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2020.10.28 22:09 TastyBananaPeppers [FULL REVIEW] [4.75 / 5 stars] MSI GE75 Raider 17" vs. Lenovo Legion 5i 17" with Intel Core i7-10750H & RTX 2060 [Lots of Pictures] [Part 1]

[FULL REVIEW] [4.75 / 5 stars] MSI GE75 Raider 17
Quick about me:
  1. First, I bought a MSI GE75 Raider online from Costco and shipped to one of its location to pickup. My laptop had really bad backlight bleed then eventually made some pixels become blurry. I returned it and got a full refund. My first review: here
  2. Next, I wanted to try the Legion 5i 17" because people on here were hyping the Legion 7i. I never had a Lenovo laptop before, so I wanted to try it out. I end up returning the laptop because it got damaged in shipping and to wait for AMD Rhyzen. My second review: here.
  3. Now and finally, I am back with the MSI GE75 Raider again because there's no other laptop in this price range with macro key support and subwoofer(s).
Lenovo Legion 5i - model 81Y8002PUS (prebuilt)
  • 17.3” FHD (1920 x 1080) IPS, anti-glare, 300 nits, 144Hz, 72% NTSC
  • Intel Core i7-10750H (6 cores)
  • 16 GB Samsung Ram in Dual Channel Mode (2x 8 GB)
  • 1 TB Western Digital NVME M.2 SSD
  • 1 TB Western Digital Black 7200 RPM 2.5" HDD
  • NVIDIA RTX 2060 (boosts up to 90 watts and not overclockable)
  • 2x 2 watts side-firing speakers by Harman with Dolby Atmos support
  • White Backlit 1-zone keyboard
  • USB 3.0 SD Card reader
  • 80 Wh battery
  • Intel Wi-Fi 6 AX20
  • 4 years extended warranty
  • 30 day return
  • Subtotal before tax $1614 (included a -$170 web included discount)
MSI GE75 Raider 75 - model 10SE-008
  • 17.3" FHD (1920 x 1080) 144Hz 3ms Display
  • 10th Gen Intel® Core™ i7-10750H Processor
  • 6GB NVIDIA GeForce® RTX 2060 Graphics (boost up to 115 watts and overclockable)
  • 16GB Samsung DDR4 2666MHz RAM in dual channel
  • Western Digital SN730 OEM 512GB NVMe Solid State Drive
  • Seagate 1TB 5400RPM Hard Drive
  • Microsoft® Windows 10 Home (64-bit)
  • Intel Wi-Fi 6 AX201 2x2 WLAN + Bluetooth® 5.0
  • Integrated 720P HD Webcam
  • Killer Gaming Network E3100 (10/100/1000 mbps) Ethernet LAN
  • 2x 3W Giant Speakers + 2x 3W Subwoofer by Dynaudio
  • Steel Series RGB per-key Backlight Keyboard with Anti-Ghost Key + Silver Lining
  • USB 2.0 Card reader
  • 51 wH battery
  • 2 year warranty if bought from Costco + 2 more if use Citi credit card
  • 90 day return if bought from Costco
  • Subtotal before tax $1399
==== Review with Comparison ====
Chassis material
  • MSI GE75 has a black anodized metal chassis with some plastic. It's a fingerprint and oil magnet. They included thin micro fiber cloth isn't good enough to clean them. I found using a thicker micro fiber cloth works better to clean it. Since I'm using this laptop in an environment where my laptop isn't competing against other people's laptop like in a college, the fingerprint issue doesn't bother me. Since it has a metal chassis, the palm rest area for my hands can get warm if my room starts to get hot. This causes my hands to feel hot.
  • Lenovo Legion 5i has a plastic chassis and fingerprint and oil are hardly visible. It's also very easy to clean it. The "Phantom Black" color is really a dark grey.
  • Winner: Lenovo Legion 5i because I like the finish on the plastic chassis better than on a metal chassis.
Sticker Placement
  • MSI GE75 has two stickers and Steelseries badge on the left. There's a big sticker for laptop features on the right. The Intel, NVIDIA, and GE75 Raider stickers are removable. The Steelseries badge is not removable, but it doesn't interfere with hand placement.
  • Lenovo Legion 5i has all the stickers on the left and the three modes stick on the top right. There's also a Windows sticker (not a product key) on the bottom of the laptop. All the stickers are removeable.
  • Winner: Tie because they're both straight. If you want to flex on features, the MSI wins this one because of the GE75 Raider sticker tells people what your laptop has compared to the Legion 5i or any other laptop. The Giant Speakers image shows a total of four speakers but two of them are subwoofers. If you buy the MSI GL or GP Leopard, the sticker shows two speakers and that's without the two subwoofers. If you want the best speakers, the MSI GE75 is the way to go.
Laptop's lid
  • MSI GE75 has a gamer look to it with the two red lines and a white LED dragon badge that cannot be turned off even on battery use. It's a finger print and oil magnet.
  • Lenovo Legion 5i has a clean professional look without any LEDs on it. It's hard to tell if this is a gaming laptop unless you meet another laptop gamer who identifies your Legion laptop.
  • Winner: Lenovo Legion 5i
  • MSI GE75 has 144 Hz with 3 ms response time at 1920x1080p. The nits brightness is not advertise, so I don't know. It's good enough to use indoors. I think it's around 300 nits.
  • Lenovo Legion 5i has 144 Hz with unknown ms response time and 300 nits of brightness at 1920x1080p. The response time is not advertise with this laptop because it's around 7 ms. It's good enough to use indoors too.
  • Winner: MSI GE75 because it has a fast 3 ms response time. The Legion 5i's response time is around 7 ms (or could be higher) based on YouTube reviews. The Lenovo's PDF spec sheet doesn't tell you, which can be seen here (17.3" screen model).
Backlight Bleed issue
  • MSI GE75 has some varying form of backlight bleed. The first unit, I bought had a lot. The second unit had a medium amount, and I returned it. This third laptop I'm using has a little.
  • Lenovo Legion 5i had very little backlight bleed. I had only owned one unit, so I cannot say if it's the same if I got a second unit. Right before, I shipped my laptop back to Lenovo. I attempted the "screen wobble" test to see if it would flex a lot. The screen is sturdy but doing that test created a lot of backlight bleed afterwards.
  • Winner: Tie because this is subjective and it depends on the panel. If you buy the laptop from Costco, Best Buy, and etc. where you can easily return or exchange the laptop, it's not much of a hassle. If you buy the laptop directly from Lenovo or some online store, it's a hassle. If you ask for an exchange, it's going to be a gamble and you don't know if you're going to get something that is better than or worst than the one you just had.
Screen software
  • MSI GE75 has MSI True Color where you can select different profiles like Gamer, Anti-Blue, sRGB, Office, and Movie. You can also customize each one if you want. You can also do App Sync to have profiles change to certain applications and games. You also get free hacks/cheats with a customizable on-screen crosshairs! LOL.
  • Lenovo Legion 5i has Eye Care mode (Anti-Blue) in the Lenovo Vantage and that's it.
  • Winner: MSI GE75
  • Download to see MSI True (8 Mb)
  • MSI GE75 requires you to hold down the laptop to open the lid up. It's not a one finger operation.
  • Lenovo Legion 5i requires you to hold down the laptop to open the lid up. It's not a one finger operation. This also has some kind of protective peel on the hinges. I watch some videos on YouTube about this, and most of them peeled it off For my unit, I left them on because I don't think it was meant to be peeled off and wasn't sure if it would affect my return.
  • Winner: Tie
Battery life
  • MSI GE75 gets about 2-3 hours max. You can fine tune the battery options and maybe push it to 4 hours. It may be possible to get 4-5 hours if you swap the 51 Wh battery for 65 Wh battery that are available in the RTX 2080 configurations. You can set the laptop to stop charging at 60%. It has a battery calibration tool in Dragon Center. This is designed to be plugged into an outlet.
  • Lenovo Legion 5i gets up to 7 hours on battery with a 80 Wh battery. Keep in mind, if you buy the 15.6" model, you only get 60 Wh and get around 4-5 hours. If you want the 80 Wh battery, you have to customize the laptop to get it resulting in a one month plus waiting time. You also get fast charging with 50% battery within 30 minutes and a full battery takes about 2-3 hours total. You also can stop charging at 60% too. The charging cable is designed to be easily inserted and removed.
  • Winner: Lenovo Legion 5i
Keyboard for typing and gaming
  • MSI GE75 requires a little more force to press down on the keys. There's a tactile bump. The F1 to F12 keys are not aligned with the number keys and requires more time to adjust to them. This is a personal issue for me.
  • Lenovo Legion 5i requires less force to press down on the keys. I feel like I type faster on this keyboard than on the MSI GE75 laptop. This laptop has an anti-finger oil coating on the keys which provides excellent finger tip grip. It's a lot quicker to get use to because the F1 to F12 keys are aligned with the number keys.
  • Winner: Lenovo Legion 5i
Windows key
  • MSI GE75 doesn't have the Windows key on the left side but only has a Fn and wider CTRL key. The Windows key is on the right side. If you need the Windows key on the left side, you can switch Fn to Windows key through the Dragon Center. If you accidentally press the Fn key, you aren't going to die in your game.
  • Lenovo Legion 5i's Windows key cannot be disabled. If you want to disable it, you have to rely on your game or use a third party application to do it.
  • Winner: MSI GE75
Power and Status LED's
  • MSI GE75 has tiny LED's for the Power and Caps Lock. There's no LED for the Num Lock key. The HDD status LED's are in the front of the laptop. They can be covered up, so they don't appear when you lean back in your chair.
  • Lenovo Legion 5i has LED's for the Power, Fn, Caps Lock, and Num Lock. You cannot adjust the brightness of these LED's. The Power button is always on. The Fn, Caps Lock, and Num Lock LED's are pretty bright. I find this to be annoying especially, since I use the number pad for work and games usually with a trainer in single player games. The status LED's are on the right and back side of the laptop.
  • Winner: MSI GE75 because the LED's aren't distracting like on the Lenovo Legion 5i. I could cut a piece of masking tape to place over the the LED's, but it doesn't look too good. The tape will eventually slide off and leaving a sticky residue. Painting over it is a better solution but might void Lenovo's warranty.
Backlit Keyboard
  • MSI GE75 has RGB per key. The color isn't spot on during the day time, but it's color accurate at night. It's there if you want it. You can customize your different patterns and all that shit. You can use Fn+1 to 0 for the different customizable RGB profiles. If you're not a fan of RGB stuff, you can disable it. It will never turn back on until you press your SteelSeries button or Fn combo keys to turn it on when you need it. You also have to remember to turn it back off before you shut down your laptop or it will be on the next time you turn your laptop on. There are four brightness settings 0%, 33%, 66%, and 100%. I have mines set to 33% GREEN.
  • SteelSeries bonus: You also can install additional keyboard apps/feature like Audio Visualizer where it shows the spectrum on your keyboard when you listen to music from music player app and YouTube music video. There are stuff for games too.
  • Lenovo Legion 5i has one zone white LED. You have to press Fn+Backspace to turn it on. It goes from 0% to 50% to 100%. Every time I turned on the laptop, the backlit keyboard would turn on then turn off automatically. If you leave the backlit on before you shutdown the laptop, the next time you turn on the laptop, the backlit keyboard will be on. White is for everyone while on some other laptops you get Red as the only option.
  • Winner: MSI GE75 because you turn off the backlit keyboard and it always stays off, and you get a million ways to customize it. If you're into RGB keyboard, you'll love the customization that SteelSeries offers to you. You can change which effect and how you want it to Fn+Number combo keys. The Fn+Number combo keys can be reprogram to do a specific customized RGB effect along with your own set of macros within that certain Fn combo key.
  • Download to see SteelSeries RGB Keyboard (15 Mb)
Macro support
  • MSI GE75 has Steel Series keyboard software with full macro support. This is what you can do along with an example. You can do much, much more than I wrote here. You should check out the screenshots in the ZIP. There are some games that do not allow you to use a macro.
    • Text macro with delays = press a button to type your 30 character with symbols password
    • Action macro with delays = press a key to cast 3 pre-buff spells in an RPG
    • Media keys = set Scroll Lock to "next song" and Pause to "play/pause"
    • Keyboard button = remap 1 to 0 to do only symbols without having to hold Shift
    • Mouse buttons = remap keys to do left, middle, and right clicks
    • Launch Applications = remap keys like Fn+2 (or any other keys) to open VPN app
    • Launch Configurations = customized RGB effects and macros profile
    • Launch Engine Apps = remap keys to open SteelSeries keyboard apps
    • OS Shortcuts - Common, Mac OS, and Windows = remap keys to do copy and paste
  • Lenovo Legion 5i has no macro support despite it being listed in the Lenovo Vantage software. I asked directly on their Lenovo Forums, and they told me it's not available.
  • Winner: MSI GE75 because the macro keys speed up your workflow. If you find yourself repeating certain actions multiple times and wonder if you could do all of the that with one press of a button, it can happen with a macro.
  • Download to see SteelSeries (24 Mb)
Touch pad
  • MSI GE75 has dedicated left and right click buttons. There are some gaps in the left and right click buttons. The red trim around the touch pad is meh. The touch pad will be on in the BIOS regardless if you have it disabled in Windows. At night, I can see the flashing white status LEDS through gaps in the touch pad area.
  • Lenovo Legion 5i doesn't have dedicated left and right click buttons. The area to left click is much larger than the right click area. I'm not sure if it's normal or not, but I found that strange. This is my first kind of laptop with this experience. If you turn off the touch pad and decide to go into the BIOS, the touch pad is still disabled. You would need to boot into Windows to turn on the touch pad before you can go into the BIOS to use the touch pad.
  • Winner: Tie because they both can stay permanently off with the Fn combo keys. If you need to use it, you just turn it back on. Forget about the palm rejection thing.
Webcam & Microphone
  • MSI GE75 has a webcam that works. You can disable it by doing Fn+F6 or in the Dragon Center. The microphone cancels out laptop fan noise and any other background noise like my HVAC, lawn mowers, air plane flying over, and etc.
  • Lenovo Legion 5i has a webcam with a privacy cover slide. It can be hard to slide if you trim your nails. You can also disable it by the Fn combo keys and into the Lenovo Vantage battery icon. You can also change your webcam settings in Lenovo Vantage.
  • Winner: Tie. I didn't have the chance to test out the microphone in a virtual meeting with the Legion 5i, so I don't know if that microphone will cancel out background noise.
  • MSI GE75 has them on the sides of the laptop.
  • Lenovo Legion 5i has them mostly on the back.
  • Winner: Tie
SD Card Reader
  • MSI GE75 has a USB 2.0 SD Card reader. You insert the SD card, and it clicks in. You press in on it then it clicks again to eject the SD card.
  • Lenovo Legion 5i has a USB 3.0 Card reader. You insert the SD card and pull it out. There's no clicking mechanism.
  • Winner: Lenovo Legion 5i because it's just faster.
Headphone/Microphone jack(s)
  • MSI GE75 has separate headphone and microphone jacks with ESS Sabre HiFi DAC.
  • Lenovo Legion 5i has combo headphone and microphone jack with Dolby Atmos. This make it convenient since all smartphones and tablets (that still have them) have a combo jack.
  • Winner: MSI GE75 because the HiFi DAC is compatible with any earbuds or headphones you plug in. The Dolby Atmos requires a certified Dolby Atmos product to get the most out of it.
  • MSI GE75 has 2x 3 Watts Giant Speakers and 2x 3 Watts Subwoofers, but they are down firing speakers. On loud volume, I can feel the vibrations on the chassis. It's free massage for the palm of my left hand. This might be a driver or Windows problem but once in awhile, I hear my speaker make a popping sound. Playing COD:MW with the fans at 80%, which is loud. The volume at 20% easily over powers the fan noise. It sounds fucking amazing. If you listen to music, it's going to be a concert in your room. This is like having desktop 2.1 speakers built into the laptop.
  • Lenovo Legion 5i has 2x 2W Harman Kardon speaker system that are coming out from the side of the laptop. This speakers are good enough if you never experience something better.
  • Winner: MSI GE75 has set the bar really high for sound quality especially for including subwoofers in a 17.3" laptop chassis. Most YouTubers say the Macbook has the best laptop speakers, they're wrong. I don't own a Macbook, but I'm going to correct them. They should say, "The macbook has the best 2.0 stereo speakers." Any laptop with a subwoofer (or two) has the best sounding speakers of any laptop. Nothing beats having a desktop 2.1 speaker system built into their laptop.
Sound Software
  • MSI GE75 has Nahimic with an Equalizer. If you don't like this, you can simply turn off the effects and rely on Realtek sound manager. The realtek sound manager doesn't have an equalizer to tweak.
  • Lenovo Legion 5i has Dolby Atmos with an Equalizer. If you don't like this, you have to uninstall it.
  • Winner: MSI GE75 because you're getting subwoofers, everything sounds better with the Nahimic application. I'm not a sound expert, but I found it easy to adjust. Since the Legion 5i has no subwoofers, all the music types I listen to like Pop, Dance, Trance, Hip Hop, Rap, Classical, Soundtracks, and etc. sounded weird to me like it was missing something (bass).
  • Download to see MSI (5 Mb) and MSI (1 Mb) or Lenovo Dolby Atmos (1 Mb)

Since my original post was too long, I couldn't reduce it to fit everything in one post. To continue reading, please go to this link:
submitted by TastyBananaPeppers to GamingLaptops [link] [comments]

2020.10.28 21:37 eboov quest diagnostic experience anyone?

has anyone done drug testing through quest diagnostics anywhere for marijuana? i’m wondering if they do simple urinalysis and just how sensitive (not sure if right word) it is, for context i barely passed one of the nice ass drug tests they sell at CVS and i’m just scared that the thc pickup will be different at quest idk, i haven’t smoked since october 11th i’m a pretty small girl with low fat content and fast metabolism it’s for court and i feel like i’m going to die of anxiety if anyone can ease that or affirm it it would be much appreciated i might still buy a detox drink i have no idea i’m a mess typing this right now pls help friendly people of reddit
submitted by eboov to drugtesthelp [link] [comments]

2020.10.28 21:18 ar_david_hh Oct/28/2020 news wrap-up:\\ War in Artsakh (Karabakh) \\ Azerbaijan bombs birth clinic & civilians \\ battlefield news; analysis; videos \\ hill retaken \\ Artsakh's recognition \\ jihadists hired by Azerb. \\ international response & diplomacy \\ demonstrations & donations \\ economy \\ world media

some media for your consumption before the news

MoD spokeswoman Shushan Stepanyan has garnered an army of fanboys on Twitter:
A video of soldiers in the northern front reading letters and drawings sent by children:

Image showing the human rights and press freedoms in Armenia vs Azerbaijan

more reports about Syrian jihadists recruited by Azerbaijan and Turkey

Syrian organization SOHR has learned about Turkey's recruitment of 300 more jihadists for the Azerbaijani army. However, "there are now problems with the recruitment."
"Mercenaries are facing difficulties in Azerbaijan, although the temptation to go there is high. The SOHR Research continues to monitor the transfer of mercenaries by the Turkish government to Azerbaijan, where a new group of 300 mercenaries has arrived in recent days.
Turkey has difficulties involving them in the Karabakh war. Most of the militants refuse to fight because they realize that they will find themselves in difficult conditions.
This is due to a large number of casualties, as well as the fact that many of the militants did not know that the Azerbaijani forces are supporters of Shiite Islam.
320 out of 2,350 militants have refused to fight and returned to Syria already."

Azerbaijani ultra-nationalists are arrested in Russia

Russian ultra-nationalist groups began displaying some "activity" around the topic of Karabakh. These groups often remind the close cooperation between Azerbaijan and Chechen terrorists in southern Russia in the 1990s. They often complain about Azeri ultra-nationalist and radical-religious activities within Russia.
One such Azeri ultra-nationalist group present in Russia is "VBON". It has similarities with the "Grey Wolves" Turkish terrorist organization.
Now a Russian ultra-nationalist group reports about the arrest of two alleged members of the Azeri VBON group. One of the suspects is named Agayev Roman Matlib oglu, an aide to a Russian deputy. Agayev is a frequent guest of Russian prime-time TV shows which invite Armenian and Azeri guests for debates. He is a "famous" individual.
The report also says the suspects are charged with "hooliganism". The Russian group believes it should be escalated to charges relating to incitement of religious/ ethnic extremism.
It's unclear whether the arrests are related to recent reports on Russian Telegram channels of ethnic Azeris assaulting Russians in Moscow.
Update: Another (more reputable) outlet "Baza" has confirmed the report of arrests. Rahim Bayramov and Roman Agayev are currently under house arrest. The arrest was conducted on October 19th.
Their apartments were raided; a handgun silencer, 19 cell phones, religious extremism materials, computers and USBs, and large sums were found/confiscated.
The authorities accuse the suspects of monitoring social media posts negative to them and organizing physical attacks against those who criticize them. The suspects forced several [presumably Russian] victims to apologize in front of the camera.

severl war crimes were committed by Azerbaijan today

Azerbaijan bombed the civilian settlement Shushi. Then they bombed it again, injuring 3 emergency workers and 1 other civilian. Smerch missile was used.
Shortly afterward, Azerbaijan carried out an airstrike against a childbirth center and school in the capital Stepanakert. The government is analyzing whether the airstrike was done by Turkish F-16.
Russian ANNA correspondent witnessed how the Azeri jet dropped a bomb with a parachute.
Armenian MFA condemned the indiscriminate bombing of civilians.
Armenian Healthcare Ministry urged the international community to take action against Azerbaijan for targeting the clinic.
Artsakh president described it as an attack on the whole civilized world.
ANNA video:
ANNA about parachute bombs:
Photos: ,
Photos showing the damage to Stepanakert clinic:
Video of Stepanakert clinic damage: , ,

how does the world media cover the Artsakh topic?

How widespread are Artsakh War reports in international media, and are they pro-Armenian or Azeri? The research is conducted by Lexis Nexis on behalf of Russian RIA Novosti.
Russian media made the highest number of reports. 91% of 82,000 reports were neutral.
USA had 27k media reports (8% pro-Armenian, 0% pro-Azeri, the rest neutral)
UK with 15k (mostly neutral)
Germany with 13k (mostly neutral)
France with 6k (42% anti-Azeri, 58% neutral)
Turkey with 2k (47% pro-Azeri, 46% anti-Armenian)
Kazakhstan with only 145 reports (neutral)
Iranian media reports were 8% anti-Azeri, 9% anti-Armenian, the rest neutral.
Israeli outlets often cited the oil deal with Azerbaijan and expressed the need to support their "ally". 34% anti-Armenian coverage, 4% anti-Azeri.
Chinese media was neutral.
Ukrainian media is pro-Turkish in general, therefore, as expected, 30% of reports were anti-Armenian and 31% pro-Azeri.
Goergia: 84% neutral, 8% anti-Azeri, 8% anti-Armenian.

Armenian demonstrations reach the space

TechCrunch: Armenian email campaign asks SpaceX not to aid Turkish regime with sattelite launch.
"SpaceX is slated to launch the Turkish satellite Turksat-5A in the next month or two, a geostationary communications satellite"
"the [email] senders explain that they represent or stand in solidarity with Armenians worldwide, an ethnic and national group that has suffered under the authoritarian rule and regional influence of Turkey’s President, Tayyip Erdogan"

October 28 events / battlefield & analysis / international response & diplomacy / demonstrations and donations

The city of Glendale, California has officially recognized the Republic of Artsakh after a unanimous vote by the city council. It also condemns Azerbaijan's attack against civilians, churches, schools, and hospitals. The resolution was introduced by mayor Vrej Aghajanyan.
Update: A Redditor has noted that McDonald's and Burger King's Azeri franchises have removed their tasteless Instagram posts that promoted the Azeri aggression.
Army spokesman Artsarun gave a TV interview yesterday and said: the air defense situation has changed significantly. It's not ideal but in recent days we've been hitting 1-2 very complex drones in north and south on daily basis.
We know that Azeris brought new reserves and groups of terrorists, but it won't save them from the situation. Eventually, the chain of false victories will stop somewhere. It's impossible to invent news every day about invading a new city.
The most important thing is not "losing territory" during the war; it's to maintain the combat effectiveness and management of your army.
There were many settlements that the enemy was able to capture but our artillery didn't allow them to enter the settlement for weeks. In some areas, we had to pull back the artillery so they came and sat in the settlement.
The same situation is in the Vorotan river basin (Qubatlu). There are some battles there at the moment. If we look globally, we consider these territories lost only temporarily. The war is very fast.
We mobilize, we regroup, we understand the enemy better. We correct our mistakes.
When the opponent uses its maximum potential in its initial attack wave to make a push, it's clear that this intensity won't be preserved in later stages. The strength ratio that existed in the first days was big but our forces resisted brilliantly. , , ,
French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo does what Charlie Hebdo was destined to do. They published a satirical image mocking Recep Tayyip Erdogan, days after his spat with the French president Macron over religious extremism.
Ankara has condemned the cartoon and launched a felony investigation against Charlie.
The cartoon: , ,
9:26: Artsakh president Arayik gave the title of Artsakh Hero to the wounded ex-MoD Jalal Harutyunyan. "This is, first of all, the assessment of the heroic struggle of our army. The struggle that, from the very first day of the war, has been waged by both the command staff and all the units, showing the highest professionalism and dedication. Jalal Harutyunyan is our hero, we must educate generations by his example.
According to doctors, Jalal will recover soon and will be able to join his fellow servicemen. I am sure that the rich experience and knowledge of the commander will serve our Motherland for a long time."
9:45 Artsakh govt: the battlefield was stable-tense at night. Localized battles continue in some areas. The location and neutralization of infiltrator groups continue.
10:37: the army shot down another Azeri drone and shared the footage.
10:52: US Congressman Jimmy Gomez has urged the White House to apply the Magnitski Act sanctions against Azerbaijan for violating the ceasefire. The sanctions include financial account freezing and visa restrictions.
[the following incident was partly mentioned above]
11:13: Azerbaijan has bombed the civilian settlement Shushi. No injuries.
12:46: Shushi was bombed again, with an illegal Smerch bomb. 3 emergency workers injured, one civilian died. Another bomb fell on a hill near the capital Stepanakert.
14:13: Armenia's MoD refuted Azeri claims of firing Smerch at Azerbaijan's Barda city.
14:21: Azerbaijan carried out an airstrike against a child birth clinic and school in Stepanakert. The govt is analyzing whether the airstrike was done by F-16.
Russian ANNA correspondent witnessed how the Azeri jet dropped a bomb with a parachute. , , , , ,
11:36: the Golden Apricot festival will join the fundraiser for Artsakh on November 1st. French-Armenian producer's "Երբ որ քամին հանդարտվի" movie will be presented at the Cannes Festival, along with other Armenian movie projects around the world.
11:57: $150,000,000 has been donated to Artsakh through Himnadram so far. The organization shared the pie chart showing the origin of donations.
USA 45%, Armenia 33%, Russia 11%, France 3%, Germany 1%, etc.
12:01: Armenians held a demonstration in Czechia, in front of the Czechoslovak Group headquarters whose DANA mobile artillery missiles were sold to Azerbaijan (allegedly through a middle-man in Israel).
President Sarkissian congratulated the Czech president with the Independence Day. "I'm confident that friendly Czechia is standing by our side at this difficult time."
12:17: Armenian demonstrators shut down the A7 road in France to raise awareness of the conflict.
A group of ten Turkish residents, including a woman and a child, began attacking the demonstrators with knives and hammers. The Armenian demonstrators hit them back. A fight ensued. Three of the terrorists and one Armenian demonstrator were taken to a hospital. The police arrived.
12:34: the Deputy Justice Minister Vahe Danielyan has been drafted to join the army.
12:43 European Parliament MP Martin Sonneborn: Turkey has attacked Armenia directly. France, Greece, Portugal, Cyprus, Austria, and the Netherlands are shocked that Germany continues to defend Turkey and supply them with arms and European funds.
13:01: Turkey is not happy about Tuesday's Russian-Syrian coalition airstrike against a pro-Turkish terrorist cell in northern Idlib, Syria. 40 dead and 60 wounded among the ranks of the Jabal al-Dweila cell.
Ankara accused Moscow of "not wanting peace" and threatened with a new military operation in Syria.
"As Turkey’s closest proxy in Idlib province, this “wasn’t a Russian attack on the Syrian opposition as much as it was a direct hit against – and message to – Turkey," writes Al Jazeera. , , ,
13:16: France has urged the European Union to act against Erdogan's behavior.
13:20: Canadian Senator Leo Housakos has urged the govt to recognize the Artsakh Republic, to condemn the aggression against it, permanently terminate the military tech export to Turkey.
13:24: photos of more reservists training before frontline deployment.
13:34: the names of 59 more deceased soldiers were identified and published, bringing the total to 1,068. Among them was volunteer Kamo Grigoryan who made numerous round trips to supply food for soldiers. ,
13:50: Iran sent an envoy to Azerbaijan to discuss the restoration of peace.
14:05: Azeri media spread fake news about Armenians recruiting children to fight in the army. They shared unrelated footage from 2016.
They spread another fake news allegedly showing a video of police forcefully enlisting men to the army. The video was from an unrelated old protest by VETO activists.
Another image taken in a cemetery in Russia was presented as being from capital Stepanakert.
14:06: Russian writer and politician Eduard Limonov organized a protest in Moscow. The attendees gathered in the Muslim Magomayev Square and placed a sign that read "Ilham Aliyev is a disgrace to Azerbaijani people.”
His political party "Different Russia" supports the recognition of Artsakh and condemned the attacks against civilians.
14:18: "Artistes Unis Pour L'Artsakh". French-Armenian artists will hold a charity concert on November 15th. Patrick Fiori, Andre Manoukian, Elodie Frege, Waxx, and others.
15:17: Iranian army general said Iran will defend its citizens near the border and won't allow geopolitical changes and introduction of ISIS terrorists at its borders.
15:21: Volgograd-based Russian-Armenian businessman Arthur Martirosyan has donated large quantities of food, clothes, cable and vehicles for front-line use.
15:27: there are unverified reports on social media stating that Azeri Major Natiq Əjdər oğlu was killed in action.
15:43: Armenian trade unions contacted their international counterparts to spread awareness of Azerbaijan's war crimes and encourage steps towards the recognition of Artsakh.
15:44: a group of soldiers received medals.
Azeris used artillery then attacked a position with 4 tanks and 1 armored vehicle. Captain Nairi Abrahamyan's unit repelled the attack and threw them back after causing casualties, while himself sustaining a wound. He's awarded the Medal for Courage.
Colonel Samvel Grigoryan receives Combat Cross for skillful management of troops and destruction of an enemy unit. Four more Colonels were awarded for various similar acts.
A few Leuthenants for shooting drones.
A group of female medics received Medal for Courage for saving lives under dangerous conditions.
15:50: aid for Artsakh residents continues to arrive from small and big settlements of Armenia. Tsovak residents sent boxes.
15:55: Azerbaijan has so far lost 6,748 soldiers, 6 TOS missile units, 618 tanks and armored vehicles, 25 aircrafts, 16 helicopters, 223 drones.
15:56: first war veteran Vitali Balasanyan has called for everyone to take up arms and defend Artsakh.
16:11: Armenian-American singer Daniel Decker has urged his Israeli friends to pressure the Israeli govt not to sell suicide drones to Azerbaijan which uses them against Artsakh civilians. "One day they will bite the hand that feeds them."
16:44: IRS prepared a video tutorial on how to donate from abroad without paying taxes (IRS helping to evade taxes what I time to be alive 🤔🤔🤔🤔 jk )
The new law allows you to donate to specific agencies/Ministries without import fees. You'll need to file some paperwork if you live in the EAEU trade bloc country.
16:51: the Soccer Federation has organized a tournament for Artsakh kids. They received gifts from soccer clubs.
17:08: European Parliament MP Nikolaj Villumsen urged the EU to take urgent steps to establish a ceasefire to avoid new war crimes. He cited the Human Rights Watch research that described Azerbaijan's war crimes against Artsakh civilians.
17:19: Armenian-Australians are working hard to promote the official recognition of Artsakh by the Australian government.
17:23: the Union of Manufacturers and Entrepreneurs of Armenia will help Artsakh refugees with finding work or volunteer jobs to preserve the skills.
17:32: another list of 100 Azeri soldiers were identified by activists as dead. The Azeri govt hides the numbers.
18:00: capital Stepanakert was bombed again.
18:04: Luxemburg has donated 100,000 Euros to Artsakh through the Red Cross.
18:06: here is a more detailed look at how the Turkish and Azeri air force operates. The movements of F-16 in Azerbaijan and the activity near the Turkey-Armenia border are captured by Armenian radars:
18:58 Armenian MoD: Azerbaijan spread false information about "5,000 deaths in Armenian army".
InfoCenter: Unlike the Azeri side, which keeps their death count secret under the "military secret" excuse, we openly publish our data every day. Our losses are currently at 1065. Azerbaijan has lost 6749 soldiers.
Security expert Samvel Martirosyan: Azeri hackers claim to have published a list with names of deceased soldiers. It's fake. The names were likely taken from publicly available voter lists. , ,
19:00: photos of volunteers, some of them as old as your grandfather, defending the front lines.
19:25 mini-Mike amid Turkish Lira's record fall, the Central Bank of Turkey has made inflation predictions that are grimmer than the government's calculations.
Turkish officials say they will soon be able to take steps to control the inflation, however, this is debatable, because Lira is extremely devalued, while the investors stay away from Turkey due to its geopolitical issues and its involvement in several conflicts.
To avoid currency devaluation, Central Banks of other countries usually adopt monetary policies aimed towards stability, but in Turkey, being under the control of President Erdogan, the Central Bank isn't taking the necessary steps.
19:38 Pashinyan: I spoke with the head of IRS today and he told me surprising news. Under these war conditions, the behavior of taxpayers has significantly changed.
Despite economic hardship, they are more willing to properly pay taxes. As a result, we expect an over-fulfillment size of 40 billion ($82m), which is so necessary, especially now. It's an example of national unity. I'm proud of our entrepreneurs. Accept my respect.
19:44: Artsakh MoD criticized Azerbaijan's bombing of Artsakh civilians and said that several Azeri firing points were "silenced" deep inside Azerbaijan.
MoD urged Azerbaijan to respect the humanitarian ceasefire or else "an adequate response will arrive soon".
20:04: Russian-Armenian community in Petigorsk organized the transfer of humanitarian aid to Artsakhtsis and soldiers.
20:10: "Armenian Volunteers are the Backbone of the Army".
20:15 Artsakh MoD: The analysis of the tactics & intercepted conversations of Turk-Azerbaijani mercenaries & terrorists, collated with intelligence data, shows that as the result of the tactical retreat of the Armenian units in some directions, the Azeri Army is establishing bases for terrorist groups in these areas, whose actions can destabilize the situation not only on the borders of Armenia & Artsakh, but also pose a serious threat to the entire region.
20:24: the Associated Press created a video showing the aftermath of Azerbaijan's illegal targeting of civilian areas.
20:28: video allegedly showing a pickup truck captured by Armenian soldiers. It has some light armory and Azeri license plates. Looks like one of those ISIS-roller-coasters.
20:33 Artsakh MoD: We have repeatedly stressed our commitment to a ceasefire. However, Azerbaijan ignores it. They seem to interpret these agreements as a permit to target the peaceful population, the infrastructure, to exterminate the Armenians of Artsakh.
That cannot be the case. The defense army is taking all necessary steps to neutralize any threat to the people of Artsakh.
20:36 Artsakh govt: not one attack against our civilians will go unanswered. Come to your senses. We urge the international community to take measures otherwise the situation in the region will deepen.
As for the Azeri civilians living near military objects, we urged them to leave, so that our response to the Azeri government's war crimes won't result in the Azeri civilians becoming a target.
20:36 unverified/rumor: A Twitter account from Baku [a fan account of a Turkish soccer player] claims he has info that Syrian mercenaries might organize terrorist attacks in Baku, Barda, and Ganja, because the Azeri government hasn't paid their salaries.
[Sidenote: the U.S. government had earlier warned its citizens about possible terror attacks in Baku. Another credible report stated that often, the militants get scammed by their commanders and do not get paid fully.]
20:40 army spokesman Artsrun: technology is important of course, especially during a 5th generation warfare, but still, the most decisive factor in war is the human will and intellect.
This war is getting closer to the stage where the human will and intellect are important. Our better knowledge of our mountains and forests, and our determination, is the decisive factor.
21:45: Italian city of Cerchiara di Calabria has officially recognized the Artsakh Republic.
20:51: Colonel Armen Gyozalyan has received the Combat Cross, while Colonel Ashot Balasanyan is promoted to Major General.
21:23: soldiers shared aerial drone footage showing Azeri soldiers routing from a "strategically important hill" in the south, which was subsequently captured by Armenians.
Azeri soldiers are seen running down the hill while an Armenian drone, controlled from a nearby hill, records their movements. It shows the aftermath of a strike.
The report says that in one location Azeris left 10 dead and in another one 50. These were infiltrator groups who were moving north, towards Lachin.
22:00 army spokesman Artsarun's briefing: throughout the day, Azeri army, special forces, and terrorists, continued their attacks on the soldiers stationed across the Republic of Armenia borders, as well as from Artsakh's north to south.
There were small battles south of Lachin. The opponent failed to advance despite its efforts. We were able to improve our positions.
In the north, it was mostly artillery shootout near Martakert and north of it.
The battles continued in the south, too, as well as the neutralization of infiltrators near villages between the Hadrut-Martakert forests; these are slow battles.
The battles aren't as dense anymore. It's mostly localized. Mostly infiltrators, artillery, limited airforce.
I won't comment the [possibly 21:23] reports about us recapturing a position in the south. The war is dynamic and things change fast. As I've stated earlier, no need for excessive euphoria or disappointment.
22:50: a churchman sings "Hayer Miaceq" for soldiers:

COVID stats

+4,695 tested. +2,241 infected. +21 deaths. + 694 healed. 28,548 active.

How to donate to Artsakh (international, medical help for former soldiers) (international, for Artsakh) (U.S. tax-deductible, for Artsakh)
You've read 3686 words.
Prior events:
October 27, October 26, October 25, October 24, October 23, October 22, October 21, October 20, October 19, October 18, October 17, October 16, October 15, October 14, October 13, October 12, October 11 , October 10, October 9 , October 8 , October 7, October 6, October 5, October 4, October 3, October 2, October 1, September 30, September 29, September 28, September 27.
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2020.10.28 19:47 jonathanfrisby Maine Coronavirus Megathread #3

General discussion, questions, and posts relating to the coronavirus in Maine should be directed here. All coronavirus posts that are not Maine-specific should be directed here.
Megathread #1 (3/17 to 4/23/20) - Megathread #2 (4/24 to 10/27/20)
Information & Links How To Get Tested
Maine Center for Disease Control Nirav Shah Twitter (Director of Maine CDC)
Maine State Unemployment Maine SNAP Food Assistance Application Report Non-Compliance with Executive Orders
Dedicated subreddits: Maine - CoronavirusME General - Coronavirus
Additional tracking & historical data: The Press Herald Tracker Bangor Daily Tracker ME CDC briefing archive UMaine dashboard Dept of Education School dashboard Ridgeliine's Tracking Spreadsheet (historical data from ME CDC) UMPI GIS lab daily visual maps
Anyone who is looking for medical information and advice, regarding any signs or symptoms they may be experiencing, is strongly urged to call their healthcare provider first.
The Maine 2-1-1 helpline is available for 'general' coronavirus questions, information on food banks, meal programs, and other basic needs. Dial 211 or dial 1-877-463-6207, open 24 hours.
Maine Crisis Hotline: 1-888-568-1112
The FrontLine WarmLine is available to clinicians and first responders under stress from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., 7 days a week by calling (207) 221-8196 or 866-367-4440.
National Alliance on Mental Illness Maine Teen TEXT Support Line: 207-515-8398.
Community Groups and assistance Mainers Together - Maine Helps - List of COVID Relief funds & charities - Good Shepard Food Bank - MDI Helpers: Pandemic Mutual Aid - ME Coronavirus Community Assistance - South Portland Community of Kindness - Portland Maine Area Community Support - Maine Farm Products Directory - Portland Food Map - StrengthenME
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2020.10.28 18:56 xinyxx13 S7

Passed S7! I took the exam yesterday after studying since around August 20th. I cried and cried because I was scared on the day before the exam and cried when I saw the PASS it’s not easy but YOU can do it! I had a sticky note on my computer screen that said “study, like your life depends on it!” 🙂. It helped and got me to stay focused. Thank you to everyone that has shared their experiences with everything that has to do with S7, I would pickup a lot of good information on this reddit thread. To everyone that is still studying please just keep going KEEP GOING!!!!! YOU WILL PASS! Study study study ♥️
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2020.10.28 16:23 idk-somethingorigina [PC][2012] Need help locating an old FRIV game

For context I’m 19M from the UK. I used to play FRIV flash games during class 7 or 8 years ago and I’m currently on a nostalgia trip where I play games from my childhood. I remember one game vividly from FRIV, a street fighter style 2D fixed background platform game with weapon pickups (guns, melee, explosives etc) and you could progress through the different levels with varying degrees of difficulty. I’ve found the old icon which is of one of the characters in a green cap on the ground. The characters were 2D with very large circular heads and small bodies. Hopefully some else remembers this and the name of the game. Thanks reddit
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2020.10.28 16:05 autotldr Chandler, TX man facing 3rd charge of intoxication manslaughter for death of unborn baby, parents

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 4%. (I'm a bot)
CHANDLER, Texas - A man who was arrested after a fatal head-on collision on Sunday now faces a three charges of intoxication manslaughter.
DPS Sgt. Sara Warren said Brandon Collins, 20, is now being charged on three counts of intoxication manslaughter; the first two were for the adults in the vehicle Collins' hit head on; the third charge was added Tuesday for the unborn baby who was killed in the wreck.
According to a DPS report on Sunday, Leanna Hester, 23, died at the scene, which was on FM 315, about one-tenth of a mile south of Coffee City.
Blake Stanford was Hester's passenger and his mother, Stephanie Seal-Pickett, said her son died on Sunday night in a Tyler hospital.
Seal-Pickett also said Stanford and Hester were in a relationship and Hester was eight months pregnant with their son.
According to the preliminary report, Collins was driving a 2015 Chevy pickup south on FM 315 and crossed into the northbound lane, and struck the family's 2000 Dodge Neon head-on.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: Hester#1 Collins#2 Sunday#3 son#4 Seal-Pickett#5
Post found in /news, /news and /amibeingdetained.
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2020.10.28 15:25 EternalKoniko JP News: 10/28/20 - Riko Chiaki & Natsuki Utsuho's Spirit Enhancement Release Gacha + 4☆ Light Attribute PAID Gacha

Hello everyone! I'm back again with another translated news post! It seems that Japan is starting to post far more news update prior to the end of ongoing events. So I'm going to also link to the previous news post for the upcoming Turquoise Falling Ears Kimochi Raid and the previously announced Momoko Togame (Nun Sister ver.) limited time gacha!
10/28: [Notice] Addition of New Magical Girls Available for Spirit Enhancement
Thank you for playing Magia Record,
Beginning on October 30 at 17:00 JST (4:00am EST), Riko Chiaki and Natsuki Utsuho will be available for Spirit Enhancement.
Via Spirit Enhancement:

Riko Chiaki can gain a total of:
+7618 to her MAX HP
+4317 to her MAX DEF
+2165 to her MAX ATK

Riko Chiaki will also gain:
Skill — Charged Damage UP [V] & Remove Debuffs (team / 1T)
Ability — Charge Disc Damage UP [VI]
Ability — Charge Combo Plus (+3 three to Charge combo)
Ability — Anti-Skill Seal

Natsuki Utsuho can gain a total of:
+4547 to her MAX HP
+1528 to her MAX DEF
+2246 to her MAX ATK

Natsuki Utsuho will also gain:
Skill — Accele MP UP [II] & Defense UP [II] (team / 3T)
Ability — Chance to Skill Quicken [III]
Ability — Damage Cut to Fire Attribute Attacks [III]
Ability — Chance to Blind (1T) [II]
10/28: [Notice] Spirit Enhancement Release Pickup Gacha
From October 30 at 17:00 JST (4:00am EST) until November 9 at 14:59 JST (1:59am EST), a special gacha containing Riko Chiaki and Natsuki Utsuho will be available!
During this period, Riko Chiaki and Natsuki Utsuho will be available at increased rates comparative to other same rarity magical girls. These magical girls will continue to appear in the premium gacha once this special gacha ends.
In addition, you will receive one (1) coordinator coin for every pull you make on this gacha. You will not receive coordinator coins by pulling from the permanent Premium gacha. Coordinator coins can be exchanged for rewards in the shop. This special gacha will share a coordinator coin shop with the 2nd Limited-time gacha for “Halloween Castle of Prayer and Mourning” which features Momoko Togame (Nun Sister ver.). Coordinator coins for this special gacha will expire November 16 at 14:59 JST (1:59am EST).
10/28: [Notice] 4☆ Light Attribute Special Gacha
Thank you for playing Magia Record!
A special 4☆ Light Attribute gacha will be held from October 30 at 17:00 JST (4:00am EST) until November 9 at 14:59 JST (1:59am EST)
During this gacha, in exchange for 150 paid Magia Stones, you will be guaranteed to receive one of the listed 4☆ unlimited Light attribute magical girls
Note this special gacha can only be used once per account and does not distribute coordinator coins.
10/28: [Maintenance Notice] – October 30, 15:00 – 17:00 JST (2:00am – 4:00am EST)
The following maintenance is planned:
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This is the daily thread where you can keep the /vive community updated with all the things happening in your VR World.
The daily thread can be a great place for anything you feel like sharing that may not warrant a separate post in the subreddit.
Wiki links
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2020.10.28 11:21 ib80 Fantasy Injury Updates: Aaron Jones, Miles Sanders, Joe Mixon affecting Week 8 waiver pickups

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2020.10.28 11:04 kardashevian_dornick Newly diagnosed at 30. Desperately hoping for some long-needed resonance on my fixation ('special interest' doesn't even feel strong enough to me): The Kardashevian odds of our species.

Hello, you beautiful neurodiverse crowd of which I have unwittingly been a part for three long decades! It's so good to be home, in a home I never knew I'd have, that I could cry :'D
[If you're just here for Kardashevian fixation chit-chat, which I hope you are, skip the intervening personal nonsense - I'd actually prefer that, I don't really want anyone reading it, but I simultaneously feel the need to preface any Kardashevian chit-chat for... reasons? Not sure yet on that one, but the brain says it's an imperative so I'm rolling with it. I think it'll be a (potentially backfiring) attempt to avoid any miscommunications. And I really could use some Kardashevian fixation chit-chat with people I will never meet, just to know I'm not actually as alone as I've felt, so... oh, well, personal infodump it is. Apologies in advance for the wall of text; seriously, you should probably just just skip all this.]
Since being diagnosed (to my surprise, if not that of others) a couple of months ago at age 30, it is hard to express how much my perspective on myself and the world has changed - mostly in a healthy way, though it's a mixed bag of course. It's the whole gamut seen here commonly with adult diagnoses: relief, everything finally making more sense, etc.
I come from a family with substantial privilege of all sorts, substantial and varied mental health issues (largely undiagnosed - pretty sure at least my maternal grandmother, her brother, possibly my dad, and his brothers are all somewhere on the spectrum, amongst myriad other things), and substantial stigma about anything 'lesser' in any sense of the word (not unrelated to the privilege, I imagine). That's my dad's side of the family, mostly. Not great for an autistic kid, in hindsight...
My mom's side was different: largely NT family tree, though also with similarly substantial privilege; she insisted upon raising the family on a small, friendly, rural island instead of in the downtown of a major city (my dad's preference, had he gotten his way); she insisted the kids (sibling and I) attend small-class-size schools; she has always kept our spacious and nature-filled properties inundated with horses, dogs, cats, sheep, chicken, and all sorts of other animals which we cared for ourselves; we always had a garden; and she doesn't traffic in stigmas (unless unintentionally, and expects to be corrected proactively in these cases by those around her who know better).
So, the NT side of my family unwittingly provided an incredible support structure and safe place for an autistic kid to grow up in, as well as inherent and constant opportunity for me to learn coping (read: masking) skills (horses around all the time, encouragement of pursing 'weird' interests, finding teachers who could take the time to understand kids' nuances, etc.). While it's impossible to know the counterfactual, I am quite sure that without all of this I'd have far, FAR less 'NT passing privilege' (if I may humbly appropriate and apt phrase I more often find used in queeracial minority communities) than I do. My armor got fairly refined (and, accordingly, much heavier) over the decades I had to wear it almost around the clock, I believe. I don't know if that's good or bad ultimately... Being able to pass is useful in a double-edged-sword sort of way, of course, but an earlier diagnosis might have helped me in other ways I can't begin to imagine. Anyways, it doesn't really matter now.
To juxtapose, the side of my family whence the autism comes genetically basically convinced be that I was a waste of the oxygen it took to keep me alive, since I [insert every instance I couldn't quite successfully mask perfectly or live up to their NT-defined - though they themselves are not - expectation structures] and therefore am a self-sabatoging failure as well as an embarrassment to them.
I suspect, in some deeply misguided way, this was an attempt to 'toughen me up' for the rigors of the NT-dominated world that they assumed would never accept my neurodivergence, just like it never had theirs. They're mostly bitter, empty, unfulfilled husks of people, those older generations. One of the great blessings of my diagnosis has been an ability to find a compassion and understanding for them that I never had before - they never got the help they needed, it's realistically too late now (in their 80's), and - even if it still hurts to my core - I can begin to forgive them for how they treated me growing up. They weren't trying to break me, though they nearly did.
My father was always a fan of the 'throw the kids in the deep end, then they HAVE to learn to swim' style of learning. He took my sibling down the black diamond ski slopes at age 6. I learned to drive on an old manual pickup truck with one mirror (passenger side, misaligned and not fixable), brakes that worked "mostly, except in the rain and sometimes on downhills" (the small island was near - I kid you not - Seattle, which is nothing but rain and hills), and a clutch that "only slips in third gear... or going uphill." A couple of practice tries finding the clutch's catch point on a hill in the driveway, then it was "ok, out onto the main road now." I had learned to cope with anxiety, panic attacks, and other overstimulating situations very early on given my family and my dad's teaching style, so by this time I could at least largely stave a meltdown off until the lesson was over and I retreated to my room to hide from the world for several days/weeks/millennia.
In college, at a school I had little business attending but to which family privilege unfairly afforded me a ticket anyways, I double-majored in Economics and Psychology. When asked "what do you want to do when you graduate?" my answer, invariably, was "I have no idea, but whatever I do it'll be much easier if I have some understanding of why and how money and people move through the world as they do." I got a lot of blank stares in response to that. In hindsight, I just... wow. Talk about writing on the wall.
After graduating, I got what I thought (by NT standards, of course) was my dream job at one of the biggest video game companies in the world in the heart of San Francisco. I endured 18 months of days that went like this: Wake up; stave off mild panic attack at sense I have no place in the world; eat low-dose cannabis edibles timed to kick in as I arrive at the office to help get me through the morning socializing/greetings without acting 'strangely;' put in headphones and pray to dog nobody will need to talk to me about anything that day; spend 10% of my brainpower on Excel work I can do in my sleep and the other 90% on trying to ignore every single sound/smell/movement from every other NT extrovert employee on the floor of the open-plan office (a couple dozen folks); eat another small edible at lunch to get me through afternoon meetings; arrive home feeling exhausted and useless and overwhelmed to the point that it eventually started manifesting as suicidal ideation; eat more edibles to try to help me develop a dinner appetite and then fall asleep; collapse under pile of confusing self-loathing; rinse/wash/repeat.
And so when, after 18 months, they gave me a large raise and a promise that I'd be locked into a quick track for upper-level management ($$$) positions within a couple of years as long as I kept doing exactly what I'd been doing, I quit of course.
This went over poorly even with my understanding - but confused and worried - mother; it went over terribly with my dad's side of the family, of course. My next job didn't prove much better (tried small, local business this time), nor the next (non-profit), nor the next (small local government in one of the most beautiful/desirable counties in the country). Same pattern - I could do the work no problem, but putting on my armor all day every day would eventually drive me towards suicidality. I stayed between six months and a year at each one.
After the local government job, I finally fell into a textbook case of autistic burnout. Just crashed for months - moved into an extra place on my mom's property (she and my dad had since split - he lives downtown in a city now and she moved to an even more rural area with even more horses), barely got out of bed, etc. I eventually tried to 'pick myself off the mat' again a few times, but largely failed each time. That lasted a couple of years, up until my recent diagnosis. And then everything changed, bringing newfound clarity and perspective on myself and the world writ large.
Soon after the upcoming election, I will be leaving for a peaceful, tropical, less-stimulating paradise where I intend to spend the rest of my days largely in solitude, caring for myself and for some nice, small patch of nature I can call home. Somewhere it's the same temperature every day, they have universal healthcare, and the governing ethos isn't a cut-throat mentality at all times like in the US. I know who I am now, and am beginning to find an inner peace I had given up on.
It has been a long, trying journey; but I am acutely aware that it is probably one of the easier journeys any autistic person could hope for (much luck, especially on the maternal side, plus way more damn privilege than any one person deserves... which is a whole different fixation rabbit-hole - generationally-distilled inequality, my family's core business for millennia and one I have no interest in perpetuating - but that's for another time) and I have read many stories in the past few weeks that make me weep at such hardships as to render mine less than trivial by comparison. The stories make me wish I had a magic wand that would let me help create for each and every one of you the opportunity I have for myself to re-define my life on my own terms within a short timespan. I wish each of you had the family support, the professional mental health support, the money, and everything else you needed to do that. We all deserve to live in that world, not our extant nightmare. Alas, I do not have that much privilege, to effect such change. I hope each of you is able to find that, in your own way. And I hope that before too long we see more neurodiversity in our elected representatives.
Anyways, that's some of the context behind the fixation, in case it's necessary for some unfortunate reason.
Ok so here is all I actually want to talk about: a piece of collective cognitive dissonance within our species I simply can't resolve or move on from (my fixation).
Carl Sagan once said that all civilization become either spacefaring or extinct. Another way to frame this, as a question: what are the odds that our species successfully reaches K1, K2, or any other threshold on Dr. Kardashev's eponymous scale?
Surely, if polled, the collective population of our species would overwhelmingly prefer that we become spacefaring, not extinct; that our progeny will have the opportunity to reach the various Kardashevian thresholds as opposed to lacking that opportunity. This, I cannot remotely begin to reconcile with * gestures vaguely at the way that NTs have decided to run the world *
I have never been able to get meaningful engagement on the following, and I'm desperately hoping this community is a place where hope for that elusive resonance may yet reside:
What are our current Kardashevian odds?
What is the sign of the first derivative, in this moment, of that curve over time?
And the sign of the second derivative?
I suspect the answers are 'worse than 50%,' 'negative,' and 'negative,' respectively. I suspect that at some deep level even the NTs controlling various levers of power sense this reality, but also sense that a resolution inherently involves some changes to the world that NTs would be broadly disinterested in adapting to (ironically enough, in this context).
I am not mathematician, astrophysicist, or statistician enough to build a mode of our Kardashevian odds. Can you? If so, can we please talk here a bit, anonymously and without any risk of actual social interaction in person? I would very much like to believe I'm not the only one fixated on this particular dissonance.
"The rotten tree-trunk, until the very moment when the storm-blast breaks it in two, has all the appearance of might it ever had." -Hari Seldon
If we let our Kardashevian odds slip too far, the trunk of our species' global civilization will have rotten through. Why are we letting this happen?
Thank you for skipping most of this and then reading a bit at the end!
You are each wonderful, please be well and safe.
Having typed that all out between midnight and 3am, perhaps the brain shall now allow an attempt at sleep... One can hope :)
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2020.10.28 06:08 AutoModerator [JP Event] 'Christmas 2019 - Nightingale Christmas Carol Lite. Ver'

'Christmas 2019 - Nightingale Christmas Carol Lite. Ver'

Duration: October 23, 2020 18:00 ~ November 4, 2020 12:59 JST
Requirement: Fuyuki Story Completion




Rate-Up Schedule

Pickup Period (JST) Rate-Up Servant
10/23 18:00 - 10/24 23:59 Astolfo (Saber), Ashwatthama, Astolfo (Rider), Nursery Rhyme
10/25 0:00 - 23:59 Bradamante, Ashwatthama, Astolfo (Rider), Nursery Rhyme
10/26 0:00 - 23:59 Nightingale (Berserker), Ashwatthama, Astolfo (Rider), Nursery Rhyme
10/27 0:00 - 23:59 Astolfo (Saber),Bradamante, Ashwatthama, Astolfo (Rider), Nursery Rhyme
10/28 0:00 - 23:59 Astolfo (Saber), Nightingale (Berserker), Ashwatthama, Astolfo (Rider), Nursery Rhyme
10/29 0:00 - 23:59 Astolfo (Saber), Ashwatthama
10/30 0:00 - 23:59 Astolfo (Saber), Astolfo (Rider)
10/31 0:00 - 23:59 Astolfo (Saber), Nursery Rhyme
11/1 0:00 - 23:59 Astolfo (Saber), Ashwatthama, Astolfo (Rider), Nursery Rhyme
11/2 0:00 - 23:59 Bradamante, Ashwatthama, Astolfo (Rider), Nursery Rhyme
11/3 0:00 - 23:59 Nightingale (Berserker), Ashwatthama, Astolfo (Rider), Nursery Rhyme
11/4 0:00 - 23:59 Astolfo (Saber),Bradamante, Ashwatthama, Astolfo (Rider), Nursery Rhyme
11/5 0:00 - 23:59 Astolfo (Saber), Nightingale (Berserker), Ashwatthama, Astolfo (Rider), Nursery Rhyme
11/6 0:00 - 12:59 Astolfo (Saber), Ashwatthama, Astolfo (Rider), Nursery Rhyme


What are the differences in the rerun?
  • 10 Box Limit on the Lotto. Most likely the requirements for the Santa Battle Royale unlocks will also be changed.
  • You cannot obtain duplicates of the Command Codes if you got them in the previous run. No RP/MP for them either.
  • You will receive 1 RP for each extra copy of Santa Nightingale, for a total of 5 RP assuming you did the original event.
What does the counter on the top left corner of the lotto screen mean?
The number of lotto boxes opened by the player base as a whole is being tallied, much like how raids have worked in the past. When we hit certain milestones together, special one time quests called "Santa Battle Royales" will unlock.
Which node is most efficient? Where should I be farming?
The highest level node available will always have the best drop rates. Farming the newest node is usually a safe bet. The best nodes usually do not become available till at least a couple of days into the event.
I only see four copies of the event CE in the shop; where is the fifth?
You need to get a drop in order to MLB this event's CE. It is highly recommended farming till you get at least that one drop, as this event CE is one of the best Quick CEs available thus far.
T-Too early?
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2020.10.28 04:19 Chicccccenwanggg3424 [US-MI] [H] E-White Tofu60 B-Stock Case, Instant60 Tsangan Hot-Swap PCB, Brass Plate, 70x 65g Lubed/Filmed/Spring-Swapped Creams, Artifact Bloom BoW PBT Keycaps [W] PayPal

Sound Test
Prices are open to negotiation but I'd prefer to sell everything as a bundle for PRICE $250 w/o keycaps OR $280 w/ keycaps. SHIPPING IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE PRICES BUT IT CAN BE NEGOTIATED. Additional pictures and information can be provided upon request. If prices may seen unfair then let me know and they'll be adjusted. Items will be shipped using USPS package pickups so anything sold tonight should be shipped out by tomorrow but that is subject to change.


and maybe we can work something out!
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2020.10.28 02:01 500scnds [Table] IamA Anonymous Kidney Donor from Canada AMA!

Questions Answers
As a Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 3 patient, I want to thank you sincerely for giving someone a chance at life. It’s unlikely I will be a candidate for donor surgery (other issues) but selfless individuals like you provide hope to patients and their families. I forgot to ask a question... whoops! Why did you decide to be a living donor as opposed to donating after death? And to add further, would you also consider donating after death? I'm sorry to hear about your health :(
I genuinely don't know what prompted me, I don't know anyone personally with kidney disease. I've been donating blood for years (more than 30 times) and I just never felt it was enough, so I looked for bigger ways to help and found this.
I'm 100% committed to donating after death and am excited to help even more people.
I am considering donating a kidney to a family member and have a lot of questions! How did you prepare for the procedure (both physically and mentally)? How will your diet and lifestyle need to change? How has recovery been so far? Any regrets? Any surprises you weren’t prepared for? Things you wish you knew before you committed to this? Edit: thank you so much for your selfless act of heroism. The idea that a kind stranger like yourself could save the life of someone whose family loves and needs them to keep living is beyond amazing. I spent over a year mentally preparing for this, from when I decided to do this to when it actually happened. Physically, I'm already in relatively healthy shape so that was no problem.
Diet and lifestyle are almost no longterm changes, I can't play contact sports and but never did anyways. I also have to be careful of what drugs/medication I take since some do stuff in the kidney and that can be an issue, but I have friends who are pharmacists and they're happy to help.
Recovery was fine, The first 2 days were constant pain and the pain-killers really helped but after that I was able to walk and 2 weeks later I can do anything except exercise.
No surprises, the staff was annoying thorough. They would tell me everything 3 times to make sure I understood. Only thing, I handled the pain a lot better than I expected which I'm proud of.
Nothing I wish I knew before committing, they were unbelievably thorough.
the below is a reply to the above
I had actually looked into anonymous kidney donation but as someone with chronic headaches I don’t know if I could live without ibuprofen. I literally always have it with me. Are there any other drugs you can’t take after donating a kidney? Congratulations on considering being a donor!
If donating causes you any pain in any way, don't do it. Throughout the entire process, the staff always explained that the donor is the absolute highest priority and as such, you need to be taken care of the most.
You actually inspired me to check out the list since I didn't know all of them:
Aspirin, Ibuprofen, things that treat heartburn, acid reflux, ulcers, and some anti-biotics
Tylenol is perfectly fine
the below is another reply to the original answer
"I can't play contact sports" Why? Besides this, do you feel/see the "depression"/hole where the kidney was taken of? I think it's called Acute Kidney Injury.. and I'm guessing the doctors just want to be overly safe, doesn't bother me though, that stuff isn't for me.
There's sort of a sunken area on my stomach where the kidney used to be, I think it'll eventually fill out but right now it's not even.
'For safety reasons I'll never meet them - is this in case you want it back? Congratulations though, very honourable thing you have done and im sure whoever has the kidney is thankful. Sort of..
There have been stories of donors harassing the recipient for money or if the donor thinks the recipient isn't living a healthy lifestyle.
Also goes both ways though, some recipients will harass the donor with their thanks when the donor just wants to do a good deed without the praise.
Personally, I want to meet my person but I respect the rules and that's that.
the below is a reply to the above
I think it's more like if something goes wrong, sorry to be gloomy but that's what i think , though that is a Brave move kudos on you for doing it, wishing you many healthy happy years to go ! I definitely think that's a big part of it.
Not gloomy, they probably have a suite of health issues, that's just the reality.
the below is another reply to the original answer
"Personally, I want to meet my person" Is that why you did an AMA on reddit? :P Because if 15 people do this a year in your whole country, chances are you could fairly easily work out who you'd donated to! That leaves on average a 24 day window between donations/surgeries so if someone comments here that they just had an anonymous kidney donation it's fairly likely that it's the person you donated to. This a smart question!
Short answer: Yeah sort of, but also to encourage people to learn about organ donation.
The way the donation works is there are only 3 times a year when you can donate, so there are probably 4 other anonymous donors at nearly the same time. Also there are 65 other non-anonymous donors that might have donated to that random person in order to donate to their recipient.. it's complicated to explain.
First off you’re a hero and thank you for being so generous. I was born with only one kidney, but everything worked out fine for me. Secondly, do they pay you for your time you have to take off work and other expenses, or do you have to prepare for all of those things ahead of time? That's cool! Most people can live a regular life with only 1 kidney.
My expenses were basically nothing, I think I paid maybe $15 for parking and a couple of coffees from trips to the hospital.
Insurance paid for 6 weeks of paid leave with a cap of $5k. The hospital works with you to deal with all of it, it's really easy.
the below is a reply to the above
Didn't you worry a family member might need one later? Yes and no.
No because my family doesn't have a history of kidney disease and we're all pretty healthy individuals. Yes because there's always a chance. It's a little self-serving but I'm willing to gamble that chance.
the below is a reply to the above
How's it self serving? Were you paid? No, you aren't allowed to be compensated in any way if you choose to donate.
I just meant it was self-serving by donating instead of not donating and having the kidney around for them potentially.
the below is another reply to the second answer
I was under the impression that donating an organ put you higher up on the list for receiving one in return if you ever need it - is this true? Could you trade that slot to someone else? Yes and no.
I got priority if something ever happens to me, but I can't give that privilege to anyone else (not my spouse, children, etc).
the below is another reply to the original answer
Was it your provincial insurance covering your wages or your employer? Employer!
They gave me 6 weeks paid medical leave!
the below is another reply to the original answer
I have wanted to do this for a long time but I’m a single mom so I struggled with the money factor for being off work. You mentioned insurance pays 6 weeks off work? Is this private insurance or Msp? Private insurance through my work, not sure how/if it works with MSP.
the below is another reply to the original answer
the_village_bicycle: With it seeming to be this easy I’m surprised that more people don’t do it too. I’m sure pain must be a factor but knowing you’ve saved a life must be indescribable and ultimately worth it. It’s amazing of you chumpydo: I'm sure it's a more selfish reason - only having one remaining kidney means that if it fails, you're at a major risk, rather than waiting for a transfer (if even possible with only one kidney?) Twice_Knightley: They bump you to the top of the list. (My understanding is that a parent/sibling is ALSO bumped to the top if you're not eligible to donate, because you clearly would have). People live a long time with very little kidney function, they just need regular dialysis, so it's a possibility. In Canada family isn't bumped to the top of the list, only the donor.
the below is another reply to the original answer
"Insurance paid for 6 weeks of paid leave with a cap of $5k. The hospital works with you to deal with all of it, it's really easy." That’s a low cap. What if you make more that $20.83/hour? Also, what insurance? Canadian Medicare? Private insurance I pay for through my work
It is a low cap. It doesn't really bother me though I'm in a healthy financial position, thankfully.
That’s awesome! I’ve planned on being a partial liver donor for a few years but I’m going to wait until I’m older. Do you worry about permanent effects that could negatively impact your health? Like if (God forbid) something happens that is bad for the kidneys and you are at a disadvantage because you don’t have a backup? Or you aren’t able to filter something in your blood good enough because there’s only one? One of the reasons I want to donate part of my liver is because it will regenerate eventually but I’m interested in hearing your thoughts? wow! That's a really brave thing to do! Congratulations!
I genuinely don't worry about the permanent effects. From all the tests I had to do, I'm statistically more likely to live longer than the average Canadian even with the missing kidney. I also did it while I'm younger (26) so that my body is able to heal faster. The hospital has conditions where if something does happen to me and I need a kidney, I get priority which, I hope never happens.
Liver donation is so cool! They can regenerate almost fully! I heard liver is a longer stay in the hospital and recovery. I thought about donating my liver but the way kidney pair donation (KPD) works is that I was able to help more people by giving a kidney.
A solo kidney works at 60-70% max function, where 2 kidneys work at 100% and the doctors say that 60% is enough to keep anyone healthy. I'll be bringing a water bottle with me more often though, haha!
I read that your expenses were covered. But did you in general get paid for it or have you done it for free? How did the matching happen? Who found that you would fit and approached you? Maybe a silly question but I have no idea of it... Don't you think it is a bit risky to publish your photo and the donation date while there are only 15 people doing this per year and it should stay anonymous? No. Canada is very, very strict with the rules that the donor will not be compensated in any way.
I reached out to the hospital network and they put all donors and recipients into an algorithm to find as many matches as possible. If you check out the proof album I have an infographic that sort of explains it? If it doesn't I can try harder.
I mean, a face doesn't really do anything - they need a name/hospital/etc. My donor doesn't know anything about me. If he/she/they see this they see someone donated but they don't know who their person is, not my age/race/gendeetc. There's 15 anonymous donors per year, but there's another 80 people that donate to other people to help their person (it's complicated, sort of like trading kidneys).
Wow - that's an amazingly generous gift. Great job on being what the evidence suggests is a pretty fantastic and selfless human. You seem to have mastered one of the traits I admire the most: you're someone whose actions match their convictions. Do you have any advice that could help people learn to live by their own convictions, and be more true to their ideals? Good luck with the recovery, and I hope your kidney and it's recipient are doing great too! Wow! That's really high praise, thank you so much!
finding people that support your decisions no matter how small was the biggest encouragement for me, I wouldn't have done this if family and friends didn't encourage me.
The first thing to surgeon told me was that the recipient's body accepted the kidney :)
How difficult were the psychological questions they had? I've looked into the process before and it seems they only want people who are doing it for the right reasons and state of mind. Not very hard!
I spent a few hours with a psychiatrist talking about why decided to donate, if I had suicidal thoughts, my family and romantic relationships, etc.
She was friendly!
You are a great homo sapiens and make the world a better place. Have you ever wondered if your mystery donee now exhibits aspects of your personality? I expect the recipient to slowly start growing a beard and play more Magic: The Gathering. Otherwise this will be a wasted experiment.
That's awesome! You're a hero. My husband has a rare genetic kidney disease. Right now he's fine and living a perfectly normal life - he takes like three different pills every day before bed and has to see a nephrologist every year for a checkup, but otherwise it doesn't affect his daily life at all. However they told us that it's likely he'll need a new kidney some day. Sorry if this has been asked before, but what made you decide to do this? I'm sorry to hear that.
I've given blood for several years (30+ times) and felt I wasn't doing enough. I started to look for other ways to help my community.. volunteering, joining groups, etc. Eventually I read about these people in need of organs and decided that this was how I could help!
So I may be giving a kidney to my dad. What do you regret about donating? Thanks for what you have done! Congratulations! That's a really brave thing to even consider!
It's still recent, but I don't have any regrets right now. I'm a healthy person that eats well and exercises, we can't see the future but all the tests I've done say I should live a long and healthy life. I'm so proud of what I've done and don't have any regrets.
the below is a reply to the above
How much time did it take from starting the process to full recovery? Still not fully recovered!
They said about 6 weeks from the day you leave the OR, I'm young/healthy so I'm hoping a little less.
You are a hero, and also a mind-reader: I was just thinking about kidney donation yesterday evening! To clarify, even considering organ donation (even upon my death) makes me feel all kinds of wrong I can't seem to put in to words right now. I did, however, sign up for organ donation upon death after watching a compelling YouTube video some years ago. But all the same, just to think about donating any part of my body makes me very queasy. I was wondering how it feels once you are fully healed and back at full strength; do you sense something is missing from inside? (Whether a physical absence or in a psychological sense.) What sorts of pastimes many of us indulge in with reckless abandon, e.g. alcohol, drugs etc. are now off-limits for you? Thanks!
You're brave for even considering it, and congrats on signing up for the death organ donation!
When I touch stomach I can feel that there's something physically missing; the left side of my stomach is a little smaller than the right. Psychologically, I don't miss it at all maybe that'll change, but I doubt it.
I can drink/smoke (those are the only drugs I use) just as much as before, I was told I could drink the day I left the hospital.
No contact sports. No advil (because of the way it breaks down in the kidney).
the below is a reply to the above
No contact sports? Ever or just for recovery period? No contact sports ever.
I can't even run during the recovery period.
Hi, I have no words to describe how much I admire your generosity and thank you very much for doing this AMA. I have been donating blood and I have had a strong urge to do something bigger like you. So, an anonymous donation is something that I've been considering since few months now. However, at the same time a small part of me wonders if I'll regret it in the future. To be honest, I don't have any second thoughts about it to do it now but I would like to be mentally prepared and know how to deal with future me if in case I have to. I don't know if it makes any sense. Did you feel this way? or Did you had any second thoughts? In either case, what helped you to sort out your thoughts? You're describing my feelings perfectly.
It's like a pendulum the way my feelings would swing from terror to relentless pushing. Even the morning of surgery I was scared and anxious.
Ultimately I knew that it was what I wanted deep down - that always guided me. I spent over a year working for this, going to appointments and doing blood/urine tests. I did it for me, because I believed in what I was doing.
Does this create internal pressure for you to live a healthy lifestyle since you don't have a kidney to spare at this point? Yes and no.
yes because I need to live with more awareness and caution which is something I struggle with. No because I don't do dangerous things and already live a healthy life, you need to be really healthy to donate in the first place.
the below is a reply to the above
Got it. How does your family feel about you donating your kidney? i.e. Did your spouse/parents approve? You've done a wonderful thing here, by the way. I hope you get to meet your donee one day. Maybe you'll cross paths innocently and discover each other's true identity! Family was the least supportive of (almost) anyone I told at first; they were mostly worried about my health, which is reasonable. They turned around and became huge supporters, my dad was with me in the hospital when I was recovering.
Haha, I hope so!
Aren't you worried about the long term increases to your health? It's a little ignorant, but not really.
Obviously the surgery will have long term impacts on my health but based on all the tests (and there were a lot!) I'm in the top 1% of Canadians in terms of health. Statistically, organ donors live longer than non-organ donors.
Saw this pretty late, so I'm not sure if you'll even see this. As somebody with ADPKD who will need a new kidney in 2 or 3 decades, I just wanted to say thank you! My dad got a transplant several years ago, with my uncle as the donor, and both of them are doing great. Being an organ donor if the unexpected happens is great, but being a living donor for someone you don't know is fucking INCREDIBLE. So selfless. How's the recovery? I know when my dad had his impacted kidney removed and then the replacement put in, he lost a lot of abdominal strength. Not sure if that was specific to his case, since the kidney that was removed was pretty severely deteriorated and much much larger than normal. Thank you so much!
I've never heard of the kidney being removed or losing abdominal strength so I have to guess it's specific to him, glad they're doing well now!
Recovery is going great! I'm back to 95% health, and the last 5% is the ability to exercise. I feel like I have normal abdominal strength but I haven't had a chance to test that yet.
How can you be anonymous? What if your kidney sees this and recognizes you? /s Seriously, this is great. Real question: how much pain is there in donating? It's been about 2 weeks since the operation and the only pain is when I move too fast, like light jogging.
The first day you can barely move and it's a constant 5-8/10 pain. It's also hard to concentrate on conversation, really the only thing to do is breathe. They provide as many pain-killers as any reasonable person could want, and it's genuinely scary how good they feel.
For about 2 weeks it's a constant 2/10 pain, which is really manageable.
Simply wonderful. Will this adversely affect your future years in any meaningful way? The surgery will have long term impacts on my health but based on all the tests (and there were a lot!) I'm in the top 1% of Canadians in terms of health. Statistically, organ donors live longer than non-organ donors.
No contact sports, and careful around medication.
How long do you have to wait till you can exercise? And what kind of exercise/vigorous activity you must not do, even long after the operation? Can't exercise for about 6 weeks.
After that I'm told that I shouldn't play contact sports.
If you have one kidney can you only drink half of what you could drink? That's the liver! I can drink like a fish!
The kidney loves liquid so I've been drinking like 4 liters of water a day, I almost live in the bathroom.
I’ll be doing this in October. Do you have any advice? Anything you didn’t expect due to the pandemic situation? Holy shit! Congratulations!
You know, just do what the staff says and you'll be fine. When I was in pre-op, there was a patient arguing with the nurses because they ate/drank after their cut-off time. You recover faster then you expect, then slower than you expect.
No covid surprises for me, just quarantining as much as possible and wearing a mask as much as possible.
the below is a reply to the above
Is the “no drinking or eating” thing BS just to keep to lawyers away or does it actually matter for safety? Thanks you for doing this AMA and being a great human being. I mean, it stimulates the digestive system and all that, depends on what they're doing I guess.. the hospital can always just refuse to do the surgery though.
I don't think it's BS.
Thanks for doing this, both donating and taking the time to answer our questions! My friends mom had a kidney transplant a few years ago. Before that I didn’t realize they don’t remove the damaged kidney from the recipient. It sounds like your team thoroughly explained the procedure to you. Did they also explain what the procedure would be for the recipient? I've heard some people have like 5 kidneys in them. There's gotta be a limit but idk what it is.
They explained it briefly, I know the recipient is in the hospital longer than me and will most likely need medication for the rest of their lives. The body may try to fight the new kidney and kill it, hence the meds. They swell up with like 10-20 lbs of water weight for a day or 2. Their scar(s) are way bigger and in more visible spots.
I didn't really need to learn about their stuff so I didn't, maybe I should have.
You’re probably not still answering questions, but in case you are: how incredibly healthy do you have to be? What tests did you have to take and “pass”? I was looking into this for a friend who needs a kidney, but my liver numbers are abnormally high and dr’s don’t have a diagnosis on it. I wonder if that would preclude me? Very healthy!
Tests: 10+ blood, 3 urine, CT scan, x-rays, psychiatry, family medical health, and a covid swab.
If they don't know something, it generally precludes you. Here's hoping the doctors can figure it out!
As someone who will probably need a kidney in the future (stupid genetic diseases), I just want to say you're awesome! It's comforting to know there are selfless people out there. I'm curious, in the US if you're a live donor and end up needing a kidney yourself, you're immediately moved to the top of the list. Does Canada do anything similar? You've done your research!
Yeah, it's top of the list in Canada too!
Heya! I've been thinking about tissue donation a quite a bit lately. Where can one go to sign up to be a tissue donor in Canada? Or should I just just google that.... Looks like it varies by province! This is kind of a pain in the butt! I looks like there isn't a central registry at all but a registry per organ/tissue. Congratulations on taking the first step!
Canada is annoying because each region/organ has their own systems. Mainly, because they don't want to fly you somewhere to donate (even though they do that sometimes) to someone you match with, and would prefer finding someone nearby.. I think.
Even if you only ever consider donating, that's a huge accomplishment!
Were you surprised/excited when they told you you were in the top 1% for healthy Canadians? I would brag about that forever, except it's probably easier to be in the top 1% health wise here in the US haha. Haha, it's pretty cool. My pickup line is talking about how healthy my babies will be.
I expected myself to be high since I've always felt healthy, but yeah 1% is surprising.
What was your inspiration to do such a thing? I used to donate blood (30+ times) and felt I wasn't doing enough. I found out about organ donation and decided to participate! Just trying to help people
Wait, you only donated one? Come back when you save like a dozen kidneyless.
This will be me.
Wow this is absolutely the most courageous thing I’ve heard in a long while! What was the selection/matching process like? Do you know how they matched you with your recipient? I’ve always been lead to believe that it’s a matter of blood type but I’m not entirely sure! It's complicated but an algorithm picks my recipient based on compatibility. Blood type, cell similarity (whatever that is), immune system reactions my cells.
As far as my activity during the matching, it was 0.
Blood-type is the most important one, but if the other conditions are bad then it's a no.
Anyone can donate one kidney. Do you plan to donate a second? Sorry, I couldn't help myself. Thank you for your kindness and generosity. When you said that the age of Canadian donors is typically 40-60, are you implying that it's a bad thing for that age group to do most of the donating? Second, even third hopefully!
Now that I reread that line, it sort of does seem like I'm implying that.. While it is better to get a younger kidney, the biggest thing is being a living donor vs deceased. A kidney from a living donor will outperform deceased 9/10 times.
Hey thanks for doing that it’s truly a great sacrifice. I’m a Canadian and have always wanted to do that. I registered through OneMatch to be a donor but how do i go About donating a Kidney? OneMatch is great! I got the swab too a few years ago, haven't gotten called yet!
Congratulations on considering being a donor! All depends on what province you're in, they all have the same but different services.
This page has all the contact information you need!
What was the scariest part of the whole process? Did your family or anyone else try to say that you shouldn’t do it? Scariest part for me was getting wheeled into the OR. I was laying flat down and could only see the generic white ceiling. Once in the OR I felt calm and 2 minutes later I was unconscious.
Family was the least supportive of (almost) anyone I told at first; they were mostly worried about my health, which is reasonable. They turned around and became huge supporters, my dad was with me in the hospital when I was recovering.
How did you convince yourself to step up? It must have taken a lot of courage. I'd love to donate a kidney, but I made the mistake of watching a kidney transplant on TV. Also I could never afford the medical expenses, and heaven forbid if my other kidney failed. Thanks! It's scary but I really felt it was the right thing to do, and that's what pushed me.
Other people have said in this post that in the USA, the recipient's insurance covers the whole cost. In Canada, I paid almost nothing in medical expenses.
Do you see yourself doing it again in the future? I plan on giving a second, third, and maybe a fourth.
Would you be eligible to receive a kidney from someone in the future if your remaining one has issues? Good on you for doing this ... it’s scary to me but I applaud anyone that goes through with it for sure. Yep, donating gives me (and only me) priority if anything ever happens.
The hospital does as much testing as possible to ensure that it's as unlikely as possible though.
Hi there!! What an amazing gift to give! I am recently approved to donate my kidney to my husband who is in end stage kidney failure. The surgery will be early next year. Can you give me a summary of the recovery afterwards? What to expect when waking up and the first few weeks afterwards? Wow! Congratulations!
The recovery was faster and slower than I expected.
The first 3-5 hours were 8/10 pain, couldn't talk, couldn't listen, couldn't move. Only focus on breathing.
The next 20 hours went from 7/10 pain - 5/10 pain with occasional flairs of 8/10, could talk, could listen, couldn't move my torso, but could move my arms.
They ran tests every 2 hours and would wake me up at 2,4,6 am to take temperature, blood pressure, and heart rate.
By about hour 30 I could get up with help and walk - I was hunched over, and in pain, and each step was less than 6 inches.
The next 20 hours the pain went down to 2-4/10. I could get up on my own with a lot of effort.
The next 4 days I could walk and get up and move on my own but very very slowly, pain was 2/10.
It's been 2 weeks and I still can't jog but I'm living 95% normally (5% for the exercising).
My friend in Canada received a kidney from a living donor on August 26. Thanks to people like you, they have a second chance at a full life. It’s a lot more courageous to give up an organ when you still use it. Between my two cousins, they’ve had three heart transplants (obviously no living donors there). I’d hope that everyone that sees this post considers registering as an organ donor. Did you have any personal experiences with organ donation before choosing to donate yourself? None whatsoever! My family got really lucky with genetics.
Was that iPhone 6 worth it? Nope, I did it to get off work for 6 weeks.
Were you part of a donation chain, or just a straight up "I have 2, I only need 1. Here have the other"? I just straight up gave it away. I think I started a chain and the end link is someone who doesn't have a person that can join the kidney exchange program with them.
Do you know anything about the recipient? Gender? Age? Ethnicity? Ailment? Nope nothing! Only thing I know is they took to the kidney well right after the surgery.
Do you believe the difference in donation rates between Canada and USA is due to the difference in the healthcare system, or more of a cultural difference broadly speaking? I know the answer is not either or, not mutually exclusive, but if you had to point to one reason more than the other, what would you select? I took a quick peak at the numbers are saw:
Average wait for kidney USA: 3.6 yrs
Average wait for kidney Canada: 4 yrs
Do you know that the donation rates per capita are that much higher in Canada?
I gotta believe it's an access to healthcare issue, but I'm open to other answers :)
Does anything feel different? Nope, it's been 2 weeks and everything feel normal (except I can't exercise yet).
Would you have done it and not told anyone about it to get the pat on the back? There's a reason why they say there's no such thing as a selfless act. The encouragement and praise feels great, yeah. I'd like to believe that I'd do it even without that stuff.
I genuinely think I'm doing this ama to tell people about the opportunity to help others.. maybe it's both though.
the below is a reply to the above
You added your own picture so I'm led to believe you wanted the pat on the back more, so I don't know why you're bragging about "anonymous" If you wanna do a selfless act then don't go bragging about it next time, zero respect This is my first AMA and I wasn't sure the level of proof I needed, didn't want the automod to remove this, I guess.
Your comments are fair. have a good one!
What's your favourite potato based dish? I'm Canadian, and legally obligated to say poutine.
What's your name? seniordoodle ;)
I'm sorry, but I don't feel comfortable giving that information.
I'm actually going in for testing in about a week to see if I can donate anonymously. Sorry in advance for peppering you with questions. About how long did it take from the first blood test to actually donating? Do you think I'll be able to refuse painkillers? How was managing without after the first couple days? How's the scarring? (if that's alright to ask) Congratulations!
Mine took almost a year, but that was because of covid cancelling surgeries.
On average, maybe 6-8 months.
I took painkillers twice and felt that I didn't absolutely need them but they helped a lot. After the first 2 days pain is completely manageable.
Scarring is good! Recipients get way bigger and more visible scars, my main scar is pelvis area so it's covered all the time.
I know you're a great person for donating and helping out... but usually people donate less than 5 of them. So what's up with that? They're quitters or cowards!
How has your life changed after donating ? Did it pain during and after surgery ? Do you face issues daily ? It's only been a few weeks since donating, but really nothing's changed.
Pain was 8/10 for the first few days, then went to a 2/10 for another week. Today it's a 0/10.
0 issues daily!
I had an incredibly difficult time finding a kidney donor and ended up having to go abroad to be able to avoid dialysis. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. YOU ARE A HERO. My question: How did friends/family feel about your decision? Where they supportive? Family was the least supportive of (almost) anyone I told at first; they were mostly worried about my health, which is reasonable. They turned around and became huge supporters, my dad was with me in the hospital when I was recovering.
What kind of safety reasons prevent you from meeting the recipient? There have been stories of donors harassing the recipient for money or if the donor thinks the recipient isn't living a healthy lifestyle.
Also goes both ways though, some recipients will harass the donor with their thanks when the donor just wants to do a good deed without the praise.
You're a better man than me. I mean, you now have only one left, if something happens to your one remaining kidney you're in deep trouble. I'd be definitely willing to take that risk for a loved one I care about, and wouldn't have to think twice. But donating and not knowing where my kidney ends up is not for me. It might be someone with an extremely unhealthy lifestyle who will only end up ruining my kidney as well. It might be someone I don't want to save, for example like a child molester, murderer, racist. Doesn't it bother you that your kidney might have saved someone bad? I mean, I'd prefer saving a racist person over a murderer; you can learn to not be racist, you can't un-murder someone.
Joking aside, I assume the hospital reviews these people. The consideration that the recipient could be a bad person was there, and it's something I think about sometimes.
Is it true that, if you donate a kidney and later down the line you yourself need a kidney transplant, are you moved to the top of the recipient list? Yep! Only me though, my family won't get that preferential treatment.
Is it your own kidney that you donated? This time it was my own kidney...
How did you feel after the surgery? I also have one more unrelated question, how often do you say,"Eh?" Terrible at first, but was walking after a day and 3 weeks later I'm at 85%.
Less often than daily but not by much.
Did it feel like you had a gap or hole where the kidney used to be? Yeah!
There's a bit of a sunken-ness on the left of my stomach the kidney used to be, it's weird but I think it's filling out slowly.
so you did it for attention? ok i guess Did it for the 6 weeks off work.
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2020.10.28 01:01 citizenofRoma [NA Event] The Land of Mystique‚ Oniland! The Great Oni and the Kamuy's Gold - Event Discussion Day 10

Looking for the JP thread? CLICK HERE
Umu! This festival is marvelous! Are you enjoying it too, Holy Progenitor?
Indeed, Rose of Olympia. OniLand is also Rome.


How do I get Royal Icing?
Buy the two copies from the shop. Acquire the other three from the point ladder (150k, 800k, 1.5M milestones). You can also earn extra copies from some of the nodes in the event.
Can't access the event?
You must clear LB2 to participate. You can still participate even if you clear LB2 after the event starts.
What do I do?
Clear the available story missions. Farm 150 Churros and 150 Popcorn to buy your first two copies of Royal Icing. Farm points for the other three. Do anything else you need afterwards.
Unlocks with Act 8. Global health bar like Rashomon. Drops Gunpowder, Steel Soap, Chains and Cholecysts.
How do I make the welfare servant permanent?
Clear the event's story. The nodes will unlock on different dates.
  • Get the ascension materials from the point ladder.
  • Purchase the extra copies in the shop to increase their NP levels.
What is the drop rate for X ?
Senpai, the drop rates are linked a bit below.

Useful links

Lord Ashura's by captainfalcongx Gamepress Ye olde JP guide by EnergizingLemon Infographic by kevinrealk
Event Info
Shop Spreadsheet by logicrevolution Support List CEs by sky-wisher Drop Sheet by Atlas Academy Drop Serializer
Other links
Event Roll thread by the Mod team EN wiki JP wiki

Summoning Banner

Pickup period Pickup Servant Lineup
2020-10-19 01:00 PDT - 10-25 20:59 PDT Sitonai, Assassin of Paraíso, Ibaraki-Douji (Berserker)
2020-10-25 21:00 PDT - 10-27 20:59 PDT Sitonai, Ibaraki-Douji (Berserker)
2020-10-27 21:00 PDT - 10-29 20:59 PDT Sitonai, Assassin of Paraíso
2020-10-29 21:00 PDT - 11-01 19:59 PST Sitonai, Assassin of Paraíso, Ibaraki-Douji (Berserker)

Previous Days

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7
Day 8 Day 9 Day 10 Day 11 Day 12 Day 13 Day 14

Questions for our dear Masters

Somebody stop the Teacups!
Feedback is always appreciated. Please let me know if I missed anything or would like something added.
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2020.10.28 00:15 race2c [FS] [US-CA] UniFi USG - $80

Hi homelabsales,
Edit: Item is Sold to u/BatMANEEE
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2020.10.28 00:03 FFBot Official: [Index] - Tue Evening, 10/27/2020


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2020.10.27 21:49 DangerDiGi 20 [M4F] NY Looking for a girl to spoil

Hello there! I am a 20 year old nerdy / geeky guy who loves to play video games. I live in NY so someone based on the east coast would be lovely, but I also accept from anywhere. While LDR's aren't my thing I will put in effort to try them so please don't be shy! Warning however, I am affectionate, I will send you good night / good morning messages everyday as long as I remember, I will ask you how your day is and try to talk with you whenever I'm bored (which is usually all the time).
My hobbies are Gaming (pc, pm me to find out what games) Carpentry, writing / reading, doing roleplay (RP sessions online, DnD, things like that) Hiking and being outside, Playing with my dog (he's just a puppy, I am deff a dog over cat person but I like cats too) Guitar, Cooking, and playing games / party games / board games with people. I'm awkward until you get to know me and until we get comfortable with each other. I love dad jokes and corny pickup lines. Also The Office is one of my favorite tv shows, I can watch it on repeat all day long.
My physical appearance is average, I'm 150lbs, 5'8", short brown hair, green eyes, I wear glasses, pm me and we can trade pictures and you can judge me.
Now, what I'm looking for, a serious relationship, no games! No fwb, no nonsense.. Again preferably someone close to East Coast but a LDR could work. A girl in the age range of 18 - 24. I am very kind and considerate, I expect my ideal match to be the same. At this point I am just so tired of being lonely and bored that I just need someone who can talk to me and comfort me, who I can comfort back and we enjoy time together.
Hope you have a great day reddit, and keep your chin up. One day you will have your moment.
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2020.10.27 20:14 cinvro [USA-MA] [H] Acer Predator X35 [W] Paypal, Local Cash

timestamp and albums
Hi, I have a UltraWide monitor for sale today.
Acer Predator X35 (21:9)
Purchased in 2019, in very good condition, no scratch or dents on the monitor. Including the monitor, power adaptor, monitor stand and HDMI Cable. Will ship in orignial box.
Price: $1050 shipped or $1000 local pickup/delivery (Zip code 02151)
FYI: I have 100+ confirmed trades in mechmarket, see bot comment here:

Please comment before PM.
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2020.10.27 20:00 Riotousblitz2013 Google Sheets Tracker (X-post from r/sheets)

I am posting this here to try and get some more traction/visibility. If anybody has any questions or suggestions please let me know.
So I work for a company (I am going to be vague because I do not want to tie my reddit account to work) that has multiple pieces of equipment that gets dropped off on a site for a couple days or months at a time. The owner used to use a whiteboard before they grew the company, and now use a google sheet that has the client name, zip for the day of drop off, and then "X" for every day the item is set to be on site. (I Can link a demo sheet if that would help make more sense).
Basically, we use google Calendar to set all of the appointments for our drivers to use, and for us in the office to track drop offs and pick ups.
There are two seperate calendars one for drop offs, and another for pickups, and one appointemnt in each for each location.
They currently use google sheets like a whiteboard, all squared out tracking how many units we have available at any given time.
I am trying to do two main things to help bring technology into the fold, and make our jobs easier.
1.) Use some kind of automation to scrape the info from the calendar into a sheet that can be used for multiple different reasons, from route planning, order tracking, you name it, all of the information for customer contact, and location is in the title of the appointment in plain text, as well as a location tag with the appointment for the address (Also in plain text in the title)
2.) Get the "whiteboard" sheet for lack of a better name to self populate with the information needed, Is there any way to coorolate the two appointments from the calendar information to form the appointment, and length of stay, as well as update if an appointment gets moved to another date (For an extension, or early pickup).
If more information is needed please ask, as for formatting I do apologize I am on mobile and trying to do this while beating my head against the desk for mentioning I have experience coding to my boss when I got hired on. (I knew a bit of HTML and java, but havent used it in about ten years ish)
THANK YOUpleasesaveme
Edit 1: Clearing all indentifying info that I could I got this screenshot:
Basically, the "Whiteboard" Sheet, it lists the client last name, zip, and then we move the rows around based on what's available (Yellow filled cells, done with conditional formatting) Currently I manually shift the rows based on when that row becomes available, showing us at a glance for instance in this example, we would have 2 units available for Saturday 10/31, then have a 3rd become available on 11/04. I hope that makes sense. The date is listed at the top, and we have been manually listing availabilty in row 1 based on what is on site the night before. If possible I would to at least like to automate that as well (I guess counting empty cells in a column between set rows (We have some extra rows on the bottom that are used for overflow/overbooking)
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