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Trump Organization renewed the domain name — this year

2020.10.24 14:00 autotldr Trump Organization renewed the domain name — this year

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The Trump Organization reregistered the domain name this June, internet records show, suggesting that contrary to President Trump's claims, the company has not necessarily abandoned its pursuit of the lucrative real estate deal that figured prominently in multiple investigations into his connections with Russia.
The Trump Organization has re-upped the domain every year of his presidency.
Longtime Trump associate Felix Sater, a Russian-born businessman whose efforts to build the Moscow tower date back to the early 2000s, told Salon that he turned ownership of the domain over to the Trump Organization in 2015, when Trump signed a letter of intent to develop the project.
Initially envisioned as the tallest building in Europe, Trump Tower Moscow was spearheaded on the Trump side by Sater and former Trump attorney Michael Cohen, and included the personal involvement of Ivanka Trump.
"How stupid can someone be who refutes over and over again the continuation of a real estate project, while simultaneously paying to keep the domain name active? What's more, they're not even bothering to anonymize it, but slapping the Trump brand on it. Hence why I use the term stupid: His arrogance translates into idiocy. Does Trump really believe that the people of this country are ignorant?".
The annual domain registries, and especially the 2015 handoff to the Trump Organization with Trump's commitment to the project, are new dots in a constellation of redemption for Cohen, who, after pleading guilty to lying, has since launched a campaign to tell the truth about his former boss - claims that to date have led directly to at least two government investigations into the president's business dealings.
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2020.10.24 04:25 gnjapp I never thought I would need to expose my self in such a personal and vulnerable way. It’s been about a year since I first realized I was a rape victim.

Year from hell
Let me start by saying I never thought I would need to expose my self in such a personal and vulnerable way. It’s been about a year since I first realized I was a rape victim. Just like many others, it was by someone I trusted so much. After speaking with so many people that have also been in similar circumstances and knowing not one that got justice I felt so lost. I truly felt that it would be an open and shut case once I decided to move forward with charges. When I came to reality that it’s not that simple I thought I could just let it go. Something inside me as the memories and pain that I have suppressed for so long and being certain that I wasn’t the first or only, I realized my internal dialog has forced me to tell my story. No one should ever feel so alone. Hopefully I can be a voice to at least one other. Even better maybe it will inspire others to tell their story also.
Back story.
I moved to Toronto in 2016 and started working a male strip club. I met and befriend a man that was basically my type to a t. Dominant good looking arrogant and a military srgt We got along pretty good but also would butt heads often. I actually found him to be a bit of an asshole as did pretty much everyone we worked with, he had a way of making you see past it I guess.
A year later he ended up having a room available in his home. It was furnished in a nice neighborhood and the rent was great. Not to mention I found him very attractive so I thought why not.
I moved in and from the moment I arrived he was super welcoming. He made a smoothy and said I was welcome to anything in his home and was just all around nice. It was not at all what I expected being that he was not really that type at work and we flirted in an argumentative way often. I was so surprised by his behaviour that it was the first thing I raved about when mutual acquaintances would cautiously ask how living with him was.
The first day we hung out for a hour, he showed me around his place and I drank the smoothy and ate with him. I settled into my room which was on the first floor of his house. Maybe ten minutes later I crashed at the foot of my bed. Not at all uncommon for me though I thought as I’m known for passing out everywhere at anytime. I woke up suddenly about 1 ½ later after having really bad sleep paralysis like never before. Being someone who’s open to supernatural things I got sage and saged the place like crazy. He laughed at me after I told him. 🤦🏾‍♂‍
We got along great for the most part. Always flirting and “ joking” about having a three-way with another gay friend of ours. Never thinking that it would ever happen but still hopeful lol. Typical straight gay friend stuff for me. The part that always intrigued me is that he liked when I had dates over because according to him I would clean my room regularly lol. A few time he would knock on my door to see what I was up to and would peak over my shoulder to see what was “going on”. I would tease him and say I’ll leave the door open so he could watch next time. At some point during the time I lived with him I started sending him videos to which he never complained. I figured since he would come to my door when things were happening might as well give in to his curiosity. At the time I was ok with it.
On my birthday in 2018 I came home around 2ish after being out with friends. I told him earlier that I would be home early. Not that it should have really mattered in my eyes but I came home later. When I went up stairs to the kitchen he was sitting in the living room like a strict father. I was happy to see him at first because he was just in shorts and I secretly joked to my self, oh it’s my birthday and no one is home maybe this is the time. Instewd he asked what I did, and I said sorry I thought you would be sleeping. Then he said what did I tell you about leaving lights on. I was like” uh what??” in an angry tone he approached me and said “You left the bathroom light on in your room!” I was like “ok.. sorry”. I turned around irrated thinking to myself, why are you in my room to begin with. I walked to the patio, closed the door and sat down. As I was lighting my smoke he threw open the door and said. “I won't ask again.” Which I replied “Good.” He stepped out side and said. “Don’t you dare sass me.” I replied “ ok Dad.” With distain. Seemed like a lot of anger for a bathroom light but I didn’t read into it to much past him being his usual controlling self. I went to my room afterwards and text him to never speak to me like that ever again. He ran down from his room and demanded “meet me on the patio in 2 mins.” I replied “nope I’m good”. He demanded I do and I kept refusing to which he called me condescending names that someone who isn’t in control would. I went to bed and didn’t speak to him for a few days.. after this point I pretty much just kept to myself and stayed in my room. I shouldn’t have been surprised as he was always this kind of person when I previously worked with him but over all I still liked living there as long as I kept a distance.
After a few months I start feeling like something wasn’t right in the house. I would wake in the morning and feel like my room wasn’t the same or I remember thinking I had conversations with someone but couldn’t remember who or the details of what was said. On more than a few occasions I asked him if we chatted or if he had someone over the previous night. The answer would typically be that he had stayed at his parents or he was sleeping early the previously night, but generally that he wasn’t home. I just assumed that it was me being paranoid about being in the house alone. Most nights if he wasn’t home either his girl friend or the other roommate would be there if he wasn't so I just let it go. ( See text messages at the end)
One morning I woke up and I felt a bit groggy but nothing to out for the norm. I hadn’t gone out the night before but I had been working quite a bit on a cooking reality show during the week and an tv shopping gig on the weekends. So basically every day was 8 to 12 hours. This day I happened to have off so I attributed the extra sleep to catching up. The weird thing was, I was sleeping with my head at the foot of my bed. Even more strange there was “ body fluids” on the right side of my abdomen and rip cage. When I took my pants off to jump in the shower it was the same thing on my thigh… I thought to myself, 35 seems like an odd age for something like this to happen for the first time? The weirdest part is I felt like I was strangely clean externally in other areas, without going into details. That’s embarrassing enough to share but I don’t know how else to help paint a picture of my thought process.
Things got weirder after the first time I started feeling things were off. We had a door with a coded lock and an alarm code. I told him that I was worried someone was coming in. I asked if I could have the alarm code and if he would mind changing the door code. He kind of laughed it off as I guessed I didn’t ask with enough urgency. The feeling I couldn’t shake so I asked him multiple times the same thing. Each time more serious than the last. During this time I was convinced that someone was breaking in which I told him repeatedly. He gave the door code to friends and neighbours which being the only one two floors down from everyone else made me uncomfortable. Once I walked out of my room and the neighbour just walked in to the house after typing the code in. When I told him that made me uncomfortable he got agitated and said he trusted him. I told him I understood that but it wasn’t really my point. He just kept assuring me that no one was coming in but said he would change it. Never happened. Another thing that I always found very strange is that he would constantly accuse me of not locking the front door. Anyone who knows me can tell you that I lock the doors of even my friends condos when I enter. So much that people have complained to me about it.
Physical things got a bit worse in the weeks to come. Another morning I woke up for work. At this point I was still working about 5-7 days a week. I went to the washroom before getting ready for work. I had to go pretty badly. Not to be graphic but the only thing that came out was not what would expect and more than enough to be concerned. It freaked me out, but more than anything I was confused. Even worse I was notably swollen and torn. I started to lose it but didn’t have much time to process it as I had to be at work early and need to hurry and shower. I wish in had more time to process or realize the severity of what was quite possibly happening. I got to work and after finishing getting the contestants on the show I worked on ready, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I thought to my self, how could something so invasive happen to me without me waking up?? I'm a deep sleeper but within reason. I thought to myself, did someone drug me? I remember thinking I knew where to get at home drug test. That weekend I got it and hoped it would help me sort out what my mind couldn’t.
A week or so later I went to bed like any other night. At some point in the night woke up suddenly to a sharp pain in my ass. I was only awake for a brief moment but the pain was so severe that what ever happened to me previously was exacerbated so much that I was horribly torn. I remember being upright at the foot of my bed feeling a sharp pain. Looking back and seeing a white man standing behind me, I fell and hitting my bed and passing right back out. I woke up the next morning and I tried to pretend to my self that it wasn’t Alex, but I’ve always known it was. I didn’t put this in my journal for the longest time nor have I ever told anyone this quite frankly because I was ashamed that I never told anyone in the beginning. If I had only said this at the beginning would it have changed something? I really didn’t want to believe it was him for so long that I almost block it out. When ever this memory came up I would just supress it.
I secretly (since I didn’t want to lead on that I knew what was going on) started recording voice memos on my phone and IPad to try and sort out what was happening while I slept. I also had Alex to at the have the door sensor beep when the door opened. That was turned off after a few days..
On June 1st of 2019 I had a guy come over. While in my room after a few minutes, I heard my roommate come down the stairs and could hear him outside the door. A while later I walked the guy out locked the door and went to bed. At this point I wasn’t always recording myself sleep but something told me that this night I should. Sure enough something happened. You could hear someone coming down the stairs opening my bedroom door walking in over the plastic desk mat on the floor, opening some kind of bag. There was then a brief break followed by the sound of removing clothing and sexual things happen. I truly didn’t want to believe consciously that and I really didn’t want him to know that I was aware it was him. I knew that his gf was out of town for work and often if that was the case he would say that he would also leave. The next day I confirmed with him that he was home and when I asked if I woke him up he said “lol I wasn’t bothered”.
After reviewing the recording I in a round about way I asked him if he had tried waking me up. He said no? and that he would never just walk in my room while I was asleep. I laughed and reminded him that within the first few months of living there I had woken up to him on top of me to which I screamed and woke up. We attributed that to him thinking I had left and he was turning off my room heater. His girl friend and the other roommate later told me he was very embarrassed by that. So I brushed it off as nothing. Not to mention the whole issue with my bathroom light.
In the middle of June Alex and his Girl friend went to the Dominican for a vacation. Alex checked in and asked how things were going. I said I was good, and asked “how’s your trip.”He told something bad happened on the first day and that he would tell me when he returned. I asked if he was ok and he said he would explain later. That same night I did something specific that should be private. The next day he sent me a text in regards to the details of what I did. This kind of freaked me out and made me a bit paranoid. Keep in mind, I often shared with him the sexual things that I did, however this wasn’t typical for me nor did I even allude to this situation. Knowing what he did for work I thought, is he watching me? Does he have a camera at the door? He was pretty specific, is it in my room? His job out side of bartending we will get to later.
On Canada Day we hosted my two friends to watch the fire works. One happened to be a tenant at an apartment owned by Alex's girl friend. The three of us noticed that she was pretty quiet that night but the night was fun over all. A few days later Alex asked her to leave. Apparently what happened on their vacation a week prior was enough to break up. It was strange though, as they never fought when they got back and they would laugh and act as if nothing happened. I just assumed that whatever it was that happened specifically was no longer an issue. Wasn’t my business so I didn’t ask. Suddenly one day she was just gone.
The way he acted while she was gone was very strange. He would say overly affectionate things and was being way more attentive. We would often exchange massages and sometimes when he was sitting on the couch watching tv. I would lay in his arms and he would cuddle me. I just assumed he was sad since he was hurt by what had happened and maybe a bit more emotional than usual, which he never really showed otherwise. During this time he would always ask if my close gay friend would come by, pretty much every other day in fact. The same one that we already joked about having a three-way with. When he finally did come over we all just flirted as usual on the back patio off the kitchen. We talked about what we would do when the timing worked better. During that time we brought up a gay porn star, to which Alex knew exactly who he was by name and also mentioned a few gay porn sites that we were both very familiar with. We were a bit intrigued as too how he was so familiar. He responded by stating. I know a lot of things. The way he said it was kind of creepy but at this point knowing what he had done to me mixed with his new attention he gave had me like a pendulum. I went back and forth between wanting to catch him in the act of what he was doing to me to have him punished to wanting to know just for the fact of knowing and being curious about it. It wasn’t a long visit as Alex had to leave for work. We talked about meeting up again soon. At this point something made me feel like if we did something consensual together it would take away from the fact that he had already been doing whatever he wanted without my knowledge.
One day about a week after his gf had left, she returned with a friend I guess to pick things up. Alex had said if she ever comes back to tell him as she was banned from entering without him home. To be honest I thought that was ridiculous so I just didn’t acknowledge that she was there. The strange thing is a half hour later he asked if she stopped by. I said “yes I think she did. Did she call you.” He said no but she must have known his work schedule. I asked “ okay, but how did you know she was there?”He said “I just had a feeling she might need stuff.” I was a little tripped out as I already thought he might be monitoring the house in some way. It makes sense to think so given his job. At this point I just let it go as nothing.
During the time I had made plans to move to Spain. I was super excited as I had done everything in Toronto that I set out to do and the business I had my makeup studio in was being sold so I had to close. I also felt like I hadn’t been able to get any physical proof as to what had happened and to be quite honest, at this point I wouldn’t have been interested in pressing charges. When I told Alex my plans to move he seemed upset and told me he didn’t want me to leave. I said well if I ever come back I would see if he had space in his place again. Ever since going on a trip to Spain two years prior my heart was set. I had bought my ticket and set the wheels in motion to get my visa. I also told him im he should buy the salon my studio was in as an investment since the price was so cheap. He was interested and he asked to see it. After giving him a tour of it he told me that he didn’t really have time to own a me run this type of business but that if I didn’t leave he would buy it for me and that I could pay him back over time, but I had to stay. I told him that was very generous but my heart was set on moving to Spain. He said fine and that he was excited to have our other mutual friend move in anyway. I laughed and asked if he was trying to make me jealous based on how he phrased it. He just laughed and said he was joking. It kind of made me worried about my friend that was moving in, but based on how our friendship was building I must have rationalized his actions as my fault and as an isolated incident. He made me feel more and more as though we were good friends. Keep in mind this all progressed from the the moment I first asked him about waking me up the night that something happened in early june. Prior to that we talked and hung out far less. I realized later on, all this new found attention and show of friendship was just his was of trying to create a sense of loyalty to him. Very sociopathic, but hind site is 20/20.
Things while his gf was out of the house got stranger. I recorded my sleep nightly. I didn’t feel the need to review as much as I bought a camera and put it in my room in clear view. The first morning I had it there I caught him on camera coming in my room looking right into the camera and walking out. I’ll explain more about this later. Funny that he never came into my room…
One day we were on the back patio having a cigarette (this is typically where we hung out) he mentioned to me that a customer from Remintons’s would be coming over to have a drink and drop a gift they had bought for him. He asked me to stay in my room until he left, I started questioning more about him.
I asked him how he started his career working in the gay bars. He told me that after coming back from his time in the military deployed in Afghanistan that he wanted a way to make money and knew that it would be easy to get a bartending job in the gay world and make tips without much experience. Totally a fair statement and very true. He told me how the first place he worked was a gay monthy event that was kind of alternative and he made a ton of money working in his underwear. Turned out it was a gay sex party called Bober. From there he figured why not work at the strip club that we both bartended at together called Remington’s. He said he was banking so much money it was crazy. I’ve worked in gay clubs and also worked at Remington’s as a bartender. I didn’t understand how he felt like he made so much more money working at a strip club cuz I sure didn’t. I would say I would average 2-3 times more at a regular gay bar. I asked if that is why he was so persistent about getting a job at flash, a men’s private sex club that at the time he was working at. He said his gf suggested many times he come work at her bar but after ten years working with this crowd he knew how to make money in this environment. I said so you basically learned how to exploit gay people?” joking but more passive aggressively to be honest. He just said” I guess you could say that.” I went to my room and the man bearing gifts from Lululemon came over. He stayed for about an hour and then left. I was then free to leave my room.
By this time I was starting to realize the person I was beginning to trust even after what I knew he had done was hiding a lot. I had always known he loved attention be it male or female, old or young. That on its own means nothing really, but after all of this and him also having visitors over from the male sex club he worked at I had more questions.
I started worrying more about the fact that he was bringing people from that environment to the place we lived. Some of them he claimed to be quite close friends with. I was already worried about other people breaking into the house previously and knowing that he was close with patrons of the strip clubs didn’t make me feel any better. Especially since I knew he gave out the door code to his friends. I even started to think the worst types of things like was he possibly giving access to these people and knew that they were breaking into my room? Was he getting paid for this? I worked in that environment so I know how fringe some of these peoples interests could get. Now knowing that these people were bringing him gifts who knows what could translate too. Since I had no evidence to truly suggest that, I forced my self to stop thinking that extreme. Either way it would be him that’s responsible if that was the case.
One morning I ran into Alex in front of my room. He was cleaning the entry way rug and the front walk way. We had a casual conversation and at some point he popped into my room so I could show him the pull out couch I had rented from him had come apart at the base. I guess I must have mentioned it to him at some point as he brought it up, I actually don’t remember telling him as I was afraid to mention it, being that I was always worried about getting in trouble. When he walked in he made a very obvious point to mention the security camera which was at the end of bed and asked why I needed it. That bothered me for many reasons. 1 I know for a fact that he saw it in my room the day I set it up as I have him on camera looking right at it. 2 the fact that I had been complaining about my not feeling safe for so long and asking to change the door code, and three realizing that he had access to the camera footage at anytime if he wanted to. I mentioned all of these things to him. He swore he had never seen it and that he was never in my room. The weirdest part for me is that he mentioned that I hadn’t had anyone over for a long time. In my mind I was thinking we’ll that’s true. I haven’t more specifically because I hadn’t healed from the trauma my body had experienced. In fact it would be healing and then suddenly get worse over and over. It had been a couple months by this point. Looking back it should have been more of a strange comment to have him mention my sexual activity. As I said earlier though it wasn’t out of the norm to discuss these things.
In mid August I heard a recording of someone coming into my room. I could hear him removing clothes after dropping a bag on my floor. Shortly after I heard a woman’s voice pleading with Alex but using the name Xander, saying stop it and that I was clearly asleep. This went on for a few minutes. He told her that I wanted it and if she didn’t like it she could leave. The sound was mostly inaudable after that so I’m unsure whether or not she stayed or why the woman didn’t stop it from happening. The craziest part was this was the first time I knew it wasn’t only just him. I’m hoping that woman whomever she is sees this. To hear an actual conversation was really terrifing, however the video footage on my camera I had purchased was missing for the time period from when this took place. The camera was triggered by motion and would usually trigger every 30 seconds to minute with the slightest movement or sound. This terrified me as I realized that this wasn’t the first time that there was video footage unexplainably missing. At that point I realized that the video was being erased before I would even wake up. I didn’t even occur to me until months later but he had previously told me that he did monitoring of video and emails for the for the government. Investigating information for cases of people and groups under surveillance. That was when I first moved in. At this point in me living with him two years later, he changed his job description and dumbed it down, making it sound like he was just a person forwarding emails… whatever that means. He said he couldn’t go into much more detail than that. I knew that he was part of the military he was very mysterious to the details of his job within it.
Up until that point I was so torn. I couldn’t decide if I cared about what he was doing or not. Knowing that he was bringing other people was really the tipping point for me. I couldn’t figure out what that meant. Maybe I felt like it was my fault for always being so forward or maybe I didn’t mind as crazy as it seems. Looking back I guess it was I partially because I felt like we had become such good friends and I knew that if he was ever found guilty he would never be able to live a normal life and he would most likely go to jail, but relalistically that friendship only truly developed after my first accusation of him coming into my room. I literally balled my eyes out for what felt like forever. Hearing something and knowing someone had witness it and having confirmation of a name made the realism of it all come out in ways I had never imagined. While reviewing it I thought no one was home and I pulled myself together and tried to brush it off completely. A rational reaction would have been to call the police but I felt like I couldn’t ruin his life. Probably one of my biggest regrets is not dealing with it sooner. I felt like after all the flirting and making it obvious that I was into him that I was basically asking for it. It’s so cliché but I don’t think you can truly understand that feeling until it happens to you personally.
The strangest thing about it was they came home later that night and it was like he knew what I had found out. I went upstairs to cut some watermelon, as usual I offered them some. His gf said she was fine but Alex barked back at me saying. No! I don’t want any watermelon.” Being jumpy already after hearing what I had I just said no problem and vanished to my room. I thought to myself ok I have a trip to Vancouver in few days. Maybe I can make sense of everything while I’m away. For the day’s up until my trip he wanted nothing to do with me at all and I don’t think I really saw her either. He was completely irritable and would avoid me at all cost. I couldn’t help but to think that he must had heard my reaction to listening to what I heard.
While I was in Vancouver I mostly tried to not think about it. I did reach out to the friend that me and Alex joked about having a threesome with. I texted him saying. “Girl you’ll never guess, it actually happened finally, nothing like you would ever imagine though.” Reading back that message is so strange. I think I must not have wanted to think about it for what it actually was. I was being raped. I just couldn’t except that someone I trusted so much would do it without my knowledge. Especially when they didn’t have to.
That same night I went to go to bed but as I layed down I felt a bit anxious so decided to go out for a smoke first. I stopped in the washroom in the lobby on the way quickly. Suddenly I was violently ill throwing up all over the entire washroom uncontrollably. It was awful. All over the walls everywhere. It took me over half an hour to try and clean up. I was to humiliated to tell the cleaning staff. The worst part is the baseboards in the washroom are still damaged. It almost like a reminder everytime I use that washroom of the inner stress I felt about the situation. To become violently Ill was symbolic for me holding everything inside.
Alex’s gf had rented out her condo to a friend of mine at the beginning of 2019. The first day when she took possession, Alex and his gf did a walk through of the premises. My friend called me right after and told me how much she clicked with his gf, saying they were soul sisters. She said the same when she gotten back! It felt great to know as when ever you introduce people in this manner it reflects on you. The only comment that my friend had was that Alex kept trying to linger around the place. His gf kept insisting they left but he was reluctant to. A couple weeks later Alex showed up again at her apartment basically unannounced. He text her before coming up stairs and banging on the door since he could see into her place but she didn’t respond since she was ill. My friend was terrified and told his gf about the scenario. She asked her that Alex no longer come to the place and didn’t contact her. His gf apparently apologized and said it would never happen again.
Months later my friend was worried someone was breaking in. She contacted alex's gf but she didn’t respond for almost a week after, she also said that she sent a video showing someone being in her place while she had been at work all day. The only people with access were Alex and his gf. When Alex’s gf finally brought it up to me, she didn’t seem very concerned but stated that obviously she care about anyone’s safety especially a woman’s and would look into it. Though Alex constantly would show up to the apartment uninvited and the woman living there also had concerns that someone in a black car was watching her in the parking lot across the street. I informed her that they drove a black Tesla. When I informed her of that she looked terrified.
After I returned from my trip from Vancouver I was a little nervous to come home. At this point I had checked the camera while I wasn’t home and I saw Alex in my room with a woman that I had heard about but never officially met. He was saying terrible things about me, it would have been surpring to hear him say such aweful things if had been two weeks prior, however as previously mentioned since the week prior to my departure his treatment towards me had done a 180. I knew that they were leaving on a redo vacation apparently to makeup for their first one going so aweful. I knew it would only be a few days once I was back that we would be around each other so I just hoped that things would be better when they returned.
On the night of august 31st I had a friend come “over”. Being together for about 5 minutes, Alex barreled down the stairs and started to bang on the door. I responded can I help you in an irritated voice. He’s ask what are you doing? Are you home? I said yes can we talk later…? He mumbled and said sure. The next day I was sitting with his gf on the back patio of our house. We had a normal conversation then suddenly she said. I’m starting to worry that Alex is a bit racist. To that I thought ummm ok why?? To be honest it threw me off as he was always very PC when we would talk and was surrounded be people of all races. If anything I just thought he thought of him self as better than everyone. At this point in the conversation, he was just standing on the other side of the sliding glass door so it made me feel awkward. She gave some different examples that were a bit racist but standard stereotypes that you hear from people. After that Alex opened the door and......
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2020.10.23 12:16 NishinosanTV Irene (Red Velvet) Megathread: News, Statements and more

This megathread covers the controversy regarding Irene (Bae Joo-hyun), member of the K-Pop Idol group Red Velvet, and her alleged verbal bullying of stylist/editor Kang Kookhwa.
DO NOT make new posts related to this story to the subreddit. If you have new information/articles, add them to the comments below so they can be integrated into the main post. Mods may allow a new post for a significant change or official announcement at their discretion.
We have a TL;DR and bullet-points to summarize events so far and the table below links to all relevant sources and posts:


Credit to u/lowelled here and u/LilGuzu here for this summary.
A famous stylist/editor (Kang Kookhwa, Instagram u/lookooks, worked a lot with Vogue, GQ etc, previous clients include Amber, Krystal, Ga-In, Lee Hi, Yesung, Bumkey, Primary, Jaurim, Jay Park, Suho, pH-1) posted on Instagram about a client, a female celebrity, who had been incredibly rude to her during a shoot, screaming at her for 20 minutes. She claimed she had an audio recording though she didn't post it. She tagged it #monster and #psycho, which made people speculate that it was Irene.
They went back through her Instagram and pointed out that she’d posted compliments towards Irene before, complimenting her visuals and posting positively about Monster - she went back and deleted the first and edited the latter to remove any mention of Irene which basically confirmed it in a lot of people’s eyes.
Tons of ex and current SM staff liked the accusation, as well as staff from other companies. One backup dancer from Red Velvet liked it and one of SM's former video directors tweeted that he's surprised it took this long for the truth to be revealed. And then the rumours started swirling that it was between either Seulgi and Irene.
kpopthoughts also has a summarizing post.
Extra context: 'Psycho' is Red Velvet's most recent major release and 'Monster' was a recent subunit project with only Irene and her bandmate Seulgi.
DISCLAIMER ABOUT SOURCES: A multitude of claims are swirling around social media. Everything out there should be considered speculative/unsubstantiated unless it comes directly from an official or vetted source. As Mods all we can do is compile and summarize, but we are not investigators or journalists. Keep your wits about you!


20th October, 2020

22nd October, 2020

23rd October, 2020.

24th October, 2020

Cited Sources/Articles

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Industry Insiders Including A Backup Dancer, Video Director And More Allegedly Speak Up Against Red Velvet’s Irene For Her Attitude Koreaboo Post Link 201022
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Herald Pop shares Red Velvet will not be attending the upcoming K-Culture Festival 2020 (2020 한국문화축제) that was originally scheduled on October 24th due to recent events regarding Irene. Red Velvet was scheduled to have an online fan meeting Herald Pop Post Link 201023
Red Velvet’s Fan Meeting At 2020 K-Culture Festival Canceled Soompi 201023
Belle Shao - Chinese Stylist speaks up about Irene (translation in comments) weibo Post Link 201023
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Makeup Artists And Hair Stylists From Red Velvet’s Regular Salon Speak Up To Defend The Allegations Made Against Irene Koreaboo 201023
Red Velvet Irene's big-screen debut film 'Double Patty' discussing delaying its premiere allkpop Removed post 201023
More Staffs And Dancers That Have Worked With Red Velvet’s Irene Step Up To Defend Her Koreaboo Post Link 201023
Cosmetics stores remove 'Clinique' advertisements featuring Red Velvet's Irene after attitude controversy allkpop 201024
Western News Outlets:
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2020.10.23 09:46 BoopBeeBoppe143 Lease Renewal Lien Comment

Hi all, my mom's nail salon lease is ending this October and she has successfully negotiated to a month-to-month lease agreement instead of a 2-year lease. The property manager sent us over a one-page contract. Two things stuck out to us: First, they demanded a full back rent repayment if either the owner or tenant terminates the month-to-month agreement. My parents just opened the shop and it would be impossible to pay back $9,596.00. We will request them to change it to a monthly installment. Second is the LIEN portion. Could you help me explain what this is saying and is this something I should ask to re-word? Thank you in advance.
"Lien: Lessee shall promptly pay and discharge all claims for work or labor done, supplies furnished or services rendered and shall keep the Premises and Property free and clear of all mechanic’s and material men’s liens in connection therewith. If any such lien is filed, Lessee will pay the amount necessary to discharge the lien or bond around the lien, otherwise Lessor may, but shall not be required to, take such action or pay such amount as may be necessary to remove such lien; and, Lessee shall pay to Lessor, upon demand, any such amounts expended by Lessor in discharging such lien, together with interest at the Interest Rate from the date of expenditure by Lessor to the date of repayment by Lessee"

Here's what the contract looks like Besides these two points, are there anything else on the lease we should worry about? Thank you!
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2020.10.22 18:50 quyetnvfastboy Welcome To Queen Bee Nails & Spa

Welcome To Queen Bee Nails & Spa
Located conveniently in Fresno, CA 93720, Queen Bee Nails & Spa is the ideal nail salon for you to immerse yourself in a luxury environment.

Queen Bee Nails & Spa - Nail salon in Fresno CA 93720
Come to visit our nail salon, you’re ensured to experience the best services at affordable prices as well as an airy and clean space. Queen Bee Nails & Spa is always up-to-date with the latest technology and trends in the nail industry. With years of experience, we take pride in doing a great job. Our staff always works with their talent and passion. You would be treated carefully and thoroughly at any time.
Nail salon 93720
Our nail salon understands the importance of maintaining a healthy, safe environment for all of our valued guests. That is why we clean, disinfect, and sanitize all of our instruments and equipment for all services and treatments. We pledge to adhere to the highest industry standards.
Visit us today and experience the combination of luxury and elegance. Our nail salon looks forward to seeing you!

Services At Queen Bee Nails & Spa

Regular Acrylic Nail
French Tip
(whole nails gel included)
Pink & Glitter
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2020.10.22 08:43 Holydust42 Thoughts on fansite previews from LOONA X LieV and fans' reactions

Yesterday, several fansites posted previews of LOONA taken from the LieV VLIVE yesterday, which appeared to be taken through windows from outside. Many fans were understandably disturbed by this, and immediately started accusing these fansites of being "sasaengs" or invading their privacy. Since these LOONA fansites have a history of taking photos of the girls at secret schedules such as this (which aren't listed on the fancafe schedule), this issue has surfaced time and again. It has also been a point of contention between hanbits and wuebits on Twitter, which has led to some nasty stuff being said and done towards each other. As such, I wanted to pen down my thoughts on yesterday's incident.
Fans who oppose the previews from yesterday tend to cite these few reasons: (1) They shouldn't have known about this schedule or their location, since it's not on the fancafe schedule! (2) It's illegal! It goes against BBC's policy! (3) They're infiltrating on the girls' private lives!
I'll discuss these reasons in detail below, before giving my own thoughts on the issue.
1) They shouldn't have known about this schedule or their location, since it's not on the fancafe schedule!
I refer you to the list of such events/schedules which fansites have taken photos at, which I compiled myself. Those marked with a # are not listed on the official schedule, while those without the # are listed, but venue not stated.
As you can see, over the past 2 years, there have been numerous events not listed on the fancafe schedule, at which at least 1 fansite has taken photos.
Note that yesterday's LieV VLIVE was in fact listed on the fancafe schedule. But in order to address the concerns regarding other similar incidents, I'll still talk about events not listed.
Some fans have alluded to the existence of a "hidden schedule", which only certain fans are able to see. Of course I can neither confirm nor deny this, but I'm willing to give the benefit of the doubt here.
But if you don't, my point is that yesterday's LieV was no different from these other events, when considering whether these fansites would have known of the schedule and its location. If you have no issues with photos taken at some of most of these events, then do reconsider your initial reaction to yesterday's photos, and your future reaction to such photos.
2) It's illegal! It goes against BBC's policy!
Who knows if it's illegal? Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. But it definitely goes against BBC's policy, as stated in the Fanclub Etiquette Notice (dated 17 Sep 2019) .
  • 소속사 및 숙소, 연습실, 샵 등 공개된 스케줄 이외의 공간의 방문을 자제해주시기 바랍니다.
  • 이달의 소녀 공식 스케줄은 이달의 소녀 공식 팬카페 내 '이달의 스케줄' 게시판을 통해 안내드리고 있습니다. 공식 스케줄을 제외한 이달의 소녀 멤버들의 사적인 공간으로의 방문을 자제해주시기 바랍니다.
  • Please do not visit these places not listed in the released schedule, e.g. the agency, dormitory, practice room, salon, etc.
  • Official LOONA schedules are uploaded on the "Schedule of the Month" board in LOONA's official fancafe. Please do not visit the LOONA members' private spaces, outside of those listed on the official fancafe. (translations by me)
It would seem then, that taking photos at events not listed on the official fancafe schedule is a clear violation of BBC's explicitly stated policy!
As elaborated under point #1, there are many such instances in the past. Even if the "hidden schedule" exists, it still goes against what BBC explicitly stated in the fancafe notice! Which brings me to my second point, which is that BBC implicitly allows such violations of their policy to happen, time and again.
Photos and fancams of LOONA concerts is something that we, as international fans, depend heavily on fansites for. It's what we hope to see, after experiencing the FOMO of not being able to attend a concert in person. However, photo/video-taking inside the concert venue is explicitly not allowed. Where is this stated, you may ask? Well, it's in the concert fancafe notices.
Meet&Up Concert Notice:
Filming and recording are illegal acts that violate copyright and artist's or exclusive rights to the show under the concert hall. Electronic devices that can be filmed or recorded except for mobile phones are never allowed to be brought in. If the mobile phone in possession is found to be used for recording or recording purposes, they will be immediately asked to leave. If an electronic device that can be filmed and recorded in a concert hall is found to be brought in and used, the data of the tapes, film and memory cards will be confiscated and erased before leaving the concert hall. Audiences are responsible for any damage to the device during this process, and ticket purchases are non-refundable.
LOONAVERSE Concert Notice:
  • Any recording activities and live streaming are illegal against the publication. Any video recording device or recording device is prohibited on the show day.
  • Spreading out any recorded voice or video to the public may cause you to get involved in legal remedy, and may have disadvantage to attend future shows promoted by Blockberry Creative.
Clearly, BBC allows photos and videos to be taken in the concert and posted later on. They do ask fansites to delete photos from their cameras from time to time, but on a whole (especially during the ending stages), it's a free-for-all when it comes to taking as many photos as possible. I have taken photos at the LOONAVERSE concert myself, and posted them as well.
From this, we can see that BBC's enforcement and the situation on the ground differs from their stated policy. Let me give another example.
Photo-taking in the airport past security is sometimes illegal, and was explicitly prohibited by BBC in the Fanclub Etiquette Notice.
공항 내부 (출입국 게이트를 포함한 촬영이 금지된 모든 보안 구역, 면세 구역, 수하물 수취 구역 등)에서는 촬영이 불가합니다. Filming is banned in the interior area of the airport (all security areas where filming is prohibited including the immigration gates, and duty-free areas, baggage claim areas, etc.)
However, at nearly every single LOONA airport schedule since that notice was posted, fansites have taken photos past the security clearance area. This was most notably seen on 191127, where post of the Noi Bai Airport photos were taken inside the departure and duty-free areas. It would seem then, BBC's managers and security haven't enforced this rule at all. They have sufficient manpower and resources (and if they don't, they've had enough time to hire more) to deal with fansites who take photos past security, but they haven't enforced this rule. This is an implicit signal that they're actually okay with this, which is why they allow this to happen again and again.
So my conclusion to this very long second point is this: BBC doesn't seem to be intent on enforcing their above-stated policies. This includes the policy of fansites not taking photos at schedules not listed on the fancafe schedule. That's why this reason for opposing such photos doesn't seem to hold water, to me at least.
3) They're infiltrating on the girls' private lives!
This is a filming schedule, i.e. work, not personal life. In fact, if you take the work/private life divide to the extreme, photos taken of them entering & leaving schedules actually encroach more of their personal/rest time, than photos taken during the actual schedules.
That's not to say that these fansites taking photos of them while they're filming is completely justifiable though.
Filming in front of only the film crew (even if in a public area like the Summer Package filming in Jeju), could be different from filming in front of the film crew + fans. There's less "downtime" when they get to rest for a while without camera attention. There's also more pressure to not mess up, because the control over how the footage/photos spreads becomes beyond the agency/film crew's control, and in the control of their fans now.
This is all speculation of course, and I can't claim to know how the members actually feel about this. Only the members and BBC would know, and we'll just have to rely on them to do what's best for both their domestic popularity and their personal well-being.
Now I'll move on to my take on this incident. I think that some wuebits are overreacting to yesterday's fansite previews, by calling these fansites sasaengs and accusing them of invading their privacy.
However, I think that some backlash is deserved and appropriate, but let's be nuanced about it. To me, what's wrong here is that a select few of these fansites keep showing up to nearly every single event/schedule, even when no other fansites or press outlets are there. For examples, search up these dates: 190426, 190725, 200115, 200409, 200415, 200427, 200518, 200520.
As what I've explained in point #3, it's not really because it "invades their private lives". It's sketchy, because it could be an added source of pressure and stress on the members while they are working.
I do hope BBC does eventually push back on these fansites for constantly toeing the line. However, I think they have sufficient reason to maintain the status quo. Before people go "Kill BBC" in response to this, let me explain why.
Fansites are important to growing and maintaining an engaged domestic fan base, which LOONA has currently. I don't mean the loose definition of "fansites" who post HQ photos of members and sell slogans, but the more specific definition, i.e. those who organise birthday projects, fan support events, cafe events, or even photo exhibitions. These fansites are important to keeping the girls visible to the public eye outside of TV and web broadcasts.
And it just so happens that most of the dedicated fansites that fall into this category are also the fansites that keep showing up at these hidden schedules. Here comes the dilemma for BBC: do they tell these fansites off, which will result in a public spectacle & drama on social media, and risk losing the support of these fansites? Or do they let these things slide, since they technically haven't infiltrated the members' private lives yet?
I believe BBC is making the decision that will benefit LOONA more in terms of their success, by holding off on doing anything now.
Given all of this, how then should we, as international fans, respond to what these fansites are doing? I'll first talk about what we SHOULDN'T do.
Needless to say, the obvious thing is to not start pointless drama or arguments with hanbits. It doesn't help when you don't even know what you're arguing about and when you're arguing against someone who knows more about what actually goes on than you do. The people I've seen spamming the replies yesterday (as well as in the previous fansite mega-drama in May) often make fools of themselves by doing so. Every time one of these rounds of drama happens, what's quite embarrassing is seeing hanbits mocking wuebits for their ignorance in their tweets.
Secondly, "cancelling" these fansites, trying to report their accounts, or getting your mutuals to unfollow them, does absolutely nothing. You can't change/influence how domestic fans engage with these fansites. Burying the problem (by reporting) or pretending it doesn't exist (by unfollowing) changes nothing with regard to their status within the fandom, and the influence they have.
Also, you can't win them at their own game. If we learnt anything about these fansites from the fansite drama in May, it's that they're masters at stan Twitter, and acutely know how to deflect any backlash they receive onto others. Remember how that drama began in the first place? A certain waterdeer was receiving deserved backlash for tweeting racist & homophobic stuff on her account. But with a single retweet, she flipped the entire discourse and focal point of the drama onto an innocent third party: Trust Issues. Same thing for Kiss My Lips, who was facing backlash for not handling her goods shipments properly. She also managed to flip the discourse and focal point of the drama onto a third party: Liptight. Attempting to attack and bring down fansites like these isn't gonna work.
So what should we do, then? I have two things in mind. Firstly, it sucks to say this, but you can't really do much as an international fan. Let the local fans and BBC deal with actual stalkers and people who cross the line. They have dealt with fansites who did indeed cross the line, e.g. take13 and Contact My Heart (allegedly). I don't have 100% confidence that they'll manage to deal with all of the people who cross the line, seeing as relax/KML's 200415 photos are still up, and they seem to be more popular than ever. But I do think that if it does reach a point where BBC has to deal with LOONA stalkers, they'll deal with it.
Besides this, maybe you could consider supporting other fansites. If you're financially able to, why not buy merch from other fansites, and give them a reason to continue supporting LOONA in bigger ways? One of the reasons why these fansites in question enjoy so much support from hanbits (based on my speculation), is that they seem to have a monopoly on being a fansite for some of the members. If there are competent and viable alternatives, I think less people will be willling to blindly defend them against any backlash. I do wish we'd have alternatives, since these people have proven to be quite nasty people through the tweets on their non-fansite Twitter accounts, not to mention what they did during the fansite drama in May. But being a fansite isn't easy, and it's financially straining, so all I can do is hope and wish.
So this concludes my long, long essay on the issue of fansites taking photos at hidden schedules. I hope it helps someone out there think about this a little more than just kneejerk reactions, since this issue is bound to surface again and again in the future.
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2020.10.22 05:21 nico1325 posting for a friend. ASSISTANCE NEEDED (major tw for r/pe)

My name's Kiersten. I'm a 14 year old trans male, and I am so fucked up in the head that I'm surprised I can even think logically to begin with. I don't have long to type this, because I know the conditioning will kick in and I'll give in, give up and go back to just letting them fucking use me. Earlier today, I was sure I heard my dad's clear intent to rape me, but seeing as I'm jumpy as hell around him, he could've meant anything. I need help, and I'm so, so, so, so fucked.

When I was very young I vaguely recall laying down on a bed, in a room with yellow(?) pale walls with a movie playing. Finding Nemo, the little mermaid. I remember what was playing. I think the first time I was sexually molested, by a family friend's grandchild no less, happened there. But after that, i can give you more details, and dates since it really all got bad when I was five. Throughout my entire life, I've been neglected emotionally. My parents used to beat me bad, and they didn't care about how they did it. I remember being threatened with a boot, a high heel one time. After, they'd make me hug them, and tell them I loved them and had learned my lesson. The worst of it is when they'll isolate me. Make me be all alone. Take everything away. You'll come to find that I have spent the entirety of my life being conditioned, and as a toy for the use of others. So, my childhood had no love. I was never shown love, nor respect, nor care. And when a predator comes to see that, they'll take advantage of you.

And who knew that own fucking predator would be my older brother? He has an excuse, I came to find no too long ago after I confronted him. I had gotten my hair done at a salon, and they had cut it too short. I live in a misogynistic family, where women are made to be good wives and clean. It was too short, and my father was to be livid. I was terrified, i was so fucking terrified. I tried to tell them it was a mistake, that I could still be pretty, their little girl, that they'd didn't have to beat me, isolate me. I've always known that my brother had raped me for so long, but my memory has gotten shitty, and I can't even remember muliplication tables anymore. Stupid, seeing as I did my best to memorize them in intermeditate school. Hell, I can't even remember my own name sometimes, my birthday, who I am. I disassociate too often, but it's the only way I stay sane, calm, in a little bit of control. I don't want to lose myself again, because I know I'll never come back.

I was delirious, shaking and trembling, as you'll find me often when they do something that sets me off into a terrified panic. He was comforting me, hugging me and letting me blabber into his arms. But then I broke it, the unspoken treaty we had between us. I asked him if he had been the one to rape me for all those years. He said yes, and that he had thought I had always known it was him. I, at that point, was not myself. I have DID, self diagnosed because how the hell am i supposed to get help here for my inner mind workings or whatever? But for the sake of being less fucking confusing, I'll be just referring to all of us as one, since we technically are when it comes to our body. I was blank, emotionless and in a state that nothing could affect me. I had no emotion, no ties to him, and when he found out he had atarted sobbing. Forgive me, don't forgive me he was a mess. And he was my own rapist. But I took him in my arms, and cooed to him. I told him it was okay, and it was not okay. But I pitied him, after what he told me next. He had been raped too, by our cousin. When she did it him he did it to me. He claimed he didn't know it was wrong, but fuck him. He would research the things he would do to me, the positions and whatnot. He knew it was incest, and he just wanted to get his filthy rocks off to five year old helpless little me.

I had a crush on a boy named Wyatt. I think that's how you spell his name. He used to tell me, "This will prepare you for him. This will make him happy. He'll love you." He had made me do sexual things, taking him up the ass and giving him a blowjob just to play toys with him, to watch a video on his ipod. He was evil, and if him crying before me 6 years later, 6 years of never telling me sorry, of never helping me, was an act: good for him. I don't care anymore, because the little girl he had raped was not me. She was gone, and I was made to bear everything. I held my own fucking rapist of 3 or five years (penetration vs simple molestation) and told him it was okay that he had raped his little sister. Had broken her mind all because she wanted him to love her. He was so mean as a child, a ruthless fucking bully to her. They'd fight, and then their parents would beat the shit out of them and make them hug it out. Disgusting.

Sorry this is so long, but there's so much, and so little time. I'm going to skim through and only talk about the really bad parts. My eldest brother tried to rape me in my own room two? Or 1 years ago. He had came inro my bed after we had played video games together and was spooning me, trying to get me to grind on his dick. By then I was already old enough to know whatthe fuck was going on, was already broken. I told him i was tired, and I wanted him to leave. He didn't force me, and left. That ends all of the made and attempts of sexual assault I have endured by this family. I let my older brother do it for his favor, and because he threatened to use my younger sister if I didn't comply. I am only put together today for her. I only exist to protect her. The reason he stopped is because she was born, and I was so fucking scared. I thought she was next. My father is a sociopath. He is unstable, and has hir my mom and us.

When I was younger, I remember frying, and I remember him laughing in my face and telling me to shut the fuck up. He's mentally ill, and my mother is too. I don't hate them, they have gone trough fucked up shit too. But they knew all of this was happening. They let me be raped. Or, at least, my mom did. Because I tried to tell her. There are two times in my life that I have tried to tell my mother, have reached out to her for help. And because of it, I woke up one night wih my sheets wrapped rightly around my face and throat, door unlocked when I know I lock it at night, and lights on. Tell me, if your child was suffocating, would you turn the lights on before helping them? How did she know i was? How did she get in my fucking room? No other fucking conclusion works than the fact that she was trying to fucking murder me in my sleep, when I had come to her sobbing, crazed and fearful earlier and had begged her to help me, had told her what was happeneing and you know what she said? To keep fucking quiet. She knows that I endanger the family, so she tried to get rid of me. Guess she couldn't do it once I woke up though, not that much of a monster, I suppose. Couldn't see me struggle. Wouldn't look me in the eyes, unwrapped my neck, kissed my forehead, and walked out. Everytime I wake up to an unlcoked door, I know she has visited me in my sleep. The thought terrifies me.

My dad wants to rape me, because I look like my mom. And he blames my mom for his mom's death. He's always calling me beautiful, lookinga t me weird and trying to get me alone. It's no secret he favors me, and I think. I think a lot, but all of that is just speculation. My dad is unsyable and dangerous, but I can only feel the fact that he wants to rape me. I have no proof of that claim.

I think I've said enough. If you wish to know more, I'll tell you. If you want evidence, I'll provide it. Please help me. I want to be free, to be allowed to talk to people and have emotion. To be safe, and have my sister be safe as well. I want to be okay. I want to feel soemthing. I don't want to be a victim anymore. I can't take it. Everyday I get clsoer to dying in thsi place and it terrifies me. I don't want to die, I think. I just want to be free. I just want to be okay. I can't call the police. I live in a very right wing political place where children's opinions don't mean shit, where one word from them is a death sentence, and where even being found out as gay or trans would probably result in more pain. The police know my dad, and are in cahoots with him often. He could pay them, and I wouldn't stand a chance. The legal system in my state is fucked, and the old people don't care about the children. They'd rather let them die than be shown with anything but respect.

I don't stand a chance alone, and I need help. Advice, maybe. Indefinitely I need advice. I was thinking, that maybe if I did get outside help, and it did go wrong, that if people knew, if people believed in me and still wanted to help me, saw me as worth it, that I'd still stand a chance. That the public, as a society could win my case. Fuck the system, the people would help me, y'know? My own generation. That you guys would fight to help me and my little sister get free. That I could ensure that this wouldn't just get swept under the rug, that I'd stand a chance. Please help me, and spread this if you can. I want to take the chance, the risk. And I have to do it soon, because I don't know if I can take any more of this without something really bad happening to me. Please don't let me lose myself. Please don't let me give in. I'm trusting you, so please help me. And if you can't, just spread the word, okay? Don't let it get too far though, I don't want my family finding me and winning before I even start. Thank you for listening to me, please consider all of this. Sorry for the misspellings, and the fact that this is so long. Thank you.

(poster's note: again, posting this for someone else. original link. i really can't do much because of my lack of resources, pls help)
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2020.10.21 06:56 ehhhhelp AITA for asking the salon to redo my hair color?

I (22F), someone who never does anything adventurous, got my hair dyed. I had been planning it for weeks. I wanted to go a natural dark-copper leaning red for the fall. Basically I wanted my hair to match the trees. My style is very... vintage librarian? I guess? I don't like to stand out at all, and I'm very sensitive to/intimidated by bold colors.
So key word: natural.
About a week and a half ago I had a consultation appointment. I was explained the whole process, picked the color I wanted from a bunch of these little example swatches they keep, and set the date for yesterday. All of the staff were very kind and helpful and I really enjoyed my initial experience.
Yesterday at the start of the appointment she brought out the swatch that I had chosen, I confirmed it was the right one and she got to coloring. I noticed right away that the color was very bright, but I didn't think much of it. The dye sat for like a half an hour, and everyone walking by my chair kept complimenting how pretty it looked. With those compliments and the whole experience of dying my hair for the first time, I was really excited.
But after it washed out... it was neon orange.
Neon. Orange.
I didn't really know what to think. It's a really pretty color and from what I can tell it was done well, the color looks even. I had all of these conflicting thoughts racing through my mind, I guess I was still overwhelmed from the excitement of the whole situation? Idk, I have social anxiety and can never admit when I don't like something, and I still wasn't sure whether I liked it or not every time she asked. So I did what I normally do when I'm in this situation: panicked, paid, and left.
Once I got back home and the excitement started to fade, the disappointment set in. It's way too bold and doesn't match my clothes. So not only did I pay $240 for the wrong color (plus a $20 tip), but now I basically have an anxiety attack every time I look in the mirror.
So I called the salon today around noon to get it fixed. The receptionist told me that the stylist was finishing up with a client and would call me back when she was done. Five hours after hearing nothing, I called back again and the receptionist told me the same thing. The stylist called me a couple hours later, and I gave her the tldr version of what’s above. She tells me that because I had confirmed the swatch, it wouldn't count as a fix and the salon would consider it a recolor. Basically I would have to pay for everything again.
I said, "Yeah, I confirmed the swatch, but the swatch had red in it, this is neon orange."
She said she'll talk to her boss about it and have them call me tomorrow.
So this is where I am. I should probably wait until I hear from the boss to post this, but I never get myself into situations like this and am overwhelmed and panicking. AITA for not asking for a fix before I left the salon? Am I being a Karen?
First, thank you to all who assured me I am not being a Karen and deserve to have my hair fixed, you all really brought a lot of comfort to me.
For all those who were wondering, this is what I wanted.
This is what I got. (in reality, my roots are this bright but the rest of my hair a tad duller)
Now, onto the update. I spoke with the "boss" (I'm assuming she's the owner?) and here's a quick summary: She repeated that because I had the consultation appointment and confirmed the swatch, they did nothing wrong. I asked why my roots were neon, she flat out said she didn't know. I said there's no red in here and it's not natural like I asked. She said I picked the most unnatural swatch on the ring. I said it still doesn't match, she said it matches perfectly. I said even if it does, if you all knew that the result wasn't going to be like the pictures I brought in, why didn't anyone tell me? She said she wasn't there so she can't comment on the conversation.
According to her, I'm just too shocked at how vibrant it is and unwilling to admit that I made the wrong choice. Basically she ran circles around me deflecting all responsibility and said I would have to pay full price for a recolor.
I really don't think I'm being unreasonable? I just want to have a darker color put on top. I don't even want a full refund, I did get my hair bleached and a hydrating treatment + the stylist deserves to be paid for the three hours I was there, so I asked for a partial refund to cover the cost of the color or something and the boss just said "We don't do that."
So, I will not be going back. And like many of you suggested, I will be leaving a detailed negative review about this whole thing if they continue to ghost me.
Thanks again for all your advice!
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2020.10.20 15:14 realestatemarketss Brown Ombre Hairstyles - A New Hair Color

Brown Ombre hair is a style that is perfect for those who like a slightly burnt orange color. This is the best color you should rock on your lazy Sundays. Soft yet spicy, you cannot help but feel exhilarated on your day-to-day life with this interesting and vibrant hue. Brown Ombre hairstyles can be worn at any event you attend, but it is best to coordinate it with other colors and accessories to really dress it up.
Brown Ombre is usually worn by women with naturally light colored hair and lighter skin. For this type of hair, it can be said to be an easy, versatile hairstyle that can be worn with just about anything. You will never look out of place in the office, on a date, or any other event, because you can wear this style to any type of event and still look great. One of the best things about it is that you can wear your brown hair any way that you like it. You don't have to worry about the color being too overpowering, and you don't have to deal with dying the color either.
Brown Ombre Hair is easy to maintain and requires no styling products. Since it is a color that stays on its own, you do not need to worry about having to bleach it every couple of weeks because you forgot to wash it well. Since the hair is already natural-colored, there is nothing to worry about. You can even style your hair as you normally would without the use of any product. You may only need a little touch up of your shampoo and conditioner to keep it looking fresh.
Another great thing about Brown Ombre Hair Style is that you can wear it anytime and anywhere without any hassle. You can wear it with a tank top, shorts, skirts, and other types of clothes. There are no rules about where you should wear it, so you can wear it at the office, at home, or even in public. In fact, you won't have to worry about wearing it in an appropriate place either. You will just look great no matter what the occasion is. This hair color is perfect for all kinds of people, from women to men.
The good thing about this hair is that it is not only beautiful and versatile, but also easy to maintain. The hair will last for quite a long time without having to worry about taking care of it. Unlike other hair styles that require numerous products, the color stays natural and does not require you to wash it much. You can also skip the frequent trips to the salon to get it cut. With a simple brush and comb, your hair can be styled whenever you want and still have the beautiful look it had before it went bad.
If you are thinking about Brown Ombre hairstyles but don't know where to start, then you need to check the internet. You will find thousands of websites offering you several pictures and tips about how to create and style the color. This is not only a great way to learn how to style your hair, but also learn a lot of tips on how to care for it once it has been styled.
There are different ways of how you can do it, and you might even learn how to create some of your own styles yourself to save money and still look your best. The important thing to remember is to remember that these hairstyles do not take much time to create. and you don't need to spend much time styling your hair either.
If you want your hair to look beautiful, and you don't want to spend money on special products, then this is a great choice for you. It will give you a beautiful and unique color, which you will never forget for a long time. And the best thing is, your hair will still look good no matter what you do with it, so you will have to keep doing something to make it look good all the time.
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2020.10.19 16:53 flamehead2k1 [Housing] Fairmount 600 sqft Studio Apartment for Rent - $1250 (Utilities Included)

1 year lease starting December 1 but if you want to move in sometime in November, I won't charge for that time. Exact move in date needs to be coordinated with the building. Happy to show to any prospective renters as I live nearby and have decent WFH flexibility.
Pictures of the Space
This 10th floor Studio Apartment is 600sqft and includes electricity, gas, water, and basic cable. Internet is available from Comcast at an additional fee. Lease is for 12 months but would consider a discount for a 24 month lease.
Please note that this building takes Covid-19 VERY seriously. Masks are required in all public areas and there are restrictions on how many people can be in the elevator at any given time. I see this as a good thing but if you don't, this isn't the right apartment for you.
Building has the following amenities
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2020.10.18 06:07 thetorontobot Toronto Daily - Oct 18th 2020

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To that end, use this thread to talk about whatever is on your mind, regardless of whether or not it's related to Toronto.
No matter where you're posting, please remember to be excellent to each other.


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What is the best way to "own" a car for only half year? GOJiong 5
Fellow Torontonians, How Are You Coping (or Not) With Life Under COVID-19? George_PhotoSmurf 0
What is stopping the City from upgrading to LED street lights? Scraggarax 2
what podcasts do you listen? alexefi 12
Where can I get a really fresh lobster roll in the GTA? Digital_tofu 12
Trans-Friendly Wedding Clothes Shops AggressiveMennonite 1
When will the city open lakeshore to traffic permanently? MrBigSlickD 10
Has anyone else encountered this creative panhandler? poonchimp 13
Any good car auctions or junkyards where I can get a usable car? BemoRqy 1
Covid test result from Shopper's mentions type of test? u384756 1
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Is Thorncrest village a good place to live?(Islington Ave and Rathburn Rd) Yeepty 9
How can I get all Amazon purchases to ship in same box if possible Carmella_Poole 5
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Online dating has not improved since Covid MarkFTPark 21
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2020.10.15 20:11 spinnybingle Marriage culture in Asia?

I found this meme posted in this sub about a year ago, and it is so relatable.

("Everything I was told by asian adults and the media growing up")
A couple things that were super relatable to me:
- "Just study enough to meet a rich man."
- "Sacrifice, patience and obedience will help you through your marriage."
- "You don't need dreams. If you marry rich, you will never have to get a job anyways."

I'm an immigrant from S Korea, and I can say that there's such a huge emphasis on "marrying up" in that country. The problem of marrying up is that it often takes obedience and enduring

There's a popular marriage coaching blog, and this guy who claims to have "dated 900 women," mainly coaches women about how to "marry well" or marry up. However bad it might sound, about a year ago, I got somehow hooked and read many articles in that blog. The major themes I remember from his advice are:
- Endure, endure, endure.
- Brace yourself, and "dedicate" yourself to the guy for 6 months. Cook for him, cook hot hang-over soup when he comes back from a crazy drinking night at 5AM, remember small things he says and do it for him. Don't nag him.
- even though you know he sees other women, if you are the "first one," you're still special to him and that should be your goal. Be the one he calls and texts all the time (even though he also texts with other women occasionally.) Do something to make him remember you, or to engrave your existence in his brain. You should have some special weapon.
- Even if the journey is difficult, don't cry often. If you "successfully" devoted yourself to serve his needs for long enough time (like 6 months), then cry and say "I can't endure this further," and the guy will start feeling sorry and feel like you're a woman who can truly serve his needs. Then he will try to attend to your needs a little more.

There are also many women who discuss how to land a rich guy. Below is the translation of one of the comments I saw
“My friend married a perfect guy (job, appearance, height, elite school). She made a tremendous effort. He was not that interested in her and sorta nonchalant, but she tried to “melt” his heart so much. In every date, she went to a hair salon to doll herself up, always elevated the man with an obedient attitude, pretended that she was a good girl, pretended that she isn't loud and active. She submitted to his every single need. … She made a “goal-in” in marrying him."
My friends who "married well"… they all lied a bit (pretending that they love cooking), pretended to be shy and not loud, posted cooking pictures on social media, cooked food and served it to her man; they never strongly confronted their guy; One of my high school friends was wild, loud, and nag-gy like a ‘mother-in-law.' She recently lost weight and became really lady-like, and she married up. I’ve never seen a girl who acted the way they were who married up. Those friends all regret after getting married. Because they failed to meet a guy who’s better than them

A guy recently approached my friend, he's from an elite school and makes great income. But he's not physically attractive, emotionally a bit unstable, and she does not feel any connection to him. Then her friends in that country said: "Marry him. Men are all the same and there's no special one. He's tall, and he must have a good gene because he studied math in the elite university."

A friend told me to focus on marrying a rich guy in the US instead of working hard on my study and work. "What's the point of studying? You can marry a rich guy and have children."

There is a TV show called "Sky Castle" (it's on Netflix) which was mega-popular in that country. One of the main protagonists is a woman who lied about her humble background and married into a rich family by getting pregnant with the guy's baby; the guy doesn't love her, the mother-in-law is oppressive, and she constantly endures her marriage, with her only life goal being getting her daughter into a top medical school.

Overall... is there the same dynamics in the US, or the West in general (Europe, UK)? For example the coaching website thing? I'm wondering whether there's the same dynamics but I just don't know about that. Also, is the dynamics the same in other Asian cultures? I guess China must be quite similar, but how about others?

(I know that this posting might be appropriate for korea, but I feel the sub is quite male-dominated so I'm venting this here instead.)
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2020.10.15 08:20 sadboyforever Post from a eating cum sub... this shit needs to be read on the show

Eating your own cum 2 - My frozen cum experience
It is some time now that i like eating my cum. During this time I found that self cum eating is so popular among many guys out there, unfortunately it is tragic that almost all of us lose the desire of eating the cum right after we get an orgasm (not to say disgust), fortunately - there are many good forum and chat room in which people share ideas and advises how to overcome that barrier. Some time ago I created a post in which i shared my technique and tips for eating cum (available in this link, while I got good feedback from some, there were still others that find it hard to edge in order to eat fresh cum.
While edging is great and is the only way that ever work for me to eat my fresh cum - it is very demanding and problematic technique, many times during edging I could not resist and come, sometime I manage to edge and get cum out, yet the edging made me feel over stimulated and in rush to reach orgasm which ruin the fun of enjoying eating my load.
Because of that, I was keep looking for alternative which allow me to savor on my cum. An old approach I tried long time ago was freezing my load and then before consuming it - heating it to reach the original temperature of cum before drinking it (i even use thermometer to get the cum to 37 degrees to make it as real as possible) unfortunately - the cum texture was not preserved and taste was different (not as thick as when I came but rather very thin).
However - freezing cum has one major advantages which allow me to consume it while i am horny, because of that I thought to give it a second chance yet - with a little twist - taking the entire frozen load on my mouth while it is still frozen. Before doing this for the first time I thought to do a 'dry run' with an ice cube to get used to the feeling of having something frozen in my mouth- so I let an ice cube melt in my mouth while I was watching a horny video imagining this is my load, it got me horny and I though what the hell - let's give it try.
For my first time I want to try this with a big nice load so I haven't cum for couple or days, finally I release a nice load in a cute heart shape silicon ice cube tray and put it on the freezer.
The next day, I enjoy myself with nice porn video, when I was in the mood for eating a load of cum I went excited to the freezer, took out the ice cube tray and gently pushed my heart shape load out, since tray was made of silicon, it was very easy to eject. When it was out - i took a curious look - it was a beautiful big size load, look very thick and it had good smell of cum.
Very quickly - before it start to melt - I put it in my mouth. I was so excited and with anticipation for how it going to feel and taste. At the very first seconds it felt like frozen milk, then it start melting slowly - the texture was creamy, the smell was good and the taste was great, I was so excited from the thought that I got full thick load of cum in my mouth while I am so horny and hungry for it. I kept savoring on it when more and more cum continue to melt in my mouth, it felt like thin layers of thick cum keep melting in my mouth till finally my mouth was full with liquid cum. The cum was warmer now and I kept savoring on its taste and smell . During this entire time I was watching a good old video I liked of Wifey from Wifeyworld in which her husband release an enormous thick load of cum in a Champagne glass and she drink it. I was so hard looking in her eyes when we both have huge load of cum in our mouth , knowing how she feel when having it in her mouth.
I took a big gulp and swallow the load in the same time she did, it felt so hot, she was smiling to camera saying to her husband that it was a huge load, I was smiling and saying the same to myself.
During this entire time and after I swallowed I was so hard. Since I know myself that I might be disgusted from the taste of cum after I come, I took the time till the cum taste and texture completely disappeared in my mouth, only then came to orgasm. As always - I was not in the mood after the orgasm, yet since the cum taste was already gone - I did not feel disgust and it all went well.
I was so excited from my new experience. In the following weeks I kept enjoying myself. During a chat I had with someone on Reddit, I shared my experience and he recommended to check out a CEI video which he though I might find interesting. For those that don't know what is CEI - these are videos in which a girl instructing you to eat your own cum (acronym of Cum Eating Instructions). In the last years - this type of video have become very popular. (Which indicate how many guys into it). In the past, I tried many of this videos with the hope that maybe some hot chick could talk me through and make me eat my cum but unfortunately every time the moment she told me to cum - once I did -I immediately lost the desire to swallow my load.
Despite the fact that previous CEI did not work for me, I open the link for the video I received. The video start with the hot babe introducing herself as Jenny and she will be my cum eating instructor. she instructed me to freeze three(!) loads of my cum, then she ask me to stop the video playback and resume it when I have the loads ready. I pause the video. I was so horny and hard. She had a kinky smile like she know that guys like me will watch this and will actually do this. I wanted to do this. I decided that I am going to enjoy this special event with three big thick loads of cum. To produce such big loads - I haven't cum for three days before each load , the fact that I was so horny and some of the time hard contribute to the thickness and the volume of the loads.
A word about cum freezing procedure for those that think of giving this a try. It worth mentioning that every time after I ejaculate my cum in the ice cube tray I got the same annoying feeling of guilt, that I was doing something wrong and what the hell was I thinking, the enthusiasm is replaced with a thought to call this off and throw the cum away. I was never able to ignore this feeling when I wanted to eat fresh cum after getting to orgasm. However - because I am 'only freezing' it and not eating it right away it make it easier to mentally 'fight' this feeling. In such cases, I am trying not to think about what I plan to do with it , I simply put it on the freezer, close the door and and try to think of something else. In less than an hour that concern will be replaced with a pleasant horny thought that I have frozen cum waiting for me in the freezer.
After nine days of hard work I got three beautiful , thick, big size loads of cum waiting for me in the fridge. For years I liked to watch movies of girl blowing three guys, each ejaculating his big load in her wide open mouth, I always liked fantasizing to be that girl that get to swallow their cum - one after one after one. I was so thrilled that tomorrow I am about to eat three loads of cum while being instructed and encouraged by a hot sexy babe!
The night before, I was super horny but also had some fears. I never swallowed so much cum before. I had three loads ready and thanks to my hard work each was large and thick. I recalled that before the first time I swallow my cum I had similar fear, I encourage myself by thinking to myself that many women experienced that at least once in their life by letting their boyfriend come in their mouth, they managed - so can i! However - this time it was different, it was not single load but three, i don't think that any women that I have ever met in my life have ever or will ever swallow three loads of cum.
To calm myself, I thought that I will simply start with the first load and see how it goes. This is not a contest. If I will be in the mood to continue to the second I will, if not, I won't. I also encourage myself with the though that It also took me some time till I managed to eat my first load, so if not this time then the next one.
The next day - when I woke up the first thought that came to my mind was that today is the day. The entire day - all I could though about was that. I remember that on the my way back from work, in the train - I saw good a looking woman, I enjoy myself with the thought that she is interested and I am saying to myself - no chance baby - I am already late for my date with cum eating instructor and i don't plan to share. I was too hot, I felt I need to calm myself not to have a boner in public till I will get home.
Finally I arrived home and start preparing for the special occasion I have been waiting for ten days. I took out my frozen loads from the ice cube tray and put them in a glass plate. I look on the three stunning heart shape load of with a beautiful color of thick cum. It felt like my private Valentine. I took big smell, it had a great smell of cum. I put the plate in the freezer and went my computer.
I was very excited but I also felt very nervous. I thought that I could use a drink, I pour myself a big glass of wine, after couple of minutes I start feeling that alcohol does the work. I took off my clothes and sat naked on the chair in-front of my computer. To warm up I begun with some classic movies I like: I start with Wifey drink a thick load of her husband's cum from a martini glass, continue with Delia Delions (hot shemale babe) frosting cupcakes with her fresh cum and savor on it. (Shemales eating her own cum always make me extra horny). After Delia I was horny to see girl getting multiple facials, I started with the Skye from get a monster gooey facial from the three guys and for the last appetizer I watched a hot babe having a cum party in her mouth after three guys ejaculated thick cum into it.
I felt ready for my own party. I had a huge boner which i stroke very gently. I open the link for the video of my cum eating instructor. And there she was with her beautiful kinky smile. I start playing the video from the beginning, I wanted to hear Jenny saying again what are the required ingredients. I smile and tell Jenny I have everything ready for our feast. I was so excited, here we go.
Jenny smile and say: "You must be so excited, you have been spending so much time preparing for this video". I was so hard hearing her acknowledging my hard work preparing for our date. She was from the type of the encouraging cum eating instructor which I like to watch (in the opposite of humiliating type). She continue and said : "I hope you are hungry... You should be hungry... that is a lot of protein!" , she got that right, my insistence on not cumming for three days before each load really prove itself and reflected with big thick cumshots.
She continue: "I want you to Imagine that you naked on your knees. Three beautiful women are standing in-front of you, first one is African American named Ebony, second is blond babe named Blondie and the third is red head cutie named Ginger. They are topples, wearing black skirt that reach to their their knees. They start approaching you till they stands right above you, your face is at height of their waist. They lift their skirt and put it over your head in a way that create small tent on your head. You discover they are not wearing panties, instead of pussies they have beautiful soft cocks. Their beautiful 'pussies' are shaved and left with sexy strip which its hair color reveal which one is which".
During this time my eyes was closed while I imagine the picture my instructor describe. Her voice was sexy and I felt so hard. I open my eyes to look at my dick, it was swinging in excitement. I look on the screen and I saw my instructor rubbing her clit. She continue: "I want you to gently grab with your hands the soft dicks of the Ebony and Ginger and gently start to stroke it. Their beautiful dicks start growing in your hands, they are now fully erected, you feel its warmth in your hand. You hear them moaning with pleasure. While you stroking their dicks, you suddenly start to feel a pleasure feeling in your hard cock, you look down and you see the Blondie gently stroking your dick with her feet. Blondie ask you in sexy voice ' what about me?'. While you keep masturbating the two other ladies, you lean forward with your head and put Blondie's cock in your mouth. Her dick is soft, you blow her dick with great pleasure, she start to get hard in your mouth till she is fully erected".
Sucking a shemale cock is something I fantasize for years. Imagining sucking a blond shemale make me remember in one of my most favorite scene named "Shemale Blowjob Service" in which a young fan please Gia Darling (a beautiful blonde shemale) with an amazing long blowjob, scene is so authentic, and Gia get an orgasm in his mouth.
Jenny: "You continue to blow Blondie with passion, she gently grab your head with her hands and move it back and forward with her tempo, each time you manage to get more of dick inside of you till you finally got her entire cock in your mouth, at this instance she keep your head in place where your lips reach the base of her dick, her entire dick completely disappeared in your mouth".
I am so horny from imagining this moment, I am in the middle of the scene with three beautiful shemales, I give handjobs to the black and the redhead while the blond is fucking my mouth and stroking my dick with her bare foot. All three are moaning loudly with pleasure.
Jenny resume:"Blondie is getting close baby, her moaning is now in shorter interval and louder, She ask you to fuck her with your finger while blowing her dick. You stop masturbating Ebony and Ginger, they lie down on bed and start stroke each other boners. Blondie stop stroking your dick with her feet, she take off her skirt and said: 'I want to look into your eyes when I am coming', she spread her legs and wait with anticipation. You lube your middle finger with K-Y jelly and gently start rubbing Blondie's hole. You very gently start penetrating her ass, her hole is so tight! Being penetrated make her release a big moan. You slowly remove the finger and slowly insert it again, it now insert easily and deeply, you repeat this for couple of time till you get to fuck her with you finger. She is now moaning loudly with pleasure from being both fucked and blown on the same time".
My instructor continue :"Baby, Are you ready with our frozen load?, I think Blondie is ready". I pause the video and went naked to go to the freezer to bring a load of cum. I was so horny and hard that I felt like I am able to cum even without touching my dick. I went slowly not to swing my boner to not to accidentally come. I took one load of cum on a plate and went back carefully. I put the plate on the table and resume the video. My instructor resume :"Blondie start to tremble while you are fucking her hard with your finger and sucking her with passion! She look down to your face and mumble 'I am coming, I am coming...'. Now baby, take the frozen load and put it on your mouth, suck that load of cum imagining that it is Blondie's dick and the dissolved cum is her cum ejaculated into your mouth" .
I did exactly as told, I suck my frozen load of cum imagining a beautiful shemale is coming in my mouth, it was so hot, I was so hard while feeding on my cum. Jenny: "Imagine that Blondie is keep coming in your mouth while your load is dissolved, she is having an orgasm in your mouth, while you keep fingering her ass". I keep on sucking my cumsicle, on each suck - the dissolved cum that was in my mouth went down my throat and swallowed. "Did she taste good?" Jenny wink and smile. I smile to myself and swallowed the remaining cum that was in my mouth.
That was amazing. I loved it! I was so horny and hard with taste of cum in my mouth after eating a big load of mine knowing that Ebony and Ginger are waiting for me! I was so thrilled to discover what was about to come next... .
"Blondie lie on bed, she look tired but satisfied ,her dick is soft now, Ebony and Ginger on the other hand are rocket hard. This entire time they were masturbating each other while watching you swallowing Blondie. Ebony tease you and said 'Are you ready for more or you had enough?' ".
All this time I was so hard that I didn't touch myself from the fear that I will immediately come. Jenny resume: "I think you are..., Ebony stand up and slowly in sexy moves start approaching you, she is now standing above you, you are on your knees still having Blondie taste in your mouth. Ebony land her dick on your lips, you now see her dick is huge, you think her dick is too big for your mouth. Ebony say:'Don't worry baby it is not going there", you wonder what she mean by that. Ebony start stroking her dick, she gently flap her hose over your face with a flapping sound, she is hard, you notice a drop of pre-cum is hanging on her penis hole, 'I am going to paint your face with this hose".
Jenny give a big smile :"Baby, I think now would be a good time to bring our second load". The thought I am going to get myself a facial was surprising and kinky, all this time I thought that all three are going to come in my mouth but seem like Jenny have different plans. I pause the video and went thrilled to the fridge. I still had the texture and taste of cum in my mouth from the first shot, I took my second frozen load in a plate and returned excited to my seat, I was looking forward for what coming next.
I resume the video playback, Jenny continue, "Ebony continue to rub her dick on your face, you hear Ginger saying: 'Save a spot for me.". Ebony was ready and said 'I coming baby...".
Jenny continue to instruct me:"Baby, I want you to do exactly as i tell you, I want you to take our second load of frozen cum and place it on your forehead, lean back your head a little bit so the dissolved cum won't dropped on the floor, we don't want to lose any drop of our precious cum. Spread the dissolved cum on every spot that ebony is about to come on your face, OK? lets start...".
Jenny: "Ebony take her huge dick and use it like garden hose to ejaculate her cum on your face. Beautiful white cum start to emerge from her dick, the contrast between her lovely black dick and her white sperm is beautiful, her cum almost doesn't have pre-cum which make it even whiter, it is very thick. Her first rope of cum land on your forehead, it looks like a generous amount of quality face cream placed on your skin. Ebony continue to moan and keep masturbating, she move her cum hose to your middle of your face and release two huge ropes of cum between your eyes and on your nose, these big ropes are too big to stay your nose and slowly start to slide on both sides of your nose and under your eyes. Her fourth and fifth shot land on your lips and chin, Ebony continue to moan and ejaculate two more nasty strings of cum on your left and right cheeks.
During the entire time that Jenny describe for me how Ebony is painting my face, I am following her exact instructions, I placed my frozen load on my forehead, in seconds it start to dissolved, I spread the dissolved cum on forehead, between my eyes, on my nose, below my eyes, my lips, chin and two cheeks. I manage to spread thin layer of cum over my entire face, my face was completely cover like women that just got a face cream mask in beauty Salon. It was so kinky, I still had taste of cum from my first load and my face felt like it just got a monster facial from Peter North. I couldn't resist and I licked a bit of cum that was on my lips.
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After eating my first load and get a facial with the second, I was excited for what come next. Jenny:" Ginger is horny for too long now, she start feeling aches in her balls, she needed to get loss. Ginger put one of her big shaved balls in your mouth, you start to suck it and think about the hot cum it has inside. Sucking on Ginger's ball seem to make her relief, you lube your middle finger and start gently massaging her hole, her dick start humping, she slowly rise herself to get her second ball in your mouth, you start on sucking her second ball and gently start penetrating her ass with your middle finger, that make her release a big moan, a drop of cum emerge from her dick while you fingering her ass, Ginger begin to moan in ecstasy, you look up and see in her eyes she is about to explode, she look back at you and say 'Open your mouth baby and put your tongue out'".
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As I have done on previous times, I cool myself before getting to orgasm. I close the computer and went to take a shower, there I washed the cum from my face and the taste of cum from my mouth, only then I masturbated myself to orgasm.
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2020.10.13 00:45 clarinetist001 Teaching statistics instead of calculus: a different opinion

I hold a BS in Mathematics, a MS in Statistics, and teach an introductory data science course. I've been doing data work professionally for about 6-7 years.
Occasionally, there's been a very popular idea that pops up of getting rid of the geometry sandwich, algebra II, and calculus.
The main points I want to leave you with in the post are the following:
  1. Choosing between calculus or statistics is a false dichotomy.
  2. Math curricula need to keep up with the times by incorporating basic computing skills which can be performed at scale.
  3. Computer science curricula need to keep up with the times by teaching more practical skills that will serve students well in industry.

The False Dichotomy of "Statistics or Calculus"

As someone who has done data work professionally for years now, one of the biggest frustrations for me is people coming out of AP Statistics and similar college-level courses thinking that they know enough to solve all statistical problems in industry.
I TAed and tutored such a class for most of my undergraduate. It's no secret how these classes are often taught: students are taught to
And then, I, as the practitioner who has taken more than one semester of statistics, have to correct the many things that professionals who have taken only one semester of statistics think are true about data, including:
and some further examples of misuses of statistics.
I should also add this is not helped by the fact that many data science programs only require one semester of statistics.
At this point, I hope it is obvious to you, the reader, that I think emphasizing AP Statistics and similar classes, in their current form, is a bad idea.
It has been my experience that one doesn't truly understand statistics unless they've had to work through the theory on their own. Most people do not understand in practice, for example, that a p-value is just an integral and that it doesn't have a bunch of potentially magical interpretations.
So, IMO, this whole idea of "statistics or calculus" is a false dichotomy. I would never trust someone to run my statistics unless they knew how to interpret p-values appropriately, which can either be done through (1) tons of trial and error, or (2) working through a calculus-based course in statistics.

On Math Curricula

The value of my math background, in my role as a practitioner, is the following: when I perform a computation, I understand the assumptions underlying it, and can code it to scale.
Unfortunately, I would not expect students taking Algebra I/II, Geometry, or even Calculus to have developed the skills yet to think about math axiomatically. So let's focus on the coding-to-scale aspect of my point.
The most popular text for Calculus out there is arguably Stewart's text. I've heard from my older colleagues that this text has been used since the '80s.
If math curricula aim to teach better data-related skills, they must emphasize performing computations at scale. For example, I was doing a numerical optimization procedure in my job a few months ago that involved about 200,000 data points. Would I do this by hand? Maybe to verify that a few of the values are correct, but for the whole data set - no.
My wife was a computer-science major who was taking C and C++ while in the calculus sequence. For things like doing a bunch of computations around a point for a function (to learn the concept of a limit), Simpson's rule, the Trapezoidal rule, and Taylor Series, I told her that she should use her CS knowledge of loops, conditional statements, and functions to make the computations easier for her homework. You should be able to perform the computation manually at a small scale, but if you're doing tons of computations repeatedly, why wouldn't you use these basic CS concepts to practice not only your math, but your CS?
This is exactly how math is done in the real world, outside of a classroom. Math curricula need to stop acting as if programming languages don't exist outside of TI-83s/84s.

On Computer Science Curricula

CS curricula aren't perfect either.
In my introductory data science course, I have to spend a substantial amount of time teaching what I would expect a CS student should know: string manipulation (extraction, concatenation, RegEx, etc.), working with dates, using Git, uploading code to GitLab, DEV/TEST/PROD environments, and regulations like the GDPR. A StackOverflow article from 2017 highlights that some of these concepts are new to CS graduates when they enter their first developer jobs.
This is unfortunate. One would think that going through a curriculum would teach practical skills of writing code, such as version control and at least having an awareness of the existence of regulations.
Maybe CS students pick up these skills in their later undergraduate years, but the evidence I've seen of this suggests otherwise. I don't hold a CS degree.


I'm not going to act as if I have an easy solution for these problems I've pointed out. I've had students, when they think of working with data, think that the fact I've suggested they should know calculus before they dive into neural networks is just gatekeeping. I've had students also tell me that they just want ways to perform point-and-click machine learning and data analysis.
One thing is clear though: those who run curricula need to look beyond the hype and think very carefully of what skills they can teach their students so that they can become successful professionals, whether in academia or industry.
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2020.10.12 17:27 Arvorezinho Abolition de la peine de mort en France

Note : Après des vacances dans le Sud Ouest, je recommence à publier en changeant radicalement de thème. Fini l'astronomie et place à l'Histoire. Aujourd'hui, je vous propose un article sur l'abolition de la peine de mort en France, de 1789 à 1981.
Peine de mort / Abolition / Guillotine / Révolution Française / Victor Hugo / Seconde République / 1848 / Maurice Barrès / Jean Jaurès / François Mitterand / Robert Badinter
Le 10 octobre 1789, un député de l'Assemblée Nationale constituante prononce le discours préliminaire de son projet de réforme du droit pénal devant les autres membres. L’article premier de ce projet précise que « les délits du même genre seront punis par les mêmes genres de peines. Quels que soient le rang et l'état du coupable. ». Ce député, médecin de profession, plaide également pour que la décapitation devienne le seul supplice adopté pour la peine de mort, et qu’un appareil mécanique remplace la main du bourreau. L'orateur s'appelle Joseph Ignace Guillotin et on donnera son nom à l'appareil qui répondra à ses attentes : la guillotine.
Deux idées importantes sont sous-jacentes à son argumentation. La première est que si une peine de mort est décidée, alors le supplice le moins douloureux est la décapitation. Et c’est en effet le supplice qui était utilisé pour les personnes qui ont le rang le plus élevé dans la société de l’époque : les nobles. La seconde, qui se situe dans la vague d’égalité qui emporte la France de 1789, est qu’il faut que tous les citoyens subissent le même supplice en cas de peine capitale, ce qui n’est pas le cas à l’époque ; le supplice dépendait du statut et de la faute. Nous avons parlé des nobles qui étaient décapités au sabre. Les roturiers étaient décapités aussi, mais à la hache. Quant aux autres criminels, ils mourraient dans d'atroces souffrances avec l'écartèlement, le bûcher, la roue, la pendaison ou même le chaudron.
L’idée d’un mode d'exécution instantanée et sans souffrance est donc bien accueilli par l’Assemblée Nationale. En 1791, le nouveau code pénal prévoit donc que tout condamné à mort aura la tête tranchée, et que la condamnation à mort ne consistera qu'en une simple privation de vie, sans torture d'aucune sorte. Ajoutons également que le nombre de crimes passibles de peine de mort diminue de 115 à 32, donc si nous sommes encore loin de l'abolition, la peine de mort sera dans les faits largement réduite.
La guillotine sert à exécuter un condamné pour la première fois le 25 avril 1792, après plusieurs mois de tests sur des ballots de pailles, moutons ou cadavres humains. Elle sera ensuite utilisée pendant la Révolution Française, et durant les deux siècles qui suivront, jusqu'en 1977, date de sa dernière utilisation en France. Durant ces deux siècles, de nombreuses voix viendront demander l'abolition, dont certaines très célèbres.
Deux entre elles se feront entendre dès l'invention de la guillotine. Nicolas de Condorcet est alors un fervent opposant à la peine de mort, et pour cette raison vote contre la décapitation de Louis XVI. Loin de demander sa grâce cela dit, il demande qu’il soit envoyé en galère à vie. De son côté, Maximilien Robespierre en 1791 déclare que "la peine de mort multiplie les crimes plus qu'elle ne les prévient" dans le cadre d'un projet de loi visant à l'abolir. Cependant la mesure ne passe pas : la Révolution Française et le XVIIIème siècle abolissent la torture, non la peine de mort.
Nous avons tous entendu parler de la Révolution Française de 1789, mais un peu moins des suivantes. La Révolution instaura la première république en France, puis s'en est suivi une période d'alternance entre république, empire et monarchie. En 1830, une autre révolution remplacera la Monarchie restaurée de Charles X par une nouvelle Monarchie. Louis Philippe gouverne alors la France en tant que Roi des français. Ses prédécesseurs étaient Rois de France, le changement de formule témoigne d’un changement de rapport entre le roi et son peuple. Cette monarchie dure 18 ans et tombe sous le coup d'une autre révolution, celle de 1848.
Que me font ces vallons, ces palais, ces chaumières,
Vains objets dont pour moi le charme est envolé ?
Fleuves, rochers, forêts, solitudes si chères,
Un seul être vous manque, et tout est dépeuplé !
Si vous connaissez ces vers, tirés du poème "L'Isolement", vous connaissez peut-être son auteur : Alphonse de Lamartine. En plus d'être un poète célèbre, il fut l'une des figure de la Révolution de 1848 : c'est lui qui déclara la Seconde République. Pour avoir une république, la révolution mènera à la formation d'une assemblée constituante chargée de construire une Constitution. Lors des séances de cette Assemblée Constituante les questions essentielles d'organisation de la société, et notamment la peine de mort, reviennent dans les débats. Un autre poète, peut-être le plus connu de nos poètes français, vient y faire un vibrant plaidoyer pour son abolition : Victor Hugo. Je vous mets le discours ici, il n'est pas long.
Je regrette que cette question, la première de toutes peut-être, arrive au milieu de vos délibérations presque à l'improviste, et surprenne les orateurs non préparés.
Quant à moi, je dirai peu de mots, mais ils partiront du sentiment d'une conviction profonde et ancienne.
Vous venez de consacrer l'inviolabilité du domicile, nous vous demandons de consacrer une inviolabilité plus haute et plus sainte encore, l'inviolabilité de la vie humaine.
Messieurs, une constitution, et surtout une constitution faite par la France et pour la France, est nécessairement un pas dans la civilisation. Si elle n'est point un pas dans la civilisation, elle n'est rien.
Eh bien, songez-y, qu'est-ce que la peine de mort ? La peine de mort est le signe spécial et éternel de la barbarie. Partout où la peine de mort est prodiguée, la barbarie domine ; partout où la peine de mort est rare, la civilisation règne.
Messieurs, ce sont là des faits incontestables. L'adoucissement de la pénalité est un grand et sérieux progrès. Le dix-huitième siècle, c'est là une partie de sa gloire, a aboli la torture ; le dix-neuvième siècle abolira la peine de mort.
Vous ne l'abolirez pas peut-être aujourd'hui ; mais, n'en doutez pas, demain vous l'abolirez, ou vos successeurs l'aboliront.
Vous écrivez en tête du préambule de votre constitution « En présence de Dieu », et vous commenceriez par lui dérober, à ce Dieu, ce droit qui n'appartient qu'à lui, le droit de vie et de mort.
Messieurs, il y a trois choses qui sont à Dieu et qui n'appartiennent pas à l'homme l'irrévocable, l'irréparable, l'indissoluble. Malheur à l'homme s'il les introduit dans ses lois ! Tôt ou tard elles font plier la société sous leur poids, elles dérangent l'équilibre nécessaire des lois et des mœurs, elles ôtent à la justice humaine ses proportions ; et alors il arrive ceci, réfléchissez-y, messieurs, que la loi épouvante la conscience.
Je suis monté à cette tribune pour vous dire un seul mot, un mot décisif, selon moi ; ce mot, le voici.
Après février, le peuple eut une grande pensée, le lendemain du jour où il avait brûlé le trône, il voulut brûler l'échafaud.
Ceux qui agissaient sur son esprit alors ne furent pas, je le regrette profondément, à la hauteur de son grand cœur. On l'empêcha d'exécuter cette idée sublime.
Eh bien, dans le premier article de la constitution que vous votez, vous venez de consacrer la première pensée du peuple, vous avez renversé le trône. Maintenant consacrez l'autre, renversez l'échafaud.
Je vote l'abolition pure, simple et définitive de la peine de mort.
Victor Hugo ne parviendra pas à convaincre, et se trompera dans sa prévision : la peine de mort ne sera pas abolie à l'occasion de cette constitution, ni durant le XIXème siècle. Cependant son discours restera dans les mémoires et ressurgira à plusieurs reprises dans la longue lutte du camp opposé à la peine de mort. Ce qui est intéressant et que nous pouvons noter dès maintenant, c'est l'appel à la religion et comment Hugo essaie de démontrer que la peine de mort est incompatible avec ce que prescrit la religion chrétienne.
Le sujet de l'abolition sera de nouveau enterré et la Seconde République tombera en 1852, quatre ans après son commencement, lors du coup d’Etat de Louis Napoléon Bonaparte, qui deviendra Napoléon III.
La peine de mort fera l'objet d'une lutte continue de la part de ses adversaires, mais le sujet revient sur le devant de la scène à partir de 1906. Le Président de la République fraichement élu, Armand Fallières, est ouvertement opposé à la peine de mort et gracie systématiquement les condamnés, contre l'opinion publique qui y est pourtant favorable. Cette pratique suscita de vives protestations et certains députés décidèrent de présenter un projet d'abolition en bonne et due forme en 1908. S'en suivra un débat, peut-être le plus connu en France sur cette question, entre deux députés : Maurice Barrès et Jean Jaurès.
Maurice Barrès représente la droite républicaine et nationaliste. Né dans les Vosges en 1862, il a 48 ans en 1906, année à laquelle il entre en même temps à l'Académie Française et à l'Assemblée Nationale comme député de Paris. Il est partisan de la peine de mort. Son adversaire, Jean Jaurès, est l’une des plus grandes figures de la gauche française historique. Il a trois ans de plus que Barrès et vient du Tarn. Il est opposé à la peine de mort, et donc favorable à son abolition.
Maurice Barrès prend la parole d’abord et insiste sur le fait que certaines personnes sont impossibles à rattraper, qu'elles sont trop fortement "dégénérées", "entravées de tares ignobles" pour être remises dans le droit chemin. Dans ce cas, il faut les exécuter : ils sont sortis de l'humanité, alors il faut les sortir de la société humaine par la peine capitale. Le nom de Victor Hugo ressort. Barrès reconnaît par ailleurs que ceux qui commettent des crimes odieux sont créés en partie par la société et ne sont pas seuls complètement responsables de leurs actes, et qu'il faut alors empêcher les conditions qui créent ces criminels. Mais cela n'empêche pas que pour ceux déjà de l'autre côté de la barrière de l'humanité et qui l'ont concrétisé par des actes, il faut la peine de mort.
Barrès déclare également que ce sont les pauvres, le peuple des faubourgs, qui subissent le plus les crimes passibles de peine de mort. Et que décapiter les criminels, c'est aussi protéger le peuple. D'abord parce qu'un criminel qui meurt ne peut pas récidiver. Ensuite parce que, selon Barrès, la peine de mort fait peur et dissuade les criminels en puissance de passer à l'acte. Ces deux arguments sont très courants parmi les partisants de la peine de mort. Et si personne ne contestera qu'en effet un mort ne peut récidiver, la valeur dissuasive de la peine de mort sera largement contestée.
Jean Jaurès arrive à la tribune pour répondre à Maurice Barrès, et commence par résumer les deux arguments développés. D'abord que certaines personnes sont tellement "irrémédiablement perdus, à jamais incapables de tout effort de relèvement moral, qu'il n'y a plus qu'à les retrancher brutalement de la société des vivants". Concernant la dissuasion, il résume que, selon le camp adverse, "il y a au fond des sociétés humaines, quoiqu'on fasse, un tel vice irréductible de barbarie, de passions si perverses, si brutales, si réfractaires à tout essai de médication sociale, à toute institution préventive, à toute répression vigoureuse mais humaine, qu'il n'y a plus d'autre ressource, qu'il n'y a plus d'autre espoir d'en empêcher l'explosion, que de créer en permanence l'épouvante de la mort et de maintenir la guillotine."
Une fois rappelés et reformulés les deux arguments adverses, il réplique que selon lui, la peine de mort est contraire aux deux idéologies qui ont dominé la France depuis deux mille ans : elle est contraire à la fois à l'esprit du christianisme et la Révolution, qui sont, selon ses termes, "ce que l'humanité, depuis deux mille ans, a pensé de plus haut et a rêvé de plus noble.". Selon lui, le christianisme voit en tout homme, même dans l'homme le plus déchu, une possibilité “de rachat et de relèvement”. Il s'étonne alors que tous ces députés de droite, chrétiens pour la plupart, soient favorables à la peine de mort. D'autre part, selon Jaurès, l'inspiration première de la Révolution fut l'affirmation de confiance de la nature humaine en elle-même. "Les révolutionnaires ont dit à ce peuple, asservi et enchaîné depuis des siècles, qu'il pouvait être libre sans péril, et ils ont conçu l'adoucissement des peines comme le corollaire d'un régime nouveau de liberté fraternelle ". A ce titre, on ne peut pas demander aux républicains, issus de l'esprit révolutionnaire, de se prononcer en faveur de la peine de mort. L'exercice d'invoquer les figures de la Révolution, notamment Robespierre, pour lutter contre la peine de mort est délicat, et Jaurès subira les attaques des bancs de la droite.
Ensuite, il s'attaque à l'argument de la dissuasion. Selon lui, elle ne fonctionne pas : certains commettent des crimes par impulsion subite, et ces esprits ne réfléchissent pas à la peine qu'ils risquent avant d'agir. Pour les autres, qui méditent et préméditent, ils vont élaborer des plans, et se convaincre que le châtiment sera évité, donc il ne les dissuadera pas.
Jaurès évoque ensuite la situation des autres pays d'Europe : L'Italie et la Hollande ont aboli la peine de mort, les Belges ne l'applique plus depuis quarante ans, la Suisse fédérale l'a abolie et laisse aux cantons le choix de décider et les Anglais réduisent les crimes passibles de cette peine. Or, ces pays n'ont pas vu d'augmentation de la criminalité suite à l'abolition, donc la peine de mort n'est pas dissuasive.
Le discours de Jaurès marquera la Troisième République mais, comme Hugo, il ne suffira pas : l'abolition de la peine de mort sera rejetée à 330 voix contre 201. La guillotine continuera donc de fonctionner en France. Pour l'Histoire, Jean Jaurès sera assassiné pour avoir défendu la paix jusqu'au bout et tenté d'éviter la Première Guerre Mondiale par une grève généralisée, coordonnée entre les travailleurs de France et d’Allemagne. Son assassin ne sera pas condamné à mort, et même acquitté en 1919 dans un élan de ferveur nationaliste.
Pourtant Maurice Barrès viendra assister aux obsèques officielles de Jean Jaurès et reconnaîtra le talent de celui qui fut tant de fois son adversaire politique.
Maintenant que nous avons mis un pied dans le XXème siècle et avant d'y entrer pleinement, apportons quelques précisions. Pendant ce temps, nous laisserons l'horloge du temps tourner pour sauter les deux guerres mondiales, périodes où les condamnations à mort ont été nombreuses, et pour la plupart entrent dans le cas particulier d'une période de guerre : nous n'en parlerons pas ici.
La première précision est une distinction que nous connaissons peu en France car nous ne l'avons pas faite pour l'abolition de la peine de mort : celle entre les crimes de droit commun et les autres. Pour bien comprendre, les crimes qui ne sont pas de droit commun sont militaires ou politiques. Assassinez un homme pour le voler est un crime de droit commun, renseigner une armée ennemie en temps de guerre est un crime politique, refuser de se lancer dans une attaque contre l'ordre d'un supérieur est un crime militaire. Cette précision est importante car de nombreux pays aboliront d'abord la peine de mort pour les crimes de droit communs, bien avant d'abolir la peine de mort en général. Dans la suite, quand nous dirons qu’un pays a aboli la peine de mort, c’est qu’il l’a aboli pour les crimes de droit commun.
La seconde, nous l'avons un peu abordée au début, est qu'il est important de noter que, même si la peine de mort n'a été abolie que tard en France, le nombre de crimes passibles de peine de mort a largement diminué en 1789 et 1832, suite donc à deux révolutions. Avant 1789, l’avortement était passible de la peine de mort.
Ces précisions faites, et l’horloge ayant suffisamment tournée, arrêtons-nous en 1972 pour le procès de Roger Bontems et Claude Buffet. Les deux hommes se sont rencontrés en prison et construisent un plan d’évasion. Ils prennent en otage une infirmière et un gardien dans l’infirmerie de la prison. Lorsque les forces d’intervention arrivent dans la salle, les deux détenus sont capturés alors que les deux otages sont morts égorgés. Buffet sera reconnu comme le tueur et Bontems comme son complice, mais tous deux seront condamnés à mort. Lors de son procès, Bontems est défendu par un avocat fermement opposé à la peine de mort : Robert Badinter.
En 1977, Robert Badinter défend un autre criminel avec son confrère Robert Bocquillon. L’homme, Patrick Henry, est accusé de l’enlèvement et du meurtre d’un enfant de sept ans qu’il connaissait. Si Bocquillon défend directement le coupable, Robert Badinter s’attaque directement à la peine de mort. Son plaidoyer fonctionnera et Patrick Henry échappera à la peine de mort et aura la prison à perpétuité.
1977 est également la date de la dernière exécution d’un condamné à mort en France. Hamida Djanboudi, un tunisien condamné pour la torture et le meurtre d’une femme de 22 ans à Salon de Provence, près de Marseille, qui sera exécuté dans la prison des Baumettes. Il sera également le dernier condamné d’Europe à être exécuté à la guillotine.
Si l’on regarde les pays voisins de la France en 1981, la peine de mort n’a pas le vent en poupe. L’Espagne, la Hollande et le Luxembourg l’ont aboli en 1978, la Suisse en 1942, l’Allemagne et l’Italie en 1949 et le Royaume-Uni en 1973. Seule la Belgique l’a encore dans son code pénal, mais n’a exécuté personne depuis 1950.
Le 10 mai 1981, François Mitterrand est élu Président de la République, après avoir déclaré publiquement pendant sa campagne qu’il était contre la peine de mort. Il choisit comme ministre de la Justice Robert Badinter, l’avocat que nous avons rencontré plus tôt. L’opinion publique est encore majoritairement pour la peine de mort, mais Mitterrand tiendra sa parole et Badinter présentera en septembre de la même année son projet de loi devant l’assemblée.
Il commence son discours par rappeler les grand noms qui ont appelé à son abolition : Hugo, Camus, Clémenceau, Gambetta et Jaurès. Nous avons eu le temps d’écouter Hugo et Jaurès, pas les autres, mais il fallait faire des choix. En tout cas, Badinter se place dans une longue Histoire. De cette Histoire, il rappelle le rôle précurseur que la France a eu dans l’abolition de la torture et de l’esclavage. Mais pas la peine de mort, comme nous l’avons vu, la France est un des derniers pays de l’Europe Occidentale à l’avoir appliquée.
Mais la force et l’innovation de Badinter sera sa façon de décapiter l’argument de la dissuasion. Argument que nous avons déjà vu et qui ressort bien entendu lors de ce débat. D’abord, Badinter montre que la mort n’est pas une dissuasion, sinon la France n’aurait pas les soldats et les sportifs qu’elle possède, qui n’hésitent pas devant la mort. Les criminels, “emportés par leur passion, n’hésitent pas non plus”.
Nous avons parlé de Buffet et de son complice Bontems qu’il a défendu en 1972. Nous avons également dit qu’il fut l’avocat de Patrick Henry en 1977. Dans son discours, Robert Badinter raconte que dans la foule qui a crié “« A mort Buffet ! A mort Bontems ! » se trouvait un jeune homme qui s'appelait Patrick Henry. Croyez-moi, à ma stupéfaction, quand je l'ai appris, j'ai compris ce que pouvais signifier, ce jour-là, la valeur dissuasive de la peine de mort!”
Le discours de Robert Badinter est trop complet et bien ficelé pour être convenablement résumé. Notons cependant que contrairement à moi, il ne saute pas la période des guerres, ni celle de la décolonisation. Il affirme que “la guerre et l’abolition ne cheminent pas ensemble”. Ce qui selon lui explique le “retard” de la France pour l’abolition. Il demande également aux députés de n’accepter aucun amendement, car une abolition avec des exceptions, ce n’est plus une abolition.
La loi sera votée avec une large majorité : 363 voix pour et 117 contre. La France abolira à son tour la peine de mort le 30 septembre 1981. Bien que le projet de loi ait été initié par la Gauche, certaines voix de Droite se sont jointes au projet d’abolition, comme Jacques Chirac et Philippe Seguin.
Robert Badinter continue son combat dans les pays du monde qui ont toujours la peine de mort dans leur code pénal, et ils sont nombreux : Chine, Etats Unis, Japon, Arabie Saoudite et Vietnam pour ne citer qu’eux. Cependant, en 2019, la majorité des pays a aboli la peine de mort : 142 sur 193. En Europe, seule la Biélorussie la pratique toujours.
Nous avons suivi le combat pour l’abolition de la peine de mort en France de la Révolution Française jusqu’à son abolition en 1981. Nous avons comparé la situation de la France à chaque époque et, si celle-ci a été précurseur pour l’abolition de l’esclavage et de la torture, elle ne l’a pas été pour la peine de mort. Bien entendu, chaque pays a suivi son propre chemin sur le sujet, certains débouchant sur l’abolition, d’autres sur le maintien.
L’exemple que nous connaissons le mieux est celui des Etats-Unis, où la peine de mort est maintenue. En réalité, elle n’est appliquée que dans 28 des 50 États qui constituent le pays et chaque Etat peut décider indépendamment de l’abolir ou de la restituer.
Cet article se termine sur cette considération, j’espère qu’il vous a plu. Bien qu’étant pour ma part fermement opposé à la peine de mort, j’ai essayé de retranscrire l’histoire de l’abolition le plus objectivement possible, et j’espère que, même si vous n’êtes pas d’accord sur tout, la lecture de l’article a été fluide.
Après une parenthèse astronomique pendant l’été et son irrésistible ciel étoilé, j’ai opté pour un article sur l’histoire d’une loi. J’ai encore bien d’autres idées sur le même thème, restez donc à l’écoute.
Lien vers l'article :
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2020.10.12 09:22 doantuankhoi The Fright Stuff tasks list

The Fright Stuff tasks list
Start Date: Monday, October 5, 2020 6:00:00 PM UTC
End Date: Tuesday, November 3, 2020 3:00:00 AM UTC
Tasks for Part 1 (starts at Monday, October 5, 2020 6:00:00 PM UTC):
Color Match 10 Times
Serve Shakes 5 Times
Earn Fast Service 20 Times
Decorate the Salon (Spend 1 key)
Serve the Bucket o' Treats 15 Times in The Fright Stuff Levels
Set up the Beakers (Spend 1 key)
Serve Queenie 25 Times
Tasks for Part 2 (starts at Monday, October 12, 2020 6:00:00 PM UTC, 1 week later):
Serve Spaghetti Brains 3 Times in The Fright Stuff Levels
Serve Flip 5 Times
Decorate the Lab (Spend 2 keys)
Turn on the Power! (Spend 2 keys)
Earn Fast Service 60 Times
Serve Dirt 'N' Worms 10 Times in The Fright Stuff Levels
Tasks for Part 3 (starts at Monday, October 19, 2020 6:00:00 PM UTC, 1 week later):
Serve Pumpkin Spice Lattes 5 Times in The Fright Stuff Levels
Earn Fast Service 15 Times
Set up the Grave Yard (Spend 1 key)
Serve Halloween Doughnuts 20 Times in The Fright Stuff Levels
Set up the Animatronic Ghosts (Spend 2 keys)
Use the Fast Flo Boost 3 Times
Catch the Thief! (Spend 3 keys)
Color Match 50 Times
Halloween Candies amount needed to collect:
Find 150 Pieces of Candy
Find 400 Pieces of Candy
Find 900 Pieces of Candy
Find 1,400 Pieces of Candy
Find 2,000 Pieces of Candy
Find 2,600 Pieces of Candy
Find 3,200 Pieces of Candy
Find 3,900 Pieces of Candy
Full details for The Fright Stuff are here: I would really appreciate if anyone is kind enough to interpret the data I posted in the sheet into text for others to know too.
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2020.10.09 15:09 rightwingnews /u/Omnipiro on Why do Republicans not believe in global warming?

67: Dire Famine Forecast By 1975
1969: Everyone Will Disappear In a Cloud Of Blue Steam By 1989 (1969)
1970: Ice Age By 2000
1970: America Subject to Water Rationing By 1974 and Food Rationing By 1980
1971: New Ice Age Coming By 2020 or 2030
1972: New Ice Age By 2070
1974: Space Satellites Show New Ice Age Coming Fast
1974: Another Ice Age?
1974: Ozone Depletion a ‘Great Peril to Life (data and graph)
1976: Scientific Consensus Planet Cooling, Famines imminent
1980: Acid Rain Kills Life In Lakes (additional link)
1978: No End in Sight to 30-Year Cooling Trend (additional link)
1988: Regional Droughts (that never happened) in 1990s
1988: Temperatures in DC Will Hit Record Highs
1988: Maldive Islands will Be Underwater by 2018 (they’re not)
1989: Rising Sea Levels will Obliterate Nations if Nothing Done by 2000
1989: New York City’s West Side Highway Underwater by 2019 (it’s not)
2000: Children Won’t Know what Snow Is
2002: Famine In 10 Years If We Don’t Give Up Eating Fish, Meat, and Dairy
2004: Britain will Be Siberia by 2024
2008: Arctic will Be Ice Free by 2018
2008: Climate Genius Al Gore Predicts Ice-Free Arctic by 2013
2009: Climate Genius Prince Charles Says we Have 96 Months to Save World
2009: UK Prime Minister Says 50 Days to ‘Save The Planet From Catastrophe’
2009: Climate Genius Al Gore Moves 2013 Prediction of Ice-Free Arctic to 2014
2013: Arctic Ice-Free by 2015 (additional link)
2014: Only 500 Days Before ‘Climate Chaos’
1968: Overpopulation Will Spread Worldwide
1970: World Will Use Up All its Natural Resources
1966: Oil Gone in Ten Years
1972: Oil Depleted in 20 Years
1977: Department of Energy Says Oil will Peak in 1990s
1980: Peak Oil In 2000
1996: Peak Oil in 2020
2002: Peak Oil in 2010
2006: Super Hurricanes!
2005 : Manhattan Underwater by 2015
1970: Urban Citizens Will Require Gas Masks by 1985
1970: Nitrogen buildup Will Make All Land Unusable
1970: Decaying Pollution Will Kill all the Fish
1970s: Killer Bees!
1975: The Cooling World and a Drastic Decline in Food Production
1969: Worldwide Plague, Overwhelming Pollution, Ecological Catastrophe, Virtual Collapse of UK by End of 20th Century
1972: Pending Depletion and Shortages of Gold, Tin, Oil, Natural Gas, Copper, Aluminum
1970: Oceans Dead in a Decade, US Water Rationing by 1974, Food Rationing by 1980
1988: World’s Leading Climate Expert Predicts Lower Manhattan Underwater by 2018
2005: Fifty Million Climate Refugees by the Year 2020
2000: Snowfalls Are Now a Thing of the Past
1989: UN Warns That Entire Nations Wiped Off the Face of the Earth by 2000 From Global Warming
2011: Washington Post Predicted Cherry Blossoms Blooming in Winter
I don't expect all these to be read, You can note the year that these articles are published and when the predictions take place. These predictions are always about 20 to 30 years ahead of time. And they are always pushed about 20 to 30 years further whenever we get to that time. For example the article about New York being underwater by 2019 was written in 1989, it's about time bad data gets called out you can't just make claims, have them be debunked multiple times over decades, and continue to claim that you have credibility on the issue. That's not how science works.
Other things to note in here are certain buzzwords that are not really relevant anymore because it became pretty obvious they were never going to happen. Acid rain, ozone layer, running out of oil, The Earth becoming a solid ball of ice, mass famines, this is all stuff that has scared people for decades, And nothing really comes out of it except more useless government organizations that cram down more useless regulations on the people.
from Omnipiro on Why do Republicans not believe in global warming?
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2020.10.08 06:11 AbigailJones456 Popular Christmas party venues in and around Sydney Harbour

Popular Christmas party venues in and around Sydney Harbour
A good ol’ Christmas celebration in Sydney can mean anything far from the Western standards, mainly because the season coincides with summer and people love being outdoors during the time. And for the majority of people in the city, the pleasant weather during Christmas calls for a time to party. And if you happen to be in charge of this year’s Christmas party, here’s your chance to impress your folks. Sydney Harbour, being one of the most attractive destinations in the city, sees an influx of Christmas party-makers and is a hub of awesome Christmas party venues that might leave you spoilt for choice. Pick any of the below venues to be rest assured of a memorable one for you and your loved ones.
Christmas party cruise in Sydney
Be it a family party or a corporate party, you can hire a Christmas party cruise on Sydney Harbour to host a memorable one. The Christmas party cruises in Sydney brings you everything you need for an awesome celebration, and it’s easy-peasy! The Christmas party cruises are a fleet of luxury vessels on the Harbour that offer a delicious meal alongside sightseeing opportunities and entertainment. Choose from a variety of glass boats, catamarans and paddlewheelers to experience a Christmas extravaganza organised exclusively for you. With fully air-conditioned interiors, spacious dining salons, viewing decks and state-of-the-art amenities, these cruises are an excellent choice of Christmas party venue in the city. Get roving views of the Harbour attractions including close-up views of Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House while feasting on a scrumptious meal that is freshly prepared by experienced chefs. Adding to the excitement is the fully licensed bars on board these cruises that serve a selection of premium drinks and beverages. Choose a drinks and beverage upgrade to enjoy a roving beverage service for the duration of the cruise. With Christmas party cruises in Sydney, you also have the option to have a personalised or themed Christmas party. Sounds exciting much? Book your Christmas party cruise today!
Rooftop venues
There is no better view of the Harbour than from a rooftop venue in the area. 55 George at Holiday Inn Old Sydney is a great place to start with when talking about postcard-perfect Christmas party venues in Sydney. The popular Doltone House Darling Island Wharf is another promising venue with a stunning view of the Harbour Bridge. Some other much-preferred locations include the Quay Restaurant, L’Aqua, Cruise Bar and Harbour 220. Capitalise on any of these excellent rooftop venues in the area for a mesmerising one with your closed ones.
Taronga Zoo Christmas party
Taronga Zoo in Sydney is a popular Christmas party venue that is unique and quirky, offering you a themed event that delivers high quality food, drinks and service. Spend a day with the animals in the zoo to feel close to nature and indulge in a party experience that is worth cherishing for the years to come. Whether it’s a corporate Christmas party or an intimate one with just your family and friends, the Taronga Zoo offers one of the best experiences on offer in the city. The zoo overlooks Sydney Harbour and is famous for the exquisite views you get from the different vantage points at the zoo. Head over to the zoo to promise yourself a ‘wild’ party experience.
As you might know, Sydneysiders love partying and that means there’s always a demand for good Christmas party venues in the area. We recommend that you begin your search well in-advance to the event date to land the best purchase. So what are you waiting for? Jot down your favourite venues and start making the calls right away!
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2020.10.07 12:29 quyetnvfastboy Welcome To Verona Nails & Spa

Welcome To Verona Nails & Spa
Located conveniently in Littleton, Colorado, zip code 80128, Verona Nail Spa is one of the best salons in this area. Verona Nail Spa offers premier nails care and spa treatment services to satisfy your needs of enhancing natural beauty and refreshing your day.
Verona Nails & Spa - Nail salon in Littleton CO 80128
Our salon is dedicated to bringing the top of the line products mixed with expert technique to the nail salon industry. Offering services such as Manicure, Pedicures and so much more allow us to be a one-stop destination for those looking for a complete rejuvenating experience. The friendly staff creates an atmosphere of urban relaxation. We are always trying to be innovative with design and trend, always up-to-date with what the industry has to offer.
Our goal is to make each client feel comfortable and special! You will always receive the best services and friendly smiles from our talented staff. We offer our clients the maximum in style, quality, and customer service. We invite you to experience the difference in our services.
Nail salon 80128
Sanitation is always on top of our priorities. We strictly implement the sanitation guidelines for beauty spa to ensure clients’ safety. Our implements, equipment, and electrical instruments are always thoroughly cleaned and subjected to an approved sanitizing and disinfecting process before being reused. Buffers and files are used only once, then discarded. All pedicure procedures are performed with liner protection. Along with the standard hygiene procedures, all the products we use in the salon are from the most famous manufacturers. That would bring the highest quality services to clients.
Enjoy our wide range of services in a cozy and luxurious environment. We look forward to serving you!
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2020.10.07 04:54 Accomplished_Bug_813 The girls guide to a perfect night out

Sitting in the month after month of quarantine has us dreaming of our favorite gal pals. We are currently longing for the nights we can’t remember, with the girls we will never forget. Girls’ night out has been a time-honored tradition in which girls gather with their squad to dine, drink, dance, and divulge. The good news is that being able to gather with our gals is right around the corner. What better can we do with our time than sit around planning the perfect girl’s night out? The guide to the most perfect girl’s night out is here to help!
Step 1. Who’s invited?
Is tonight going to be a grab your best friend and make it bestie bonding night? Or is this night going to be a more the merrier kind of evening? However, keep in mind to keep the group’s mobility and maximize logistics it is optimal to keep the number of people in your group under six.
Step 2. Synchronize your schedule
As all girls know, picking the date and time for any event can be the most difficult part of the planning. As we get older, our schedules become more complicated with jobs, boyfriends, children, and other responsibilities. Thus, finding the perfect date and time for everyone can be tricky. An easy solution to this problem is using a survey where everyone selects from three dates and times. Once the date and time is selected it is time to pick the place.
Step 3. Pick the event
This the best part of planning a girl’s night out. Is it going to be a bar-hopping kind of night? Is it going to be a tasting class of some sort? Fine dining and drinks? or maybe table dancing at the hottest club? The best way to maximize your options and your time could start by making a schedule. It may sound a little too planned, but it is the best way to optimize your time together with your gals. Make sure to block out time to get together, time to take pictures, time for food, time for booze, and time for music. Make sure to leave time to travel between locations and bathroom breaks to “freshen up.” A little tip to a great girl’s night out is to stay on a budget, so be sure to look into coupons for event deals and free events.
Step 4. The look
Now that the group is gathered, the date is set, and the event is picked; we address the most important part of girls’ night out, the killer look. For girls’ night out you may want to consider getting your hair done at your favorite salon, nothing can make a girl shine quite like a blowout. You may also want to hit up one of your favorite makeup counters, as they typically offer free makeovers with a purchase of some of the makeup, you most likely need to buy anyways. While hair and makeup are great, every girl knows that no girl’s night out look is complete without a new outfit; which is sure to be documented in 100s of photos you and your crew are going to take together. One of the ultimate girls’ night out tips is to utilize a clothing rental company; this way you can look like a million bucks, without spending a million bucks. You can be the envy of all your friends without breaking the bank. Plus everyone knows once an outfit has been captured on Instagram it is never going to be worn again, so why not rent something you can use and return the next day?
While the most perfect night may not exist, when you have your best gals by your side it sure feels like the night is perfect! So, get to planning for all the nights of fun in your future now! A girls’ night out may not be easy to plan, but they are worth it!
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2020.10.02 21:43 brandonso10 How the DEA almost captured El Mencho through his wannabe girlfriend

(Only quoted the most relevant parts of the article.)
“While él mencho grew his empire, Gazzo was busy learning from veteran federal drug agents while helping to conduct surveillance & interviews. By 2012, agents got a tip that a woman from the west coast was bringing illegal drugs to the Gulfport area. A DEA supervisor tapped Gazzo as the lead agent. The agents gave him $16,000. He used it to arrange a drug deal from its lead suspect, the woman from San Jose, Maria Guadalupe Mendoza. What the task force rookie discovered within a month shook them all. Gazzo uprooted the first known case in Gulfport of a drug networks directly linked to el mencho. ‘Never in a million years would I have thought my first big case with the DEA would end up being él mencho and the CJNG organization,’ Gazzo said.
For months, Gazzo played the role of the ‘puppet master,’ telling a criminal informant what to say when he met Mendoza. At first, she sold the informant a pound of meth. Then, she brought in 30 pounds— the largest meth shipment ever in Gulfport. As Mendoza befriended the informant, she began to brag about her cartel connections. Soon, Gazzo and the DEA intelligence analyst John Metcalf confirmed Mendoza was messaging several times a week with él mencho.
‘ I didn’t have any idea this guy was basically one of the biggest cartel guys in the world,’ Gazzo said.
‘I’m sure some (veteran agents) were thinking; ‘get this out of this little rookie’s hands,’ but they let me run with it.’ Gazzo consulted with veteran federal agent Benjamin Taylor, Gulfport group supervisor for Homeland security investigations.
‘This was going to be huge,” Taylor said. It will was going to put Gulfport on the map. Mendoza, who grew up in el mencho’s hometown in the state of Michoacán, dated the cartel leader and still considered herself his girlfriend, Gazzo said, though Él mencho lived in mexico with his wife & children. Agents say in a male dominated drug industry, Mendoza didn’t fit the profile of a typical narco boss. She had a petite frame, long blonde hair and perfectly arched eyebrows. But Gazzo said she ran a cartel cell in the San Francisco area. The more they watched her, the more their investigation revealed. She would have been too high ranking to sell drugs in Gulfport. But something has gone wrong in California, and she panicked. The 43 year old known as ‘Lupita,’ fell out of favor with a powerful cartel plaza boss after someone in her network lost a load of drugs. Mendoza decided to bypass security procedures and broker a large drug deal herself from the gulf coast instead of using underlings to assume the risks. But once she arrived at Gulfport, she couldn’t persuade the cartel’s upper management to send her more drugs. Agents say some cartel bosses thought she was more deserving of a bullet. Mendoza went straight to the top, she messaged él mencho. This time investigators were ready, monitoring her phone & reading the messages. Gazzo, the small town trooper now in charge of an international case, was hoping to arrange an undercover deal for about 50 pounds of meth. El Mencho agreed to send Mendoza 101 pounds...” “Through the informant, Gazzo coaxed Mendoza into moving into a tan brick rental house in the suburbs of Mobile to wait for the big shipment. Investigators watched her every move and monitored her frequent Black berry messages to El Mencho—- rare access to the billionaire kingpin. Agents followed Mendoza around the clock, following her to nail salons, spas, shopping malls. Several times, Gazzo and other agents hurried down Interstate 10 from Gulfport to Mobile, an hour’s drive, anticipating the delivery of the massive shipment. But police intercepted the meth at the border unaware of the ongoing investigation in Gulfport. And there were other delays, with agents growing skeptical & impatient. DEA bosses told Gazzo and his team they were cutting off the lease to the mobile rental house since it seemed the cartel shipment wasn’t going to send the shipment. But on August 13, 2012, the day before the undercover operation was to end, the drugs made it to Gulfport. Agents followed Mendoza as she drove to get the duffel bags and unload them in the Alabama rental home. When she left the house, the police followed her to Biloxi, stopped her car and arrested her. In mobile, Gazzo rushed inside the rental home and found stacks of meth wrapped around in green plastic in neat rows in a bedroom closet.” She opened up about her role in as cartel cell leader. “She told Gazzo that she ordered an ‘enforcement squad’—- a team of trained assassins—- from Mexico to exact her revenge on her american boyfriend, whom she blamed for losing the drug load in California and angering cartel bosses. With Mendoza in jail, agents focused on capturing él mencho. Metcalf had used the blueberry communications to pinpoint Él mencho’s coordinates. After he gave the intel to his counterparts in Mexico, Mexican police & military hustled to organize a secret mission. Metcalf called Gazzo. ‘That was bringing the case to a whole next level,’ Gazzo said. On August 15, 2012, 5 blackhawks & one Mi-17 helicopter headed to the cartel’s compound in Tonoya, Jalisco, a five hour drive southeast of puerto Vallarta. El mencho ordered his men to stay behind and shoot at police so he and his son, Ruben Oseguera Gonzalez—- known as menchito—- could escape out the back, Metcalf said. As bullets rained down, four of él mencho’s men were killed & 3 soldiers wounded. Cartel members cut off roads by burning vehicles. Investigators combed over the cartel compound, finding a meth super lab. Kilos of white powder filled with several industrialized-sized royal blue cats. Police found él mencho’s wife and younger son at the compound, while the athletic cartel leader sprinted to safety. He and his older son hiked nearby mountains for days, messaging for someone to come and get them. Federales continued to search for mencho but Él mencho’s blueberry went silent, his location lost.” ( )
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2020.10.02 17:03 sexualfishpaste Something really terrifying happened to me today.

Something really terrifying happened to me today. A few months ago I was trying out my luck on dating apps. I eventually stopped responding to messages/stopped looking at the apps/and in the end just deleted the apps. Today, while at my job, I saw a man come in and out of the salon without calling ahead, a new rule we have in place due to covid. I figured it was just a random new client that didn’t know better and went about my business. A little while later, I have a client processing and I go up to the front desk to check my books. As I’m sitting behind the desk, the same man I had seen previously walks in the door without calling, again, and walks directly up to me. Man: “Are you Tee?” “Yes, can I help you?” Man: “I’ve been trying to get a hold of you for a while.” “....who...are you?” Man: “I’m Zach, we met on Tinder. And this is where I completely blank and have NO idea what the hell hes talking about. I haven’t been on any dating apps in months. I look at him confused, trying to still be polite. Man: “Yeah, need me to take my mask down?” He pulls his mask down so I can see his face which I still don’t know. Man: “Yeah you said this would be your worst nightmare but I’ve been trying to get ahold of you so I figured I’d just try and get an hour of your time” And that’s when I realized who he was. A man on tinder back in MAY had asked where I worked. I told him I was uncomfortable disclosing that information to strange men on the internet. Once I realized what was happening....I immediately started sweating and my heart was racing. My arm hair was standing up. “Oh...I’m sorry I’m already with a client...” Man: “Yeah they told me I’ve just been trying to get a hold of you.” “....” Man: “How come you never messaged back?” “...I met someone...” Man: “Did you really? Or are you just saying that?” “....I have no reason to lie to you?” Man:” Yeah well next time just let someone know” .... .... .... I never told this man where I worked. In fact, I explicitly told him that I would NOT tell him and that it would be my nightmare. I have no idea how he tracked me down, as none of my social media even had any of the same names-first or last. He chose to show up anyway. I had never met this man. But he felt comfortable and entitled enough to me- a woman he had NEVER MET-to show up at my JOB. Demanding my time? Demanding to know if I was lying about meeting someone? I walked away hot and sweaty and scared. How did he find me? Why did he show up at my job, out of the blue months later? What was this supposed to accomplish? What if I had went on a date with him? What would he have done to me???? Have I been stalked? Yes...yes I have. This man stalked me. My coworker pulled my car around to the front so I wouldn’t have to walk in the back lot. The desk girl walked out with me. I drove around a while before heading home in case he followed me. And now I’m considering filing a report just to have a paper trail if anything else happens. Because what if it does?? But I’m also so discouraged by police and their lack of care/empathy for abuse, stalking, etc. Does it even matter? I don’t know how to end this. Other than to say no matter how safe you think you might be, you’re not. Be careful. 📷Update📷 I tried to file a police report on the man that stalked me at my job. The officer that I talked to said no crime was committed and ended the call with “good luck to ya.” So yeah. This is why women don’t even bother. 📷Final Update 8.2.20📷 Thanks to the attention my shared post has received, multiple individuals with connections to my local police department have reached out to me about this situation. I finally got to talk to someone in law enforcement that took me seriously. A former homicide/sex crimes detective that now works in stalking and harassment. Sergeant Tyson Caroll. A real man. He explained that what happened definitely qualifies as stalking/harassment and I have every right to be frightened by this man and furious with the police for how it was handled. He actually called Zach and had to have a FIFTY minute conversation with him about why what he did was NOT okay. Zach explained how he found me. He used the Tinder distance locater to narrow down the salons near him. He looked at each salon near hims website. Our salon website happens to have bios and pics of our stylists. This is where is gets really weird and to best tell the story I’m going to jump into the exact dialogue detective Caroll used. “Yeah so since he mentioned finding your bio-I jumped on the website just to see exactly how he did it-to trace his steps. Did you know you can’t even see the bios and pictures until you actually attempt an appointment? You have to click on the website, click on make appt, click on what type of appt you want, click on the time, etc before you even see anyone’s picture or bio. It’s about 7 clicks into the website before you see anything. That’s about 6 clicks too many. The effort he went to.” Sgt. Carroll said the man told him he felt essentially slighted/offended for being “left on read” or ghosted. The officer explained to him that even as that might be the case he had no right to stalk me to point of showing up at my place of work 3 months later. The officer said he believes in zachs head that it might be like an rom com where the guy just shows up and gets the girl???? The man is clearly delusional. It took Sgt. Carroll FIFTY MINUTES of going back and forth to make this man understand that is NOT OKAY. Sgt. Carroll told Zach that according to the law I actually have every right to file an IPO against him and Zach had the nerve to ask him to ask me if I planned on doing that and then to call and let him know 📷 Officer Carroll was quick to put him in his place and tell him absolutely not because that is my private decision to make and I have up to a year to make it. So there you have it. For all the incel’s in the comments talking shit, or claiming “a CrImE wAsNt CoMmItTed,” yes, actually, stalking and harassment IS a crime. Because I now have a police report and an upcoming IPO if I so choose. Also, fuck you 📷 For all the people in support, thank you so much. I know I wouldn’t have received the help I finally got without you. Which is ridiculous but huge. I appreciate you all so much. And lastly, to all the women who shared or commented with their own scary stories-and there are thousands of you- I love you. I believe you. I am here for you. Stay Sexy and Don’t Get Murdered 📷 📷 I hope that all of you leaving nasty comments and victim blaming have your shit on lock. Because I have been calling y’all bosses and messaging your moms left and right. Bless y’all’s hearts 📷 I feel so bad for y’all being so bothered by a woman sharing her story!!! I hope you get the help you need.📷
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