizen. Born on December 25th, 1944 in Venice, Italy. Her parents were Richard and Nuria. The additional information in the registry mentioned 'housewife' as her professional occupation.

With the new data about her identity, LE tried to contact her family and relatives to tell them the unfortunate news about her death, as well as to move forward with the murder investigation. However, things would just start to get weirder and bizarre.

Payne's parents could not be located. Neither the US embassy, nor the personnel from the nearby USAF base in Torrejón de Ardoz could find anything about her within their databases. However, a matchbox advertising for a nightclub in Raleigh, North Carolina, had been found in the crime scene near the tinaja inside of which the woman had been found. The presence of this item had made investigators to put a lot of faith in thinking that sooner or later a relative of Kerry Payne would be found. The matchbox set them to contact North Carolina's authorities, leading them into another frustrating turn as this move didn't produce any results; There were no matching records of any Kerry Payne fitting the woman's personal information.

It was almost like Kerry Payne, also known as Tinaja Girl and Space Doll, didn't exist. So who was that dead woman really then? Where did she come from? And of course... who killed her, and why?

Chameleon among Wolves

Having clear that the whole Kerry Payne ID was fake, the investigation had stalled. Without knowing the woman's ID, solving the crime was off question. They couldn't trace down her last movements, nor question her family nor acquaintances.

The investigators split once again in teams to look for other fingerprint matches, which took a bit longer time than the initial twelve hours before the first match. After a couple of days of arduous work the investigators managed to produce a second match -which turned out to be legit. Here's another surprising aspect of the discovery of this match; it came from the team looking for results on the public mental health internment records. And so they finally had a solid name.

She wasn't American, nor Italian. In fact, her origins weren't at all exotic; she was Spanish. Natividad Romero Rodríguez (commonly addressed as "Nati") was born in the small town of Siles, located at 130 km (80 mi) east of Jaén, in the middle of the semiarid, deep Manchegan countryside. Nati came to this world on July 15h, 1941, which means that she was 28 years-old when she was killed. Her mother and her brother positively identified the body by an old scar on her right forearm.
Picture of a young Nati
Nati had been problematic from a very young age; volatile, kleptomaniac and narcissistic. She also developed an addiction to alcohol and used drugs during her teenage years. Her working-class family could not manage to deal with her extremely difficult behavior. At the age of 16 she was committed to a mental institution in Jaén, for a total of seven years, after two suicide attempts. In the first one Nati had jumped from the window of a 4th floor. The second time she had tried slicing her wrists on the bathtub.
Nati, circa 1965 The investigators' inquires revealed that Nati escaped from the mental institution and moved to Madrid in 1964. She quickly adapted to the underworld and the night life of the big city; first as a pickpocket and confidence trickster, but soon as a prostitute too. She used the name "Tania" as her identity at the time. Fifty-something questioned people later (being shown Nati's pictures), the investigators found that she lived with a man named Juan between August of 1964 and some point of the fall of 1965. There isn't much information about Juan, except that he was a black man and had a large scar on his face. He apparently was a soldier, and was sent to serve at a navy base in Rota (some 480 km, or 300 mi, southwest of Madrid). Nati didn't follow him to Rota; instead, she remained in Madrid, surviving by making money 'out of the night'.

Sometimes known by the name of Tania, sometimes by the name of Luci... and yes, also known as Kerry. She also liked to change her hair color very often, sometimes up to three times a week. These questioned about Nati -including other prostitutes- stated that she often 'worked' at the bars and nightclubs near the USAF base in Torrejón de Ardoz (active from 1953 to 1992), targeting American soldiers looking to spend some of their money on local women. She seemed to have a preference for black American soldiers, as she was often seen with them. When she was not heading to a hotel room escorted by an African-American soldier, Nati catered to local patrons posing as an American woman. She was reportedly very good at feigning an American accent, and she had discovered she was better paid for her services because of that. As for her personal life, Nati claimed to be a lesbian that the only thing she wanted from men was their money, and many people recalled her being physical with women (paid or not). Nati had, however, a worrisome tendency to seek very young girls for her personal pleasure.

Her acquaintances also mentioned than Nati always looked 'off' or 'sleepy', like on drugs. Although when considering this point it's worth remembering that Nati was an alcoholic and frequent drug user, on top of suffering from serious mental illness. When she didn't look drugged Nati was seen either drinking, looking for patrons or just looking for a fight; she was a violent woman who made an extensive use of foul language and profanity.

As the whole story unraveled, the investigators bumped into a big 'a-ha' moment when they learned that Nati had married in 1966. The name of her husband?

Leonard Payne. American citizen. USAF Airman First Class, stationed at Torrejón de Ardoz Air Base.

And yes; he was African-American.
Nati and Leonard, around 1966

The marriage was blessed with two children later on. It was also blessed, more obscurely, with generous money transfers from the US. These transfers amounted an average of around $2,000 a month, which in 2020 is the equivalent to about $16,000, or some 14,000€. It's not clear what kind of family background Leonard had, but his monthly salary at USAF certainly wouldn't match such amounts of money. The origin and motive of these money transfers has never been clear. The couple had rented a very expensive flat to live in.
Nati, with one of the children she had with Leonard

In early 1968 Leonard, who has an avionics expert, was sent to Vietnam, leaving Nati alone in Madrid. At some point of that year Leonard went MIA in Vietnam, and soon presumed dead. Seems like not long after the news of Leonard's tragic demise were received the money stopped coming, and Nati's behavior became even more erratic and unpredictable. She was eventually arrested for drugging a teen girl and sexually abusing her, a crime for which she was sent to the Ventas Prison for Women. She spent eight months there.

During her time in prison she became an inmate most of the women there avoided; Nati was too volatile, too unpredictable (except for the fact that she'd resort to aggression sooner or later) and always trying to smuggle alcohol inside. In one occasion she and other two inmates ended up in the infirmary after a disastrous attempt to produce moonshine; their drink contained enough methanol to poison them. Nati and one of the two women survived. The other one died.

She was often getting into scuffles there, especially taking into account the nature of the crime she'd been sent there for. One night another inmate made fun of Nati's deceased African-American husband, using a pejorative racial slur. Nati reacted by walking up to that woman and smacking her with a heavy oil can so hard that the woman needed several stitches on her face.

After her release from prison in early 1969 Nati moved in with one of her friends -a former prostitute- and her boyfriend. It's not clear if this couple was taking care of Nati's children while she was in prison, or if the children were sent to the US to live with Leonard's family. Soon after Nati was kicked out of that residence, after she had been caught stealing from them; this friend's name was Lucía, and she was the owner of the golden medallion that would later be found between Neti's teeth. Apparently, Nati had found a job at a club, but she was fired soon after for being frequently caught drunk at work.

From this point up until her death six months later, Nati's movements become unclear. One night of late February a police patrol car found her lying unconscious and bloodied on the sidewalk at El Retiro Park. Someone had subjected her to a savage beating. The policemen drove Nati to a hospital and, after she received treatment, they tried to convince her to fill an assault report. However Nati -concussed and with her lips grotesquely swollen- refused to do so. She also claimed that she didn't know the person who had attacked her. The policemen didn't believe that, and suspected that she had been beaten up by a pimp or a patron.

According to other sex workers, Nati had spent the spring and summer of 1969 resuming her routine of trying to get black USAF soldiers to pay for her services. However, she had also expressed some concerns about her own safety, confiding to her friends that she felt 'followed'. She didn't seem to explain to them further about these feelings though.

Nati was seen alive for the last time at around 4:00 AM of August 12th, 1969. Whatever happened to her between that moment and the morning of the following day when the firefighter discovered her body was a complete mystery. By early 1970 the investigation had stalled and the case became cold. Ironically, it would take one particularly cold night about one year later to warm the case back into life...

Thugs and Knives

Madrid, Spain
Saturday, January 30th, 1971

7th Barbieri Street, early morning hours. The Piloto Bar was full of patrons, as it was habitual on weekend nights. Everyone was having a good time on that gelid winter night under the warm roof of the bar. Patrons drank, smoked cigarettes and chatted with their friends, probably about football. Others would bet rounds of beers among their friends over a game of table football. A barman in his 50's named Pedro Herraiz was the owner of the bar. That busy night the 32-years old waiter Álvaro Coque was working alongside with him, as well as another waiter, a kitchen porter and the cook.

It was a busy, but peaceful night until that guy and his friends walked into the bar.

His name was José Antonio Sánchez Gil, but everyone around knew him by the nickname 'Pepe el Guapo' ('Handsome Pepe'). His good looks and his success with women made his nickname self-explanatory. He was a tall, intimidating man who, along with his friends, regularly terrorized the neighborhood. The 29-years old Pepe was a ruthless pimp with many girls under his 'protection services'. He used that fearsome reputation to drink as much as he pleased at the local bars without paying a cent. Standing up to him would mean having Pepe and his friends doing a number to the bar, trashing the place and assaulting the staff.

Pepe ordered whiskey, as he always did. And he invited his friends to drink, as he always did. Everyone at the Piloto Bar knew that standing up to Pepe was a very bad idea. However, that night Pepe made a big mistake. It would be his last one. Apparently, Mr. Herraiz had stood behind the counter looking at Pepe as he drank, not hiding his animosity towards that thug. Then Pepe, probably feeling challenged, decided to cap the night off with the ultimate humiliation; he invited Herraiz to drink a glass of his best whiskey. A drink which, of course, Pepe had zero intentions to pay for.

The 'invitation' was met with a counter-offer from Herraiz; Pepe and his friends should leave the bar immediately and never come back. Herraiz had had enough, and that drink suggestion had been the straw that broke the camel's back. Pepe then grabbed an empty beer bottle from the counter and smashed it against Herraiz's forehead, dazzling him. Almost immediately Pepe jumped over the counter and started beating up Herraiz; his friends soon joined the beating, and the floored Herraiz was at the receiving end of a brutal barrage of kicks and stomps.

The Piloto's staff wasted no time; they all grabbed ham knives from the kitchen and rushed back out to help their boss. Pepe and his gang pulled out their switchblades and a violent knife fight ensued. It didn't seem that things would go well for the staff, as they were being outnumbered by the thugs. The cook suffered a severe stab wound in one of his buttocks. But the waiter Coque managed to catch Pepe off-guard (the criminal was distracted fighting someone else) and drove the long knife blade into his ribcage, slicing part of his heart. Pepe collapsed almost immediately.

Probably emboldened after seeing Pepe finally being at the wrong end of a knife blade, many of the patrons that night at the Piloto bar joined the fight too, siding with the staff. Pepe's gang was now overwhelmed with punches, beer bottles and even bar stools. Around this time several police officers reached the bar. All except for a couple of Pepe's friends managed to escape the beating and flee running down the street. These who couldn't had to be rescued by the police officers; the scuffle and the agitation were so intense that the officers had to use their batons to dissuade the patrons from continuing their attack on these thugs.

Herraiz, who had been badly beaten, was taken to hospital, and so was the cook because of his stab wound. Both men eventually made a full recovery. Pepe, on the other hand, was pronounced dead at hospital. His violent death surprised no one, and saddened no one either. In fact, locals joked around afterwards noticing the irony behind the fact that 'Handsome Pepe' had died, literally, from a broken heart. It seems that the man who put an end to his life, the waiter Álvaro Coque (a husband and a father of two kids who had no criminal record), faced minimal or no charges.

That night the police officers made some arrests. Obviously the thugs that didn't manage to escape were arrested, as well as the most aggressive patrons that had still some fight in them. But they also arrested a patron in particular, one who during the melee had been seen trying to not to get involved and leaving the scene discreetly.

His name was Gregorio Ávila Sotoca, more known locally as 'Goyo'. The reasons he had tried his best to avoid the fight had nothing to do with ethics or pacifism; Goyo was well known by Madrid's LE at the time. At 28, he was a mugger, thief, and a drug dealer. But he was known especially as a pimp. He had been the subject of a search and arrest warrant for the previous six months due to a string of robberies he was a suspect of, and had spent that time trying to keep a low profile to fly under LE's radar.
A picture of Gregorio Ávila Sotoca, alias 'Goyo'

Goyo was placed on a cell at the main police station -something he wasn't unfamiliar with. The police chief on command of Goyo's arrest that night was a man named Manuel Lista. Mr. Lista was a tall and big man who, in spite of his intimidating appearance, never used physical force against any detainee -back in the 1970's Spain police brutality was the norm rather than the exception, especially when the detainees were regular offenders like Goyo was. Instead, Lista preferred a slow and patient method of interrogation; without even raising his voice (looking almost fatherly, in fact) he would come up with the same questions over and over, staring into the offender's eyes. He would also question the detainees at early morning hours, waking them up several times a night.

That weekend Lista was reportedly trying to make Goyo confess to pimping women and robbery charges. However (according to him and his subordinates) something extremely unexpected happened.

Goyo finally broke down and said; "It's about that Tinaja Girl, right? Well, I killed her".

Why would Goyo supposedly admit that is not clear. Apparently, he blurted that out after Lista had asked him many times "to start talking", but no one at the station expected him to have anything to do with Nati. Goyo told them that the night of August 11th, 1969 he was very drunk and had met Nati at a café-bar. They drank some more there and then Goyo proposed Nati to go to his place, to which she refused. Then he drove her in his car -a red Renault 4L- to the abandoned house where Nati's dead body was later found. Goyo reportedly told Lista and his men that once there they 'couldn't reach and agreement and Nati started nagging and making fun of him'. This enraged Goyo, who described to Lista how he put both hands on Nati's throat and squeezed until she passed out. After that Goyo slapped her face, trying to wake her up, until he realized that Nati was dead. Finally, Goyo stripped her naked, took her money and her jewelry and hid her body inside the big tinaja.

Goyo also described how he was so full of anxiety when leaving that his car gazed the gate's frame, scratching the bodywork. By the morning he had stayed at one of his girl's apartment, and Goyo told her he was leaving later that day 'for a road trip'. He told her he was leaving to León (340 kilometers, or some 210 miles, northwest from Madrid) for a few days. However, Goyo moved into the apartment of another of the prostitutes he pimped. He later called the first girl and told her he was in León, although he hadn't left Madrid. He asked her if someone 'had asked about him lately'. Goyo returned from his 'trip' a few days after Nati's body was found.

An international affair?

With that unexpected confession Goyo thereby became the main suspect for the mysterious murder of Nati Romero, the Tinaja Girl.

When the word that Goyo had been arrested as a suspect for murder spread around, many girls mustered enough courage to speak up to LE about Goyo. It turned out that Goyo was a sadistic and violent pimp whose girls feared him enough to not to report even the most gruesome abuse. LE considered the girls' statements as very likely, as apparently they were quite consistent. In one particularly disturbing statement, Goyo had locked up one of the girls in his apartment and beat her up very badly. The girl managed to endure the beating, thinking that that would be all. But then Goyo had pulled out a pocketknife; this girl feared so much for her life that she jumped from the window (a 2nd floor) onto the street, and then hid under a car while a deranged Goyo screamed that he was going 'to rip her heart out' while looking for her. This girl had been found later that day by a police officer, who asked her who had attacked her. She insisted that a gang of teenage boys had jumped on her to take her money, never mentioning Goyo.

What is more; Goyo had a big collection of 'tools' at home (he called them 'his toys') that he would use to discipline the girls. According to the women who came forward after his arrest, Goyo would administer, in his own words, 'pain or pleasure, depending of what the girl in particular required'. The full nature of these tools is never specified, though. A total of 54 women had come forward to tell LE what kind of monster Goyo was.

Thanks to these reports, Lista and his team though they got a solid suspect in custody. It matched what they already knew about Goyo beforehand. He was often involved in street fights and had a reputation of being quick to pull out his knife when challenged or threatened. He was a very violent man, and the girls he extorted were absolutely terrified of him.

Goyo was brought to trial. And then, when everyone thought that he'd be facing a long time in prison for the murder of Nati Romero, the whole case fell apart.

First, Goyo denied ever having confessed killing Nati. He told the judge that he had been coerced into a confession and that he had been physically tortured.

This wouldn't have gone further if not for what the defense came up with. Goyo had stated many times (according to the questioning with Lista) that he had used both hands to strangle Nati. However, the forensic doctor that had performed the autopsy had noticed that it just couldn't have been that way; whoever strangled Nati did so using only his right hand; the killer had used his left hand to pin Nati's right arm to the ground, making her more defenseless. Also, whoever killed her had hands much bigger than Goyo's (who was an average sized man).

That wasn't all; Goyo said that after noticing that Nati had passed out he smacked her face several times trying to make her regain consciousness. But again, this didn't fit the forensic findings. Nati's facial injuries didn't suggest a few slaps in the face; they suggested a brutal beating, probably punched or knee'd several times in the face. Also, the facial injuries happened, in all likelihood, before being strangled, not after.

The scenario provided by the forensic doctor and his team didn't suggest a quick murder like the one described by Goyo's confession. Nati had put up a tremendous fight against her attacker, reason why the killer had to pin Nati's right arm to the ground. The high amount of defensive wounds found in her body supported this scenario. If she panicked when she was attacked, she certainly did not freeze in fear.

The confession is one of the darkest spots in this case. Manuel Lista was said to have never engaged in physical torture -which Goyo accused him of. However, his questioning methods could be considered psychological torture, at least nowadays. It's stated, though, that when Goyo was finally transferred from the station's cell to jail he had gone from 'dangerous hardened criminal' to a 'sobbing little boy' in the matter of a weekend.

Because of the lack of evidence and the forensic findings pointing at a different story, Goyo was declared non guilty of the murder of Natividad Romero. This didn't mean he walked free though; he was sentenced to five years in prison for his pending pimping and theft charges. Goyo's lawyer appealed to the Supreme Court about his sentence; the appeal was rejected.

Meanwhile, Nati's killer was still unidentified and likely at large. The Crime Brigade handed the case to the superintendent Antonio Viqueira. Viqueira (1916-1998) was a highly esteemed detective with an impressive resume; in 1958 he was behind the team that managed to catch the first official spree killers in Spain, José María Jarabo. He had also cracked several cult-related crime cases in the 1960's and 1970's, as well as apprehending a serial rapist who targeted prostitutes in the 1960's, using a clever strategy with the collaboration of the sex workers. Because of his brilliant career he was often invited for talks at Universities aimed at Crime Science students. Reportedly, he used to explain to these students that 'not only dead bodies talk; the objects found in the crime scene talk too'. And also that 'simplicity, along with logic, brings the truth to light'.

Viqueira put his method to work in the Tinaja Girl case. Following his own experience, he paid attention to the objects found at the crime scene. Let's remember a particularly unusual item found near the tinaja were Nati ended up in; the matchbox.

This matchbox was traced to a nightclub in Raleigh, North Carolina, in the United States. There was no way to buy it in Spanish territory, and locals would buy matches from Spanish companies. USAF airmen didn't frequent the abandoned house Nati was found at, making extremely unlikely that the matchbox had been there before Nati's murder. There were just two likely scenarios; a) Given her involvement with USAF African-American airmen -let's remember she had married one-, the matchbox belonged to Nati and b) it belonged to the killer.

The Torrejón de Ardoz Air Base became the target of Viqueira's attention. He believed that the killer had ties to there. More so because according to the girl whose flat Goyo had hidden at, one time she casually discussed the Tinaja Girl case with him (whose investigation was often making headlines then) and Goyo had expressed; 'I think the Yanks did it, but don't go around talking about it'.

In fact, Viqueira's inquires eventually led him to an USAF airman. He was known for patronizing prostitutes, was a physically large man... and he was also African-American. It seems that Viqueira managed to gather a significant amount of evidence against him, but the airman was never prosecuted. Some have speculated that neither American nor Spanish authorities wanted the case to move forward.

A few words about US-Spain relations at the time. In December of 1959 Dwight Eisenhower became the first American president to make an official visit to Spain -some ten years earlier Truman had expressed his hatred towards the Francoist Regime, vowing to never visit Spain for as long as Franco ruled the country. Spain wouldn't receive the visit of another US president until October of 1970, when Richard Nixon met with Francisco Franco and the Monarchy at the Moncloa Palace. John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson had avoided visiting Spain while they were in office; both were vocal about their opposition to the Francoist dictatorship. US-Spain international relationship was not at its best during that time, and it started to improve slowly with Nixon. There had been recently another incident that had created a conflict between both countries, creating a sense of distrust among Spaniards towards Americans; the 1966 Palomares incident, whose social consequences had an impact even up to 1986, year in which a public referendum was held in Spain about remaining in NATO -Spain had joined in 1982, but not without a significant opposition from a good percentage of the Spanish people.

By early 1970's both countries had improved their diplomatic relationship significantly, a trend that would later continue with Gerald Ford (who visited Spain in May of 1975, six months before Franco's death). Because of this, some believed that the Tinaja Girl case couldn't move forward. However, this was not the first case Viqueira had to accuse an American citizen of a serious crime; in August of 1960 an American woman named Mildred A. H. had rushed her 22-month old daughter Marcella H. to the Torrenjón de Ardoz Hospital with severe head injuries. She said that the little girl had fallen from her bed. Unfortunately, Marcella succumbed to her injuries that night. An investigation led by Viqueira ended up proving that Marcella's injuries had been caused after she had sustained a beating at the hands of her own father, Allen W. H., USAF sergeant stationed at Torrejón de Ardoz Air Base. Both husband and wife were arrested for the murder of the little Marcella; Allen as the culprit and Mildred as accomplice. Allen W. H. faced a court martial and was sentenced to prison. He ended up at the Leavenworth Penitentiary, in Kansas, where his sentence included penal labor. Apparently, the day after he murdered his daughter Allen had showed up to work, and his coworkers didn't notice anything odd or amiss; he looked absolutely calm and collected.


Whatever the true reason may have been, the African-American airman was never arrested. It could have been because the evidence gathered by Viqueira was not enough to warrant an arrest, but there's not much information about this.

Gregorio 'Goyo' Ávila Sotoca has been the only person to ever face trial for the murder of Natividad 'Nati' Romero Rodríguez. Besides the African-American airman, no other suspect has come up in subsequent investigations.

Once all the forensic work was done, Nati was buried on August 25th, 1969 at her hometown of Siles. While her family was very saddened about her early dead, they said that they were not surprised; Nati had been a very difficult person since a very young age, and was a matter of time before she would end up dead. She lived very fast, and died very young.
Another picture of Nati

Goyo Ávila Sotoca passed away in September of 1998. He was 55-years old.

The case remained cold until it expired in August 13th, 1989 due to statute of limitations. The investigation was abandoned more than 30 years ago.

Some sources (Spanish)

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PowerUp Electric (Fat Tire) Hardtail - Similar to the Electric City Commuter, but a 500W motor. The difference in the fat tire option isn't much, so that would have to be a different debate for a later date. Would handle the hills a bit better, but closer to the Core5 price. $1050 for 500W

Aventon Pace 350 - One of my lesser choices, since its only 350W while at the pricepoint closer to the 500Ws mentioned above. Also, it isn't listed as reaching the speeds or the range of the others listed above. $1099 for 350W

RadPowerBikes - While this is slightly above the price point of the above bikes, it has many advantages. 750W motor would definitely be able to deal with my everyday hills, while also providing a push in case I don't really feel like pedaling too much and just want to get out of the house. The higher capacity battery would also allow me to explore more. Being one of the bigger brands, it also helps that their support would possibly be more accessible if any problems arrive. It has the slight downside that it doesn't look how I would want it to, instead offering more cargo space (I'm not sure I would use it that much). $1199 for 750W

Any help deciding on which bike to pick would be helpful. Other than that RadPower has some good support, I know almost nothing of the other brands, and any insight to see what people think of them would be very helpful. Other brands that I looked at were: Raleigh, Juiced, Pedego, Luna; but they were all too expensive for what I can afford rn.

Thank you for reading, here's a cheering vampire for your efforts and help!
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2020.05.19 02:27 dannyboy111zz Plz help me identify this bike. No date might be a Raleigh, only stamped number A53398 under frame. 4 speed sturmey archer. Saddle and front wheel not original. Thanks.

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2020.05.04 01:38 EleventhTry [EVENT] A Digital Future

Federal Communications Commission

445 12th Street SW, Washington, D.C.
Although the United States is home to several, if not most of the world's largest information corporations and Americans being one of the most avid users in the world of the internet, we lack behind severely among other OCED nations in several sectors. Notably, millions of Americans lack access to high-speed internet, and in some places, internet at all. As the arrival of globalization and the dominance of the information-age unravels, there is an ever increasing need for Americans to be online. A report by the Federal Communications Commission in 2022 shows that roughly 92.8% of all Americans are connected to the internet, although there are several million in this number who do not have access to high-speed internet. Although having updated the definition of broadband in 2015, the Federal Communications Commission has again called for a review of this definition among other existing policies on the books. New Chairman Jessica Rosenworcel to many is a breath of fresh air to several critics of the FCC, as well as to economic analysts, information companies, and middle-class Americans. However, her bold stances do render her as a threat to many internet providers not seeking the best interests of Americans.


  Bringing to the city of Seattle a limited 5G commercial network was CenturyLink which had started plans for an implementation of this in 2018. Although, only about 1/3rd of the city is covered by the network, with CenturyLink promising to get the rest of the city covered by the end of 2024. The success of this large leap has showed the possibility of spreading further 5G networks into larger American cities, but that will have to wait for the future. Although, CenturyLink is not alone in the pursuit of 5G networks, as AT&T, Verizon, and Frontier Communications have promised the arrival of a 5G network in the city's with their HQ. All 4 companies have announced plans towards implementing national 5G coverage by 2036 with 3/5ths of the United States to be fully covered with 5G access by 2030.


  Although hopes were cut for many when Google announced it would no longer expand Google Fibre, this has been recently reversed. CEO of Google Inc. Sundar Pichai announced after the arrival of the 5G network in Seattle that this would be reversed, as Google put out invitations across the country to several metropolitan areas to deploy the fiber. Google has begun deployment of cable in these cities, which will fully connect their respective metropolitan areas by 2026.
  • Dallas-Fort Worth, TX
  • San Jose, CA
  • Palo Alto, CA
  • San Antonio, TX
  • San Diego, CA
  • Seattle, WA
  • Portland, OR
  • Houston, TX
  • Boston, MA
  • Nashville, TN
  • Atlanta, GA
  • Las Vegas, NV
  • Waco, TX
  • Toledo, OH
  • Washington, District of Columbia + New Columbia
  • Raleigh, NC
  • Lincoln, NE
  • Miami, FL
  • Des Moines, IA
  • Tallahassee, FL
This massive expansion will launch Google into being a much larger Internet Service Provider across the United States. Similarly, AT&T has announced their intentions to make further strides in the deployment of cable, planning to lay around 1,440 cumulative miles of fiber in the states of Iowa, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, Ohio, Arkansas, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. This ambitious plan to bring cable has been funded by both AT&T and the cities that it will run through and connect. Existing plans to complete this put 2029 as the end date. Helping to combat the costs, all 12 of the recently mentioned states will be issuing grants for the deployment of the fiber cable, at a total cost of $19 billion. This is to be received from newly imposed state taxes on sodas and alcohol, and a newly leveraged nation-wide federal tax rate for cigarettes to be listed:
  • Helping to fund this package, the federal tax rate for cigarettes will be raised from $1.01 per pack to $1.42 per pack.
  • Tennessee will raise its tax on beer from $1.17 per gallon to $1.32 per gallon.
  • West Virginia and Ohio will raise its tax on beer from $0.18 per gallon to $0.74 per gallon
  • Wisconsin and Missouri will raise its tax on beer from $0.06 per gallon to $0.64 per gallon.
  • Michigan will raise its tax on beer from $0.20 per gallon to $0.85 per gallon.
  • Indiana will raise its tax on beer from $0.12 per gallon to $0.68 per gallon. State-wide institution of a one-cent-per-ounce soda tax.
  • Pennsylvania will raise its tax on beer from $0.08 per gallon to $0.72 per gallon.
  • Arkansas will raise its tax on beer from $0.34 per gallon to $.0.99 per gallon. State-wide institution of a one-cent-per-ounce soda tax.
  • Illinois will raise its tax on beer from $0.23 per gallon to $0.89 per gallon. State-wide institution of a one-cent-per-ounce soda tax.
  • Kentucky will raise its tax on beer from $0.78 per gallon to $1.24 per gallon. State-wide institution of a one-cent-per-ounce soda tax.
  • Ohio will raise its tax on beer from $0.18 per gallon to $0.68 per gallon. State-wide institution of a one-cent-per-ounce soda tax.
  • Iowa will raise its tax on beer from $0.19 per gallon to $0.70 per gallon. State-wide institution of a one-cent-per-ounce soda tax.
[M] Going off of this%20(2).png)


Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission Jessica Rosenworcel publicly announced changes to existing guidelines following a 2021 Broadband Progress Report. These changes will move existing required download speeds for classification as broadband from downloads speeds of 25 Mbps and upload speeds of 3 Mbps to download speeds of 40 Mbps and upload speeds to 5 Mbps. Rules regarding net neutrality will be congressionally set to as they were in the Open Internet Order back in 2010 following an act proposed by Representative Kennedy III, (D-MA)
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2020.04.15 03:13 dc_gay_man April 9 2020: Executive Order No. 131 Sets Policies for Retail Stores, Enforces Mandatory Rules at Nursing Homes and Expedites Issuing Unemployment Benefits (Roy Cooper: No Commitment to Change Amount of State-Level Unemployment Benefit: $350/week for 13-weeks)

Governor Roy Cooper took action to the address the spread of COVID-19 by issuing stronger social distancing requirements and speeding up the process to get benefits to people out of work through Executive Order No. 131.
Three key areas are addressed in Executive Order 131. The first requires retail stores that are still operating to implement new social distancing policies to make shopping safer for customers and employees. The second makes earlier COVID-19 guidelines mandatory for nursing facilities, and recommends other long-term care facilities to do the same. The third area is unemployment benefits, issuing changes that will speed up certain benefit payments to those who are out of work.
“North Carolina continues to take strong action to slow the spread of COVID-19, and today’s Order will help make stores safer, protect those living and working in nursing homes, and get more unemployment benefits out quicker. Our state is resilient, and we will get through this crisis together if we all do our part,” said Governor Cooper.
This Order offers clear requirements that essential businesses must implement in order to safeguard the health of customers and employees. Some of the directives include:
Setting limits of how many people can be in a store at one time, 5 people per 1,000 square feet of retail space or 20% of fire marshal posted occupancy limits
Marking 6 feet of distance for areas where people gather like checkout lines
Requiring specific cleaning measures for retail stores The Order encourages:
Implementing hygiene recommendations for employees and customers, like hand sanitizer at the doors and face coverings for workers
Establishing designated shopping times designated for high-risk groups
Creating barriers between customers and employees at checkout to lower the risk of required interactions
Creating barriers between customers and employees at checkout to lower the risk of required interactions
The Order states these requirements will last for thirty days unless extended by further executive action.
The Order sets public health and safety requirements for nursing homes during the public health emergency. The Order encourages other long-term care facilities to follow the same guidance. Some of the directives include:
Canceling communal activities, including group meals Taking the temperature of employees and essential personnel when they enter the facility
Requiring specific personal protective equipment in the facility Requiring close monitoring of residents for COVID-19 health indicators like body temperature
The Order states these requirements will last until this order is repealed.
The Order makes it easier for employers to file a batch of claims, called an attached claim, on behalf of their employees. By temporarily eliminating some of the hurdles for employers, benefits can get in the hands of those who need them faster.
The Order will extend 60 days beyond the date the state of emergency is lifted to allow employers to get back on their feet.
Additionally, the Division of Employment Services issued information on timing of federal benefits reaching North Carolinians today.
Frequently Asked Questions for Executive Order No. 131
April 9, 2020
This Frequently Asked Questions (“FAQ”) document provides guidance for the implementation of Executive Order No. 131 (“Order”). On Thursday, April 9, 2020, Governor Roy Cooper issued an Executive Order that provides new required and recommended policies for retail establishments, addresses COVID-19 mitigation measures for long-term care facilities, and expedites the processing of unemployment insurance claims by expanding availability of the attached claims process.
This information is subject to change in light of new CDC guidance and additional Executive Orders or local government declarations.
Required and Recommended Policies for Retail Establishments
Which retail businesses are covered by this Executive Order? This Executive Order (“the Order”) applies to any business in which customers enter to purchase goods or services, including, but not limited to, grocery stores, big box retail stores, pharmacies, ABC stores, banks, hardware stores, and vehicle dealerships. The Order does not apply to outdoor farmers markets. Retail businesses that have been closed by previous Executive Orders or by orders of their local governments are not permitted to reopen.
What is the occupancy limit imposed on retail establishments by the Order? The Order limits retail establishments to no more than 20 percent of the business’s stated fire capacity, counting customers but not employees, or five customers for every one thousand square feet of the retail location’s total square footage. Retail locations may choose which of the two calculations on which they base their maximum occupancy. For the square footage calculation, it includes the full footprint of the interior building, and all retail- and non-retail space.
What other requirements does the Order place on retail establishments? The Order requires retail establishments to clearly mark six feet of spacing in lines at cash registers and in other high-volume areas to ensure proper social distancing. It also requires businesses to perform frequent and routine cleaning of high-touch areas.
What recommendations does the Order make for retail establishments? The Order recommends that all open retail establishments: • Supply and encourage the use of cloth face coverings for employees if it is not possible to stay at least 6 feet apart, and provide education for employees on the use of cloth face coverings. • Place hand sanitizer at entry and exit points, and to have wipes or sprays available to sanitize carts and baskets, and have their employees wash their hands or use hand sanitizer between each customer interaction; • Designate exclusive shopping times for seniors and other high-risk groups; • Post signs to remind customers and employees about social distancing; and • Establish systems for online, email or phone ordering, no-contact curbside or drivethrough pickup or home delivery, and contact-free checkout.
The Order also recommends that high-volume retail establishments use shields at cash registers, clearly mark designated entry and exit points, and provide store routing guidance.
Who will enforce the Order? The Governor expects retail establishments will comply with the Order to ensure the safety of their employees and customers and believes that most of them will. If necessary, the Order will be enforced by local law enforcement.
Does this executive order preempt similar orders put in place by local jurisdictions? Where local emergency prohibitions or restrictions directly contradict the Order in regard to maximum occupancy requirements, social distancing markings, and cleaning and disinfection, the Executive Order amends any prohibitions or restrictions imposed by local emergency declarations by amending any language that directly conflicts with this Section (Section 1, A-C) of the Executive Order. For these three areas specifically, the Order creates a statewide standard for retail establishments. Local emergency prohibitions or restrictions that regulate other aspects of retail establishments are not affected by this Order.
Long Term Care Risk Mitigation Measures
At what point can a sick staff person come back to work? Long-term care facilities must remind staff to stay home while they are sick. Employees should follow CDC guidelines on returning to work, including: having no fever for three full days without the use medicine that reduces fevers; other symptoms that have improved; and at least 7 days having passed since symptoms first appeared. The CDC guidelines can be found at https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/hcp/return-to-work.html.
Raleigh, N.C.
The Division of Employment Security is moving quickly to bring additional unemployment insurance benefits to North Carolinians impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. DES has received official guidance from the U.S. Department of Labor on how to implement the three federal unemployment programs included in the CARES Act.
DES is working as quickly as possible to modify its technology systems to make sure people can apply for these benefits and receive timely, accurate payments. Individuals due any benefits prior to the full implementation of these programs will be paid retroactively.
DES intends to implement the federal programs in this order:
  1. Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC). This program provides an additional $600 in weekly unemployment insurance benefits to eligible claimants. DES is currently testing the payment system and anticipates making the first payments by April 17, 2020.
  2. Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA). This program provides unemployment compensation for individuals not eligible for regular unemployment insurance, such as independent contractors and self-employed workers, and those who have exhausted any extensions to unemployment insurance. DES estimates online filing system will be ready to accept claims for this assistance program around April 25, 2020.
  3. Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC). This program provides up to 13 additional weeks of benefits for those who have exhausted their state unemployment benefits. As a timeline for this program is available, DES will update the public on when online claims will be accepted.
Updates about eligibility and how to apply for these benefits will be provided on des.nc.gov.
Since March 16, 2020, the Division of Employment Security has received nearly 500,000 claims for unemployment benefits, with most of them related to COVID-19. Prior to March 16, 2020, DES received approximately 3,000 claims a week.
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2020.03.19 14:03 articlesarestupid Got safelight ticket

hi yall,
My mom got a ticket from Safelight, and after searching this sub a bit, its apparently unenforceable? I dont recalk her running over red light recently Could someone give me details about this? I didn't get it yet but only found out through USPS notification. Will updat!
UPDATE: I got the mail from my mailbox, and it looks like this happened more than 3 weeks ago. I will write them verbatim.
Location: McDowell @ Morgan NB
On Feb/28/2020 8:08AM your vehicle license plate XXXXXXX NC was photographed (images shown below) driving though(yes, I think it should be"through" but obviously they can't spell) an intersection in which the traffic signal was red, inviolation of Raleigh City Code, Section 11-2135. at the time of violation, your vehicle was driving at 28MPH. No points will be assessed against your driving record or insurance as a result of this violation. See the violation data below the plate image for more information on this violation.
If payment in full is not received by the due date listed above, a late penalty of $50.00 will be added to the total amount due.
Lane:2. Vehicle speed: 28; Delay: 0.3, Interval: 0.96; photo 1, red seconds: 0.98; photo 2, red seconds 1.94; photo 1 yellow seconds 3.93; photo 2 yellow seconds 3.83.
I looked at the video, and it looks like she didn't stop because it was a yellow light when she was too close to the traffic light.
So, is there anyway to contest it?
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2020.03.11 18:49 TheWCAOfficial WCA Competition Announcement Thread for Weeks 9 and 10 of 2020

Hi /cubers!
Here is the list of competitions announced since Wednesday 2020-02-26. For more information please visit the corresponding websites :)
Disclaimer: continents correspond to the WCA interpretation. The full list can be found here.
(Dates are year-month-day)


Country City Name Start Date End Date Website
Kazakhstan Semey KSF Club Semey 2020 2020-04-04 2020-04-05 Link
Malaysia Selangor Selangor Ace Cube 2020 2020-04-18 2020-04-19 Link
Philippines Bacolod City Bacolod Cubing Fest 2020 2020-04-24 2020-04-26 Link
Philippines Consolacion, Cebu Visayas Championship 2020 2020-04-18 2020-04-19 Link


Country City Name Start Date End Date Website
Azerbaijan Baku ACA 5th Anniversary 2020 2020-04-11 2020-04-12 Link
Belarus Barysaw Barysaw Owl's Cup 2020 2020-03-28 2020-03-29 Link
Bosnia and Herzegovina Banja Luka Banja Luka Open 2020 2020-04-25 2020-04-26 Link
Denmark Hvidovre Hvidovre Special 2020 2020-06-13 2020-06-13 Link
Germany Lampertheim Hessen Open 2020 2020-05-23 2020-05-24 Link
Germany Unterhaching Munich Spring 2020 2020-05-16 2020-05-17 Link
Netherlands Hoogland Hoogland Open 2020 2020-04-25 2020-04-26 Link
Poland Poznań Project Poznań 2020 2020-04-04 2020-04-04 Link
Romania Cluj-Napoca Romanian Cubing Open 2020 2020-04-04 2020-04-05 Link
Russia Syktyvkar, Komi Republic Syktyvkar Open 2020 2020-05-02 2020-05-03 Link
Russia Ulyanovsk Ulyanovsk Open 2020 2020-03-28 2020-03-29 Link
Slovenia Maribor Slovenian Nationals 2020 2020-05-16 2020-05-17 Link
Spain Les Franqueses del Vallès, Barcelona Les Franqueses Open 2020 2020-04-18 2020-04-19 Link
Sweden Frostkåge Frostcube Skellefteå 2020 2020-04-04 2020-04-05 Link
Ukraine Kharkiv Kharkiv Open 2020 2020-04-04 2020-04-05 Link
Ukraine Lviv Lviv Spring Days 2020 2020-04-04 2020-04-05 Link

North America

Country City Name Start Date End Date Website
Canada Pickering, Ontario Please Be Quiet Pickering Spring 2020 2020-05-02 2020-05-02 Link
Canada Vancouver, British Columbia Please Be Solved Vancouver 2020 2020-05-09 2020-05-10 Link
Guatemala Guatemala City Ixchel 2020 2020-03-28 2020-03-28 Link
Mexico Texcoco Chapingo Open 2020 2020-04-10 2020-04-12 Link
United States Allen, Texas Texas Cubing Summer Dallas 2020 2020-07-04 2020-07-05 Link
United States Allen, Texas Allen Eagle Cubing 2020 2020-04-11 2020-04-11 Link
United States Cambridge, Massachusetts Central Square Spring 2020 2020-03-28 2020-03-28 Link
United States Carlisle, Pennsylvania Clash at Carlisle Spring 2020 2020-06-06 2020-06-06 Link
United States Cleburne, Texas Texas Cubing Summer Fort Worth 2020 2020-07-11 2020-07-12 Link
United States Divide, Colorado Subalpine Cube Fest 2020 2020-06-06 2020-06-06 Link
United States Elmsford, New York Westchester Open 2020 2020-07-11 2020-07-11 Link
United States Fargo, North Dakota Fargo Spring 2020 2020-05-02 2020-05-02 Link
United States Fort Wayne, Indiana Indiana 2020 2020-06-12 2020-06-14 Link
United States Georgetown, Texas Texas Cubing Summer Austin 2020 2020-06-13 2020-06-14 Link
United States Hershey, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Championship 2020 2020-08-21 2020-08-22 Link
United States Los Angeles, California A Bruin Cube Day 2020 2020-04-05 2020-04-05 Link
United States Morgantown, West Virginia Mountaineer Open Spring 2020 2020-04-18 2020-04-18 Link
United States Norwalk, Connecticut CCFC Spring 2020 2020-06-06 2020-06-06 Link
United States Raleigh, North Carolina North Carolina Championship 2020 2020-09-26 2020-09-27 Link
United States Reno, Nevada Reno Spring 2020 2020-04-11 2020-04-11 Link
United States South St. Paul, Minnesota Minnesota Qualifier 2020 2020-04-04 2020-04-05 Link
United States Waco, Texas Texas Cubing Summer Waco 2020 2020-06-20 2020-06-21 Link
United States Yakima, Washington Yakima Spring 2020 2020-05-30 2020-05-30 Link


Country City Name Start Date End Date Website
Australia Adelaide, South Australia Adelaide Winter 2020 2020-07-11 2020-07-12 Link
Australia Ballarat, Victoria Brilliant Ballarat 2020 2020-07-04 2020-07-05 Link
Australia Brisbane, Queensland Please Be Quiet Brisbane 2020 2020-04-18 2020-04-18 Link
Australia Canberra, Australian Capital Territory Canberra Classic 2020 2020-04-18 2020-04-19 Link
Australia Hobart, Tasmania Hobart Open 2020 2020-05-09 2020-05-10 Link

South America

Country City Name Start Date End Date Website
Argentina Puerto Madryn, Chubut Madryn al Cubo 2020 2020-07-18 2020-07-19 Link
Bolivia Oruro Oruro Cubea 2020 2020-04-05 2020-04-05 Link
Brazil Brasília, Distrito Federal Brasília Open 2020 2020-04-25 2020-04-26 Link
Brazil Porto Velho, Rondônia SESI Rondônia Open 2020 2020-05-09 2020-05-09 Link
Colombia Sabaneta, Antioquia SpeedCubing Aves María V2 2020 2020-04-18 2020-04-19 Link
Colombia Tunja, Boyacá Open Tunja 2020 2020-04-05 2020-04-05 Link
Peru Lima Activa Club Lima 2020 2020-04-04 2020-04-05 Link
Peru Pucallpa Pucallpa Cubea 2020 2020-04-04 2020-04-04 Link
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2020.02.11 23:41 sto_sa The list so far for RSD 2020 (an ongoing project...)

List Updated to include RSD UK titles as confirmed in Long Live Vinyl Magazine.
These titles may not necessarily all be included on the US list, and further US-exclusive titles will be announced.
The 3 Pieces - Iwishcan William - 12” (Rogue Cat)
Ace of Base - The Sign - 7” picture disc (IK7 Records)
Acid Mothers Temple - Nam Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo E - 2LP (Space Age Recordings)
Namja Akhtar - Five Rivers - 12” (Last Minute Productions)
The Alarm - Electric Folklore Live ‘88 - 2LP (21st Century Recordings)
Lee Alfred - Rockin’/Poppin’ Full Tilting - 7” (Cancer Records)
Alessandro Alessandroni - Ritmo dell’industria n. 2 - LP (BTF)
Alpha & Omega Meets the Disciples - Sacred Art of Dub, Vol. 1 - LP (Mania Dub)
Alphaville - Sounds Like a Melody - 12” (Warner Music Germany)
The Amorphous Androgynous - A Monster Psychedelic Bubble - LP (FSOL Digital)
Andy & The Odd Socks - Happy Birthday/Remember You’re An Odd Sock - 7” picture disc (CMG)
Annihilator - Triple Threat Unplugged - 12” (Neverland Music Inc.)
Archers of Loaf - Raleigh Days/Street Fighting Man - 7” (Merge Records)
Louis Armstrong - Armstrong in France LP (Dot Time Records)
Art Brut - Modern Art - 7” (Alcopop!)
Ed Askew ft. Trembling Bells - London - 12” (Tin Angel Records)
Asking Alexandria - Stand Up and Scream - LP (Sumerian Records)
B-Fax - B-Fax - LP (Disco-Ordination)
Badflower - The Jester Acoustic - 12” (Big Machine UK)
Chet Baker Trio - Mr. B - LP (Tidal Waves Music)
The Bamboos - Twenty Years 2000-2020 - 2x7” (Tru Thoughts)
Band of Pain - A Clockwork Orange - 12” (Dirter Promotions)
Bardo Pond - On the Ellipse - 2LP (Fire Records)
Robbie Basho - Selections from The Sounds of Avatars - LP (Tompkins Square)
Bastille - All This Blood - 2LP (Virgin EMI)
Batmobile - Big Bat A Go-Go - 7” (Music on Vinyl)
Jessie Baylin - Pleasure Center - 12” EP black and white marbled (New West Records)
Beck/St. Vincent - No Distraction/Uneventful Days - 7” (Capitol)
Gerry Beckley - Discovering America - 10” (Morgan Blue Town)
The Bevis Frond - Valedictory Songs - 2LP (Fire Records)
The Bevis Frond - What Did For the Dinosaurs - 2LP (Fire Records)
Joan Bibiloni - Selected Works: 1982-1989 - 12” (NuNorthern Soul)
Biffy Clyro - The Modern LepeModern Love - 7” (Warner)
Black Honey - Corrine - 12” (Black Honey)
The Black Keys - Let’s Rock - 2LP (Nonesuch/Warner)
Black Lips ft. Kesha - They’s a Person of the World - 7” (Fire Records)
Black Sabbath - Evil Woman, Don't Play Your Games with Me / Wicked World / Paranoid / The Wizard 2x7” (WarneBMG)
Tim Blake - Crystal Machine (blue vinyl) (LMLCulture Factory)
Blanck Mass - Blanck Mass - 2LP (Sacred Bones)
BMX Bandits - C86 - LP (Glass Modern)
Marc Bolan & T. Rex - Shadowhead: 1972-1976 - LP (Demon)
Bombs of Hades - Phantom Bell (2LP) (red vinyl, etched side) (Black Lodge)
David Bowie - ChangesNowBowie (LP or CD) (Warner)
David Bowie - I’m Only Dancing (Soul Tour 74) - 2LP or 2CD (Warner)
Boys Next Door - Door, Door: 40th Anniversary (red vinyl) (Rhino Australia)
Broken Bones - Dem Bones - LP (Fall Out/Jungle)
Peter Bruntnell - Normal For Bridgwater
Jake Bugg - Saviours of the City - 7” (RCA)
Sam Burton - Nothing Touches Me - 7” (Tomkins Square)
Canned Heat & John Lee Hooker - Hooker 'n Heat (yellow/brown vinyl) (LMLR)
Caribou - Swim: 10th Anniversary Edition - 2LP (City Slang)
Brandi Carlile - Black Hole Sun/Searching With My Good Eye Closed - 12” (Elektra)
Frank Carter & the Rattlesnakes - End of Suffering Live to Vinyl - 10” (International Death Cult)
Ron Carter - Foursight Stockholm - 2LP (IN+OUT Records)
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - 1992: The Love Album - LP (Chrysalis)
Neal Casal - Fade Away Diamond Time - 2LP (Not Fade Away)
Johnny Cash - Classic Cash: Early Mixes [early mix of 1988 album] - 2LP (Mercury/UMe)
Michael Chapman - Americana - LP (Mooncrest)
The Charlatans - The Charlatans UK vs. The Chemical Brothers - LP (Beggars Banquet)
The Charlatans - Live It Like You Love It - 2LP (UMC/Island)
Charli XCX - Vroom Vroom - 12” color (Atlantic)
Cheap Trick - Out To Get You [live 1977] - 2LP (Legacy/CMG)
The Chemical Brothers - Surrender to Love - 12” (Virgin EMI)
Don Cherry - Cherry Jam - 10” (Gearbox)
Cherry Ghost - Beneath This Burning Shoreline - 12” (Heavenly Recordings)
Cherry Ghost - Live at the Trades Club - 12” (Heavenly Recordings)
Christine and the Queens - La Vita Nuova: Sequences 2 et 3 - 7” gatefold (Because Music)
Chromeo - Needy Girl: Zdar Dub / Paper Faces Remix /Album Version // Lifelike Remix / Bloc Party Remix / Instrumental (eOne Music)
The Church - Gold Afternoon Fix (gold vinyl) (Real Gone Music)
Gary Clark, Jr ft. Andra Day - Pearl Cadillac - 12”/etching (Warner)
The Claude Diallo Situation - I Found A New Home - LP (Dot Time Records)
Clearlight Symphony - Clear Light Symphony (pink vinyl) (LMLCulture Factory)
Clutch - The Obelisk - 17LP box w/mat and signed litho (Weathermakers)
MJ Cole - Madrugada Remixes - 12” (Classics & Jazz UK)
Shirley Collins and Davy Graham - Folk Roots, New Routes - LP (Universal/Decca)
Michel Colombier - Capot Pointu - LP (PlayTime)
The Comet Is Coming - Imminent - 12” (Decca)
Charly Coombes - All in the End Is Harvest - LP (Finyl Vinyl)
Alice Cooper - Live at the Apollo Theatre, Glasgow, 19-02-82 (Rhino/Warner)
Ivan Conti - Poison Fruit (LP+7”) (green vinyl) (Far Out Recordings) (UK)
Corporation of One - So Where Are You/The Real Life - 12” (Smokin’)
Nev Cottee - Stations - LP (Wonderful Sound)
Cradle - The History - LP (Modern Harmonic)
Mikal Cronin - Switched-On Seeker - LP (Merge)
Keith Cross and Peter Ross - Bored Civilians (Universal/Decca)
The Cure - Bloodflowers: 20th Anniversary - 2LP (UMe/Polydor)
The Cure - Seventeen Seconds: 40th Anniversary - LP picture disc (UMe/Polydor)
Denzel Curry - Bulls on Parade/I Against - 7” (Loma Vista)
Cybotron - Colossus - LP (Dual Planet)
Czarface - Czarface & The Return of Metal Face - LP (Silver Age)
Holgr Czukay, Jaki Liebzeit, Jah Wobble - A Full Circle - 2x10” (Gronland)
D-Mob - We Call It Acieeed Remixes - 12” (London Records)
Etienne Daho - Surf - 12” (Warner Music France)
Dalvanius and The Fascinations/Golden Harvest - Voodoo Lady/I Need Your Love - 7” (Warm)
Damaged Bug - Bug On Yonkers - LP (Castle Face)
The Damned - Fiendish Shadows: 40th Anniversary - LP color vinyl (Cleopatra)
Dave Davies - Rock Bottom: Live at The Bottom Line - 2LP (Green Amp/Red River)
Miles Davis - Double Image: Directions in Music (Selections from The Complete Bitches Brew Sessions) - 2LP (CMG/Legacy)
Divina De Campo - Decoded - 12” (PEG Records)
Def Leppard ft. Brian May and Ian Hunter - Rock ‘N Roll Hall of Fame - LP (UMe/Virgin EMI)
Mac DeMarco - Other Here Comes The Cowboy Demos - LP purple (Macs Record Label)
Devil's Witches - Guns, Drugs, and Filthy Pictures 10" (Majestic Mountain)
Destiny’s Child - Say My Name - 12” picture disc (CMG/Legacy)
The Detroit Cobras - Feel Good/etching - 7” (Wild Honey)
The Dickies - Banana Splits: The Tra La La Song 7" (Cleopatra)
Dinosaur Jr. - Swedish Fist: Live in Stockholm - LP (Cherry Red)
Dio - Annica - 12” picture disc (BMG/Niji Entertainment)
Dissection - Somberlain (2LP) (blue vinyl, etched side) (Black Lodge)
DJ Cam Quartet - The Essential - LP (Attytude Records)
Doctors of Madness - Dark Times - LP (Molecular Scream)
The Doors - The Soft Parade: Doors-Only Mix - LP (Rhino/Elektra)
Down N Outz - The Music Box - 12” (UMe)
Dr. John - Remedies - LP color vinyl (Get On Down)
Barry Dransfield - Barry Dransfield - LP (Glass Modern)
The Durutti Column - Idiot Savants (white vinyl) (180gr) (Demon)
The Durutti Column - Vini Reilly/WomadLive - 2LP + 7” (Factory Benelux)
Steve Earle - Times Like These/It’s About Blood - 7” (New West Records)
Clint Eastwood & General Saint - Stop That Train - 7” glow -in-the-dark (Greensleeves)
Luiz Eca y Familia Sagrada - La nueva onda del Brasil - LP (Vinilissimo)
Eddie & The Hot Rods - Get Your Rocks Off (2LP) (Jungle/Skydog)
Terry Edwards - Stop Trying to Sell Me Back My Past - 2LP (Sartorial Records)
Embryo - Embryos Rache - LP color vinyl (Loneos)
Embryo - Opal - LP color vinyl (Loneos)
Emerald Web - Valley of the Birds - LP (Trading Places)
Emerson, Lake, and Palmer - Live At Waterloo Field, Stanhope, New Jersey, US, 31st July 1992
Eminem - My Name Is/Bad Guys Always Die - 7” (Universal)
Brian Eno - Rams - LP (UMe)
Erasure - Blue Savannah - 12” (Mute)
Esplendor Geometrico - Necrosis en la playa - 7” (Geometrik)
Bill Evans - Some Other Time: The Lost Session from The Black Forest - 2LP (Resonance Records)
The Ex - All Corpses Smell the Same - 7” (Superior Viaduct)
Exit North - Book of Romance and Dust - 2LP (Exit North Records)
Ezra Collective - Clash of the Galazies - 12” (Enter the Jungle)
The Fall - Austurbæjarbíó Reykjavik Live 1983 - 2LP (Cherry Red)
The Fall - Cerebral Caustic: 25th Anniversary - LP color vinyl (Demon)
Fallen Angels - Paradise Lost - 2LP + poster + book (Sunbeam)
Fatboy Slim - Sunset (Bird Of Prey) 20th Anniversary Edition - 12" (SKINT)
Feeder - Feeling a Moment / Pushing the Senses - 12" (Echo)
The Feminine Complex - Livin’ Love - LP or CD (Modern Harmonic)
Field Music - Measure - 2LP (Memphis Industries)
Lee Fields - Let’s Get a Groove On - LP (Daptone)
Fight - A Small Deadly Space (gatefold) (red and black marble vinyl) (Real Gone Music)
Craig Finn - All These Perfect Crosses - 2LP (Partisan)
Kelly Finnigan - The Tales People Tell - LP (Colemine Records)
Flamin’ Groovies - Live at the Whiskey A Go-Go ‘79 - LP (Revenge Records)
Flawes - Highlights - LP (Red Bull Records)
Fleetwood Mac - Before The Beginning Vol 2 (3LP) (4/17 release date)
Fleetwood Mac - The Alternate Rumours - LP (Rhino/Warner)
The Fleshtones - Face of the Screaming Werewolf - LP or CD (Yep Roc Records)
Blaze Foley - Live at the Austin Outhouse - LP + 7” (End of an EaLost Art)
Josephine Foster - This Coming Gladness - LP (Fire Records)
Fraternity - Livestock - LP (Reel Music)
The Frumpies - Frumpie One Piece/Frumpies Forever - LP + 7” (Kill Roc Stars)
Future Sound of London - Cascade 2020 - LP (FSOL London)
Fuzztones - Lysergic Emanations - LP picture disc (Easy Action)
Serge Gainsbourg - Ces Petit Riens - LP (Ina)
Galaxie 500 - Copenhagen - 2LP/etching (202020 Records)
Rory Gallagher - Cleveland Calling LP - LP (Chess/UMC)
The Game - Born 2 Rap - 3LP (eOne Music)
Taana Gardner - Taana Gardner & Kenton Nix’s West End Works: Expanded - 2LP (Salsoul)
Gaston - My Queen - LP (Soul Brother Records)
Gemma Ray - Lights Out Zoltar! - LP pink (Bronzerat)
Gene - Rising for Sunset: 20th Anniversary - 2LP (Demon)
Giant Sand - Ramp - 2LP (Fire Records)
Freddie Gibbs & Madlib - Pinata - LP (Madlib Invazion)
Girl Band - Vicar Street Live - 2LP (Rough Trade Records)
Philip Glass - The Essential - 4LP (Music On Vinyl)
Glass Animals w/ Denzel Curry - Tokyo Drifting - 12” picture disc (Wolf Tone)
Goblin - Greatest Hits Vol. 1 - 2LP (AMS)
Golden Earring - Radar Love (original UK/Mootan LP version) - 7” (Music On Vinyl)
Goldie Lookin Chain - Original Pyrite Material - LP gold (1983 Records)
Gong - Live! At Sheffield 1974 - 2LP (LMLR)
Gorgan City - Realm - 12” (Virgin EMI)
Gorillaz - D-Sides (3LP) (WarneParlophone)
Gorillaz - G-Sides (2LP) (WarneParlophone)
Ellie Goulding - Lights: 10th Anniversary - LP (Polydor)
Davy Graham - The Holly Kaleidoscope (Universal/Decca)
Grateful Dead - Buffalo 5/9/77 - 5LP (Warner)
Gray - Never Gonna Leave New York City - 12” (Anasyrma)
David Gray - Please Forgive Me - 12” pink (IHT Records)
Juliette Greco - Jolie Mome: La muse de Saint Germain des Pres - 2LP (Poppydisc)
Al Green - Green Is Blues - LP, green and blue (Fat Possum)
Tom Grennan - This is the Place - 7” (Insanity)
The Grid - Floatation - 12” clear (Chemical Alley)
The Groundhogs - Split - 2LP red (Fire Records)
Grouplove - Broken Angel (Warner)
Guided By Voices - Hold On Hope - 10” clear (TVT)
Guided By Voices - Vampire on Titus - LP yellow/gold (Scat Records)
Marika Hackman - Any Human Friend - 10” (Virgin EMI)
Terry Hall - Home - 12” (Heavenly Recordings)
Johnny Hallyday - Le Plus Grands Succes - LP five-color vinyl (LMLR)
Halo - Let Me Do It/Life - 12” (Expansion)
Hanterhir - Schizophrenia/Dancing Out in Space - 7” (Easy Action)
Paul Hardcastle - 19: The Mixes (35th Anniversary Edition) - LP (Chrysalis)
Vladimir Harkonnen - Vlad Smash (Power It Up)
Hatchie & The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - Sometimes Always - 7” (Heavenly Records)
Hawkwind - At the BBC 1972 (September 28 1972) - 2LP (Rhino)
Hawkwind - Quark, Strangeness & Charm - 2LP clear (Atomhenge)
Kuumba-Toudie Heath - Kwaida - LP (Reel Music)
The Heptones - Back on Top - LP red (Burning Sounds)
The High - Martin Hannett Sessions (Unreleased Martin Hannett Sessions for Somewhere Soon) - LP (Vinyl Revival)
High Frequency - Summertime - 7” (Nia)
Aashid Himons - The Gods and I - 12” (Music for Dream/Fyraften Musik)
Hiss Golden Messenger - Let the Light of the World Open Your Eyes - 7” (Merge)
Loleatta Holloway - Cry To Me - LP (Tidal Waves Music)
Hope In High Water - Bonfire and Pine - LP (Fish Records)
Hugh Hopper - 1984 (red vinyl)(LMLCulture Factory)
Hootie and the Blowfish - Live at Nick's Fat City 1995 2LP (Warner)
The Hotrats - Turn Ons: 10th Anniversary Edition - 10" color vinyl [100 with signed print] (Demon)
Human Race - Human Race/Grey Boy - 7” (Gem Records)
Humble Pie - Official Bootleg Collection, Vol. 2 - 2LP (HNE)
Hunny - Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. - LP blue (Epitaph)
Ike Yard - Night After Night - 12” red (Superior Viaduct)
Implosion - 2020 - 2LP (Trading Places)
Inhaler - It Won’t Always Be Like This/Oklahoma (Late Night Edition) - 7” (Polydor)
Inhaler - We Have To Move On/Ice Cream Sundae - 7” (Polydor)
Inhaler - My Honest Face (45rpm)/There’s No Other Place (33rpm) - 10” (Polydor)
The Inn House Crew - Something Special - LP (Room in the Sky Records)
Ken Ishii ft. Pac-Man - Join the Pac - 7” (iam8bit)
J Hus - Big Conspiracy - 2LP (Black Butter)
Bob James - Once Upon A Time: The Lost 1965 New York Studio Sessions - LP (Resonance Records)
Bert Jansch - Live in Italy - 2LP (Earth Recordings)
Jansen/Barbieri/Karn - Playing in a Room With People - 2LP (Medium Productions)
The Jazz Butcher - Big Planet Scary Planet - LP (Fire Records)
The Jazz Butcher - Condition Blue - LP (Fire Records)
The Jazz Butcher - Cult of th eBasement - LP (Fire Records)
The Jazz Butcher - Fishcoteque - LP (Fire Records)
Jethro Tull - Stormwatch 2 (Warner)
Elton John - Elton John: 50th Anniversary Edition - 2LP purple (UMe/Mercury)
J.J. Johnson and Kai Winding - J&K: Stonebone (UMe)
Linton Swesi Johnson - Bass Culture/LKJ In Dub - 2LP (UMC/Island)
Daniel Johnston - The End is Never Really Over - 2LP (Feraltone) [features Artistic Vice and 1990]
Samantha Jones - A Girl Named Sam - LP (Trading Places)
Wizz Jones - Wizz Jones: Mono and Stereo Mixes - LP (Sunbeam)
Judas Priest - British Steel - 2LP picture disc (CMG/Legacy)
June of 44 - Engine Takes to the Water - LP (Touch & Go)
June of 44 - Tropics and Meridians - LP (Touch & Go)
Jungle Brothers - Because I Got It Like That - 7” (Idlers)
Damien Jurado - Birds Tricked Into the Trees/From Devils To Davis - 7” (Loose)
David Keenan - Alchemy & Prose: Live Recordings - 12” (Rubyworks)
Dermot Kennedy - Without Fear - LP (Island)
Tim Key - Tim Key’s Late Night Poetry Programme - 2LP color vinyl (Demon)
Phoebe Killdeer - Fade Out Lines - LP (Kwaidan)
Killing Joke - Laugh at Your Peril: Live in Berlin - 3LP black and pink (Killing Joke Records)
Killing Joke - Turn to Red - 12” red (Turn to Red Records)
The King James Version - He’s Forever (Amen) - 7” (Soul Kitchen)
The Kinks - The Kink Kronikles - 2LP red vinyl (Warner)
Klaxons - Surfing the Void: 10th Anniversary Edition - 2LP (UMC/Polydor)
Knight Area - D-Day - 2LP black and white (Butler)
Sarathy Korwar - Otherland - 12” transparent green (The Leaf Label)
Kraftwerk - 1 (50th Anniversary Edition) - LP (True Choice Recordings)
Kraftwerk - 2 - LP (True Choice Recordings)
Fela Ransome Kuti and His Highlife Rakers - Fela’s First: The Complete 1959 Melodisc Session - 10” (Cadillac Records)
Wolfgang Lackerschmid and Chet Baker - Ballads for Two - LP (Dot Time Records)
Laneous - Elsewhere/Flawless - 7” (Soul Has No Tempo)
kd lang - Angel with a Lariat - LP red (Warner)
kd lang - Drag - 2LP color vinyl (Warner)
Larkins - Hit and Run - 10” EP (Good Soldier Records)
Jamie Lawson - Last Night Stars - LP (Lookout Mountain)
The Leaf Library - About Minerals - LP (Where Its At is Where You Are)
Jenny Lee - I’m So Tired/Some Things Last a Longtime - 12” (Caroline)
Thomas Leer - Emotional Hardware - CD (Smitten Kitten)
Michel Legrand - Jazz on Film - LP (Moochin’ About)
John Lennon - Instant Karma 2020 Ultimate Remix - 7” (UMe)
Lil' Kim - 9 (Deluxe LP) (Ltd)
Alison Limerick - Where Love Lives/Frankie Knuckles remix - 12” (Arista)
Alfredo Linares y su Sonora - Yo traigo boogaloo - LP (Vampisoul)
The Live Band - A Cance for Hope - 7” (The Sound of Brooklyn)
Local Natives/Overcoats - When Am I Gonna Lose You - 7” (Loma Vista Recordings)
The London Suede - London Suede - LP (Demon)
Loop - Sevens - 3x7” (Reactor)
Loose Joints - Is It All Over My Face: 40th Anniversary Edition - 2x12” (West End)
Los Amigos Invisibles - Arepa 3000 - 2LP (Luaka Bop)
Lothar & The Hand People - Machines: Amherst 1969 - LP + CD (Modern Harmonic)
The Lottery Winners - Love Will Keep Us Together - 7” (Modern Sky)
Love Frame Tragedy - Five Songs to Briefly Fill the Void - 10” EP (Good Soldier Records)
The Lovely Eggs - I Am A ***** - LP picture disc (Egg Records)
Marcy Luarks and Classic Touch - Electric Murder - LP (Kalita Records)
Corb Lund - Cover Your Tracks EP - 12” EP (New West Records)
Kenny Lynch - Half the Day’s Gone and We Haven’t Earned a Penny / Ashley Beedle Remix - 7” (Satril)
Kirsty MacColl - Other People's Hearts: B-Sides 1988-1989 - LP clear (Demon)
Madness - Work, Rest, and Play - 2x7” (Union Square/BMG)
Magic in Threes - Stay in Your Lane - 7” (King Underground)
Magnetic System - Godzilla/Escape - 7” (AMS)
Magnum - Fully Loaded - LP (Phoenix)
Manic Street Preachers - Done & Dusted - 12” (CMG/Legacy)
Mansun - The Dead Flowers Reject - LP (Kscope)
The Mar-Keys - Last Night EP - 10” EP (Vinyl Revival)
Bob Marley - Redemption Song - 12” clear vinyl (UMe)
Nick Mason - See Emily Play/Vegetable Man - 12” (Legacy)
Sammy Massamba - 1990: Beni Soit Ton Nom - LP (SM Productions)
John Massoni & Sonic Boom - The Sundowner Sessions - LP (Space Age Recordings)
Paul McCartney - McCartney: 50th Anniversary Edition - LP (180g, half-speed mastered) (UMe/Capitol)
Tommy McGee - Now That I Have You - 12” (TMG Records)
Declan McKenna - Beautiful Faces/The Key to Life on Earth - 7” (Columbia)
Meat Loaf - Bat Out of Hell II: Back Into Hell - 2LP picture disc (UMe/Virgin EMI)
The Meat Puppets - The Meat Puppets - 10” (Megaforce)
Mellow Candle - Swaddling Songs (Universal)
Melt Yourself Down - Born in the ManoIt Is What It Is (IDLES Remix) - 7” (Decca)
Membranes - Kiss Ass Godhead - LP pink (Glass Modern)
Menswear - Nuisance: 25th Anniversary Edition - LP (Demon)
The Menzingers - Chamberlain Waits - LP color vinyl (Red Scare Industries)
Metal Mirror - English Booze/Rock ‘n’ Roll Ain’t Never Gonna Leave You - 7” (On the Dole Records)
The Meteors - Teenage Heart - LP color vinyl (Music On Vinyl)
Metronomy - Metronomy Forever Remixes - 12” (Because Music)
Metronomy & Clara Luciani - La Baie/La Grenade - 7” (Because Music)
Mew - And the Glass Handed Kites: 15th Anniversary Edition - 2LP (Music On Vinyl)
Mickey and The Soul Generation - Iron Leg/Chocolate - 7” (GCP)
Mickey and The Soul Generation - How Good is Good/Get Down Brother - 7” (Mr. G)
Mickey and Them - U.F.O./Hey, Brother Man (GCP)
Midland - Live at the Palomino - LP (Big Machine)
Charles Mingus - Mingus Ah Um Redux - 2LP (Get On Down)
Thelonious Monk - Palais Des Beaux-Arts (Tidal Waves Music)
Moonchild - The Truth/Run Away - 7” red/blue splatter (Tru Thoughts)
Moonspell - Memorial (red vinyl) (Rastilho Records)
Bobby Moore/Sweet Music - (Call Me Your) Anything/I Get Lifted - LP (Soul Brother Records)
Christy Moore - Prosperous - LP (Tara Music)
Kip Moore - Slowheart/Underground - LP + 10” (Snakefarm Records)
Kevin Morby - Oh Mon Dieu:1 Live a Paris - 2LP (Dead Oceans)
Giorgio Moroder ft. Kylie Minogue - Right Here Right Now remixes - 12” grey (Good For You Records)
Morrissey - Honey, You Know Where To Find Me/Fantastic Bird/You Should Have Been Nice to Me - 12" picture disc (BMG)
Chuck Mosley - First Hellos and Last Goodbyes - LP (blocGLOBAL)
Motorhead - Ace of Spades/Dirty Love - 7" shaped picture disc (Warner)
Mott the Hoople - Golden Age of Rock n Roll (blue vinyl) (Madfish)
Bob Mould - Circle Of Friends - 2LP clear vinyl) (Demon)
Mouth Congress - Ahhh The Pollution - 7” (Captured Tracks)
Mungo’s Hi Fi ft. Marina P, Dennis Alcapone & Tippa Irie - The Beat Goes SKA! - 7” (Scotch Bonnet Records)
The Murder Capital - Love, Love, Love/On Twisted Ground - 12” (Human Season Records)
Roisin Murphy - Incapable - 12” picture disc (Skint)
Mush - Great Artisanal Formats - 7” (Memphis Industries)
My Chemical Romance - Life on the Murder Scene - 12” (Reprise)
My Life Story - The Rose The Sea - 12” (Exilophone Records)
Nahko and Medicine for the People - Take Your Power Back (Live) - 10” (Side One Dummy Records)
Qasim Naqvi - Beta - LP (Erased Tapes
Nas - God’s Son - 2LP color vinyl (Get On Down)
Milton Nascimento - Ultimo Trem - 2LP red (Far Out Recordings
Nazareth - Love Hurts/This Flight Tonight - 10” (Salvo)
Fred Neil - 38 MacDougal - LP green (Delmore)
The New Clarence Reid - Cadillac Annie/Tired Blood - 7” (Phil-LA of Soul)
New Order - Peel Sessions - 12” (Rhino)
Nihilist - Carnal Leftovers (white vinyl) (Black Lodge)
Nite People - P.M. - LP (Trading Places)
North Sea Radio Orchestra - I A Moon - LP (The Household Mark)
Notorious BIG - It Was All A Dream - 9LP box (Rhino)
Gary Numan with Skaparis Orchestra - When the Sky Came Down Live - 3LP (BMG)
The Obsessed - Incarnate (Ultimate Edition) - LP gatefold or CD (Blues Funeral)
Ocean Colour Scene - One from the Modern - 2LP (UMC/Island)
Oh-Ok - The Complete Reissue - LP (white vinyl) (Hhbtm Records)
OHL - Oktoberrevolution (Power It Up)
Ol’ Dirty Bastard - Return to the 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version - 9x7” (Rhino/Elektra)
Operation Ivy - Energy - LP (Epitaph)
OST - A Haunting Strip of Marshland: OST for Ness (Drew Mulholland) (Castles In Space)
OST - Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me - LP (Maverick)
OST - Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery - 2LP (Disney)
OST - Austin Powers In Goldmember - 2LP (Maverick)
OST - Black Mirror: Smithereens (Ryuichi Sakamoto) - LP (Music On Vinyl)
OST - C.H.U.D. II: Bud the C.H.U.D. - LP (Terror Vision)
OST - The Cinematic Orchestra/London Met Orchestra - The Crimson Wing: Mystery of the Flamingoes - 2LP pink (Disney)
OST - Henri Crolla & Andre Hodeir - Jazz on Film… - LP (Moochin’ About)
OST- Dennis Hopper’s The Last Movie - LP (Earth Recordings)
OST - Doctor Who - Massacre - 2LP “Parisian Blaze Orange” (Demon)
OST - Dracula/The Curse of Frankenstein (James Bernard) - 2LP
OST - Fistful of Dollars (Ennio Morricone) - 10” (BTF)
OST - For a Few Dollars More (Ennio Morricone) - 10” (AMS)
OST - Francis Lai - Made in France - LP (PlayTime)
OST - Fuktronic (Jimmy Urine and Serj Tankian) - LP (Music On Vinyl)
OST - The Godfather (Nino Rota) - 7” white (Silva Screen)
OST - The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly (Ennio Morricone) - LP (AMS)
OST - Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: The Original (Demon Records UK)
OST - La Planete Sauvage (Alain Goraguer 1973) - LP yellow (Superior Viaduct)
OST - The Last Porno Show - LP (Country Club)
OST - Last Tango in Paris (Gato Barbieri) - LP rose (AMS)
OST - Metroland (Mark Knopfler) - LP (UMC-Mercury)
OST - Monty Python and the Holy Grail - LP picture disc (UMC/Virgin EMI)
OST - The Musical Anthology of His Dark Materials (Lorne Balfe) - 2LP (Silva Screen)
OST - Once Upon a Time in the West (Ennio Morricone) - LP (BTF)
OST - Paw Patrol - 7” EP dog bone white (Enjoy the Ride)
OST - Peur Sur la Ville (Ennio Morricone 1975) - 2LP (WeWantSounds/Modulor)
OST - Phenomenon - 2LP (Warner)
Piero Piccioni, Armando Trovaioli, Carlo Rustichelli, Nino Rota - Jazz On Film… - 2LP (Moochin’ About)
OST - Serpico (Mikis Theodorakis 1973) (WeWantSounds/Modulor)
OST - Shaft in Africa (Johnny Pate) - 2x7” (Dynamite Cuts)
OST - Synecdoche New York (Jon Brion) - LP (Fire Soundtracks)
OST - Terrahawks - LP (Gerry Anderson)
OST - The Truth and the Light: Music from The X Files - 12” glow-in-the-dark green (Warner)
OST - The Turning: Kate’s Diary (Music On Vinyl)
OST - The Virgin Suicides - LP (Rhino/Ryko)
The Pale Fountains - Longshot for Your Love - LP (Marina)
Pale Saints - Mrs. Dolphin - LP (4AD)
Parabellum - Post Mortem Live - 2LP red and black splatter vinyl (LMLR)
Paradise Lost - Live at Rockpalast - 2LP (Music On Vinyl)
Paranoid London - Paranoid London - LP (Paranoid London)
Bobby Parker - Soul of the Blues - LP (Rhythm and Blues)
Robert Parker - I Caught You in a Lie - 7” (Nola)
The Pastels - Advice to the Graduate/Ship to Shore - 7” (Domino)
Pennywise - The Fuse - LP orange and black (Epitaph)
Carl Perkins - Live In Paris - LP blue (LMLR)
Lee Perry and Black Ark Players - Guidance - 12” (VP Records)
Lee “Scratch” Perry and the Upsetters - Super Ape Variant - LP color vinyl (Get On Down)
Lee “Scratch” Perry & Daniel Boyle ft. Max Romeo - Horror Zone - 12” (Upsetter)
Pigbag - Dr. Heckle and Mr. Jive - 2LP (Call of the Void)
The Pineapple Thief - Uncovering the Tracks - LP (Kscope)
Pink Floyd - Arnold Layne (Live at Syd Barrett Tribute, 2007) - 7”/etching (Parlophone/Legacy)
Pinkfong - Baby Shark - 7” EP (SmartStudyCo)
Pluto - Journey’s End - LP (Morgan Blue Town)
The Pogues - At the BBC 1984 - LP (Rhino)
Marvin Pontiac (John Lurie) - The Asylum Tapes - LP (Northern Spy)
Iggy Pop - Kiss My Blood - 3LP/DVD/poster - (LMLR)
Iggy Pop and the Stooges - Russian Melodia - 7” (replica of French bootleg) (Revenge Records)
Natalie Prass - Natalie Prass - LP + 7” (Spacebomb)
Predatur - Seen You Here - 7” (On the Dale Records)
Elvis Presley - The Rock & Roll Collection - 5xEP (LMLR) [unofficial]
Elvis Presley - Elvis Prohibited - 2LP (LMLR) [unofficial]
Pretenders - Live! At the Paradise Theater, Boston 1980 - LP (Warner)
Primal Scream - Loaded: 30th Anniversary Editin - 12” (CMG/Legacy)
Prince Fatty - The Model ft. Shniece Mcmenanin & Horseman - 7” (Evergreen Recordings)
Ian Prowse - The People Not The Crown - 10” (Kitchen Disco Records)
Prince - Sign O' The Times - 2LP (Warner)
Tito Puente - Dance Mania Volumes 1 and 2 - 2LP (Poppydisc)
Asha Puthli - Asha Puthli - LP (Mr. Bongo)
Sir Joe Quarterman & Free Soul - Sir Joe Quarterman & Free Soul (Mr. Bongo)
Quicksilver Messenger Service - Happy Trails - LP yellow (LMLCulture Factory)
The RAH Band - Producers Choice - 2LP (Atjazz)
Raised Fist - Sound of the Republic - LP (Burning Heart Records)
Ramones - It’s Alive II - 2LP (Rhino)
Rare Pleasure - Let Me Down Easy - 7” (South Street Disco)
Raw Material - Raw Material - 2LP (Sunbeam)
Roy Redmond - Ain’t That Terrible/A Change is Gonna Come - 7” (Harlem Shake)
Lou Reed/John Cale - Songs for Drella: 30th Anniversary Edition - 2LP/etching (Rhino/Warner)
Winston Reedy and the Inn House Crew - Black Pearl - LP (Room in the Sky)
The Replacements - The Complete Incarcerated Live - 3LP (Rhino)
The Residents - Icky Flix - 2LP orange and yellow (New Ralph)
Gruff Rhys - (Don’t) Welcome The Plague As a Blessing - LP (Rough Trade Records)
Keith Richards - Hate It When You Leave/Key to the Highway - 7” (BMG/Mindless)
Minnie Riperton - Les FleuOh By the Way - 7” (Selector Series)
Robyn - Robyn - 2LP (UMC/Island)
Pete Rock - Petestrumentals 3 - 2LP color vinyl (Tru Soul Records)
The Rolling Stones - Metamorphosis - LP (UMC/ABKCO)
Tal Ross - Giant Shirley - 2LP (Tidal Waves Music)
Keith Rowe & Mark Wastell - Live at I-and-E (cover art by David Sylvian) - LP white (Confront Recordings)
Roxy Music - Roxy Music: Steven Wilson Stereo Mix - 2LP (UMC/Virgin EMI)
Freya Roy - Ahlke - LP (Vinyl Hunter Records)
Gene Russell - New Direction (transparent clear with heavy black swirl vinyl) (with insert) (Real Gone Music)
Sasha - Scene Delete: The Remixes - 2LP (Night Time Stories)
Sea Girls - Call Me Out - 12” (Polydor)
Shakespeares Sister - #3 - 2LP (Do Yourself In)
Shakespeares Sister - You’re History - 12” (London Records)
Anoushka Shankar - Love Letters
Ravi Shankar with George Harrison - Chants of India - 2LP red (BMG)
Sandie Shaw - Reviewing the Situation - 2LP (UMC/Virgin EMI)
Don Shinn - Departures - LP (Sunbeam)
Don Shinn - Temples with Prophets - LP (Sunbeam)
Situation ft. Andre Espeut - Beyond Compare Laroye Remixes - 7” (Situationism)
Edith Sitwell/William Walton - Facade - 10” (Moochin’ About)
Skatt Bros. - Walk the Night - 12” (Spaziale)
Skid Row - Slave to the Grind - 2LP red (Rhino)
Skye - Keeping Secrets - LP white (Skye)
Skyzoo & Pete Rock - Retropolitan Instrumentals - LP orange splatter (Mello Music Group)
Slint - Breadcrumb Trail/Good Morning Captain - 12” (Touch & Go)
Slowdive - Slowdive - 12” (Music On Vinyl)
Sam Smith - I Feel Love - 12” (Capitol)
Chris Smither - More from the Levee - LP (Signature Sounds)
Snapped Ankles - 21 Metres to Hebden Bridge - LP (The Leaf Label)
So Solid Crew - 21 Seconds EP - 12” EP (UMe/Craft Recordings)
The Soft Boys - I Wanna Destroy You/Near the Soft Boys - 2x7” (Yep Rock Records)
Soft Cell - Mutant Moments EP - 10” (Big Frock)
SOHN - SOHN Live with the Metropole Orkest - 2LP (4AD)
Soul Asylum - Hurry Up and Wait (exclusive 2LP+7") (Blue Elan)
Spacehog - Resident Alien (2LP) (cream with pink splatter "British passport" vinyl) (Real Gone Music)
Spacemen 3 - Threebie 3 - LP (Space Age Recordings)
Richard Spaven - Spaven’s 5ive - LP (Jazz Refreshed)
Britney Spears - Oops! I Did It Again Expanded - LP (Legacy/CMG)
The Specials - Dubs - 10” (Two Tone)
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Cat Stevens - But I Might Die Tonight/alternate version - 7” blue (UMe/Island)
Storm Gordon - Diamond in the Heart - 12” EP (Wanderlust Productions)
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Suede - See You in the Next Life - LP (Demon)
Sugarhill Gang - Sugarhill Gang - LP (Music On Vinyl)
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Sun Ra - Egypt ‘71 - 5LP (Strut)
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Neil Swainson Quintet - 49th Parallel - LP (Reel to Real)
The Sweet Inspirations - The Sweet Inspirations - LP gold (Reel Music)
Gabor Szabo - Dreams w/ bonus tracks (gatefold) (Ebalunga!!! Records) (4/17 release date)
T La Rock & Jazzy J - It’s Yours - 7” (Partytime)
Jacqueline Taieb - Lolita Chick ‘68 - LP (Mad French)
Tailenders - #tailendersoftheworlduniteandtakeover - 7” (Bit Spicy That)
Tangerine Dream - Phaedra: 2019 Edition w/ bonus tracks - 2LP (UMC/Virgin EMI)
Tangerine Dream - Tyger (clear blue vinyl) (LMLR)
Willie Tee - Teasing You Again/Your Love, My Love Together - 7” (Gatur)
Tegan and Sara - Tonight We’re in the Dark Seeing Colors - LP violet and black splatter (Warner)
The Telescopes - Altered Perception - 2LP (Space Age Recordings)
Television Personalities - Some Kind of Happiness: Singles 1995-1999 - 2LP (Fire Records)
Tennis System - Fear of Knowing - LP (Graveface)
The Teskey Brothers - Live at the Forum - LP (Classics & Jazz UK)
That Will Be Lunch - Play That Funky Music White Boy
The The - I WANT 2 B U - 7” (Cineola)
Thin Lizzy - Chinatown - 2LP (Mercury/UMC)
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Johnny Thunders and Wayne Kramer - Gang War (2LP) (Jungle/Skydog)
Timeless Legend - Synchronized - LP (Expansion Records)
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The Zoo - Presents Chocolate Moose - LP (Reel Music)
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2020.01.04 19:58 ZappaOMatic [OC] The inaugural NASCAR Strictly Stock race: Where are they now?

TL;DR: Mostly but (probably?) not completely dead
On June 19, 1949, the NASCAR Strictly Stock Division took to the dirt of Charlotte Speedway for a 200-lap showdown. Little did those in attendance know that this was the start of something special: the birth of the NASCAR Cup Series.
But what happened to the 33 drivers in the field for that race? What are they up to? Let's find out!
This isn't going to be a comprehensive bio of the drivers, but rather just a brief mention of what they did before the inaugural race, how/why they entered, and what happened since (and if they are alive or not). Amusingly, this post came too dangerously close to the character limit before I could even finish the top 20, so I had to split the rest of the field as a comment below.
1. Jim Roper
The first-ever winner, Jim Roper took the victory in rather controversial circumstances as original race winner Glenn Dunaway was disqualified; Roper, who finished second and three laps down, was declared the winner.[1]
The Great Bend, Kansas native found out about the race while reading a comic strip from Zack Moseley's The Adventures of Smilin' Jack. Interested, he acquired a 1949 Lincoln Cosmopolitan from local dealer Millard James Clothier Sr. and supported by Charlotte dealership Mecklenburg Motors.[2][3]
He would run just one more NASCAR Strictly Stock/Cup race in his career, a fifteenth-place run later in 1949 at Occoneechee Speedway.
Roper later returned to Kansas, where he continued racing in IMCA-sanctioned events and jalopies. A serious injury in a 1955 crash ended his racing career (outside of a one-off at the Kansas State Fairgrounds in 1961). He eventually settled in Texas and raised horses.[2]
He died on June 23, 2000 at a retirement home. He had been battling cancer and heart/liver complications in his final years.[2][3] His gravestone at Halstead Cemetery mentions his Charlotte win (though in this 2009 photo, it states Charlotte Motor Speedway, which is not the same track).
2. Fonty Flock
Runner-up to Roper, Fonty Flock drove a 1949 Hudson in the race.
In 1949, Fonty Flock won the NASCAR Modified championship. Entering the Strictly Stock inaugural race, he was dominating the standings with over 300 points on second-placed Curtis Turner.[4] Just two years before, he was named the first NASCAR (then the National Championship Stock Car Circuit) champion.[5]
Flock ran the inaugural race with his brothers Tim and Bob, and the three were also joined by their sister Ethel Mobley the following round at Daytona Beach. The Flock family was NASCAR's premier family during the 1950s, with Fonty famously winning the 1952 Southern 500 in Bermuda shorts and eventually leading the fans in singing "Dixie" while standing on his car's hood.[6]
He would win 19 races in his Grand National career before retiring in 1958.
Flock died on July 15, 1972 after a bout with cancer.[5]
3. Red Byron
I don't think Red Byron needs any introduction. A World War II B-24 Liberator tail-gunner who raced with a left leg brace bolted to the clutch pedal, Modified champion, inaugural Strictly Stock/Cup champion, Hall of Famer, the list goes on.
After finishing third at Charlotte, he won the next race at Daytona Beach and ended his 1949 season with two wins and the title. He continued racing until health problems ended his career 1951, but remained involved in racing in the sports car world.[7]
He was preparing plans to start a sports car team when he suffered a fatal heart attack in his Chicago hotel room on November 11, 1960.[7] He is buried at Pinecrest Cemetery in Lake Worth, Florida, where his tombstone mentions his military service.
"Ironically, the man who had brought millions of hearts to the verge of failure in fans around the world, was sent through the rail for the last time by failure of his own heart," The Anniston Star's George Smith wrote a week after his passing.[8]
"The man who chose country over racing, and then racing over pain," ESPN's Ryan McGee wrote in his 2012 Veterans Day tribute to Byron. "American race fans continue to benefit from both."[7]
4. Sam Rice
J. Sam Rice ran just one more Strictly Stock race in his career: another fourth-place finish at Heidelberg Raceway.
That said, Rice was more well-known for his exploits outside of the cockpit. In 1947, Rice and his friend H. Clay Earles built Martinsville Speedway, with Rice serving as the first track president.[9] Rice also owned cars for a decade, fielding rides in the 1950s for those like Fireball Roberts and Bill Blair.[10]
Although Racing-Reference has a driver and owner page for Rice, they have different death dates thanks to some confusion in the comments on the former: the driver bio says he died on July 9, 1976, while the owner one says February 19, 2010 thanks to the wording of a News & Record article from that same date. Since he was born in 1904, he would have been 106 if he died in 2010 (while centenarians aren't that rare, one being such a prominent figure in NASCAR should have spawned at least some discussion), plus Find A Grave supports his death at the age of 72 in 1976.
5. Tim Flock
Fonty's younger brother, Tim Flock drove an Oldsmobile 88 that he borrowed from his recently-married neighbors in the race. He recalled in 1997:[11]
"They had thousands of people show up just to watch practice! That traffic was so bad and everybody was in it. You'd have race cars next to family cars, all jammed up, and the only reason you knew the difference between the racers and the regular people was that the racers had a number taped on their door. Like, a number made out of duct tape."
After his top five at Charlotte, he would enjoy a prolific career in the Grand National Series as he won 39 races and two series championships in 1952 and 1955. Of course, many also know him as the driver who had the monkey Jocko Flocko riding with him.
One of his race victories came at Road America in 1956. The race, which received the seal of approval from the FIA, drew plenty of attention as many wondered how stock cars would handle the road course; Lee Petty even remarked, "the way I figure it, this race will be won by the driver who can go the fastest the slowest."[12]
The reigning champion Flock tailed pole winner and points leader Buck Baker for much of the early stages, but as the race leaders began exiting with various issues (Baker ran out of fuel, Curtis Turner hit the hay bales after losing his brakes, Joe Weatherly suffered a rear end issue, and Speedy Thompson's engine failed), Flock found himself in front. He led the final ten laps to win what is currently the first and only Cup race at Road America.[12]
He continued to race until 1961. That year, he and Curtis Turner attempted to form a driver's union with the support of the Teamsters and Jimmy Hoffa, leading to their lifetime ban. While they were eventually reinstated, Flock was more than happy to continue his new life working at Charlotte Motor Speedway.[13]
Flock, a future NASCAR Hall of Famer, was diagnosed with throat cancer in February 1998. He died on March 31.[14] He is buried at Sunset Memory Gardens in Mint Hill, North Carolina.
6. Archie Smith
Archie Smith of Denton was a relatively new face in the field at Charlotte in 1949.[15] Still in his teens at the time, he received word of the race when he overheard a commercial on the radio.[16]
In a 2002 article by David Poole of The Charlotte Observer, Smith recalled:[16] "It cost $25 to enter. Nobody had that. I was working for 75 cents an hour and my daddy didn't want me to go. But he finally agreed to loan me the money.
"It was my personal car. We taped the headlights up and taped a number on the side. [...] We had to buckle the doors closed and we had to have a seat belt. I bought an old horse harness at the hardware for a seat belt and used a regular old leather belt around the doors so they wouldn't fly open."
Speaking of daddy, his father Frank Smith was also part of the starting lineup. Even before the race, the father and son duo were quick to try a different tactic from everyone else: the two went to the local airport and filled their cars with airplane fuel. When they were caught, they brushed the gas off as for the race.[16]
Shortly prior to the green flag, Smith's car failed to start, forcing him to call his friend on pit road to blow out the gas line before he could get going. He finished the race sixth; had he won, Smith remarked, "I probably would have stayed in [NASCAR]. I was as good as any of them, I thought."[16]
Smith ran just one more NASCAR race in his career, finishing tenth at that year's Martinsville event. He noted he didn't wear a helmet.[16]
Although he never stuck around in NASCAR, he continued racing in drag racing with General Motors and at Bowman Gray Stadium.[16]
He was the last living driver from the inaugural race, and is presumably still alive. An interview with him from 2012 can be watched here.
edit: Scratch that, he passed away last December
7. Sterling Long
Sterling Long ran three Strictly Stock/Grand National races, two in 1949 and one in 1950: after his seventh at Charlotte, he finished 28th and 26th at Occoneechee Speedway. The Charlotte Observer's August 9, 1950 issue had the following to say about his entry in that year's race:[17]
Sterling Long, Greensboro resident and formerly of Charlotte, today filed his entry for the 100-mile Grand National Circuit racae for late model automobiles slated for the fast Occoneechee one mile speedway Sunday afternoon.
Long will be driving a 1950 Hudson, the first Hudson entered for the speed classic being directed by Bill France under NASCAR sanction.
France anticipates a field of some 30 to 40 drivers for the big race, classed as Eastern North Carolina's biggest race of the season and one that may not be duplicated for years to come in the face of the present war crisis.
In his write-up on Racers Reunion, Tim Leeming wrote of Long's 26th-place run: "During the race, Sterling Long wrecked his Hudson in a spectacular series of flips but climbed from the destroyed car unhurt."[18]
According to Racing-Reference, he died on November 28, 1987, which would align with this Find A Grave memorial which adds he s buried in Soles Cemetery in Tabor City.
8. Slick Smith
How slick is Ebenezer "Slick" Smith? Slick enough to race in the Grand National Series for seven years, including much of the 1953 schedule, with 18 career top tens and a best finish of fourth at North Wilkesboro in 1954. A good number of his starts in both Grand National and Modifieds came in cars owned by fellow driver Frank Christian, usually running as teammates to Frank and his wife/fellow inaugural racer Sara.[19]
He also won a pole at Raleigh in 1953, prompting The Gaston Gazette's NASCAR This Week page to give him a shout-out in their 2006 season preview:[20]
Ever heard of Danny Weinberg? How about Slick Smith? Pat Kirkwood? All are among the 201 drivers who have won at least one pole in the history of NASCAR's premier series.
In 1950, Smith ran the North Wilkesboro race in a Nash Ambassador that was used by Bill France and Curtis Turner in the 1947 Carrera Panamericana. Nash, which eventually became part of American Motors Corporation after its parent Nash-Kelvinator merged with Hudson, was the first manufacturer to provide factory support in NASCAR.[21]
Racing-Reference says Smith died on January 27, 1997.
9. Curtis Turner
Like Byron, Curtis Turner probably doesn't need much of an introduction. A driver with a colorful and infamous reputation (most famously his then-lifetime ban in the 1961 for his efforts in forming a driver's union alongside Tim Flock), he missed out on the NASCAR title in 1949 but was voted Most Popular Driver and Most Outstanding Modified Driver.[22]
It's quite fitting that Turner finished next to Slick Smith; besides Smith driving Turner and France's Nash Ambassador at North Wilkesboro in 1950, Turner was responsible for Nash's lone NASCAR victory in 1951 at Charlotte.[21]
The 2016 NASCAR Hall of Fame inductee and golfer Clarence King were killed in a plane crash on October 4, 1970 in Pennsylvania; he was 46. Earlier, he had been participating in an exhibition race at Rockingham and was preparing for a special one-off return in the following week's National 500 at Charlotte.[23] Turner is buried at Blue Ridge Memorial Gardens in Roanoke, Virginia.
10. Jimmy Thompson
Even before the inaugural Strictly Stock race, Jimmy Thompson was on NASCAR's shit list. During the sanctioning body's early years, Bill France cracked down on various drivers like Thompson, Marshall Teague, Speedy Thompson, Ed Samples, and Buddy Shuman for various reasons; Teague, who was NASCAR's first treasurer in 1947, was banned after he and France got into arguments over changing the prize money from a flat amount to 40 percent of the gate receipts. Thompson drew France's wrath when he and Teague bailed on NASCAR events to compete in other series, while the other drivers (who also ran different series) all received suspensions when they were caught placing thumbtacks on the track before a Modified event.[10]
France's official reason for their blacklisting? "Conduct detrimental to the best interests of the National Association of Stock Car Racing." Sounds familiar, doesn't it?[10]
However, just days before the Strictly Stocks made their debut, the suspended drivers pleaded their cases to NASCAR commissioner Cannonball Baker and were reinstated. While the other drivers received fines and were placed on probation, Thompson was fully exonerated of any wrongdoing and allowed to race in NASCAR without any sanctions. Although the other four were allowed to race in the Strictly Stocks once they paid their fines, only Thompson would enter the race.[24]
After finishing tenth in at Charlotte, he would go on to race in the Grand National Series until 1962, recording ten top tens and two top fives in 47 career races. One of his starts came in the first Daytona 500; considering the size of the new Daytona International Speedway, Thompson reportedly remarked: "There have been tracks that separated the men from the boys. But this is the track that will separate the weak from the strong long after the boys have gone home!"[25]
Just two years after ending his career, Thompson died of a heart attack in his North Carolina home on September 26, 1964.[25] His grave in Lakeland Memorial Park mentions his naval service during World War II.
11. Buck Baker
The 1956 and 1957 Grand National champion, Charlotte bus driver Buck Baker was one of the era's greatest drivers. A 46-time race winner, he was inducted into the NASCAR Hall of Fame in 2013.
In 1949, Baker was chasing the Modified title, but entering the Strictly Stock race, he was quite a distance from points leader Fonty Flock. While Flock led with 1,187, Baker had fallen to seventh with 447.5 after losing sixth to Frank Mundy at Martinsville.[4] He also ran for the National Stock Car Championship, where he finished fourth in points behind Ed Samples, Curtis Turner, and Jack Smith.[26]
Four years after the Charlotte race, Baker and some others leased the legendary Air Base Speedway, whose lone Grand National race was won by inaugural Strictly Stock pole sitter Bob Flock.[27]
Baker died on April 16, 2002 at Carolinas Medical Center while having a procedure done for his pacemaker; he was 83.[28] His gravestone at Magnolia Memorial Gardens keeps it simple: A True Champion.
"Throughout the entire racing world, I don't know of anybody who would said he didn't give 110 percent from the time they dropped the green flag until the time the race was over," son Buddy Baker said. "He was that same way in life, too."[28]
12. Bill Blair
Like many of his fellow drivers, Bill Blair got his start as a moonshine runner in the 1930s. In 1939, he began racing at the newly-constructed High Point Speedway, and he opened his own track Tri-City Speedway after World War II.[29][30]
A friend of Bill France, Blair drove the other Lincoln Cosmopolitan from Millard Clothier at Charlotte. He dominated much of the race as he led 145 laps, but fell out of contention when one of his pit crew members removed the radiator cap, while efforts to solve the issue with cold water led to the thermostat housing cracking. He finished 12th.[3]
Blair enjoyed a fairly successful career in the Grand National Series during the 1950s as he won three races, including a 1953 victory at Daytona Beach.
He died on November 2, 1995.
13. Jack Smith
A decade after running the first Strictly Stock race, Jack Smith won the Grand National Most Popular Driver Award; although he tied Junior Johnson in the voting, a second ballot allowed him to edge Johnson out.[31]
Smith, who began racing in 1947 after building his own car, would enjoy a successful career in NASCAR's top level. From 1949 to his final season 1964, he won 21 races and finishes in the top five in points three times. The Georgia native also had a bit of an odd relationship with Darlington Raceway, where his car flipped out of the track and into the parking lot in 1954, "set the new speed record for driving sideways" in 1956, and once again flew out of the speedway in 1958.[32]
In 1960, he formed a close partnership with Bud Moore, and the two became the first duo to communicate via two-way radio.[32]
Son Jackie said the following about his father: "Daddy raced in the rough and tough days. He was a man's man. He drove hard. He had broad shoulders, big arms. They raced and they fought back then."[33]
"Jack was a hell of a competitor," Moore added. "Jack was a good race driver back in his day. In his time, he was about as good as any of them that come along."[33]
Smith died on October 17, 2001 of congestive heart failure.
14. Sara Christian
As mentioned in Slick Smith's segment, Sara Christian was the wife of Frank Christian. Sara's racing backstory is rather unknown, but it's inferred that she cut her teeth in women-only races called "Powder Puff Derbies" before diving into the NASCAR world with her husband.[34]
Nicknamed "The Country's Leading Woman Stock Car Driver",[11] Sara drove a Ford owned by Frank at Charlotte.[35] To quote The Charlotte Observer's qualifying report:[36]
A feminine complexion was added for today's 150-mile strictly stock car classic at the New Charlotte Speedway when Sara Christian, attractive Atlanta woman driver, was granted permission to test her skill against the male speedsters and verified her qualifications by qualifying 13th in the starting field today.
Mrs. Christian is not a newcomer in stock car racing. In fact, the Atlanta woman has a modified stock car in which he has used to compete with men in other races, and her entry yesterday was not altogether a surprise when Race Director Bill France granted permission for her to try her skill in the long test. This, however, will definitely be her first test in long distance racing, but she was anything but afraid when she zoomed her entry around the trick track yesterday.
Mid-race, she was replaced by pole sitter Bob Flock after the latter's engine failed.[35]
Being the lone female driver in the inaugural race, it goes without saying that Christian is NASCAR's first woman driver, but it wouldn't take long for others to also come aboard. She was joined by Ethel Mobley and Louise Smith for the following race at Daytona Beach.[37]
Christian only ran six more Grand National races in her career, with six in 1949. Regardless, she scored two top tens, including a fifth at Heidelberg, both during the first season. At the end of 1949, she was named Woman of the Year by the United States Drivers Association.[35]
She died on March 7, 1980 at 61. She is buried at Pleasant Grove United Methodist Church Cemetery in Dahlonega, Georgia.
15. John Barker
Barker, of Hickory, North Carolina, is the only driver in this field to not have any sort of biographical information on Racing-Reference.
Anyway, he finished 15th in a 1947 Kaiser owned by Ralph Chaney. Chaney would eventually field cars for Barker in three races in 1951, where his best finish was 12th at Martinsville. Barker had seven Grand National starts that year, including four with Leo Sigman in a Studebaker.[10]
Since no info on his birth and death dates are available, it can only be assumed that he is probably dead until proven otherwise.
16. Jimmie Lewallen
He might not be the greatest Jimmie in NASCAR history, but Jimmie Lewallen certainly had quite a role in it. A former moonshine runner and good friend of Bill Blair,[38] he was part of a 12-driver group who met with Bill France at the Rex Hotel in Atlanta on October 12, 1947 to write up the initial plans for NASCAR.[39] France even offered Lewallen a chance to "buy into NASCAR" for $500, which he rejected as he felt "it would never amount to anything."[40]
Even outside of the racing world, Lewallen was a decorated man; before helping in NASCAR's creation, he was a veteran of the Normandy invasion as he served in General George Patton's Third Army, where he was wounded twice and received the Purple Heart, Silver Star, and Bronze Star.[39]
"Huge Foot", as he was nicknamed,[38] would race in Grand National in the 1950s and much of the Convertible Division in 1956, where he finished eleventh in points. Although he never won a race in either series, he enjoyed success in modified and sportsman series, including winning the 1950 Modified title at Bowman Gray.[40]
Lewallen died on October 16, 1995 at a Winston-Salem hospital after a battle with cancer.[39] He is buried at Springfield Friends Meeting House Cemetery in High Point, North Carolina.
17. Lee Petty
Ah, Lee Petty. Hall of Famer, father of The King, inaugural Daytona 500 winner, leader of Petty Enterprises, the list goes on.
We all know Petty's story, so let's just focus on how he did in the summer of '49. Lee and 12-year-old Richard reached Charlotte Speedway in a 1948 Buick Roadmaster, which was also Lee's car of choice for the race for various reasons like size and an engine that was likely going to work quite nicely in the dirt. Said car was also not actually his, instead belonging to his neighbor Gilmer Goode who was willing to lend it to him assuming the prize money could pay off any damages.
Well, Lee ended up wrecking the car. As Richard explained in Ryan McGee's article on the race:[11]
"People complain about the traffic over there when they are trying to get to the airport," says Richard Petty. "But they should have been with us when we were trying to get to that racetrack in 1949. You might want to check and see, because I'm pretty sure there are probably some folks still stuck down there."
"This was the first real stock car race, you see," Richard Petty explains. "Daddy wanted to make sure he was going to be a part of that. And he really wanted to make sure he got a part of that $6,000 purse."
Barely half the field made it to the race's halfway mark. That's when Lee Petty lost control of his borrowed Buick and barrel-rolled it through the third turn.
"My first thought was, 'I hope Daddy is OK,'" Richard remembers. "Then my second thought was, 'Oh, man, how are we gonna get home?'"
"When we got home that night, all I could think about was the future," Richard Petty says. "I was wondering where all this might go and I was hoping that maybe the Petty family could go along with it, and we did."
The kid who became King winks.
"But first we had to go tell Gilmer Goode that we had wrecked his car."
Petty died on April 5, 2000 at the Moses Cone Hospital, where he had been staying after underoing surgery for a stomach aneurysm. His passing came just three days after great-grandson Adam made his Cup debut at Texas Motor Speedway.[41] He is buried at Level Cross United Methodist Church Cemetery in Randleman, North Carolina.
18. Skimp Hersey
I'll say this in advance: Skimp Hersey has probably the darkest bio of any of the drivers here.
Hailing from Florida, Hersey was a fast but unlucky driver. Although he had his race wins like a NASCAR Modified victory at Jacksonville, he received the nickname "Hard Luck Kid" in 1948 since he regularly found himself in wrecks. Despite his inconsistent finishes, his fortunes took a turn for the better during the 1949 NASCAR season, and he was eventually one of the first to race at Charlotte Speedway.[42] Of course, he would later run the first Strictly Stock event at the track.
Fast forward to June 12, 1950, when Hersey was competing in a 100-mile National Stock Car Racing Association (NSCRA) Modified race at Lakewood Speedway in Atlanta.[43][44]
Lakewood Speedway was not a forgiving race track. Besides various deaths, the previous year's NSCR race saw four different drivers get sent to the hospital for injuries in wrecks. Additionally, if you were going to race at Lakewood, it was imperative that you keep an extra gas can in your car; true to its name, Lakewood had a literal lake as its "infield", meaning any driver who ran out of fuel on the backstretch was basically stuck there for the rest of the race with no way to get back to pit road. As such, drivers kept the fuel can to make brief refuels when they were running low.[43]
Anyway, Hersey's car got loose in turn one and rolled, hitting the fence.[44] The gas can in the car lost its lid during the roll, causing the cockpit to be coated in fuel. After landing in front of the stands, the car went up in flames. Five minutes later, Hersey crawled out of the burning car and sat by the wreck as he called for help).[43] However, fire crews had to wait for the other drivers to stop before they could get to him.[44] In the meantime, a newspaper photographer arrived on the scene... to take photos. Despite Hersey's pleas, the photographer continued his work. Police had to escort him from the track as they expected the fans to attack him for not doing anything.[43]
Once the firemen finally arrived, all of Hersey's clothes but his underwear had been burned off. He was transported to Grady Hospital but died the next day. He was 37.[43]
The race was called off after 81 laps and Jack Smith was declared the winner.[44]
Hersey is buried at Evergreen Cemetery in his hometown of St. Augustine, Florida.
19. Bob Smith
Considering how common of a name Bob Smith is, it probably comes with no shock that it took quite the digging to find anything.
Anyway, he had four career starts in 1949 and 1950, including the first Southern 500 in 1950 (officially the Southern Five Hundred). Incidentally, assuming they aren't the same person, the Radford, Virginia native was actually the second Bob Smith at newly-Darlington Raceway as the track's PR head also had the same name.[45]
In regards to the 1949 Charlotte race, Smith was third-fastest after the first wave of qualifying, tailing Red Byron and Curtis Turner.[24] After ultimately starting seventh, he ended his day in 19th.[36][1]
Per RR, he died on February 26, 1997.
20. Otis Martin
Otis Martin of Roanoke, Virginia qualified sixth at Charlotte in his 1949 Ford, right in front of Bob Smith.[36] He finished 20th due to overheating issues.[1]
Nicknamed "Bib Overalls" since he raced while wearing the attire in question, Martin was considered a bit of a mountain man. He later ran the Martinsville race that year, but finished last, and would contest 23 series races in his career until 1954 with a best run of sixth at Charlotte in 1953. His final NASCAR start came in the 1954 Southern 500.[46] Heck, he was even a survivor of the infamous 1949 Lakewood Speedway race mentioned earlier.[47]
However, Martin died in a car accident on November 21, 1955; ironically, Virginia had just begun a three-week period of promoting safe driving. He was 37. The Associated Press wrote the following:
A 37-year-old Henry County man was killed in an auto crash today a little more than three hours after the start of a three-week safe driving period. The first in the state for that period—and four others over the week-end boosted Virginia's 1955 traffic toll to 770—86 higher than the same time last year.
Otis Mason Martin of Rt. 1, Martinsville, was killed in a single-vehicle crash on State Rt. 57, 1½ miles east of Stanleytown at 3:10 a. m.
Safe Driving Day is Dec. 1. States and communities were asked to keep accident records for 10-day periods before and after that date for comparative purposes.
A comment on his RR bio claiming to be his oldest son added:
Otis was killed in a car wreck on Rte 57 near his hometown of Bassett Va Nov 21,1955.
He was driving a 1955 Ford Fairlane with a 1952 Chrysler Hemi-Head Engine. The accident was caused by the driveshaft separating from The transmission,digging into the pavement and catapulting the vehicle into several flips. Two passengers in the car survived the accident with only minor injuries.
21. Frank Smith
Father of Archie, Frank Smith supposedly did not actually run the race; according to his son, he let Jimmy Thompson drive his car at the last second. Either way, Archie maintains he and his dad were the first fatheson team in NASCAR history.[16]
Frank later ran the Occoneechee Speedway race, where he finished 14th.
After a lot of confusion in RR's comments, it appears he died on March 29, 1957 at the age of 55.
22. Bill Snowden
Like Skimp Hersey, Bill Snowden hailed from St. Augustine, Florida. During the 1949 season, he raced for the NASCAR Modified title, where he was hanging in ninth at the time of the Strictly Stock debut.[4]
Nicknamed "Wild Bill", Snowden was a fan favorite in his home state and outside.[49] Considered the "hottest of the hot stock car pilots in the nation" by The Orlando Sentinel in 1951,[50] he ran 25 Grand National races between 1949 and 1952 with top tens in 14. He was even nominated by the Florida Sports Writers Association as one of the biggest contributors to pro sports in 1950, alongside the likes of Bill France and future Baseball Hall of Fame manager Al López.[51]
Besides driving, Snowden also dabbed in team ownership, fielding rides for the likes of Curtis Turner and Fireball Roberts.[49][52]
After retiring from racing, he became a shrimp boat operator. He died at his home on February 2, 1959.[53]
23. Jim Paschal
Jim Paschal, who retired from the Charlotte race for overheating issues and hung out in the top 15 for the 1949 points standings,[54] was a nominee for the 2020 NASCAR Hall of Fame class. While he wasn't one of the inductees, he enjoyed a solid and long career that saw him race across the Grand National era and into the Winston Cup name.[55]
From 1949 to 1972, he recorded 25 race wins and 230 top tens in 421 races, a nearly 55 percent top-ten rate. A short track master, all but two of his victories came on such courses.[55] Despite his short track success, Paschal noted he "didn't have any track mastered, but I had awfully good luck at Nashville. I won three races in a row there."
The two non-short track victories came in the World 600 in 1964 and 1967; his 1967 win saw him lead 335 of 400 laps, setting a race record that stood until Martin Truex Jr. smashed it in 2016.[55] When he was inducted into the NMPA Hall of Fame in 1977, Paschal recalled:[56]
"It was the kind of race that when you think about it, it brings a smile to your face. The press wrote that it was tires that helped me win that race and they were right. But none of them knew the trouble we went to to get the tires that we ran.
"The tires that we selected to run weren't supposed to be the fast type. But we found out that they were only three to four hundredths of a second off the real fast tires -- and the tires we picked would last. The others would not. We and Goodyear were calling all over the place to try and get a full set. We would get one tire here, another tire there. We had tires coming in from everywhere. We didn't have enough tires to run the race until the morning of the race."
A modest man, Paschal was held in high regard by his peers. Richard Petty considered him a top-ten greatest driver in Cup history:[56]
"Jim was a natural. Driving was just easy for him. He ranks as one of the best of all-time on my list."
Pascal was also quite surprised by Petty's comment. I didn't figure anything like being inducted into the Hall of Fame would happen to me and I didn't figure anything like what Richard said about me would happen. To be considered one of the 10 best of all time was really a surprise."
After retiring, Paschal owned a trucking business alongside Modified driver Max Berrier.[56] He died of cancer on July 5, 2004; he was 77.[57] Paschal is buried at North Bend Cemetery in Jackson Creek, North Carolina.
"I'm not a hero," Paschal once said after his NMPA Hall of Fame induction.[56] "I have not done anything along these lines. I don't understand it. I thought the Hall of Fame was for heroes.
"I didn't really think I would be elected to it. That's why this means so much to me."
24. B.E. Renfro
The #1 driver to drive #1 came in Race #1 with B.E. Renfro (no relation to Randy Renfrow). Only ran two Strictly Stock races with a 17th at Occoneechee.
However, since he went by initials, I had a hard time figuring out his full name and his identity. As such, I eventually gave up and will default to his RR: died on May 27, 2001.
25. Fred Johnson
In May 1949, Fred Johnson of Hamptonville joined Bill France and NASCAR at the newly-opened Charlotte Speedway alongside fellow Johnson and North Wilkesboro native George Johnson.[58] A month later, Fred would be the only Johnson running the inaugural Strictly Stock race at the track. In doing so, Fred connected a piece of NASCAR history to one of the sport's greatest names: Junior Johnson.[59]
After growing up in the bootlegging business, brothers Fred and Junior got into racing.[59] Although Fred would only run seven career Grand National races (scoring two top tens) with Junior obviously being the more iconic brother, the two of them worked together and competed with one another. In 1955, the pair teamed up under B&L Motors with Junior in an Oldsmobile and Fred a Cadillac; such cars were even switched between the two during the season.[60]
Even out of the car, Fred worked with Junior Johnson & Associates as a farm manager. He died on January 7, 1991 and is interred at Pleasant Grove Baptist Church Cemetery in Ronda, North Carolina.[61]
26th to 33rd in a comment below (damn you, character limit)
submitted by ZappaOMatic to NASCAR [link] [comments]

2019.12.04 08:01 Therandomanswerer Final FRV Documentary thing(yay) and random short story

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Maybe I should stop posting entire books..
Spam is a disgusting food. Probably. Idk.
It is around twenty five thousand years INTO the life of the U.R when this new drive is discovered, capable of accessing a million systems. In the span of about a century, a massive war breaks out, bringing down both the U.R and the accord. As a result, the galaxy is split into hundreds of tiny factions covering a few systems.
The United Republic was mainly populated by Acrinians, although we used to be known as Foxians. Eons ago our ancestors left their home galaxy.
After three hundred years they left the next.
In the long voyage, we accidentally entered the slightly wrong coordinates.
It resulted in us entering a wormhole.
Later, we were dropped out above a small ocean world, around a dying red giant
This will start in the year 2436, up until 2740
Eventually, after thousands of years of conflict, a new FYL system was invented.
During the second and final Republic-National war, the armada suffered no losses, and being constructed with living metal infused in the hulls of the vessels, the two severely damaged Vasa class cruisers had repaired themselves.
The sole Lexington class carrier that was there, had, for its time, extremely advanced shielding, which would rival that of the battleships of 2600.
The amount of minerals churned out every month as well, was spectacular.
The Republics main problem was its economy. To counter this, the Republic drew from its massive stockpiles to construct a new series of habitats. These were dubbed the Potomacs, in honor of the Potomac, the construction vessel that assembled the first one.
Currently, there were three Potomacs, all producing massive amounts of power. A fourth was planned.
These all lied in the Eskellion system, the home of Eskellion Prime, which produced the majority of the energy the United Republic consumed.
A few decades before this, a sole U.R science vessel, charting systems, found something astonishing.
Jumping into a black hole system, they found planets.
But that was not what was of interest.
Far southeast of it, a massive structure, stood ruined.
Upon closer inspection, they found that the station had once been a massive structure devoted to the advancement of the sciences, from a long fallen empire.
A construction ship was dispatched at once, to build a defense system around the station, incase anyone, or anything, attacked it.
The logic behind it was, that if it was possible to build such a massive structure, it would also be possible to repair it, replicate it, and mass produce it.
The Republic, sensing that they would be able to repair the “Science Nexus” as they called it, quickly constructed five new colony vessels. As the mines of Rym were improved, two vessels, bound for a large tropical planet to the south, and another to the north, left the shipyards.
The northernmost planet was first. This one would become a new planet devoted to research.
Second was the southern planet, which would become another mineral planet.
The three others would dock with the Potomacs.
The Potomac series of habitat was a heavily moddable, massive orbital station. The first three were specifically designed to pull the Republic out of the economic hole it dug for itself.
Even then, plans were made, once the crisis was solved, the nation to the west crushed, and the war over, for a new subclass of Potomacs.
These would be the Potomac M class stations.
They were built off the same skeleton, but instead of producing power, they would be fitted with a massive central reactor, and huge mining lasers. Just one was manned by twelve billion people.
This was no worry to the Republic.
The 2300s was a age of expansion in every aspect.
The amount of food produced was much larger than needed, and if they were ever to run out, they could just build a Potomac-F, one designed to produce huge amounts of food.
Most new planets would likely be devoted to mining.
After the war, stellar super casinos became popular.
Despite gambling being illegal, it formed a sense of unification in the UR.
Seeing the.. Somewhat positive effects of gambling on massive scales, gambling was turned legal.
In the battle for the enemies capital system, the sole Lexington present, the FVR September,
jumped early. The shields were overloaded, and her reactor was severely damaged.
The captain ordered a jump ASAP.
After that, until 2346, no one had a clue where it ended up.
There are rumors that she entered a higher dimension of hyperspace to make such a long jump so fast.
Her wreck was found in previously uncharted space, on a small desert planet, a decade later.
Two more decades later and the rights to the wreck flipped holdings, into a family that would, in the 2900s, have a monopoly over the financial portion of the universe.
Before the second National-Republic war even began, plans were being made to turn the five planets obtained into massive mining planets, fueling the bulk of the empire.
Alongside massive updates to the mines of Rym, the engineering department was looking into enhancing the mineral scanners, thus improving total output overall.
The navy, was slowly choking the economy of the Republic.
Expansion was needed, and required for survival.
As a result, the planet Bazkarat, was designated by officials the next planet for colonization.
Until 2600 the Republic did not really expand, just colonizing planets to strengthen the economy.
Around 2520 The beacon collapsed into a black hole.
It was the year 2606 that resulted in a explosion of pure hatred across the Republic.
Millions of high level officials around the galaxy simultaneously received a single report:
The FRV Sojourner, was under attack.
FRV Sojourner was a small science vessel, about a hundred and fifty years old. Alongside the FRV Walter Raleigh, they had paved the course for expansion, becoming signs of peace and power, despite their civilians purpose.
The officials, watched, in relief, as the Sojourner jumped out of there. But this relief was misfound.
The massive relay station in Impan reported a simple message, one that would send shockwaves throughout the republic.
FRV Sojourner, destroyed.
The might of the entire navy was mobilized. Even Crusade squadron was involved. All space Amoebas would be ruthlessly hunted until they were extinct.
This campaign lasted two years.
As it concluded, the battlecruiser FRV Sojourner II was constructed, in honor of those that died in the Sojourners destruction.
It was but a mere few years lated the primitves on Mondaks Retreat, a planet in the same system as Rym, discovered nuclear power.
A prompt response was needed, and sent out.
All nuclear weapons were seized, for their own good, by the Republic.
They were dismantled and repurposed in Croken station.
then taught the secrets of the hyperdrive, gifted a planet, and left alone.
But suddenly they hated us. For no reason. We helped them along, and here they are, insulting us! They called our society,"Flawed and inefficient"
Here we are churning out stations the size of planets, receiving more resources in a month then they could store, with them barely even able to fund a formatiom of Corvettes, and they called US flawed! Pathetic.
In they year 2636 a declaration of war was made. We would seize Mondaks retreat.
One of the most unique engagements in the history of war occuredn. N.
Two massive orbital stations, dueled it out. There was no starships or armies, just two spaceports bqw forrawling.
In the end, our spaceport won, after a week of sucking up salvo after salvo. Simultaneously, our fleet moved on both Mondaks and the planet we gifted them.
As it was bombarded, the gifted planet rebelled. Bombardment concluded at once.
The fleet headed to Mondaks Retreat.
The first Republic-Confederacy conflict concluded in a victory.
We made a offer to preserve their empire.
They took it immediately.
The next ten years started the widespread construction of a line of massive orbital stations, of which most are destroyed, devoted completely to the advancement of the sciences. The rebellion was crushed, and the planet returned into the hands of the Confederacy.
It appears, that the Republic did not want the Confederacy to fall. It seems what they wanted, was for the Confederacy to take Bhudghobbd, in Beta Caeli, one of the far flung, useless colonies, in exchange for total control of Rym and Mondak. Afterall, before seizing the nuclear missiles, which are beleived to have been repurposed for new missileboats, they were seen more as a pet, than anything.
The Republic saw them as a toy. They hated us, we hated them. If they felt they grew to strong, the Republic would declare war, maybe take a few planets, and destroy the enemy fleet.
Meanwhile, a third ringworld was under construction, the one of Halbargaara. Apparently, it would be a massive shipyard. The actualy existence of the Halbargaara ring, however, has never been confirmed. Ever since the massive war that marked the end of the Republic and Rym Confederacy, the location has been lost. There are rumors that the ancient battleship Ghost still roams the galaxy, with old charts showing the state of the Republic at its height.
The Ghost, was, at one point, in 2436, a Lexington class fleet carrier, named FRV September. This specific vessel saw action in the second National-Republic conflict of the twenty four thirties.
When returning to Delta after the conflict concluded, the drive malfunctioned, sending the entire ship into a “Higher Dimension” of hyperspace, beleived to be the one we use in modern times. She traveled across the galaxy, crashing into a desert planet.
In the 2900s the vessel was salvaged, and would see battle as a super laser equipped pirate ship.
The ancient Halbargaa ring, built a hundred years after the first Sterope ring, apparently encompassed a Type G star. (Yellow dwarf) A likely candidate for Halbargaa is located in the sector (X324), (Y639), a Type G with a massive ring of debris, and no planets or asteroids.
Of course, the Sterope and Izta rings are both still used today, even tens of thousands of years after their construction. The massive sensor relay used by the Republic from the 2550s until its demise, was completely destroyed after a dreadnought rammed it at lightspeed in the end of the Republics life.
During the 2660s, another rebellion arose on Bhudghobbd. It was this time, left alone.
Around this time a order of 25 Snappers was thrown out there.
The Snappers design are as follows:
2x Medium Gamma Lasers
3x Large Gauss Cannons
1xTachyon Lance
4x Hyper Sheild Projectors.
The Snapper class was constructed of a mixture of crystal plating and living metal, creating a super heavy metal that both repaired itself and could suck up very heavy punishment. Some of these mass produced dreadnoughts are still present today, with the UNSFF fielding about a dozen for anti pirates.
Each one took 222 days to be churned out. They single handedly could siege a spaceport of their time and come out on top, while the Gamma lasers were good enough deterents to fend off smaller vessels.
The lance was able to wipe out most small vessels in a single blast, completely bypassing sheilding and nearly all armor.
In the year 2670 the Confederacy fell, with Mondak being left with really no purpose, no plans in place, and just left alone. It was mainly used as a pit stop for civilian starships.
In 2672 it was determined that the rebellion that had arisen in Beta Caeli, the one that was left alone, was not to be trusted. The Republic left them alone, keeping a weary eye on them. They were small, but as soon as they got a fleet that could take down a spaceport, they would be a threat.
However, fortunately, their development was capped off. With closed borders, they were limited to the northwestern portion of the accessible galaxy. Alongside this, the quality of the defense stations ordered around starports, and all over the capital system, formed a interlinking network of withering fire, each one being able to take on five Snappers at once, or about eleven early battleships. And with the massive technological leaps the U.R
By this time the first section of the Halbargaa ring world had supposedly come online, and the U.R produced enough minerals in a month to order a Vasa and Snapper class each month, which would, hopefully by the 2730s, be up to two Snappers orderable a month, as the Republic expanded slowly. Nearly two trillion people lived in the Republic by this time. (I count 1 pop as a billion.)
With the presence of a new foe, that had plenty of space to expand, the Sentry array was quickly guarded by a network of interlocking firing zones, to create a absolute deathtrap for any vessel caught in it.
Although with the combination of shipyards, average ship speed, and just age, it would be thought that it would now be defenseless, but that is not the case. The same can be said most likely for the rumored array to the south eastern portion of the galaxy, ancient holopads saying that a ruined array was found a few decades after the first was completed.
Seeing as they already had one, no resources were channeled into restoring it, though it was claimed and fortified in the case another empire ever came onto the galactic stage, they could not take it, atleast not without a fight.
Eventually, a abandoned vessel, seemingly a large yacht, was found in a asteroid belt.
It seems that atleast two of these vessels had been constructed, as one vessel with the exact same design was already in service, from a similar fate. This vessel found now, with the exact same “Super Engines” was disassembled, used for building a unique skyscraper on Delta. The engines were studied, and the knowledge from it was used in improving the Impulse engine design.
The speed of the Republic warships was unmatched.
At this time the Halbargaa ring was, according to records, starting to come online. Though yet to be colonized, there was already a portion completed, and another was being constructed. As well as this, a colony vessel had already landed on a large planet. In the coming decades, this specific system would be one of the most important systems in the Republic, churning out a massive amount of minerals.
But this output came at the price of vulnerability. Though surrounding systems were turned into fortress systems, this area was still but a few jumps from the Gubec Galactic Assembly, the former rebellion in the Beta Caeli system.
Though it would be very long before they could mount a offensive with the capability of taking a system, it was dangerous none the less.
A few years after touchdown on the planet, a new fleet was churned out.
Designated the first strike group, it contained the following:
3 supercarriers, the first off the lines.
5 Vasa class torpedo cruisers.
9 Defender class picket destroyers.
These carriers were extroadinarily fast, able to cross a system at unheard of speed.
This specific group would see intense action in the coming decades, in numerous wars against the Assembly.
The carriers were fast, definitely, but this came with the sacrifice of lacking hull durability.
The fleet was completely done by 2700, the flagship being the battlecruiser Sojourner II.
Their first assignment was to destroy some enemy vessels blocking the assemblies expansion, although soon after they departed the assembly insulted the republic, and the vessels were called back.
In the year 2690, a plan project was made.
The Sterope ring was the first ringworld the republic constructed, and it was completely devoted to technological advancment in all fields.
This plan was to build a third Dyson Sphere, then three more ringworlds.
One would be completely devoted to physics, the second to engineering, and the third to bio.
While the Republic enhanced everything, with super heavy sheilding and vessels, two colony ships touched down on Beta Caeli IV, and a planet on a nearby systems planet, both owned by the Assembly.
The Republic watched warily as they obtained destroyer sized vessels. Meanwhile, the Vasa's were enhanced, and one of them could now take on a old battleship and cruiser. In 2704 a battlecruiser was patrolling near Assembly space, when the array detected a small, unmanned vessel approaching. The array attempted to alert the FRV warships, but to no avail. The battlecruiser exploded and split in half, burnig up in the atmosphere of Sym. The ship that had approached was determined to be a assembly bomb ship. All twenty thousand aboard were killed.
Called a "Blatant act of terrorism" by the first speaker, a pair of Agincourt battleships was dispatched, steamrolling though the assembly as a warning. The capital city of Bhudghobb was leveled completely, along with a billion civilians.
Reeling In shock, they left each other alone.
Those who were related to the people killed aboard the battlecruiser simply had to live with the loss. Meanwhile the new Sphere was nearing completion.
It was the year 2729 when the Second Carrier Sqaudron was assembled, mirroring the first, with three super carriers, two battlecruisers, eight Vasas, and twenty destroyers of varying types.
By 2730 the sphere was finally completed, as well as the superheavy mining station of Rym II.
Across the Republic, massive new generator stations based off of the old Potomacs were constructed, and miniscule enhancements in the plants resulted in a massive amount of power gained overall.
Every two months the Republics massive mines put out enough minerals to build a unequipped massive Potomac sized station, and a corvette.
Construction on the first Ringworld, the frame having long earlier been constructed, finally commenced. This first one would be devoted completely to physics, a field that lagged behind compared to engineering and society.
As well as this, the large station "Defender." Was constructed, in the Fortress system dividing the Republic and the Bebaki. The nearest Beabakan star system being a single jump away, the friction even furtherly negatively impacted the two nation's relationship.
Despite the first wars lessons, the Assembly sent a hijacked cruiser and sent it into the atmosphere of Delta, wiping out a major population center, and killing billions, leading to the second Assembly war.
As the Galaxy heated up from the assemblies terrorism, the first new ring world was being built. As well as this, a series of late stations, the size of moons, although smaller then a Nexus, were being constructed, devoted entirely to research.
The second assembly war lasted half a year. Its main event was the great Terebellium chase.
The First Carrier Sqaudron was already stationed at Revannic, a few jumps from Assembly space. When the war broke out, they were ordered to destroy the remote starbases on the border, and then chase down and destroy the enemy fleet.
The Sqaudron had little problem with the starbases, and was followed by the main army of the Republic. The Accords fleet, a large formation of primitive destroyers and corvettes, completely bypassed the Sqaudron, and attacked the armies, a system behind.
The carriers quickly turned back. It was stressful, but eventually they made it, and though some vessels were heavily damaged, no ships were destroyed. In the battle between the Sqaudron and the Accord, the Kestrel class corvette FRV Zhengsheng was destroyed, and her sister was heavily damaged. A monument to the 578 men on Zhengsheng would be constructed in the 2770s, some of the first Republic casualties in the following wars.
Researchers were held with very high regard in the republic, the few who could lead science vessels or the different divisions, were practically gods in the public's eyes.
The capital city of Delta was dominated with the tips of the Xeno Biology museum, and capital complex super scrapers towers. On the outskirts was a massive research institute, with a massive sentient supercomputer, and logs of all technological advancements. This alone greatly enhanced the speed of research. Of course by now the Republic was in a constant diplomatic fire fight, insults flying over diplomatic lines.
During the construction of one of the rings, the Bebakans requested to send engineers to observe.
Such was promptly denied, for fear of yet another terrorist attack.
It was then that the Republic concluded terraforming efforts on a large tomb world, it had been a success. Radiation was back to the normal background levels for the type of star it orbited, and the planet was now covered with large, deep oceans.
In the 2750s war was once again declared, after the illegal seizing of the large civilian liner RV Velvet Abyss. (FRV stands for Federal Republic Vessel, while RV just Republic Vessel.)
The Velvet Abyss was relatively new, built in 2743. She measured stem to stern, 20 kilometers long, and a tenth that In height.
The seizing of the Velvet Abyss occurred when the vessel came " To close" to Accord space. As a result the vessel was boarded and a small but intense firefight broke out. During so the ship attempted to leave, but was hit by a volley of missiles near the reactor, and the ship, twice the size of a Republic battleship, exploded in a blaze of glory taking six hundred thousand lives. There were no survivors on either vessel. The power of the blast wiped out all station in the system.
All out war was declared. The First and second sqaudrons were in their space before they even knew it. Though it would be to power taxing to activate a hundred and fifty one sensor cloaking devices for the armies, they followed a few jumps behind.
The First Carrier sqaudron, the flag held on Sojourner II, spearheaded the assault, going straight for the heart of their empire, and assaulted the spaceport as well as a pair of small warships above their capital. The Relays reported that the enemies fleet, was now chasing down the faster transports, through the Terebellium system.
The transports were theoretically defenseless, but they were fast. With Impulse thrusters, enhanced from the technology duggen up from the old abandoned star yacht mentioned earlier. It was not hard for them to outrun the fleet. The problem was they could not get over to the next system before being caught. So as a result, they just played a long cat and mouse game that ended next to the hyperlane from Sym.
The turns started to let them catch up with the armies when a gaping rip between dimensions opened up.
Out of it came the Second Carrier Sqaudron. This was its baptism of combat, and it deeply confused the Accord Commanders. What they failed to realize was that the First Carrier Sqaudron, was not, infact, not, the main battlefleet of the Republic. The main battlefleet was actually a hundred times larger then both these fleets combined.
Each carrier sqaudron was composed of three super carriers, two battlecruisers, eight Vasas, twenty various destroyers, and two Kestrels.
It was a single pronged strike that had ended up kebabing the forces of the Accord in mere weeks. As the Accords fleet was crushed like bugs under the Second Sqaudron, the first was a jump away dealing with the spaceport above Bhudghobbd, and getting ready for orbital bombardment.
The two carrier sqaudrons had simultaneously destroyed their only mobile defense against the untouched landing force, and most of their ability to deploy warships.
The two sqaudrons then rendevoused for bombardment, to help along the invasion forces.
But they surrendered
The first section of the Rimmock Ringworld had been completed, the first labs were already under construction. Much to the northwest, nearer the border but yet far behind it, the first portion of the engineering ring was under construction.
This portion was finished and col onized by the 2780s.
By 2790 a new fleet had left the lines, its flagship a new escort carrier type, two Vasas, and a dozen corvettes. This fleet would conduct patrols on the outer reaches of the Republic. The system Rimmock was essential to the Republics security, even without the ring world. If a enemy fleet were to ever push even to the system north of it-
Rimmock would be the final fortress system before they could wreak havoc on the capital. And, it would cut the Republic completely in half if the system was to fall.
Fortunately, this was only a threat in the imminent future if there was ever a mutiny in the battle fleet.
Now it is here I should detail the average Republic capital ship.
By the year 2770 the Republic had about 125 capital ships.
Realistically, this is a very small number considering the massive economy of the Republic. They could, if they wanted to, produced about seventy Orion class battleships a year.
Of course, the Orion did not exist back then.
One U.R battleship could quickly destroy a spaceport, as long as it was not one of their own. They were flying command vessels, a feat of engineering. They only got more advanced as time went on.
The average U.R capital ship had four large Hyper Shield projectors, was made of Crystalline plates, and had a sentient, yes, sentient, super computer directing the fire of the weapons.
The U.R battleship of the 2770s could face a trio of the ancient “Reliant” class fleet carriers.
Though the Reliants had Hypershields as well, their usefulness was limited, for:
They did not have Zero-Point reactors.
The sheilding was not as advanced as the U.R shielding.
The lack of advanced reactors limited how many subsystems could be placed on the ship at once.
This was countered by the fact that the Reliants bombers could completely bypass the shielding, however most U.R capital ships had massive shield buster guns.
One single battlestation could take on 16 of these vessels. That is about half of the total amount of Reliants ever produced.
Two of the battlestations could take on the entire Deltan Republics navy, as of when they departed their second home, although it is likely one would go down.
The Jurii Covenant would be steamrolled, as they could not take to many fortress systems before falling, and would likely be caught by the Republics main battlefleet, which was six times larger then the Covenants fleet as of 2780, while the two carrier fleets could simultaneously conduct invasions.
In 2750 twenty “Snapper” class battleships were ordered from Danube, a portion of the old Sterope ringworld.
The Snapper class, when first designed in the 2360s, was to be the main ship of the line, although this title ended up falling to the older Agincourt class battleships.
The Snapper was expensive and powerful. It had a massive Tachyon Lance, firing particles at FTL speeds, completely bypassing shielding and delivering devastating blows that could wipe out most small ships, and do heavy damage to everything else. Production on the ships stopped completely in the 2450s, and the Snappers, though kept up to date and maintained well, were relics.
This is not to say that they were obsolete. They were far from it. It was actually superior to many of the capital ships in the fleet.
These snappers were the first ones built in three centuries.
In 2765 a new battleship was designed and put into service.
This battleship followed a single strategy.
Heavily armored, single deflector, shield buster ship.
It had a massive gun on the bow, and was loaded with artillery.
It only had a single shield projector, although it had the efficiency of two and a half of the older hypershield projectors.
Originally, the designer wanted to fit it with old chemical engines to lessen the reactor load, but this was thrown out the window, as such a slow vessel would prove more of a nuisance in war time then a actual fighting force, drastically slowing down the fleet, when speed could be a matter of life or death for the far flung colonies.
Originally, few were built, until the introduction of the First Battlefleet, twice the size of the First Carrier sqaudron, (Henceforth the FCS)
in the early 2770s.
In 2780 it was required that at all times, if all Federal ships were to mobilize at once, the Republic should still posess the ability to receive 300 extra energy credits simultaneously, as the Armada was useless, for total mobilization of it would slaughter the Republics economy in mere months.
To prevent this, a new Dyson Sphere was ordered, near Croken Station.
Croken Station was a Potomac R, a Potomac devoted to research only. It housed and cared for twelve billion researchers and their families. It orbited a massive black hole, and was top secret
Two decades later, as the new Dyson Sphere was startin to come
After the conclusion of the Samnivik Fleet Crisis, the galaxy was quiet. Life went on, the Republic continued construction of new research stations.
Finally, after decades of the projects dormancy, construction started on the ringworld that would house the biological labs, although only after the Perqim dyson sphere was constructed.
The massive industrial capacity also endlessly expanded.
In 2825, the main armada reached 700k on the FP scale, while the Confederacy lagged behind at about 7.8k.
In total the navy was at about 820k.
If wanted, the U.R could put out two new capital ships every month.
It was then the U.R looked into a secret base of operations. A secret battlefleet in a secret system, with a spaceport capable of massproducing massive ships.
The systems nearby Jurg Hulaghh, a old planet taken from primitives in a invasion and still far from the Republics main systems, were chosen.
However, this would never come to light.
In 2838 a defence fleet of five new “Galleon” class ships, large, heavily armored vessels with plasma cannons, was constructed for Trophy.
After this, war was declared, where they would make their debut.
They peformed even better then expected, and in a fight against the confederacy navy, wiped out their entire fleet, of which the five enemy battleships had spinal mounted weaponry, which the galleons lacked, on the fringes of Samnivik.
The cry for all galleons to open fire would be stolen by thousands of admirals following.
The five “Grand Galleons” as they were called, would be the main diplomatic escort for the higher ups. Eventually they would get the single “Battle Galleon” a Horizantus class equipped with cannons.
They also softened up the ground defenses of Monument after said space battle, in which the entirety of the Confederacy fleet was destroyed by said galleons. (Not one galleon was lost.)
Very little survivors from the Confederacy fleet were picked up, as most of the crew members were killed in the vacuum when the cannons ate through the hull.
The galleons would be one of the rarer capital ships, although still very powerful. Additionaly, The Armada received five.
In the 2840s it was found that the economy could now support the Armada away from its home of Danube, a portion of the Sterope ring world.
By this point the Armada was at about 760k on the FP scale.
The FBF was lucky enough to receive one of the said galleons, which would become the flagship.
The Galleons played a critical role in the fleets.
They had both heavy armor, and heavy shielding. (Very few of the ships in the Republic had armor.) Additionaly, they used weapons that easily bypassed armor, while the main fleet focused on anti shielding weaponry.
Armor covered 86% of the ship on the first Galleons, later being upped to 90%
They served as the command ships of the fleet, before the Dreadnoughts were introduced.
(One dreadnought had armor, heavy shielding, three gamma lasers, and three gauss cannons, as well as a mixture of a hull that had a mixture of living metal, crystalline plates, and the regenerative hull tissue of the space ameoba, creating the ultimate ship.)
The galleons were cheaper then most of the main capital ships, but never entered true mass production, and compared to most other ships like the Vasa class torpedo cruisers, the Agincourt and snapper class battleships, few were ever built.
The five “Grand Galleons” spent most of their time, when not peforming a task, as a early buffer between the Confederacy and the Republic.
You see, the Confederacy could not be in a worse place.
The main battlefleet was slow and far behind the capital.
The Confederacys main link to the Republic was but a few jumps from Rimmock, the engineering ringworld and the main highway between the Republic and the outer galaxy.
This was because this region of the galaxy, though near completely uninhabited, except for Rovannic, which even then is a stretch, was the quickest link between the core of the U.R and Uva Xavani.
Uva Xavani consisted of thirteen planets, and consisted of all systems once under control of the old National empire, destroyed in the National Republic wars of the late 2300s.
To go to the southern link, you would have most of the megastructures, as this area had a greater concentration of empty systems, completely useless.
If such a empire ever reach Rimmock, the western portion of the galaxy would be cut off near completely, and it would take months longer to reach Uva Xavani.
The only immediately available buffer was a small formation of ancient cruisers, with little shielding and armor, a slow hyperdrive, and a horrible design.
These ships had all been pulled from the gas wells of various gas giants.
It was suddenly when a massive coordinated terrorist attack destroyed the hyper comm forms around the Republic.
Surprisingly, they were not replaced.
About two decades after this event, as a new Dyson Spheres frame was being built, came the Asterion Incursion.
It resulted in the planet of Markaz III to be near completely pulverized, and it was only two years after the start of bombardment, six billion were dead.
In the year 2900 a new dyson sphere was finished. In 2904 , after nearly three centuries of the plan existing, the bio-research ring finally was colonized.
Two years before, in 2902, a new battlecruiser, the “Holy Fire” class,(Ironic, as gods were beleived in by a fraction of the population), FRV Fall Of Pompeii, became the new flagship of the fleet.
In 2915 a new dyson sphere was ordered.
Now, as we all know, today we use credits as currency. This is a development of the “ECU.” The United Republic used a scale of a qaudrillion ECU=1 Energy Credit, with a maximum surplus of about twenty thousand. By this time, if the fleet had not been mobilized, they could produce about 950 Energy Credits a month. The purpose of the newest Dyson sphere was to push economic security. We can see this, as in the 2940s, after said spheres completion, work was commenced on a new ring world, which would become a massive reactor. Although significant measures were taken, in the fortyfour sixties, the ring world would be hit by a massive swarm of advanced Bebaki missiles, quickly taking down the shielding and causing a chain reaction that pulverized the ring, along with a hundred billion souls.
In 2917 a suprise attack by the Armada on Budhghobbd was caried out.
In this war, the battlecruisers FRV Leeroy and FRV Jenkins, jumped ahead of the Armada into Bebaki space, and when the fleet arrived to save them from the onslaught, it quickly evolved into a chaotic fleet battle, with freindly fire claiming seven cruisers, three capital ships, and fourteen destroyers. Additionaly, Bebaki fire claimed the lives of the two cruisers.
FRV Jenkins was also severely damaged in a collision with a freindly armored cruiser of the Tramp class.
The Tramp was relatively old, with multiple missile systems and gauss cannons. It was heavily armored, slow, and lightly shielded, designed to absorb blows and overload point defense systems. It was the workhorse of the FRV until neutron torpedoes were introduced, with the Vasa class. After the introduction of the heavily shielded Vasa, the Tramps were kept in service but production halted on all. The occasional order for one might be sent to a backwater world every few years, but other than that they fell out of the spotlight
This specific Tramp was only mildly damaged, as the collision impacted one of five neutronium armor belts, although multiple plates buckled. Unfortunately, when The Jenkins attempted to go over the ship, the mangled remains of the #2 laser battery, mangled beyond repair, impacted the bridge, causing it to be exposed to the void, the command crew dying of asphyxiation.
The captains of both the Leeroy and Jenkins were court martialed for destruction of federal property, (Up to fifteen qaudrillion ECUs worth, of which a Energy credit is worth half a qaudrillion), mass murder, and extreme incompetence. They were summarily execueted.
FRV Jenkins had to be scrapped from the extent of the damages, and was broken up over Baltris. Her surviving weaponry was sent to weaponry emplacements on various cruisers and frigates.
Four hundred thousand, though miniscule compared to the total fleet, were killed in this engagement. (FRV Ships are kinda crew intensive) I typically count it as 20k per cruiser, 50k per battleship.
The horrific loss had a severe morale impact, and efficiency was estimated to decline by all the way up to 10%.
In the years following the engagement, specifficaly in 2920, a new battleship class entered service and mass production. This new vessel was the best of the best, with three heavy Gamma laser and heavy gauss cannon emplacements each. It had a large belt of Neutronium armor, in which the four hypershield projectors were surrounded.
The main weapons control was in a heavily armored nook between the reactor array, a array of massive zero point reactors, and the engine compartments. It was circular, in the middle of the neutronium belt, split into the laser and Gauss sections, for their weaponry. It was coordinated by a central computer, that ensured the ship was as effective as possible without danger of malfunction, and all weaponry attacked a single target.
The class was named "Successor", and became an icon, the ideal target that any cadet worked up to, to command a Successor class. Additionally, safety measures learned from the raid of Bhudghobd ensured such heavy friendly fire would never happen again. The shells could automatically detonate when it identified a allied ship in it's trajectory of fire. Exactly how they did this we have no clue.
These behemoths quickly replaced the Agincourt class, with fifty being ordered after seeing it's efficiency, ten yards getting five each, initially. They rose the Armada on the FP scale to 1.2 million, up to 1.4. Each was individually around 3.4K FP. Most FRV capital ships sat above this line, but it was only so low because the FP scale tends to favor gunsniber lasers. Who can blame em?

Of course, this is all dead wrong.

Although remotely based in fact, this “History” Of the United Republic, is plain wrong. storeh(was bored):https://www.reddit.com/useTherandomanswerecomments/e5vgw0/short_story/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share
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2019.11.07 19:09 salthecrawfish Work/Play PC, 2500 USD

What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games or programs you will be using.
What is your maximum budget before rebates/shipping/taxes?
When do you plan on building/buying the PC? Note: beyond a week or two from today means any build you receive will be out of date when you want to buy.
What, exactly, do you need included in the budget? (ToweOS/monitokeyboard/mouse/etc)
Which country (and state/province) will you be purchasing the parts in? If you're in US, do you have access to a Microcenter location?
If reusing any parts (including monitor(s)/keyboard/mouse/etc), what parts will you be reusing? Brands and models are appreciated.
Will you be overclocking? If yes, are you interested in overclocking right away, or down the line? CPU and/or GPU?
Are there any specific features or items you want/need in the build? (ex: SSD, large amount of storage or a RAID setup, CUDA or OpenCL support, etc)
What type of network connectivity do you need? (Wired and/or WiFi) If WiFi is needed and you would like to find the fastest match for your wireless router, please list any specifics.
Do you have any specific case preferences (Size like ITX/microATX/mid-towefull-tower, styles, colors, window or not, LED lighting, etc), or a particular color theme preference for the components?
Do you need a copy of Windows included in the budget? If you do need one included, do you have a preference?
Extra info or particulars:
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2019.09.09 03:33 A_Piece_of_Fruit Very new to bikes, asking for a recommendation

Hi everyone!
I was invited by some friends a while back to play Pokemon GO around my city, and I agreed. The issue was they had bikes and I did not. A little bit of a run doesn't hurt, but I feel like it would be so much easier to just buy a bike. So I started looking for some bikes. I have seen some cheap-o bikes online from stores and have seen that they aren't very well received. I have been looking for some possible options and I saw that people recommended the used market. I thought I'd give it a shot. Now, I'm not an adult, so my budget is quite low and I can't choose any old adult bike. I saw a Craigslist post where they are selling either a Diamondback Pathway or Raleigh Venture. They are selling them both for $125 each. However, I'm open to other suggestions. My budget is <$150 or so, so the Diamondback and Raleigh looked nice. I can't tell the dates, so that's an issue but both are advertised as 21 speed and 700 Wheels and 17 Frame (Diamondback) or 26 Wheels and 13 Frame (Raleigh).

Any advice? Suggestions? I'm open to about anything.
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